H2 – News Brief 12/12/2018

H2 - News Brief 12/12/2018

🚘 The Nexus will not have a direct competitor once it goes on sale, making it stand out from the crowd. It has a longer driving range than the Toyota Mirai and the Honda Clarity #FuelCell, although the Clarity will not be on sale… http://bit.ly/2S0jFzS

🌐 Volkswagen will manufacture 15 million #electric cars between 2019 and 2025: Thomas Ulbrich, head of Electric Mobility for the Volkswagen brand, stressed that the firm is entering a “decisive” phase, as in twelve months it will… http://bit.ly/2RX1H0Y

⛽ New Zealand establishes for the first #hydrogen power facility: With the goal of starting operations by the end of 2019, the project will be built by Ports of Auckland with the support of the engineering firm… http://bit.ly/2SHUIZW

📰 A Nerf blasters: Despite all its complexity, performance is somewhat unpredictable, but it’s hard to ignore the cool factor of a portable #hydrogen bubbler… http://bit.ly/2SMSh8t

🚛 Transport giant Scania is working on a #hydrogen-powered garbage truck: In an announcement on Monday, the business said the vehicle would have a fully electrified powertrain and an electrified compactor… https://cnb.cx/2PAb3xx

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