H2 – News Briefs 03/10/2018

H2 - News Briefs 03/10/2018

🔬 Superconductivity record: a group of scientists has discovered a lanthanum-#hydrogen compound that shows superconductivity at -13º C. Not all the electrical energy generated in a plant reaches their homes… http://bit.ly/2yd5zCa

🌐 The HES company in Singapore announces its project for an electric passenger aircraft powered with #hydrogen for regional flights ELEMENT ONE. After 12 years developing hydrogen propulsion systems for airplanes… http://bit.ly/2y7uozD

🚘 Mazda does not close to explore new solutions through alternative fuels (LPG, CNG, #Hydrogen, biofuels,…) to fulfill its commitment to reduce its global average emissions by 50%… http://bit.ly/2zNWB0q

🚘 In 2020 Kia will have a #hydrogen model: Kia Motors’ director of operations in Europe, Emilio Herrera, said today that “by 2020 the South Korean brand will have a model powered by hydrogen fuel cell… http://bit.ly/2IAXlsm

♻ Cold plasma pyrolysis: how to convert plastic waste into clean energy and other products. Plastics, in particular, contain mainly carbon and #hydrogen, with an energy content similar to that of fuels… http://bit.ly/2O0DMQk

📰 Successful European Mobility Week: the National #Hydrogen Centre in Puertollano was able for the first time to load a utility in the hydrogen plant located in the centre… http://bit.ly/2QlINiY

♻ The great benefits of #hydrogen: By 2030, the mobility of 140,000 hydrogen-powered vehicles throughout Spain could mean that 15.12 million tonnes of CO2 would not be emitted into the atmosphere each year. In addition… http://bit.ly/2QrNesK

🌐 ENGIE seeks to promote the development of hydrogen in Chile and presents a new business unit: with the objective of promoting the development of hydrogen as a relevant element for the country’s energy transformation… http://bit.ly/2OzoLV2


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