H2 News February 2023

H2 News February 2023

📰 Changzhou #hydrogen #Bay, set sail!

To make every effort to build a new #energy capital that leads the #Yangtze River delta, radiates the whole country and has global influence, it is necessary to mobilise the strength of the whole city, gather global resources, seize opportunities, seize opportunities, consolidate first-mover advantages, expand leadership advantages and maintain competitive advantages. Chen Jinhu, secretary of the municipal party committee, pointed out at the conference to promote the city’s new energy capital construction that it is necessary to adhere to a forward-looking vision, lead the development of the hydrogen energy industry, focus on the “production, storage and utilisation” of hydrogen energy, and carefully build a new hydrogen energy… https://bit.ly/3XWRio5

📰 Paradela highlights that #Andalusia is becoming “the epicentre of #green #hydrogen #production”

The Minister of #Industrial #Policy and #Energy, Jorge Paradela, stressed on Monday that Andalusia “is becoming one of the best places in the world to produce green hydrogen” which is the “great revolution in the current energy scene and will be key to the decarbonisation of industry and also for the decarbonisation of heavy transport”. This is what the regional minister said in statements to journalists before visiting the facilities of the… http://bit.ly/3JBwPAO

📰 #Saudi #Arabia #Saudi Arabia to invest nearly $266 billion to produce #clean #energy to become a #hydrogen #exporter:

Zhitong Finance APP learned that Saudi Arabia’s energy minister, #Abdulaziz bin Salman, said on Monday that Saudi Arabia will invest 1 trillion Saudi rials (about $266 billion) to produce clean energy and increase transportation lines and related distribution networks. Abdul-Aziz said: “Saudi Arabia is determined to become a major hydrogen exporter in the world and plans to provide clean hydrogen for local heavy industries and produce green products such as green steel, green aluminium and fertilisers at prices… http://bit.ly/40nwV4R

📰 #EDP #Renewables joins #Cepsa’s #Andalusian #GreenHydrogenValley project:

EDP’s subsidiary will be a partner in the project to develop up to 1 gigawatt (GW) in Campo de Gibraltar (Cádiz), within the framework of the Andalusian Green Hydrogen Valley, the largest green hydrogen project in Europe promoted by Cepsa. The agreement also covers the supply of renewable electricity and possible collaboration to produce sustainable marine fuels. Through this agreement, Cepsa and EDP generate synergies and reinforce their commitment to accelerate the energy transition towards a zero-emission future, promoting the decarbonisation of industry and heavy land, air and maritime transport. Cepsa and EDP have signed an agreement to work together on the large-scale production of green hydrogen in the Bay of Algeciras, incorporating its subsidiary EDP Renewables as a partner in the project to develop up to 1 gigawatt (GW) in Campo de Gibraltar (Cadiz), within the framework of the Andalusian Green Hydrogen Valley, the largest green hydrogen project in Europe promoted by Cepsa. This alliance is part of the ambition of both companies to promote the decarbonisation of industry and heavy land, air and sea transport. The agreement also contemplates the supply of renewable electricity and the possible collaboration to produce… http://bit.ly/3DyRdyx

🚌 This will be the first #hydrogen #bus to circulate on the streets of #Palma:

The #prototype of the five acquired by the #EMT is being manufactured in #Poland and will soon be incorporated into the fleet of the municipal company. The first hydrogen bus to circulate on the streets of the city is being built in a factory in Poland and is expected to arrive in Palma, to join the fleet of the Municipal Transport Company (EMT) in a few weeks. The Deputy Mayor for Sustainable Mobility, Francesc Dalmau, along with the manager of the EMT of Palma, Mateu Marcús, are currently in the factory that the company Solaris has in the city of Poznan (Poland) where the prototype of the five hydrogen-powered buses that will run on the city’s streets is being manufactured, and which will be used by the EMT in the next few weeks… http://bit.ly/3l8wGuF

🌐 #Honda will start producing a new #hydrogen #fuel #cell system jointly developed with #GM:

TOKYO, Feb 2 (Reuters) – Japan’s Honda Motor Co (7267.T) said it will start producing a new hydrogen fuel cell system jointly developed with General Motors Co (GM.N) this year and gradually ramp up sales this decade, in a bid to expand its hydrogen business. Honda will target annual sales of about 2,000 units of the new system by the middle of this decade, the company said on Thursday, with a goal of increasing that to 60,000 units per year in… http://bit.ly/3X2Dx67

🌐 Aciturri will lead the #H2ELIOS project to promote #hydrogen as a fuel in aviation:

Having completed the proposal evaluation phase, the Clean Aviation Joint Undertaking, a public-private initiative co-financed by the European Union and a benchmark for the development of new disruptive aeronautical technologies, has entrusted Aciturri with the leadership of the H2ELIOS project, with a budget of 12.1 million euros. In this first call Clean Aviation will allocate almost 728 million euros to the development of a total of 20 projects led by leading European companies such as Rolls Royce, Airbus Operations or Safran, among which are also those coordinated by two Spanish firms… https://bit.ly/3DFoIiK

🚅 #India’s first #hydrogen #train to arrive by #December #2023 on heritage routes:

#Railway minister Ashwini Vaishnaw: Union #Railway minister Ashwini Vaishnaw has said that the most awaited hydrogen train will be made by 2023. “First, it will run on heritage circuits like Kalka-Shimla and then it will be expanded to other places,” Vaishnaw said. Speaking further on the introduction of hydrogen trains in the country, the minister said, “As the budget focuses on green growth, Railway will also contribute to the hydrogen train which will arrive by December 2023 and will be designed and manufactured in India. First, it will run on heritage circuits like Kalka-Shimla and then expand to… http://bit.ly/3jqkTHm

📰 Why #green #hydrogen #production at #offshore #wind #farms #in #Europe makes sense:

Offshore wind has been around for 30 years. The first offshore wind farm was installed off the coast of Denmark in 1991, and since then the world’s total cumulative offshore wind capacity has grown to 35.3 GW. While this may seem a large figure, especially given the relatively short timeframe (in terms of electricity generation infrastructure, at least), it is in fact far below what is needed to achieve full decarbonisation. The neutral scenario contained in the European Commission’s long-term strategy calls for an output of between 400 and 450 GW of offshore wind capacity by 2050. This is more than 10 times what was produced in the same 30-year period it took to build our initial capacity of 35 GW. It may seem a daunting challenge, but there are a number of compelling reasons why such a figure may not only be realistic, but an underestimate of what lies ahead. To understand one of the most significant reasons to be optimistic about the growth of offshore wind, one has to look at a completely different branch of renewable energy: green hydrogen, which is already seen as one of the keys to decarbonising our society, and in particular, the industrial sector, where it is difficult to reduce dependence on other non-renewable energy sources. Unfortunately, the production of green hydrogen is still a relatively expensive process, and securing the electricity used to… http://bit.ly/3HTLKF4

🌐 The #hydrogen #startup #HySiLabs raised 13 million #euros.

HySiLabs has eight years of #research and development under its belt and has completed the first tests indicating that its hydrogen carrier is viable: France-based liquid hydrogen carrier developer HySiLabs , has raised €13m in Series A funding. The round is led by Equinor Ventures , the CVC division of Norwegian energy producer Equinor, with participation from car dealership operator PLD Automobile along with the EU’s European Innovation Council Fund, and EDP Ventures , the corporate venture arm of Energias de Portugal. HySiLabs was also able to leverage the continued support of its existing investors Kreaxi , Région Sud Investissement and… http://bit.ly/3Y2Iahy

📰 Summary of #Honda’s #hydrogen #business #briefing:

Working toward the realization of a #carbon-neutral #society, Honda will not only continue to electrify its products, but will also take a proactive approach to increasing the use of hydrogen as an energy carrier and strive to expand its hydrogen business. Below is a summary of the briefing: Honda’s initiatives to expand the use of hydrogen, a step towards a carbon neutral society. Honda is striving to achieve carbon neutrality for all products and corporate activities in which Honda is involved by 2050. Aiming to achieve “zero environmental impact” not only of its products but of the entire product life cycle, including its corporate activities, Honda is focusing on the following areas as the “three pillars” of its initiatives: “carbon neutrality”, “clean energy” and “resource circulation”. In its initiatives, Honda positions hydrogen as one of the high-potential energy carriers, along with electricity. The “hydrogen circulation cycle”, which starts with renewable energy, consists of three phases: “generate”, “store/transport” and “use”. To be more specific, with the use of water electrolysis technology, electricity derived from renewable energy sources can be converted into “green hydrogen *3”, making it less susceptible to fluctuations in power generation due to seasonality and weather conditions, and it is possible to transport the energy to where it is needed in the form of “green hydrogen” through appropriate methods such as transport by… http://bit.ly/3DyVzFR

🌐 On the occasion of the #Hyvolution parade, Agnès #Pannier-Runacher, Minister for #Energy Transition, announced the 14 new winners of the “Territorial Hydrogen Ecosystems” call for projects.

Operated by ADEME, this call for projects contributes to structuring the French and European sector. It provides financial support for vehicle deployment projects and hydrogen production and distribution facilities. At the close of the last call launched in 2020, 14 new projects were selected. They represent a support amount of 126 million euros. Generally seeking to build a hydrogen ecosystem on their territory, these projects often have several facets. However, we can classify the projects of these new winners according to the… http://bit.ly/3HWyCOD

🚛 #Hyliko presents its first #hydrogen #truck and its centre of excellence at the #Hyvolution trade fair:

#Hyliko, the first integrated hydrogen mobility platform dedicated to heavy vehicle fleets, marked a key stage in its development by presenting to the public, on 1 February, its first 44-tonne hydrogen fuel cell heavy-duty tractor vehicle and by unveiling its project for the centre of excellence dedicated to hydrogen mobility located on the Grand Paris Sud site. A range of French heavy-duty hydrogen vehicles to decarbonise road freight transport. On 1 February 2023, Hyliko presented its first range of hydrogen transporters and tractors intended for road freight transport at the Hyvolution exhibition. It consists of a 26 t carrier towing 44 t and a 44 t tractor based on a modular architecture centred on a hydrogen propulsion system developed jointly with the company GreenGT. To design them, Hyliko has forged important partnerships with players renowned for their know-how and reliability. Thus, the vehicles integrate GreenGT’s hydrogen technology with two fuel cells with a total power of 160 kW, aPlastic Omnium hydrogen tank with a storage capacity of 40 kg and Forsee Power batteries with an output of 60 kWh.All this allows an engine power of 350 kW and an estimated range of up to 400 km at 350 bar (900 km at 700 bar). Presented by Managing Director, Ovarith Troeung, the first 44 t tractor model present at Hyvolution was designed on the basis of a retrofitted Renault Trucks chassis, where the entire diesel propulsion unit was replaced by a hydrogen fuel cell system. In fact, Hyliko has been working on retrofitting vehicles, with the desire to facilitate the transition to a carbon-free economy by promoting a solution that can be implemented quickly and without restrictions. By choosing hydrogen as a fuel, Hyliko trucks are suitable for multiple uses due to their range (400 to 900 km) and their refuelling time comparable to diesel (20 min). The tractor unit provides the necessary autonomy for regional and long-distance transport, while the luggage carrier has been designed to… http://bit.ly/3HCUgXH

🛳 #Neo #Orbis: construction of the world’s first #solid #hydrogen #ship begins.

Construction of the Neo Orbis, a #hybrid fuel cell port #ship using sodium borohydride as a solid-state hydrogen storage medium, has started at Next Generation Shipyards in the Netherlands. This is a first in the maritime field, especially as many questions remain about the actual effectiveness and environmental impact of sodium borohydride…. http://bit.ly/3YsFDNs

⚖ New #rules for #green #hydrogen in #Europe:

The #European #Commission has adopted two #Delegated #Acts #to define what constitutes renewable hydrogen in the EU. The European Commission has proposed detailed rules to define what constitutes renewable hydrogen in the EU, under two Delegated Acts required by the Renewable Energy Directive, which are part of a comprehensive EU regulatory framework for hydrogen that includes investments in energy infrastructure and state aid rules, as well as legislative targets for renewable hydrogen in the industry and transport sectors. These will ensure that all renewable liquid or gaseous fuels of non-biological origin are produced from renewable hydrogen…. http://bit.ly/3YAInZW

📰 The #American #manufacturer of #electric #trucks #Nikola starts construction of a hydrogen plant as part of the fuel supply network.

Nikola also has contracts with some hydrogen producers. The manufacturer agrees to supply hydrogen for Nikola vehicles in the US and parts of Canada. IT Home understands that Nikola is looking to provide enough hydrogen fuel for about 7500 heavy trucks by… http://bit.ly/3E7r6PL

📰 #Brussels supports #France and accepts #nuclear #hydrogen as green:

Hydrogen produced from #nuclear #electricity, the so-called pink hydrogen, will also receive the coveted label of renewable and not only the one generated from wind or photovoltaic. This is what the European Commission proposed on Monday, which has finally aligned itself with the position of France and against the thesis defended by Germany and Spain, which proposed a stricter definition that would only recognise this fuel as green when the electrolysis process necessary to generate it is fed by electricity produced from wind or photovoltaic…. http://bit.ly/3jONGpv

💲 How will #demand and #prices for #hydrogen #evolve until 2045?

Hydrogen should play a key role in the #energy #transition. To what extent and at what prices is still unclear. A new study by #Fraunhofer ISI on hydrogen demand with price elasticity has now addressed this.the future price of hydrogen is a central criterion for the competitiveness of hydrogen against other options such as direct electrification. It therefore plays a key role in determining how hydrogen demand in certain sectors will develop towards the goal of greenhouse gas neutrality in 2045. The new study “Hydrogen Demand with Price Elasticity in Germany – Methodology and Results” by Fraunhofer ISI and Energy Systems Analysis Associates – ESA² addresses exactly this question. The application areas of industry, transport and energy conversion are examined with agent-based techno-economic simulation models, which allow statements to be made about the price elasticity of hydrogen demand. The areas of building heat and international air and maritime traffic are also considered, but no model of their own is used, and the models used are the… http://bit.ly/3K29PLy

🚌 Hydrogen-powered #buses will cover the #intercity #lines of half of #Andalusia in 2025:

Andalusia, the region in which the first #industrial revolution passed by except in some specific nuclei such as Marbella, Linares, Malaga or Peñarroya-Pueblonuevo, does not want the same thing to happen to the green revolution and, therefore, they are getting on the hydrogen train (bus in this case). At the moment, thanks to an agreement between Cepsa and Damas Autobuses, the intercity lines in the provinces of Seville, Huelva and Cadiz will be served by hydrogen-powered buses.

📰 #China starts the #world’s #largest #green #hydrogen #project:

In the prefectural city of #Ordos in the #Inner #Mongolia Autonomous Region in northern China, the foundation stone was laid on Thursday for the world’s largest project to produce green hydrogen, generated from renewable energy sources without carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, reports CGTN. Sinopec Star Petroleum, a subsidiary of the Sinopec company responsible for the project, has chosen Ordos as it is rich in solar and wind resources. Both hydrogen and green oxygen generated in the project are expected to be channelled through pipelines to the deep coal processing project, replacing the existing coal-fired power plants…. http://bit.ly/3KmMiVU

🛳 The #Port of #Seville will have a #solar #photovoltaic #plant that will produce #renewable #hydrogen:

The Board of Directors of the Port Authority of Seville (APS) has given the green light to a 30-year administrative concession in favour of the company Solaner Dos for the construction of a solar photovoltaic plant that will produce green hydrogen and store energy. Home ” Generate Electricity ” The new solar photovoltaic plant to be built in the Astilleros Industrial Estate in the Port of Seville will occupy a surface area of 13,500 square metres on a 23,390 square metre plot of public port land. Specifically, the photovoltaic panels will be installed on canopies, so that the area will make their use compatible with the current use of the port’s public… http://bit.ly/3lRvtYF

⚖ EU #Commission #rules for #green #hydrogen:

On 15 #February 2023, following a press release by #BMWK, the EU Commission published the long-awaited rules for the production of renewable hydrogen. Energy Commissioner Kadri Simson already said on 13 February 2023: “Clear rules and a reliable certification system are of vital importance for this emerging market to develop and establish itself in Europe”. vote in favour of allowing hydrogen production with the help of nuclear power. This remains highly controversial. To free the economy from fossil fuels, the EU wants to have 10 million tonnes of nuclear-produced eco-hydrogen by 2030 (and import the same amount). Resistance to “nuclear hydrogen” came (and still comes) from the federal government. According to the clear position of the Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection, nuclear energy is not renewable energy and hydrogen produced from nuclear energy is not green hydrogen, said a spokesperson. With this attitude Germany enters the debate. Green MEP Michael Bloss spoke of “label fraud”. It is a scandal that the Commission wants to label hydrogen from nuclear power as “green”…. http://bit.ly/3EoK04O

✈ #Hydrogen #Dron: #Mermoz triumphs on its first flight:

January 2023 will be marked with a white stone! In collaboration with #H3 #Dynamics, #ISAE-SUPAERO has achieved a real feat by flying its Mermoz drone for the first time! It was on 20 January 2023 that the four-metre drone took off. The take-off took place at the level of the runway of the Muret model aircraft club, which is located south of Toulouse. Thanks to hydrogen gas, the flying machine was able to take off and succeed in… http://bit.ly/3EnIS1j

💲 #Germany and #Spain get #EU go-ahead for #green #steel #aid:

The European Commission has approved a total of more than €500 million in state aid from Germany and Spain to support steelmaker ArcelorMittal as it seeks to decarbonise its processes using renewable hydrogen. The Commission has authorised the Spanish government to provide a direct grant of €460 million ($492 million) to ArcelorMittal for the construction of a €1 billion direct reduction iron (DRI) plant at its Gijon steel production site in northern Spain. Combined with an electric arc furnace, the DRI plant will replace the existing blast furnace and allow for the gradual elimination of natural gas from the production process, according to the Commission. The plant is expected to start operating by the end of 2025 and produce 2.3 million tonnes of DRI per year, avoiding a total of 70.9 million tonnes of CO2 emissions per year… https://bit.ly/3kfn9lm

✈ The world’s largest #hydrogen #airplane almost ready for #commercial #flight:

#Universal Hydrogen, a #startup based in Los Angeles, is on track to make the first commercial flight of a hydrogen-powered aircraft a reality. The company has received experimental airworthiness certification from the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), bringing the dream of the first commercial flight of its aircraft closer to becoming a reality. The company has already decided where the first commercial hydrogen-powered aircraft will take off. It will be Grant County International Airport in Moses Lake, Washington State. When it does, the 50-passenger Dash 8-300 will become the… http://bit.ly/3lO0X2a

📰 Spain and #Netherlands sign #memorandum to #cooperate together on #hydrogen:

The #Minister for #Ecological #Transition, Teresa #Ribera, and the Minister of Energy of the Netherlands, Rob #Jetten, have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on hydrogen cooperation for a period of five years, with which they reinforce their commitment for Europe to lead the green transition. In a brief ceremony held this Monday in the framework of the International Conference on Renewable Energies (Spirec 23), Ribera and Jetten announced this agreement, which involves companies from both countries seeking to collaborate and promote exchanges and learning in the field of hydrogen… http://bit.ly/3klTBlZ

🛳 #Carisbrooke #Shipping to test #hydrogen #engine developed by #Carnot:

Carisbrooke Shipping has partnered with Carnot Ltd, whose consortium received USD 2.77 million to develop a 50 kW emission-free hydrogen auxiliary demonstration engine. After design, simulations and rigorous testing, the engine will be integrated into a containerised system and mounted on the deck of one of its cargo ships for a 40-day sea trial in early 2025 to partially supply electrical power. The main objective is to validate the decarbonisation impact that high-efficiency, zero-emission engines can have on the… https://bit.ly/3SgMtny

📰 The ‘other #BarMar’: how #hydrogen converted into #ammonia will be #transported by #boat to northern #Europe:

At a time when the construction of H2Med is once again in doubt, the alternative of ships appears as a solution. The latest controversies surrounding the H2Med green hydrogen corridor bring doubts back to a controversial connection with France, which already caused problems during the Midcat period. France and Spain are collaborating on this underwater pipeline, but at the same time they are competing in the production of this fuel and in the very concept of the ecological transition. But, as with gas, there will also be an alternative to these connections in the form of… http://bit.ly/3KsDX2R

💲 The #Basque #government is contributing 30 million to #Petronor’s first #hydrogen #project:

Lakua is financing the #electrolyser, the #renewable #farm and will be a partner in the distribution network of the synthetic fuel made from this gas. #Nordex Electrolyzer is the company that will channel this 30 million investment. If the prototype is commercially successful, this multinational will set up an electrolyser production plant in Barásoain, creating 150 direct jobs. At the moment, a team of 35 highly qualified people have already developed a prototype electrolyser and the first tests have been successfully carried out. Work is already underway on a second prototype with a higher capacity… http://bit.ly/3XKF9BK

🌐 #Enagás defends the #hydroproduct #H2MED with green hydrogen against #France’s #nuclear #pink #hydrogen:

France’s intention to #transport pink hydrogen generated with its nuclear energy “does not interfere either in our structure or in the Spanish position”, which is committed to green hydrogen of renewable origin, Enagás Executive CEO Arturo Gonzalo stressed today. “Pink hydrogen is not renewable”, he stressed at the press conference where he presented the company’s results for 2022. For this reason, he said he was convinced of the viability of the H2Med project, which includes the construction of the hydro-product under the sea between Barcelona and Marseille, and separated it from the dispute between France and the European Commission over the recognition of the use of hydrogen… http://bit.ly/41m9fP8

✈ From the track to the sky: the first #Formula1 #flying #electric and #hydrogen #car greets us. It wants to compete next year:

There are already several #flying #cars on offer. Most of them are more like giant #drones than cars. And now there is one that wants to take the step to competition and is self-proclaimed as a Formula 1 car capable of taking to the skies. It is made by the Australian company Alauda Aeronautics and is electric, with a hydrogen-powered system. They have just unveiled its first photos and credentials: they claim it is capable of over 350 km/h. Named Airspeeder Mk4, it has also set itself a major challenge: to open the door to a kind of competition whose circuit will be in the air. What’s more, they intend to make it the protagonist of a hypothetical championship starting in 2024. It sounds like science fiction, but that is the intention of… http://bit.ly/3lSeQw9

📰 #Sangüesa will have a #green #hydrogen #production #plant:

The #investment, valued at 87 million #euros, will be “spearheading the new #low-carbon #economy “The President of Navarre, María Chivite, has announced that, at its session this Wednesday, the regional executive plans to declare the project of the company AccionaPlug to build a green hydrogen production plant in Sangüesa to be of regional interest. The investment, quantified at 87 million euros, will be “a spearhead of the new low-carbon economy and an important step towards… http://bit.ly/3xHU3xQ

🔬 Photovoltaic #electrolyser #designed with #laminated #solar #panels and #anion exchange #membrane:

#Belgian #scientists have designed a solar-powered #electrolyser that uses standard-sized, large-area silicon photovoltaic panels to split water. The system achieves a solar-to-hydrogen conversion efficiency of 10% at current densities of approximately 60 mA cm-2. Researchers at Imec in Belgium have developed anion exchange membrane (AEM) water electrolysis for hydrogen generation. They claimed that their approach can be combined with solar generation in a photovoltaic-electrolyser (PV-EC) configuration. The scientists presented their findings in “Photovoltaic-Electrolyzer System Operated at >50 mA cm-2 by Combining Large-Area Shingled Silicon Photovoltaic Module with High Surface Area Nickel Electrodes for Low-Cost Green H2 Generation.” The scientists presented their findings in “Photovoltaic-Electrolyzer System Operated at >50 mA cm-2 by Combining Large-Area Shingled Silicon Photovoltaic Module with High Surface Area Nickel Electrodes for Low-Cost… http://bit.ly/3XRlCj4

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