H2 – News Brief 16/10/2018

H2 - News Brief 16/10/2018

H2 – News Brief 16/10/2018

🚲 What are #hydrogen bicycles and how do they work? We are living in a time when individual mobility is booming, there is a strong awareness of the impact of gaseous pollutant emissions from vehicles to the environment…. http://bit.ly/2AcH76s

🔬 What is pH and what is it for? The pH, or potential of ionic #hydrogen, is an index that indicates the acidity, neutrality or alkalinity of a medium. The acid character of a solution is related to the concentration of H+ ions present in… http://bit.ly/2yfZplR

💲 The jury awarded 5,000 euros to Alberto Rodríguez Gómez (ICMS), of the Institute of Materials Science of Seville, for his work “characterization of cobalt catalysts in order to develop #hydrogen production reactions… http://bit.ly/2Cn39EK

📅 25/10/18 – The Spanish Confederation of Service Station Entrepreneurs (CEEES) organizes the conference “A new mobility scenario”. The future prospects for the electric vehicle, Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV), # hydrogen and LPG… http://bit.ly/2CLVrVT

🌐 Several Chinese companies are teaming up to develop #hydrogen trucks: (CHN Energy), the world’s largest company in the sector in terms of installed capacity, and manufacturer Weichai Power Company, signed an agreement to… http://bit.ly/2CM586B

🔥 Some Dutch homes will already be heated with #hydrogen: Hydrogen will first be tested in an urban complex composed of a couple of blocks in Rotterdam’s Rozenburg district…. http://bit.ly/2yGq1vA

📽 (1 min) France’s Minister of Transport tests the # hydrogen bicycle designed in Biarritz: Its president, Pierre Forté, and its sales manager, Christophe Bruniau, detailed the operation, then the minister was able to test it on… http://bit.ly/2pThgdE

🌐 Areva Energy Storage wants to offer high-powered fuel cells (H2) but still has no demonstration: Areva out of nuclear energy, this 100% subsidiary of Areva Energies Renewables, which remained in the hands of Areva SA after the… http://bit.ly/2OYfoP7

✈ Perpignan airport wants its #hydrogen production unit: Peruvian infrastructure aims to be the third in the region to have this fuel of the future. The project is ambitious. The important question… http://bit.ly/2Ep7xps

📅 Whec 2019 – Brazil from 17 to 22 June: More than 550 participants arrived in Rio de Janeiro. And in fact there was a lot of news in Brazil from June 17 to 22. Most of the attention was drawn to the “natural hydrogen”, which, according to… http://bit.ly/2OsLWBn

🚘 Brennstoffzelle unter der Haube: Die Aktivierung der Neutronenstrahlen ermöglicht einen genauen Blick auf das Innere einer Brennstoffzelle, ohne sie zu zerstören. Innovative Automobilhersteller eröffnen neue Perspektiven….. http://bit.ly/2ylFEcp

🌐 Can Nel benefit from Daimler’s entry into the #hydrogen cell offensive? Like electromobility, a national infrastructure is needed for a sustainable breakthrough in fuel cell technology… http://bit.ly/2yn561h

⛽ Fronius: inaugurates Austria’s first green #hydrogen refuelling system. Fronius Solar Energy opens Austria’s first ecological refuelling system in Thalheim, near Wels, Austria. Use… http://bit.ly/2pTJCV1

🚛 In Switzerland, around 1,000 # hydrogen trucks from the small engineering company Esoro will roll on the roads by 2023. In Lower Saxony, hydrogen-powered trains from the French hydrogen manufacturer are already being used… http://bit.ly/2RVsdIi

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