H2 – News Brief 15/10/2018

H2 - News Brief 15/10/2018

H2 – News Brief 15/10/2018

🔬 Researchers at the University of San Diego, California, have invented a hydrophobic material that generates electricity from ocean waves. Seawater can behave either as a base or as an acid, since it has #hydrogen ions and a… http://bit.ly/2PAxjIu

🛵 Juan Enrique Siclera is a resident of Campo Santo (Brazil), at 62 years old he became known for having built a motorcycle that works using water. With a system of platelets that he made with scrap metal, he produces electrolysis and #hydrogen… http://bit.ly/2IWEJ6o

🚘 Mercedes starts GLC F-CELL deliveries at the end of October: With a power of 211 horsepower, the #hydrogen-powered SUV can cover distances of up to 478 kilometers… http://bit.ly/2NHA60O

🚘 This is the #Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Travelling Exhibition in Jiangsu (China) A total of 13 vehicles are participating in the exhibition taking place in the Yangtze River Delta from October 12-15… http://bit.ly/2QWjIMb

🌐 Hyundai plans to supply 5,000 #hydrogen vehicles, including buses and trucks, to France by 2025. The three will also cooperate in developing business models that could induce investment to install… http://bit.ly/2NMgKI8

♻ Plastic bags that dissolve in water: this process takes place, thanks to the fact that the formula was modified with the help of Chinese technology, is now based on #hydrogen, carbon and a synthetic polymer… http://bit.ly/2OqoXXt


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