H2 News March 2023

H2 News March 2023

🚅 #Hydrogen #iILint to be tested in #Canada:

#Alstom has announced that, in partnership with the government of #Quebec, Chemin de fer Charlevoix, Train de Charlevoix, Harnois Énergies and HTEC, it has announced a passenger service demonstration project for its hydrogen-powered Coradia iLint train. In summer 2023, the Coradia iLint will carry passengers on the Réseau Charlevoix rail network along the St. Lawrence River between Parc de la Chute-Montmorency and Baie-St-Paul. The train will run on clean hydrogen produced by Harnois Énergies at its facilities in… http://bit.ly/3xW1NfS

💲 Global #hydrogen #portfolio slumps in Q4, with only 1Mtpa of new #projects announced:

According to Wood #Mackenzie’s latest #analysis, total global announced capacity for hydrogen projects reached 71.4 million tonnes per annum (Mtpa), but 2022 falls short of becoming a record year. Despite a record 12 Mtpa of project capacity announcements in the first quarter of 2022, the global hydrogen portfolio slowed throughout the year with only 1Mtpa of new projects announced in the fourth quarter – falling short of total capacity announcements in 2021 by 3 Mtpa. “2022 was marked by the energy crisis and a series of policy announcements from the EU, US and UK in support of hydrogen production. Despite this, the announcements slowed down over the course of the… https://bit.ly/3J6K63T

🌐 #Panasonic is betting big on #hydrogen #fuel #cell #generators:

Having started independent #fuel cell #sales in #Europe and #Japan, the company decided to make this move as part of its effort to consolidate its position as a market leader in the industry. Panasonic to sell pure hydrogen fuel cell generators in China The decision was made public by Shigeru Dohno, president of Panasonic Holdings’ #China and Northeast Asia unit, at the battery factory the company operates in the city of Wuxi. Starting in April, Panasonic plans to introduce pure hydrogen fuel cell generators to the Chinese market. The aim is to create global demand for the technology as an alternative to solar panels that can be used in offices and factories all the time. Having begun independent sales of fuel cells in Europe and Japan, the company decided to make this move as part of its effort to consolidate its position as the world’s leading fuel cell… https://bit.ly/3kwTkwI

The #sale of #green or #pink #hydrogen, another #European #dilemma:

The possibility of #H2Med allowing the transfer of #energy generated in #nuclear power plants divides the project partners. Spain, Portugal and France had already agreed on it, and Germany came as a surprise a few weeks ago: it joined the corridor to transport green hydrogen, christened H2Med, extending the underwater pipeline already planned between Barcelona and Marseille to the German country. Moreover, with four countries interested, the possibilities of obtaining European funds for an infrastructure that will move millions of dollars, but which currently presents many uncertainties, both political and economic, are multiplying… http://bit.ly/3IUQF9w

🌐 #Fendt presents its first #hydrogen #tractor:

Working on the #energies of tomorrow, #AGCO has opted for the hydrogen-powered fuel cell in an attempt to reduce pollutant emissions and get rid of fossil diesel. With several partners, the Bavarian tractor manufacturer is presenting the first stage of its alternative by participating in the H2Agrar project in Lower Saxony to search for a hydrogen infrastructure for agricultural use. The pilot project includes two prototype hydrogen tractors which will be delivered from April onwards and then used in the fields within agricultural enterprises in Emsland. These should make it possible to validate or not the choice of a fuel cell. As part of this project, which won the DLG Agrifuture Concept Award 2022 in 2022, the researchers will study the hydrogen consumption of these tractors and the technical requirements for adapting the hydrogen infrastructure, together with the Lower Saxony region, to be able to supply the future. fleets of off-road machines without… http://bit.ly/3ID0V4M

📰 The #Andalusian #industry will unite in the #green #hydrogen valley:

The #H2 ring promoted by #Cepsa and #Fertiberia will function as a collective distribution structure from which all energy companies in Huelva will be supplied: A large network for the supply and production of green hydrogen (H2) connected to each other will allow the province of Huelva to take the lead in the Spanish energy transformation. This is the key to the hydrogen ring project presented by Cepsa and Fertiberia a few days ago as the two main players in a structure that will include all the companies involved in the manufacture, distribution and consumption of the energy vector in the province of Huelva. The entire sector linked to the… http://bit.ly/41CqbRi

⛽ Unique in the world, this #plant produces its #hydrogen with #methanol:

Thanks to its #storage and #transport facilities, #methanol is present in several projects related to hydrogen mobility. Especially for large ships. Sinopec demonstrates that this liquid product at room temperature allows hydrogen to be produced and distributed in the same restricted area, such as a refuelling station. In China, methanol is quite common. The country alone produces about 60% of the world’s quantities. A very active and consolidated oil and chemical group in the territory, Sinopec had already exceeded 2,000 methanol stations in 2017, and would be the company that would have opened the most hydrogen distribution sites in the world. It specialises in multi-energy distribution sites. Thus in the modern city of Dalian, located in the southernmost part of Liaoning province in the… http://bit.ly/3SFgopr

🌐 #Tecnicas Reunidas will build a #hydrogen plant for #Enagás and #Naturgy for the #Mediterranean #industry:

Técnicas Reunidas has been awarded an #engineering contract for the development of a large green hydrogen generation plant to be installed in Andorra (Teruel), with a first 500 megawatt (MW) facility that will contribute to the decarbonisation of large industrial consumers on the Mediterranean coast. This is the Catalina project, promoted by the Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) fund in association with Enagás Renovable, Naturgy and Fertiberia, which will produce more than 50,000 tonnes per year in this first phase and will come into operation in 2027, avoiding the emission of almost 400,000 tonnes of hydrogen per year… http://bit.ly/3SSOgzD

📰 They develop a #prototype capable of generating #green #hydrogen:

The #start-up #Hydros Power recently linked to the Science Park of the #University of #Alicante has successfully completed the first tests of its prototype for the generation of renewable hydrogen on board an aquatic drone (USV), which is an innovative system capable of offering a great autonomy for different types of vessels. The company focuses its activity on the generation of green hydrogen for use in fuel cell vehicles, with the aim of contributing to the decarbonisation of the world’s energy supply…. http://bit.ly/3Fc1jqf

📰 Green #hydrogen is an important part of the #energy #transition.

A chance find in #Mali shows it doesn’t have to be produced at great cost. In 2007, Malian businessman and politician Aliou Diallo had #well gas analysed. It turned out to be 98 percent hydrogen. Since then, Bourakébougou has had electricity generated by a hydrogen-powered generator. Diallo hopes to be able to produce economically usable quantities of hydrogen with his company Hydroma in the future. Based on several test drillings, he estimates that five million tonnes of hydrogen are waiting to… http://bit.ly/41Ac52R

🌐 #Reganosa sells its #gas pipelines to Enagás for 54 million and buys 25% of the #gasification plant in #Gijón:

Under the agreement reached, Reganosa cedes to Enagás its position as promoter of the #hydroproduct between #Guitiriz (#Lugo) and #Zamora, a candidate for a project of common interest (PCI). Enagás, for its part, undertakes to promote the development of this transport infrastructure and its connection to the interconnection with Portugal, guaranteeing the integration of renewable hydrogen production in the area with future hydrogen corridors in the Iberian Peninsula, with the aim of it coming into operation in… http://bit.ly/3y7zE5L

🚌 A #breakthrough has been achieved in the #research and application of #key #technology of #hydrogen #fuel #fuel #cell #buses in Sichuan Province:

In terms of breakthroughs in key core technologies, fuel cell bus chassis design and integrated combination of the whole vehicle, integrated design of the all-in-one auxiliary controller, high power density and high reliability stack design. The fuel cell engine’s low-temperature starting and hydrogen compressor have been surpassed.10 key technologies such as digital diaphragm design and hydraulic oil system design. In terms of innovative product development and application demonstrations, 9 innovative products have been developed in 5 categories including fuel cell buses, fuel cell engines, hydrogen compressors, hydrogen generators and proton exchange membranes, achieving the integration of proton exchange membranes, hydrogen production and compression equipment; hydrogen fuel cell buses, hydrogen fuel cell systems, hydrogen hydrogenation machines and hydrogen generators have been demonstrated and applied, with sales revenues in excess of… https://bit.ly/3EL3yQU

📰 New #roadmap on #European #standardisation to accelerate #hydrogen #deployment:

The European Clean Hydrogen Alliance has published a roadmap on hydrogen standardisation, for the adoption of hydrogen in the European market and to accelerate the deployment of hydrogen solutions on a large scale. The ‘Hydrogen Standardisation Roadmap’ provides a comprehensive overview of the barriers, challenges and standardisation needs identified by the alliance members…. http://bit.ly/3IV0nqX

🚌 #DB gives the green light to #hydrogen #buses. From #Portugal:

Deutsche Bahn has signed a #framework contract for 60 hydrogen buses, which will be delivered by Portuguese manufacturer Caetanobus until 2026. The first vehicles will run courses in Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein next year. The new H2 CityGold buses are twelve metres long and have 34 seats and 47 standing places. The passenger space has no stairs. Inside, there is a two-metre wide space for wheelchairs. With a full tank of hydrogen, the vehicles can travel from… http://bit.ly/3KZSPG9

🔬 Seeking #hydrogen from #organic #waste:

#Heriot-Watt #University (#Scotland) has teamed up with Malaysian oil company Petronas on this innovative project. nScottish researchers are working on obtaining hydrogen from organic waste in their bid to move away from fossil fuels, an energy source that is seen as crucial in an energy transition in which the British region, due to its terrain and natural resources, will play a central role… http://bit.ly/3ycUd0A

📰 #hydrogen #powder is no joke. In this way, it has an #advantage over #liquid:

As the representatives of #Electriq and #Zenith Energy Terminals argue, hydrogen powder is characterised by greater safety and energy density. The release of hydrogen and then its conversion into electricity is done with proprietary technology, and mass production would start in 2025. The project jointly realised by Electriq (a provider of hydrogen solutions) and Zenith Energy Terminals (which deals with energy storage and handling) is called Electriq Powder. In the long term, there is talk of building the world’s first production plant, which would operate in the… http://bit.ly/3EZM57y

📰 How much #green #hydrogen is there in #Andalusia?

Green hydrogen will change the distribution of energy power globally. #Spain and #Andalusia can play a decisive role in this new order. Countries that import and do not have traditional #fossil fuels, but do have #renewable resources with which to produce this new energy vector will not only be able to cover their energy needs, but also to export to other countries. The Andalusian Green Hydrogen Valley, which received the “Andalusian Flag” in Huelva on 28 February, will generate 10,000 jobs, 300,000 tonnes of green hydrogen per year and 50% of the production of this energy vector planned for the whole of Spain by 2030. To this end, Cepsa will invest 3,000 million euros in… http://bit.ly/3F2jjmS

🌐 #Honda tests #hydrogen #fuel #cell units as #backup #generators for #data centres:

Honda has unveiled a test project that will use fuel cell technology to act as a clean hydrogen backup power source as it moves towards its goal of achieving carbon neutrality for all corporate products and activities by 2050. The fuel cell demonstration project is being used at its corporate campus in Torrance, California. The demonstration project is fully operational and the fuel cell units provide clean emergency backup power for the data centre at its corporate campus in Torrance, California… http://bit.ly/3JjiFDO

🚛 Why the #hydrogen #truck is the perfect choice for #professionals:

The hydrogen truck may soon be the future. The #automotive world is undergoing drastic change driven by #climate laws, and professional transport is no stranger to this maelstrom. Changes in professional transport are more complicated to deal with than in traditional passenger cars, as they require more weight and power to carry out their tasks. In an interview with Daniel Bergstrand, Product Manager for fuel cell trucks at #Volvo Trucks, picked up by the folks at diariotransporte.com, key questions are discussed to explain why this technology is better than that using electric batteries. A specialist’s point of view on the subject can help us to better understand the issues involved… http://bit.ly/3YwX7I5

📆 23rd #March: Join our next #web #seminar: The future of #blue #hydrogen production:

countries around the world are turning to low #carbon #hydrogen as one of the main tools for #decarbonisation. Most attention is focused on the development of green hydrogen infrastructure using water electrolysers powered by renewable energy. However, countries such as the UK, US, Canada and the Netherlands have placed a strong emphasis on the development of blue hydrogen and carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) infrastructure, which will help drive the #decarbonisation journey. http://bit.ly/3IX8PGd

💲 There is one #European country that will have #green #hydrogen cheaper than #Spain and it’s not #Germany or #Nordic:

Producing green hydrogen in Ireland could cost as little as €3.50/kg H2 by 2030, providing the cheapest green hydrogen in Europe, according to new analysis from Aurora Energy Research. Green hydrogen presents a significant opportunity for Ireland. As a zero-emissions alternative to fossil fuel use across the economy, it could play an important role in decarbonisation. And thanks to favourable production economics, an Irish green hydrogen industry could compete with its contemporaries across Europe, driving not only Ireland’s transition to Net Zero, but Europe’s in… http://bit.ly/3JlsbpX

🌐 #Hiperbaric The company that will grow from one million turnover in 2021 to 60 million in 2027 in the business of compressing #hydrogen:

Much of this growth will come from hydrogen. “We have invoiced one million in this business in 2022, by this year we will invoice about 6-7 million and we will be increasing the business every year until we reach 40% of the total turnover of the company within… http://bit.ly/3kWga0U

🌐 #Atome sets #timeline for #launch of #green #hydrogen in #Costa #Rica:

Hydrogen and green ammonia developer Atome Energy plans to secure a power purchase agreement (PPA) in Costa Rica by mid-2024. The information was given during a presentation by chief executive Olivier Mussat to update the company’s development portfolio, led by the UK group’s flagship project in #Costa #Rica… http://bit.ly/3Yvmdag

📰 #Hydrogen production at the former headquarters of #Cotir in #Vasto: the project of the #Abruzzo Region:

Hydrogen could give a second life to the former headquarters of Cotir (Consortium for experimentation and dissemination of irrigation techniques) in Vasto (Chieti), which has been in a state of abandonment and decay for years. During the session of 6 March (the full report is available here), in fact, the Giunta of the Abruzzo Region, on the proposal of vice-president Imprudente, approved the disposal of the former site in favour of the Regional Enterprise for Productive Activities (ARAP). http://bit.ly/3ZC4Y8M

🌐 The #FMV defines the role of #ports in the #transport of #hydrogen by sea:

Methanol and ammonia are presented as the main formulas for successful hydrogen transport by sea, compared to other options such as liquid hydrogen, compressed hydrogen or organic liquids (#LOHC). This is the conclusion reached by the experts gathered for the development of the Hydromar tool, which was presented in the webinar organised by Gasnam. he various hydrogen production and transport formulas represent the best way of… https://bit.ly/3l3api3

🚌 #Hydrogen, the #Tper note on the #tender for 127 #buses:

The Tper fleet of #electric traction buses with #hydrogen fuel cells, once fully operational, will cover approximately 12% of the fleet of vehicles in service in Bologna on the public transport network. This was communicated by Emilia Romagna’s public transport company Tper in a note detailing the news of the tender for 127 buses… http://bit.ly/3LdJ7A6

🔬 An #enzyme produces #electricity from #hydrogen in #air:

#Australian #scientists have discovered an enzyme that converts air into energy: it uses the low amounts of hydrogen in the atmosphere to create an electric current. The research team, led by Dr Rhys Grinter, PhD student Ashleigh Kropp and Professor Chris Greening, from the Biomedical Discovery Institute at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, produced and tested a hydrogen-consuming enzyme from a bacterium… http://bit.ly/3mEh1Uw

📰 #Australia starts #commercial #hydrogen #production in #HESC project:

Australia’s #hydrogen #energy #supply chain (HESC) project has entered the commercial phase. The Japanese government’s Green Innovation Fund will provide 220 billion Japanese yen ($2.35 billion) to purchase liquefied hydrogen from a facility at the Port of Hastings, which is part of the HESC project. The volume of deliveries will be 30,000 tonnes per… https://bit.ly/3mIX3rw

🛳 #Pegasus: a #superyacht that is almost #invisible to the eye and #environmental impact as it has zero #emissions:

In terms of its #mechanics, this architectural marvel is powered by hybrid #hydrogen and #solar-powered #propulsion to achieve zero-emission sailing. Solar panels will use this energy to convert seawater into hydrogen, which can be stored for long periods of time. Fuel cells on board will convert the hydrogen into electricity stored in lithium-ion batteries. The idea is that the invisible superyacht could be produced by 2030 with… http://bit.ly/3ZSZeHs

📰 A #hydrogen-powered #ship will be produced in #Tatarstan and a #helicopter in the #USA.

A #Saratov #scientist participated in the US novelty: In #Zelenodolsk, at a shipyard (controlled by the Ak Bars shipbuilding corporation), an experimental pleasure boat, the engine of which runs on hydrogen fuel cells, was placed. The author of the project is the St. Petersburg Central Design Bureau “Baltsudoproekt” (part of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Krylovsky State Scientific Centre” (KGNTS), the ship is to be created under a contract with the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade in the amount of 634 million roubles In addition to the ship itself, the contractor is to conduct R&D to develop technologies , design, create universal functional modules on hydrogen fuel cells, as well as a… https://bit.ly/3IXXLsA

⛽ You can refuel #hydrogen at #Orlen stations in the #Czech #Republic. When will hydrogen be available at #Polish #stations?

#PKN Orlen proudly announced that in #Barrandov, one of the districts of Prague, the first hydrogen filling station has just been opened.

The station will be open 24 hours a day and is suitable for cars, trucks and buses. Interestingly, this is just one part of a larger plan, which ultimately means that by the end of 2030, another 28 refuelling points for hydrogen-powered cars will be built in the Czech Republic. In addition, Orlen will also build two hydrogen terminals in Litvinov and Neratovice, to facilitate and enhance its… https://bit.ly/3T7tcFD

🌐 Nine Mile Point #nuclear power plant in #NewYork starts production of clean #hydrogen:

The plant uses 1.25 #megawatts of carbon-free energy per hour to produce 560 kilograms of clean hydrogen per day. The Nine Mile Point nuclear power plant in Oswego, New York, has begun producing clean hydrogen. It is the first facility of its kind in the United States to generate clean hydrogen using nuclear power. This nuclear milestone is part of a $14.5 million cost-sharing project between the US Department of Energy (DOE) and Constellation to demonstrate how nuclear power plants can help reduce the cost and increase the production of hydrogen… http://bit.ly/3mHweEd

🌐 Duro #Phynix hires Duro #Felguera Green Tech to build a 10MW #hydrogen plant in #CiudadReal:

The independent renewable hydrogen producer Phynix has selected Duro Felguera Green Tech, Duro Felguera’s renewable energy division, to develop a turnkey contract for the construction of the Vitale production plant, located in Alcázar de San Juan (Ciudad Real). The contract includes the detailed engineering, civil works, supply and installation of main equipment, including the electrolyser and compressors, and the commissioning of the plant… http://bit.ly/3JziXqc

Nuclear power can also be used to produce clean #hydrogen: With the #Spanish government determined to end all #nuclear power generation in service by 2035 and, at the same time that professionals in the sector are warning about what such action implies and the #EU reiterates that nuclear energy is sustainable and green, a new fact is added to the dilemma: the United States, a country that already has a plan to transform thermal and nuclear plants, shows that fission power plants can also be used to generate clean hydrogen. Is it really a good idea to go ahead with the idea of closing all nuclear power plants in the next twelve years? http://bit.ly/3ZOAX5K

💲 The other key piece of #green #hydrogen: the growing #market for #electrolysers:

Although the price of #energy represents up to 70% of the #cost of producing green #hydrogen, there is one device that is key: the electrolyser, which separates hydrogen and oxygen molecules in water. Today it accounts for about 24% of the cost. The price of electrolysers is expected to drop by half by 2030″, says Colbún. In any case, the development of the industry will be more influenced, experts believe, by energy costs and taxes on… http://bit.ly/3ZLumJk

🌐 Jinneng #Technology: has signed a #hydrogen #export agreement with #intermediate #customers:

The company has recently established a cooperative relationship with downstream customers. The two parties have signed an agreement to export hydrogen via #pipeline transportation, which means that the company has taken a big step in the utilisation of hydrogen energy resources. In addition, the company plans to build the first hydrogen refuelling station around the #Qingdao factory, which will be mainly used for transportation facilities and also for public vehicles to promote green energy transformation. On the global road to carbon neutrality, hydrogen energy is a very important carbon-free secondary energy source. There is great room for development in the fields of power generation, industry and transport. Its downstream applications are mainly in the chemical, petroleum refining and other industries. A small amount is used in steel refining, fuel cell vehicles and other fields. In recent years, the development of the hydrogen energy industry in my country has accelerated. According to the research report of Soochow Securities, my country’s hydrogen energy production will increase from 19.15 million tonnes in 2017 to 33 million tonnes in 2021, with a five-year compound growth rate of 14.6%… http://bit.ly/40nRUUH

🌐 #Lhyfe wants to #produce #green #hydrogen in #marine #platforms and they tell us how they will do it:

We talk to Frans Pieter Lindeboom, country manager for Spain at Lhyfe, one of Europe’s leading green hydrogen startups, about the potential of this energy source. A few days ago in Hybrids and Electrics, we talked about a catalyst that produced green hydrogen on a large scale from seawater, well at Lhyfe they have already gone a step further and in 2022 they inaugurated the world’s first pilot platform for green hydrogen production in the high seas. Before that, in 2021, they had also reached another milestone: inaugurating the world’s first industrial-scale green hydrogen production plant interconnected with… http://bit.ly/3ZNwrEJ

🌐 #JET announces plans to build 10 #hydrogen #filling stations in northern #Europe:

JET #H2 #Energy has announced plans to open 10 hydrogen filling stations in #Germany and #Denmark, reports news site Hydrogen Central. The refuelling stations will supply green hydrogen to cars, commercial vehicles and buses. The first orders have been placed and the first stations are expected to be operational by spring 2024 at the latest. Most of the stations will be new builds, but some are expansions of… http://bit.ly/3FnSw4t

📰 Burgos hosts the presentation of a #project on #hydrogen:

#H2MetAmo delves into #technologies, materials and processes for small-scale production of renewable hydrogen carriers (methane and ammonia) for distributed use. The Aula Romeros of the University of Burgos has hosted this Tuesday the presentation of the project of the Renewable Energy and Hydrogen of the Community of Castilla y León. H2MetAmo Technologies, materials and processes for small-scale production of renewable hydrogen carriers (methane and ammonia) for distributed use. The conference included a lecture on the industrial challenge of green hydrogen by the general manager of Hiperbaric, Andrés Hernando, who defended the role of this source of clean energy in the future of the industry and the energy sector… http://bit.ly/3Lpdns3

🏆 The #University of #Huelva shows its potential in #research on #green #hydrogen:

The University of Huelva has held the award ceremony of the II Call for #Awards for Final Degree Projects (TFG) and Final Master’s Degree Projects (TFM) of the Gabitel Chair on Hydrogen, with which the Chair’s commitment to promote training, research and knowledge transfer in the field of green hydrogen production, a fundamental aspect in the fight against climate change and the conservation of the planet in the coming years, is maintained… http://bit.ly/42o8a9T

🔬 Video 1:40′ #Ratisbonne/#Wörth/#Wiesent: the #hydrogen #research centre will soon be operational.

In April, work begins on the #hydrogen research #campus in the Wörth/Wiesent industrial park. The campus is intended to contribute to the energy transition… http://bit.ly/42n7v8D

📰 The #expansion of #green #hydrogen needs a stable #framework:

#Spain has within its reach the opportunity to become an epicentre of green hydrogen in #Europe. Or what amounts to the same thing: to promote an industrial revolution that would contribute to the decarbonisation of the economy and put an end to an energy dependence exacerbated by the war. Green hydrogen is a clean fuel with a variety of uses: as a raw material for making fertilisers and petroleum derivatives – two highly polluting industries; it could be used for heating and is intended to be the basis for synthetic fuels that reduce emissions from aviation, maritime and rail transport. But to make it work, an agenda needs to be advanced… http://bit.ly/3JSTnwC

🔬 #Green hydrogen: how #photoelectrochemical #cells could become competitive.

#light falls on the #photoelectrode (right) and generates a voltage for electrolysis of water. Hydrogen is formed at the left electrode. Part of it reacts with itaconic acid (IA) to form valuable methylsuccinic acid (MSA). At the HZB Institute for Solar Fuels, several teams are working on a direct approach to solar water splitting: they are developing photoelectrodes that convert sunlight into electrical energy, are stable in aqueous solutions and promote catalytic water splitting. These photoelectrodes consist of light absorbers coated with catalytic materials, which form the active component of a photoelectrochemical cell (PEC). The best PEC cells, which are based on stable and inexpensive metal oxide absorbers, already achieve efficiencies of almost 10%. Although PEC cells are still less efficient than PV-powered electrolysers, they also have some advantages: in PEC cells, for example, the heat from sunlight can be used to… https://nachrichten.idw-online.de/2023/03/20/gruener-wasserstoff-wie-photoelektrochemische-zellen-wettbewerbsfaehig-werden-koennten

🚌 The #EMT #fleet incorporates the first #green #hydrogen #buses and the first #electric #bus:

The first vehicles of the #Solaris brand to be put into operation in #Spain have arrived in Palma and have the advantage of not generating emissions and being quieter. In these first weeks of March the EMT of Palma has incorporated the first ‘zero emissions’ fuel vehicles into its fleet. Thus, during this month the first 12-metre electric bus prototype will circulate in a ‘test period’. This prototype is part of the acquisition of 12 electric vehicles by EMT Palma, which were awarded to the company Irizar e-mobility for 7,809,600 euros and are expected to arrive in the city in April. The electric buses have been financed with 2.4 million euros from Next Generation funds and 1,123,000 euros from the Llei de Capitalitat. Its design is very innovative and provides great visibility for the driver, more comfort for the user and also takes advantage of sunlight. During this month, this first prototype will be able to test in situ the orography, the turns and the… https://www.ultimahora.es/noticias/palma/2023/03/20/1902851/flota-emt-incorpora-primeros-autobuses-hidrogeno-verde-primer-bus-electrico.html

📰 #China Energy to start establishing a $5.1 billion #green #hydrogen #plant in #Egypt in May:

China Energy and Egypt signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) last November to establish a green hydrogen production project in Egypt, with the possibility of exporting green ammonia to European markets, a move that would bring in more foreign exchange for… https://www.zawya.com/en/economy/north-africa/china-energy-to-start-establishing-51bln-green-hydrogen-plant-in-egypt-in-may-yeaaysaq

🚌 #Valencia tests for the first time a #green #hydrogen #city #bus:

The #Municipal #Transport #Company (#EMT) of València has launched this Monday a test of use of a green hydrogen city bus to study its possible implementation in the urban network. The vehicle will circulate this week through the streets of the city to study its operability in the EMT network, as explained by the Mayor of Valencia, Joan Ribó, who pointed out that “green hydrogen is a clean energy that would continue to support the city’s decarbonisation objectives in 2030″. For this reason,” he stressed, “we want to see how it works on EMT lines, to study its viability and efficiency in our network. The Mayor of Valencia, Joan Ribó, accompanied by the Councillor for Sustainable Mobility, Giuseppe Grezzi, and the Managing Director of the EMT, Marta Serrano, visited the H2 City Gold bus, a 12-metre vehicle loaned by the Portuguese manufacturer Caetano for circulation and refuelling tests. As Ribó pointed out, “in recent years, we have thoroughly renovated the fleet of municipal buses so that more than 50% of the vehicles are hybrid or electric, which has allowed us to be more sustainable and reduce our carbon footprint by 22%”. “But we want to continue taking steps in this direction, and that is why we are now going to analyse and evaluate other innovative solutions that allow us to bet on green energies and… https://www.interdiario.es/valencia-prueba-por-primera-vez-un-autobus-urbano-de-hidrogeno-verde/

📆 30/03/2023 #Roundtable “#Green Hydrogen:

The future of #energy?” The #Observatorio Gonzalo Jiménez-Blanco Ashurst-#ICADE with the collaboration of the Chair of Hydrogen Studies (ICAI) organise the Round Table “Green Hydrogen: The Future of Energy?” next March 30 from 12:00 to 14:00h in the Aula P. Martín de Nicolás E-308… https://eventos.comillas.edu/96915/

🌐 The only #company that manufactures #hydrogen 100% #Spanish: “If we don’t support the industry, it will go away”

Ten minutes from #Segovia capital, a factory stands in the #Hontoria industrial estate that differs from the rest with which it shares this industrial area by a peculiarity: it is the only place in Spain that manufactures the ‘stack’. That is, the heart of the electrolyser, the key device for generating green hydrogen. Up to 11 people make up the H2Greem team, led by Mario Carrero, which was launched into the world of hydrogen in 2002. In 2020, it took a stake in the capital of the company Enagas, which meant a significant boost for its activity. In fact, they have gone from operating in a factory of around 100 square metres to one of more than 1,400 square metres. There is a factory in this country that produces a 100% Spanish electrolyser without importing technology from another country”. This is the phrase repeated by the company’s sales and business development director, Luis Sacristán. They are among the first businessmen to experience first-hand in our country what is set to be the energy vector of the future and which will be essential for part of our country’s heavy industry, for the propulsion of vehicles and even for the heating of our homes… https://theobjective.com/economia/2023-03-26/unica-empresa-fabrica-hidrogeno-100-espanol/

🔬 #Test shows #hydrogen #mix slightly reduces #emissions from gas-fired power plants:

The hydrogen revolution is not here yet, but we now know what happens when a certain type of gas plant burns a small amount of hydrogen. A gas plant in Michigan successfully burned a mixture of hydrogen and methane to generate electricity in a recent field test. That is an important proof point for efforts to make hydrogen a pillar of the clean energy transition, but mass adoption of the fuel is still far from certain. Fossil gas still provides more electricity in the US than any other source, but carbon-free wind and solar power are growing much faster. Those resources need help to supply power 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Some countries and companies have pinned their hopes on hydrogen, which can be synthesised with clean electricity through electrolysis, stored and then used for carbon-free energy… https://www.canarymedia.com/articles/hydrogen/test-shows-hydrogen-blending-slightly-reduces-gas-power-plant-emissions

🌐 #Shell Blue #Hydrogen Process wins #Humber #H2ub #process design package contract:

International energy company #Uniper SE (#Düsseldorf, #Germany) and Shell UK Ltd. (#London) have awarded Shell Catalysts & Technologies a contract to deliver a process design package for the Humber H2ub project, using the Shell Blue Hydrogen Process (SBHP). The deal, which was awarded following a formal selection process, could see the technology implemented in the proposed Uniper and Shell UK project in the Humber, UK, which aims to produce low carbon hydrogen that could be used to decarbonise industry, transport and energy in the UK. https://www.chemengonline.com/shell-blue-hydrogen-process-wins-humber-h2ub-process-design-package-contract/

Repsol and #Molgas will install eight #hydrogen refuelling points with aid from the #EU:

Between the two #companies, they have been awarded 14 million euros, although the oil company will receive the largest amount with 12.8 million euros for six hydrogen refuelling stations. Hydrogen refuelling stations will soon be on Spanish roads. The electrification of economies promoted by the European Union (EU) together with the ‘green’ plans set out in the European Green Pact have accelerated Brussels’ plans to help finance the installation of these new technologies, the deployment of which European institutions have decided to accelerate with a view to having a ‘hydrogen station’ for every 100 kilometres of motorway by 2030. In this regard, the European Commission (EC) has recently announced that Repsol and Molgas will receive a grant of more than 14 million euros (through the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Facility) to install eight hydrogenerators in different parts of Spain to promote sustainable mobility. To start them up, these facilities require electrolysers, the devices that allow hydrogen to be produced through the chemical process of electrolysis, and whose installation will also… https://www.lainformacion.com/economia-negocios-y-finanzas/repsol-molgas-hidrogeno-ayudas-ue/2883541/

📰 The #debate on #nuclear #hydrogen in the #European #Union heats up:

Seven EU countries have again emphatically stated their opposition to the #regulation allowing nuclear-generated hydrogen to be counted in the generation targets arising from the bloc’s renewables law. Led by Germany, the countries believe that nuclear power should not be included in the calculation of green transport fuel (article 8 of the Gas Directive), and they put this in writing in a letter sent to the European Commission last week. The move brings a group of countries back into line with the group led by France, which is pushing for hydrogen derived from nuclear power… https://www.energiaonline.com.ar/se-calienta-el-debate-sobre-el-hidrogeno-de-origen-nuclear-en-la-union-europea/

💲 #Hydrogen in #Italy: 103 million to build #stations.

Italy is increasingly looking to hydrogen. And now it can also do so by counting on #funding from the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP) funds. The total sum of 103 million is approximately 40% of the 230 million euros earmarked for the implementation of the measure in the period 2021-2026. A total of 36 projects for the construction of refuelling stations for this fuel have been financed in the peninsula. In fact, the second quarter of 2026 has been set for the implementation of refuelling stations in line with the EU directive on alternative fuels. The sum will then be used for the construction throughout the national territory of systems that can guarantee its supply for… https://www.metropolitano.it/idrogeno-in-italia-103-milioni-per-realizzare-le-stazioni/

👩‍🏫 The #UPCT will give between #April and #May a #course of specialization in #Hydrogen #Technologies:

The Polytechnic University of Cartagena, in collaboration with the Chair #Soltec-UPCT, will give between April 24 and May 19 an online course of specialization in Hydrogen Technologies, open to both the university community and other people interested in this subject. The 30 teaching hours complement the academic training in official qualifications linked to renewable energies and deal with the procedures for obtaining and integrating these resources. “The main objective of this course is to offer a complete and practical vision of the most important hydrogen generation, storage and transformation technologies that can currently be found in different sectors of society”, explained the course coordinators, José Javier López Cascales and Ángel Molina García. The lecturers on the course are researchers from the UPCT, the University of Alicante, the National Hydrogen Centre, the Institute of Catalysis and Petrochemicals, the Energy and Environment Technology Centre and the companies Técnicas Reunidas, Clantech and H2Greem. The cost of the course is 240 euros, 120 for UPCT students. The classes will be given telematically in the afternoon, from Monday to Friday…. https://www.upct.es/destacados/cdestacados.php?c=24&ubicacion=general&id_buscar=15116

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