H2 – News Brief 26/11/2018

H2 - News Brief 26/11/2018

🌐 Solaris presents its novelties in hybrid and electric buses: The range consists of hybrid and electric buses that are already marketed, which will join in 2019 a new model powered by #hydrogen… http://bit.ly/2KA692O

🚘 THIS COULD BE THE FUTURE OF INTERNAL COMBUSTION CARS IN 2050: In 2006 BMW launched the #Hydrogen 7, the first mass-production vehicle capable of using hydrogen in a conventional engine… http://bit.ly/2TKUgv0

🚘 Comparison: gasoline vs diesel vs hybrid vs gas vs #hydrogen vs electric: Chronometer to zero. And we started. We’ve driven a BMW 5 Series (diesel), a Mercedes E-Class (gasoline), a Toyota Prius (hybrid plug-in), a… http://bit.ly/2ztjzcG

🚲 COP24 – Report encouraging #hydrogen bicycles in the English Channel: Simply plug in your bicycle for two minutes, instead of three hours for a classic electric model. In Saint-Lô, the six bikes offered… http://bit.ly/2zs1trv

🌐 Self-consumption will play a leading role in the Genera 2019 fair: energy efficiency, hydraulics and minihydraulics, wind, solar thermal, solar photovoltaics, solar thermoelectric, biomass, biofuels, waste, # hydrogen and hydrogen cell… http://bit.ly/2DJSiWk

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