H2 – News Brief 17/12/2018

H2 - News Brief 17/12/2018

📰 Comes Sandbox, the latest shout that will revolutionize the distribution #networks #electricity: a system that allows innovators to test new products, services and business models in a real environment but under the control of… http://bit.ly/2EC8Tgb

💲 The interest of fuel #cell technology in China is good news for #platinum companies: Platinum, a precious and expensive metal, has performed terribly in the past five years, apparently collapsed… http://bit.ly/2S5lMSU

🌐 Hazer Group obtains patents for its #hydrogen and graphite production process: The company has been pursuing a “structured and rigorous” intellectual property protection program that involves a series of… http://bit.ly/2QDKBIQ

🌐 Repsol is fully involved in the battle of #self-consumption in Spain: it has a tool called Sunprint, created in collaboration with the technological startup EzzingSolar, which helps them to determine the best installation, its… http://bit.ly/2Ezvrhh

🚌 The FDP Group requests that 1.2 million euros of public transport funds be used exclusively for the purchase of #hydrogen-powered buses. “In just a few years, the route between Kreuztal and Eiserfeld… http://bit.ly/2SRpEqA

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