H2 – News Brief 28/11/2018

H2 - News Brief 28/11/2018

🌐 An Erlangen startup deals with the energy sources of the future. The company with 50 employees has developed a process for the safe transport of hydrogen. For its invention, it has now been nominated for the German Prize… http://bit.ly/2FJYro7

🚌 Electric buses provide clean air: The conference on zero-emission bus transport brings together some 300 experts from all over Europe. Two hydrogen buses are already in use, and by 2019 another 30 will be added… http://bit.ly/2As6srG

🛳 Coastal countries depend on #hydrogen: The five northern German states want to develop a common hydrogen strategy. The Ministers of Economy and Transport of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Hamburg… http://bit.ly/2QrsWTY

⛽ California’s FirstElement Fuel’s #Hydrogen Network gets a big push with the largest fuel cell/hydrogen electric vehicle contract to date… http://bit.ly/2FYM8EH

🌐 HIDRÓGENO DEL AGUA SALADA: el #hidrógeno debe desempeñar un papel central en la transición energética. Para su producción, sin embargo, el agua dulce es necesaria. La Universidad Técnica (TU) de Berlín, por lo tanto, ha desarrollado… http://bit.ly/2TTafYb

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