H2 – News Brief 24/09/2018

H2 - News Brief 24/09/2018

H2 – News Brief 24/09/2018

♻ RENEWABLE ENERGY SEMINARS: Hydrogen Foundation Santa Cruz Argentine Hydrogen Association ITBA: Development of the First Argentine Clean Energy Module “MAEL I” 5 kW Wind Turbine / H2 Generator by electrolysis of… http://bit.ly/2PZYZ9s

🚘 ACO and Green GT bring #hydrogen to Le Mans: by 2024 a zero-emission category will be created at the premier WEC event. Comment: For two or three laps. Le Mans is not a competition for electrical systems… http://bit.ly/2pwbgHu

🔬 Louis Fizeau (1819-1896): hizo el primer experimento terrestre para determinar la rapidez de la luz. Él dispuso un disco dentado con rotación constante y bien conocida, la luz fue proporcionada por un soplete de #hidrógeno y oxígeno… http://bit.ly/2xBUf34

🔬 Hydrocomb Project: a service to adapt and supply # hydrogen to engines that normally run on gasoline, resulting in savings of 33 per cent in fuel costs and 100 per cent fuel friendly… http://bit.ly/2xAFMo1

⛽ The use of public electrolinators is less than residual: The options are currently very limited, and behind each there are billionaire industrial interests: liquefied gas, compressed natural gas or # hydrogen will be… http://bit.ly/2MYYr1E

🚘 The ruin of having a #diesel car and wanting to sell it: the market is plummeting in Spain. Sebastian, as a mechanic, would like Spain to encourage the use of #hydrogen as a fuel. “I had an Audi A6 and I adapted it for… http://bit.ly/2xvHA1G

💲 Complaints from Veterans: they were never given disability benefits after becoming ill in response to an accident involving # hydrogen bombs from the B-52 bomber in #Spain in 1966… http://bit.ly/2OH4w4t






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