H2 – News Brief 11/10/2018

H2 - News Brief 11/10/2018

🔬 Discovery of a large accumulation of  natural hydrogen in Bourakebougou (Mali): Based on extensive gas data from a pioneer well and preliminary geochemical data obtained from a dozen… http://bit.ly/2pMPvU1

📽 (9 min ) Hydrogen  storage and a local well logging system: Zimplats is carried out as a safety reference point, CSIR investigates hydrogen storage technologies and a local logging system… http://bit.ly/2ycrydo

🌐 Bright future for Australia sending sunshine to Japan: it has declared its intention to be the first nation in the world to use hydrogen as a conventional fuel. For Australia, it could be an export market… http://bit.ly/2QJeO4S

💲 Dear Shareholder: As we enter the fourth quarter of calendar 2018, HyperSolar continues to work toward its primary goal of commercializing technology that will produce very pure renewable #hydrogen using sunlight… https://read.bi/2EcOu1z

🛳 Dual Fuel Hydrogen Injection Project Secures Funding. Environment, Ship Efficiency: Design, Performance Optimization, etc., United Kingdom, Europe of the… http://bit.ly/2NCXTiF

⛽ Colruyt opens the first all-fuel station: gasoline, diesel, CNG and #hydrogen: DATS24, owned by Belgian retailer Colruyt Group, is the first fuel supplier to integrate an access hydrogen pump… http://bit.ly/2INtEVe

🔬 Forget the #hydrogen economy, here comes the ammonia economy: Fortunately, renewable ammonia is becoming one thing. One way is to extract nitrogen from the air and combine it with H2 from the water, to… http://bit.ly/2NA3mXh

🚘 As part of ACO’s ongoing support for its H24 initiative, the # hydrogen electric car based on Adess that performed demonstration laps at the Spa last month (or similar) will compete in the 2019 Michelin Le Mans Cup… http://bit.ly/2QNZkwH

🌐 The U.S. Army and the Department of Energy (DoE) are teaming up to develop technologies related to cell and hydrogen infrastructure. On October 8, the U.S. Department of Energy’s Center for Development and… http://bit.ly/2CEiVwd



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