Creative Chemical Engineer.

“ My goal is to use my technical and personal talents to get energy cleaner and more efficiently. ”

Hello dear Sir or Madam! My name is Juan Antonio and I am a Chemical Engineer with an entrepreneurial spirit. My passion is hydrogen as a carrier of clean energy source and I am very interested in developing my profession in a creative and innovative environment. For this reason I am applying for jobs where I fit my profile.

My great interest in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sector, together with the affinity of this sector with my skills and training, accredit me as a candidate for professional positions. Without further ado, I would like to thank you for your attention and interest in me, and I would like to take this opportunity to greet you very sincerely.


Juan Antonio Roldán Gracía


Pablo Picasso 4 18151 Granada

Teléfono - Phone

958070045 - 658610979


“There isn't great talent without great will and results.”


My personal talent.

Personality - Personalidad.


Capacities - Capacidades.


Skills - Habilidades.


Limitations - Limitaciones


“A man is only what he knows and what he knows is nothing but his talent.”


My technical talent.

Adjusted professional balance.

My professional career is moving in the right direction to make me a person balanced in knowledge and experience. This is my personal goal.

In particular, I strive to continually expand knowledge, improve my practical application skills, and form my own critical opinion.

FORMATION - FORMACIÓN- Regulated or formal training.
Life must be a continuous formation.

I am currently specializing in hydrogen, innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. I finished my degree and master's degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Granada. I passed the baccalaureate in nature sciences and health and the rest in a public school. Expand information here.

KNOWLEDGES - CONOCIMIENTOS- Non-formal training or Non-formal.
Investing in knowledge always produces the best returns.

I am always willing to learn new things in subjects related to my profession, preferably from the hand of professionals and companies in the sector. I have a curious attitude towards scientific and engineering subjects. Expand information here.

EXPERIENCE - EXPERIENCIA- Professional experience.
Much can be learned from small experiences.

I am not afraid to make mistakes and learn from my mistakes, each stage of my formation is accompanied by another stage of experience and reflection on what I have learned. I use experience to make judgments and make prudent decisions. Expand information here.

LANGUAGES - IDIOMAS- Language level.
Learning languages has many advantages.

Being able to communicate with people from other countries and in other languages is fundamental for me, that's why I'm always in continuous training. Learning languages helps me to open my mind and make better decisions in my work. Expand information here.

“The theory always ends up in the hands of experience.”


Work experience.
HYDROGEN PROJECT MANAGER - H2 PMP - Gerente del proyecto de hidrógeno - H2 PMP
Planning, innovation and creative design.

Since 16/10/2020 I have held the position of Technical Project Manager in the hydrogen department at Ingenia Solar Energywhere my work focuses on the planning and management of engineering projects with a high degree of innovation and creative design. The key phases of my work are: - Identify the needs and opportunities of the project. - Planning the actions and tasks with dates, people in charge, resources, costs and deadlines. - Process engineering: This is the moment when the basic engineering is developed and evaluated. - Scope: At this stage, the technical equipment that will be part of the process is closely looked at. - Documents required: All engineering projects must be supported by reference documents. - Basic engineering: the detailed description of the processes. - Layout plan: the detailed description of boundaries, access, dimensions etc. - Engineering management: managing human and financial resources. - Analysis and evaluation of all phases of the plan in order to make decisions for improvement and avoid mistakes.

TECHNICAL PROJECT MANAGER - H2 CTO. - Director Técnico de Proyectos - H2 CTO.
Planning, innovation and creative design.

From 01/09/2019 to 30/9/2020 I played I have held the position of Technical Project Manager of the Hydrogen Department at Hydrogen Clean Energy where my work focuses on planning engineering projects with a high degree of innovation and creative design. The key phases of my work are: - Process engineering: This is the moment when basic engineering is developed and evaluated. - Scope: At this stage you look closely at the technical teams that will be part of the process. - Necessary documents: All engineering projects must be supported by reference documents. - Basic engineering: a detailed description of the processes. - Distribution plan: the detailed description of limits, accesses, dimensions, etc. - Engineering management: use of all personnel and resource units to carry out and supervise operations.

TECHNICAL OFFICER - H2 CTO. - Chief Hydrogen Technology Officer - H2 CTO.
Technology-based business growth.

Desde el 23/10/2018 I held the position of director of the hydrogen department in Letter Ingenieros where my main functions are to implement and develop the technical strategy, as well as to check the correct functioning of the systems to obtain a better final product. In this position I am mainly involved in my capacity for analysis, strategic planning, communication and leadership.

CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER COO. - Director of operations COO.
Maximum efficiency at minimum cost.

Since 12/01/2016 I have held the position of Director of Operations at the company Sonrisas Musicales where my main functions are to establish the market strategy, ensure the proper development of the activity and manage internal resources. In this position I am mainly involved in strategic planning, communication and leadership.

Vision and talent for the company.

From 2014 to 2016, I was executive director at Eden Hogar where I and the director of the company created the vision and strategy of the company through the business model, as well as the definition of the work methodology and the motivation of the team.

PRE PROFESSIONAL. - Before professional.
Share common goals.

My pre-professional experience is wide, the last jobs I have had have been in the companies Burger King and Kinépolis where I have worked in teams and have held various positions. In another area of work is my experience as a teacher of private classes for the subjects of mathematics, physics and chemistry.

Working hard leads to success.

In my daily work I am very tidy, I like to set goals at the beginning of the day and execute the action plan with discipline. I try to create a productive working environment and be a good teammate.

Success is my main objective, so I strive to have a broad vision of the problems, to have clear what my abilities are and to be constant in my work.

“Researching, contrasting, calculating and organizing gives place to my work.”


What I'm good with:

Technological surveillance

Through an organized, selective and systematic process, I gather information from outside and from the organization itself about science and technology. After selecting it, it is analyzed and communicated in order to turn it into knowledge in order to make decisions with less risk and to be able to anticipate the changes.

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Hydrogen Station Design

Calculation and design of hydrogen service stations, in accordance with the general standards and those standards and regulations that particularly affect fuel supply service stations.

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H2 Pipe Design

I use formulas and programs to calculate fuel gas pipelines, determining diameter and pressure loss in hydrogen, butane or natural gas pipelines.

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Natural gas reforming

The reforming of natural gas by means of water steam is the cheapest and most widespread method of obtaining hydrogen. This process is based on the reaction of methane with high temperature water vapour on a catalyst bed.

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H2 tank design

There is currently a great diversity of hydrogen storage systems, each with its advantages and disadvantages for each use. Hydrogen pressure gas, liquid hydrogen, hydrogen absorbed by metal hydrides.

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Hydrogen Fuel Cells

A variety of fuel cells exist at different stages of development. The most common classification of fuel cells is based on the type of electrolyte: PEMFC, AFC, PAFC, DMFC, MCFC, SOFC...

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Efficient production of hydrogen

High temperature thermochemistry allows to obtain hydrogen and oxygen in an efficient way with high profitability. Project for a production plant for H2 and O2 from H2O.

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Electrical calculations

Calculations of power, voltage and intensity needs. Dimensioning of power, load and lighting lines. Electricity bill and energy saving. High, medium and low voltage regulations and legislation.

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Eolico Park

Calculation of the wind speed at the hub height of the wind turbine. Calculation of the distribution of Weibull and rose of the rose of the winds in each one of the stations. Calculation of the annual energy available in each of the stations. Selection of the best location.

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Solar park

Distance Earth-Sun. Solar Declination. True solar time. Hourly angle. Solar zenith angle. Solar azimuth angle. Length of the day. Time of sunrise and sunset. Maximum consumption. Efficiency of the converter. Safety coefficient. Current intensity. Certify the operation of the installation.

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Simulation of installations

Simulation of a hydrogenator, electrolyzer, discontinuous distillation, continuous rectification, stoichiometric reactor, Gibbs reactor, kinetic reactor, centrifugal pumps, compressors, cyclone, electrostatic precipitator and refrigeration.

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Business Models

Business model canvas, disaggregated business model, long tails, short tail, free and premium, multiclient and multi-market, opens source, open business. Empathy maps, SWOT graphics, Porter, Pest. Pivoting the business model. Innovation techniques: Speed thinking, brainstorming.

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