H2 News May 2023

H2 News May 2023

🚛 #Mercedes already has a 0 #emissions #Unimog, powered by #hydrogen:

Despite its big bet on #electrification, Mercedes-Benz believes that some vehicles simply don’t fit the mould of an electric. This Unimog, for example, features a hydrogen and diesel combustion engine, and there’s an explanation. As some carmakers continue to experiment with hydrogen fuel cell technology, it’s possible that another type of hydrogen propulsion has seemingly faded into the rear-view mirror. One of the last times we saw hydrogen as a fuel source for internal combustion engines was in the BMW 750hL, which used a 5.4-litre V12 that could run on either petrol or hydrogen fuel. The engine wasn’t exactly an exemplar of efficiency by any means, producing 204bhp, but it offered an emissions-free touring experience, paving the way for experiments with the 7 Series E65 from… https://bit.ly/3NrBnvB

⛽ In #Hamburg there are problems with a #hydrogen #filling station:

In 2012, what was then the largest and most modern hydrogen filling station in #Europe was opened in Hamburg. A showcase project! Ten million euros expensive, half of it paid for by the taxpayer. Now the Hafen-City plant is to be demolished. Although there are still very few hydrogen filling stations in Germany, currently around 160. The reason: the filling station is too close to Speicherstadt, which has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2015, according to the city. Now operators and authorities are in a bind. Everything is correct, according to the monument protection authority. “The installation was approved for ten years in 2009,” says authority spokesman Enno Isermann. Then the permit was extended again until mid-2023. This is because the H2 EXPO & CONFERENCE took place in Hamburg in 2022. The hydrogen filling station in the modern HafenCity fits well with this ( study: desired hydrogen ). Now it has to be restored. “That is contractually agreed, we also have our… https://bit.ly/3NvShsX

🌐 #H2CyL: A #business commitment to #green #hydrogen:

Three #companies and the Caja de #Burgos Foundation launch this initiative to turn #Castilla y León into a benchmark in its production and consumption. The Castile and Leon Hydrogen Association (H2CYL), launched by three companies from Burgos and the Caja de Burgos Foundation, aims to make Castile and Leon a benchmark in the production and consumption of green hydrogen. The president of the association, Rafael Barbero, says that even before presenting the association in public, in mid-March, there was already a list of about twenty companies and entities that had announced their membership, including the Regional Energy Entity (EREN), under the Junta de Castilla y León… https://bit.ly/3AKxQRr

🚗 The first #hydrogen #car will go into series production:

#Hopium” is the name of the #Paris-based start-up, which is bucking the trend towards #electric cars. It is based on the #fuel #cell. This is where hydrogen is converted into energy. But what does the car of the future really look like? The aerodynamic high-end sedan looks like something out of a science fiction film. “Machina”: that’s what Hopium calls its hydrogen-powered luxury sled. And its values also seem to come from the future. With its 500 hp, it goes from 0 to 100 km/h in less than five seconds. Its top speed is 230 km/h. Of course, none of this will come cheap. The price of the luxury saloon is currently estimated at 120,000 euros. With “Machina”, Hopium hopes to become the Tesla of hydrogen – can they succeed? https://bit.ly/3ALCLkZ

📰 #France puts the #focus on the #potential of #green #hydrogen in #Morocco:

The potential of green hydrogen in Morocco will be at the heart of the 13th edition of the Arbois and Mediterranean Roundtables, a platform for direct exchanges between scientists and the general public, which open on Wednesday in Aix-en-Provence in France . Organised by the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, in collaboration with the University of Aix-Marseille and the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), this edition, under the theme “Hydrogen Tomorrow: myths and realities”, highlights the development of new renewable energy sources, first and foremost green hydrogen, says a press release from the initiators. The 2023 edition explores the challenges and opportunities that green hydrogen represents in the fight against global warming, says the same source, noting that the aim is to offer a carbon-free energy model in Europe, Africa and the world. On the occasion of this 13th edition, several high-level personalities will discuss and propose possible solutions around green hydrogen in the diversification of energy sources in Morocco and the rest of the African continent. A total of… https://bit.ly/44le7oV

💲 The #boom of #green #hydrogen leads #Santander to create a specific department for #financial #advice:

The financial institution is already working with several global companies with hydrogen innovation projects. Banco Santander has created a specialised team – within its renewed ESG department – to advise and finance companies in the energy sector, or those interested in developing this technology, given the flood of green hydrogen projects. Within this new ESG department, divided into six verticals, one of them is hydrogen. The objective of this vertical is to promote the development of projects related to green hydrogen, from the financing of research and development projects to the implementation of innovative financing solutions for projects to… https://bit.ly/3VuwWSs

🌐 #Toyota is not giving up and will continue to focus on #hydrogen to differentiate itself from its rivals:

Today, there is little doubt in the #automotive industry about the viability of the battery-electric car. The vast majority of Chinese, Korean, American, European and Japanese groups are directing the bulk of their investments towards this technology, which most projections suggest will become dominant over the next few years. Nevertheless, some brands continue to work on alternatives such as the fuel cell, although in most cases it is clear that this will be a minority solution: BMW, General Motors and Honda are for the moment only contemplating hydrogen car production on a small scale, Hyundai has slowed down its developments, and… https://bit.ly/3ARpXd8

🚌 El #Ministerio Federal confía en el #hidrógeno de #Wuppertal:

En Wuppertal, los #autobuses de Wuppertaler #Stadtwerke (WSW) han podido repostar su hidrógeno directamente en la planta de conversión de residuos en energía de AWG en Korzert durante más de dos años. El AWG suministra la electricidad a través del tratamiento térmico de los residuos, un ejemplo único de acoplamiento sectorial practicado. Ahora, la “región de competencia hidrógeno Düssel.Rhein.Wupper”, junto con Essen y el distrito Emscher-Lippe, es uno de los ganadores del concurso “Financiación regional HyLand” del Ministerio Federal de Transporte. Bajo el título “HyPerformer-Region Rhein-Ruhr”, quiere realizar sus proyectos pioneros para impulsar el mercado de la economía del hidrógeno verde respetuosa con el clima en el campo de la movilidad. El Ministro Federal de Transporte, Volker Wissing, anunció las regiones ganadoras en el Simposio HyLand en Berlín y las felicitó por sus destacadas contribuciones a la competencia. Se han seleccionado tres regiones a nivel… https://bit.ly/42f4xml

💲 #ammonia attracts highest interest in #H2Global #auctions:

Interest in the #renewable ammonia (with #greenhydrogen) auction has been “much, much higher” than in the other two tenders, Exenberger said today at the Handelsblatt Wasserstoffgipfel conference in Salzgitter, Germany. Industry participants submitted a “large number of bids” during the ammonia tender, he said. While interest in the e-methanol and e-SAF auctions has been more subdued, the organisation has received a sufficient number of bids for these ongoing processes. The ammonia supply bidding was launched in December and closed at the end of February, and the deadline was extended once from the beginning of February. The deadlines for the e-methanol and e-SAF auctions have been extended three times and are open until the end of… https://bit.ly/3nxKO1V

📰 #ECE 2023: #Poland can become the #hydrogen and #energy barn of #Europe:

We can be the #energy barn of #Europe when it comes to #storing hydrogen in salt caverns. This hydrogen will be the equivalent of electricity, said Deputy Minister of Climate and Environment Ireneusz Zyska during the debate “Polish Hydrogen: Strategy and Practice” at the European Economic Congress in Katowice. Deputy Minister Ireneusz Zyska noted that Poland is one of the largest producers of grey hydrogen on the European market, which obliges us to remain a leader in the hydrogen economy. https://bit.ly/40YQUGk

📰 Low #carbon #hydrogen will be decisive for the #energy #transition, according to a report by #GlobalData:

According to a report by Global Data, the hydrogen market has progressed rapidly in recent years. This is due to its growing application in industries such as transport, industrial, energy, aerospace, defence and construction. In this context, low-carbon hydrogen is gaining ground as a critical component in achieving energy transition and long-term decarbonisation goals. The report notes that global demand for pure hydrogen was 74MMT/year (million metric tonnes) in 2021. Of that amount, low-carbon accounted for a miniscule 0.89% share. However, this type of hydrogen, including green hydrogen, has generated enormous interest as… https://bit.ly/3NC7VD6

🌐 The #refineries ignore Ribera and bet on blue #hydrogen instead of green:

Spanish #refineries, the main hydrogen customer in our country, prefer blue renewable gas (the one produced by natural gas) to green (the one created by solar panels and wind turbines). This is a reality that, according to financial sources accessed by THE OBJECTIVE, is due to its lower cost. “Green hydrogen costs refineries 200% more than using blue hydrogen,” they say. The colour of renewable gas continues to generate much debate in Europe. On the one hand, France is committed to pink hydrogen (generated through nuclear power), but there are other colours such as the green and blue mentioned above, or grey, which is produced through fossil fuels. The main oil companies in Spain are Repsol, BP, Cepsa and Petronor. All four have refineries in different parts of the country: La Coruña, Bilbao, Tarragona, Castellón, Puertollano, Cartagena, Huelva and… https://bit.ly/3LFhqil

🌐 #Repsol-Petronor and Saudi #Aramco will invest 103 million euros in a #efuels plant in #Bilbao:

Repsol-Petronor and Saudi Aramco have given the green light to invest 103 million euros in the construction of their first synthetic fuels plant in the Port of Bilbao, which is expected to be ready by the end of 2025 and will be one of the largest facilities in the world. According to a press release issued by Petronor on Saturday, the products coming out of this facility could be used in any vehicle with a combustion engine, such as cars, planes, lorries or ships, as well as a 10 MW electrolyser in which Enagás and the Spanish company… https://bit.ly/3M4TRAT

🚛 Imagined by #Toyota, this #foodtruck runs on #hydrogen:

As part of a national event dedicated to hydrogen, Toyota’s #Australian division presented a hydrogen food-truck concept. A new way to illustrate the many possibilities offered by the fuel cell. Hydrogen inverts all segments. Some more original than others. While First Hydrogen recently shared its vision of a hydrogen-powered campground, Toyota has just unveiled a fuel-cell food-truck concept. Designed by the carmaker’s Australian branch, the vehicle was first unveiled on 26 April in Melbourne for the Hydrogen Showcase, an event dedicated to the… https://bit.ly/3LLW82m

📰 All the information on #guarantees for #green #hydrogen in #Spain, by the #European #Guarantee Consortium:

Currently, the entities in charge of the #energy #transformation in the country are drafting a regulation in Spain to regulate the development of green hydrogen projects. So far, agreement has been reached on the regulatory framework, which requires, among other things, a guarantee, the amount of which has yet to be defined. For Avales Renovables, according to its CEO Emilio Vargas, “the processing of green hydrogen projects will help to achieve the goals set out in the 2030 Agenda, and obtaining guarantees for these projects is of vital importance”. Among the renewable guarantees offered by the European Guarantee Consortium is the surety insurance for access and connection. This guarantee is required for developers, engineering firms and investment funds that want to initiate the processing of a renewable project. The Consortium also offers a wide range of guarantees for capacity tenders, battery guarantees, decommissioning, performance and environmental guarantees, as well as damage and liability insurance for renewable energy projects… https://bit.ly/3nMWaz4

📰 #Namibia wants to produce #green #hydrogen from #sea #waves:

Namibia has excellent conditions for energy production from sea waves due to its access to the ocean, where waves are often high. Kaoko plans to take advantage of this and implement WaveRoller technology in the ocean, which desalinates water and produces green hydrogen from wave energy. In the first phase of the project, carried out together with the Finnish company AW-Energy, a detailed design and layout plan will be developed for the WaveRoller wave energy park on the coast of… https://bit.ly/3HRFjlK

🔬 #CSIC contracts equipment to #produce #green #hydrogen:

The #green hydrogen production equipment manufacturer #FusionFuel has announced a €2.46 million supply agreement with the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). The Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and Fusion Fuel, a company based in Ireland and Portugal, have announced the signing of an equipment supply contract worth 2.46 million euros for a 550 kW solar energy to green hydrogen conversion project, located in the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)…. https://bit.ly/42Ut9kf

📆 Forum #H2POLAND – #Hydrogen #Europe comes to #Poznań: A discussion forum on #hydrogen #technologies.

H2POLAND is the first conference in #Poland and Central and Eastern Europe combined with a trade fair, entirely dedicated to hydrogen technologies. Along with Brussels or Rotterdam, the Poznań forum is becoming an important venue for international debate on the quest for hydrogen technologies…. https://bit.ly/3BauCqF

📰 The #Cerceda #hydrogen #plant will go on the site of the #chimney and #boiler:

The site occupied by the large chimney and filters (and, still, the boiler) of the Meirama thermal power plant, in Cerceda, will house the future green hydrogen plant. The same space within a much larger area, 54 hectares, which also represents a new energy cycle in the medium and long term for the area. And which, like the now extinct thermal plant and the lake where the mine was, is located in the entirety of the land of the parish of As Encrobas, but which officially retains the name of the neighbouring Meirama. And so it was in As Encrobas where, on Monday morning, technical representatives from Naturgy, Repsol and Reganosa, the three companies that are driving this renewable hydrogen hub, accompanied by the first vice-president and Regional Minister of Economy, Francisco Conde, were in As Encrobas. It was also a technical visit, to find out more about the project…. https://bit.ly/42z5Z2v

📰 #Spanish #green #hydrogen will compete on #price with #hydrogen generated in other #European countries as early as #2026:

The green hydrogen industry in Europe is now ready to jump into the market with competitive prices compared to other fuels. Spain is the country most likely to lead this process, if it builds all the photovoltaic megawatts expected to lower electricity prices. This is a scenario that has already been taking shape in recent months and is expected to increase from 2026 onwards.
And the renewable engine is running at full speed. Last January, some 60 GW of renewables obtained the DIA (Environmental Impact Declaration), and there are still more than 30 GW of solar energy that already have access and connection points and are waiting for their moment.
“Spain is currently the country that can offer the lowest renewable prices in the market and therefore a very competitive green hydrogen price”, Thomas Schoepke, GETEC’s business development director, explained to EL ESPAÑOL-Invertia after signing an agreement with Cepsa at the World Hydrogen 2023 Summit & Exhibition in Rotterdam (Netherlands)… https://bit.ly/3BlDTfm

📰 #Hydrogen: 700 #jobs to come, #Inocel, manufacturer of #fuel cells, sets up in #Belfort:

The group announced on 10 May the establishment of its manufacturing plant on the Techn’Hom site near Belfort. One more piece in the hydrogen sector in the north of Franche-Comté.

700 jobs to be created by 2030. The Inocel group has chosen the Belfort area to set up its 15,000 m2 “gigafactory” where a new fuel cell, a hydrogen fuel cell, will be produced. The site will be located in Cravanche, not far from EDF and General Electric… https://bit.ly/42rZrTB

🌐 #CIUDAD #REAL: A new #green #hydrogen #plant will create 2,500 #jobs in Ciudad Real.

Dutch #developer #Power2X and Spain’s Soto Solar have recently teamed up to build a 1.2 gigawatt photovoltaic plant and an integrated plant
to produce 55,000 tonnes of green hydrogen in Saceruela (Ciudad Real), a project that will create 2,500 jobs in a highly depopulated area.

According to Power2X in a press release, the new partnership – called ErasmoPower2X – will be “one of the largest green hydrogen developers in Europe”. Specifically, it will connect a large-scale solar photovoltaic plant with an electrolyser with an expected minimum capacity of 500 megawatts.

The project, which was presented on Wednesday at the World Hydrogen Summit 2023 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, involves a total investment of more than €1 billion… https://bit.ly/42Jr4rc

🚗 #Ligier to build a #hydrogen #racing #car:

Ligier Automotive and German equipment manufacturer #Bosch will work hand-in-hand to develop a racing model equipped with a hydrogen engine based on the Ligier JS2 R, the JS2 RH2.

The car, which is due to be unveiled on 8 June ahead of the 2023 Le Mans 24 Hours, will be equipped with a carbon monocoque made up of three hydrogen tanks. A traditional V6 engine will power the prototype, the first laps of which are expected to be completed on the circuit this summer.

Bosch will supply the engine-generator set, the inverter and the vehicle control unit for the LMDh hybrid system… https://bit.ly/3BiS9pg

📰 #Green hydrogen #Italy: the latest news.

New data on the Italian hydrogen sector has been published directly by the #H2IT Observatory. The market trend is evolving rapidly and it is safe to say that there are many cutting-edge SMEs within it. Let’s discover the latest news for the green hydrogen sector in Italy.
The Hydrogen Observatory in Italy, created by H2IT , the Italian Hydrogen Association, the Department of Studies and Research and the Innovation Centre of Intesa Sanpaolo, reports the results of the survey of 55 companies, mostly SMEs.

Anna Maria Moressa , economist at Intesa Sanpaolo’s Studies and Research Department, said:

“The analysis yields the profile of an Italian hydrogen supply chain that is very heterogeneous in the size of the companies involved. Among them, a group of SMEs stands out with a strong mission, high innovation potential, able to weave cross-industry alliances with other sectors, from chemical and mechanical to IT, and to collaborate with national and international research centres. Half of the companies demonstrate a high degree of innovative maturity, with patents ready for patenting…. https://bit.ly/41GnywC

🚛 #Westport showcases its #HPDI #fuel system, available for (bio)#LNG and #hydrogen #engines:

Westport Fuel Systems Inc. showcased its HPDI™ fuel system in commercially available LNG- and bio-LNG-equipped commercial vehicles and its proven, hydrogen-capable H₂ HPDI variant. The vehicles were showcased at the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo 2023 in Anaheim, California.

Alternative fuels used in internal combustion (IC) engines are needed to achieve a zero-emission transition over the next two decades. The HPDI fuel system allows existing IC engine architecture to run on a variety of alternative fuels, including natural gas, biomethane, syngas and hydrogen, as increasingly popular alternatives to diesel engines.

Equipping a diesel cycle engine with the HPDI fuel system allows OEMs to leverage existing manufacturing infrastructures and vehicles, engineering skills and resources, while improving performance and emissions. An IC engine equipped with the HPDI fuel system fuelled with H₂ achieves near-zero CO₂ emissions, while delivering maximum performance that encompasses power, efficiency and… https://bit.ly/3OsvpLB

🌐 #raforce and #Worley jointly scale #methane #electrolysis #technology at #APAC:

Graforce , Germany’s leading provider of carbon-free hydrogen plants, and Worley , a world-leading engineering and project construction company, are teaming up to scale methane electrolysis (#plasmalysis) from Australia, the Pacific, Asia and China. Plasmalysis is a revolutionary technology that converts natural gas, LNG, flue gas and other hydrocarbons into hydrogen without emitting CO 2or any other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. This allows gas consumers to switch to clean-burning hydrogen without changing their energy supplier or mode of transport. Graforce and Worley will be exhibiting plasmalysis plants at APPEA 2023 in Adelaide, Australia (15-18 May), in the Hydrogen Pavilion sponsored by Worley, to showcase the latest hydrogen innovations and their impact on the decarbonisation of the energy industries and the world’s energy and transport sectors. https://bit.ly/3IyjqZ9

📰 The #companies suffer a delay of a year and a half to receive the key part of #greenhydrogen:

he arrival of the key part for the creation of green hydrogen is delayed in our country. As THE OBJECTIVE has learned from sources in the sector, the electrolysers have gone from waiting between six to nine months to a year and a half. The same sources blame this on the growing demand for the product. “This is a pure law of supply and demand. The explosion of requests has meant that the plants that used to produce them are unable to meet the number of requests for their purchase”, they state.

A scenario that has also mobilised precisely this supply. Thus, according to the sector, many of these plants that produced electrolysers – which are machines that produce green gas through a chemical process called electrolysis, which separates oxygen from hydrogen – have mobilised their economic resources to increase the amount of production. A goal that, however, will take several years to become effective.

“There are not enough producers in the market. All companies are competing for the same equipment and companies are making increases within the production chains, but it is not enough. In all the latest projects that have been approved in Spain – of which there are 37 – will start between 2025 and 2026. So we will not have the first real projects until 2026. It will be from then on when we will really analyse whether the megawatts or gigawatts that are being planned really work, whether they are efficient and whether they have a… https://bit.ly/454c495

📆 Los nuevos desafíos que enfrenta la creciente industria del #hidrógeno de #Australia:

El año pasado, el Congreso de #EEUU. aprobó una legislación histórica: la Ley de Reducción de la Inflación (#IRA), que introduce incentivos masivos, aportando una ventaja más aguda a la transición energética global e intensificando la competencia por la mano de obra, los materiales y el capital necesarios para reformar las economías de ER, como el hidrógeno verde. . Como líder en la producción y exportación de hidrógeno verde, cómo deberían reaccionar rápida y adecuadamente los sectores público y privado de Australia ante esta circunstancia desafiante y consolidar su competitividad se está convirtiendo en la principal consideración para la industria en los últimos meses.
Uniéndose a las mentes más brillantes de los gobiernos, las empresas de servicios públicos de energía, los desarrolladores y los grupos de expertos, este seminario web de impacto explorará en profundidad las implicaciones de la IRA en el sector del hidrógeno de Australia, en términos de preferencia de inversión, innovación tecnológica y asignación de mano de obra, y trazará un futuro. demostrando un camino que no solo le permite a Australia tener razón en la carrera, sino que también convierte los desafíos en oportunidades al ingresar al superciclo de las energías renovables como un… https://bit.ly/450z6h7

🚛 First #hydrogen #garbage #truck for #Oberhausen:

One of the most modern rubbish trucks is already on the streets of #Oberhausen. It is an electric refuse truck with hydrogen fuel cells. Today, Wirtschaftsbetriebe Oberhausen presented the newest vehicle in its fleet. The Mayor of Oberhausen, Daniel Schranz, and Guido Hanning, the REMONDIS shareholder, were also present at the presentation of the rubbish truck at the central depot of the WBO. With the use of the hydrogen truck, the WBO is steadily taking the next step towards more climate-neutral waste disposal. Andreas Kussel, managing director of the WBO: “Due to the heterogeneity of the vehicle fleet, we use different technologies in our vehicles: we already have a petrol truck and several smaller vehicles with electric drive. In addition, our heavy trucks run on environmentally friendly HVO fuel. The move towards hydrogen propulsion is a further pillar in making waste disposal gradually emission-free and supporting climate protection.” Julia Hadrossek, CEO of WBO, adds: “For us it is also important that in the future not only WBO vehicles are on the move, but also the corresponding infrastructure for charging and refuelling them is in place. In addition, we always have to consider cost-effectiveness, which for us, as a partly fee-financed company, must always be given”. to make waste disposal gradually emission-free and to support climate protection”. Julia Hadrossek, CEO of WBO, adds: “For us it is also important that in the future not only low-emission vehicles are on the road at WBO, but also the corresponding infrastructure for charging and refuelling them is in place. In addition, we always have to consider cost-effectiveness, which for us, as a partly fee-financed company, must always be given”. to make waste disposal gradually emission-free and to support climate protection”. Julia Hadrossek, CEO of WBO, adds: “For us it is also important that in the future not only low-emission vehicles are on the road at WBO, but also the corresponding infrastructure for charging and refuelling them is in place. In addition, we always have to consider profitability, which for us, as a partially fee-financed company, is always a key factor…. https://bit.ly/3W8YFIL

🌐 Green light for the largest #efuel #manufacturing #plant on the planet:

Texas (United States) will build the largest e-fuel production plant on the planet, the last hope for combustion cars.

A few months ago, the European Union approved the regulation banning the sale of combustion cars on the continent from 2035, giving electric cars an exclusive presence in dealerships. However, the EU regulation also allowed the marketing of vehicles powered by e-fuel.

HIF Global, a company backed by Porsche, has received approval to build the world’s largest e-fuel production plant in Texas (USA). The plant, the company’s second after its pilot plant in Chile, will produce enough #hydrogen-based fuel for 400,000 cars per year… https://bit.ly/3BsQaif

📰 Canal de Isabel II will produce #green #hydrogen from #recycled #water from 2024:

Canal de Isabel II has announced the start-up of a green hydrogen production plant from recycled water, whose construction project and subsequent operation will be operational after a period of thirteen months from its start-up, so that, by 2024, it will be providing clean energy.

The Board of Directors of Canal de Isabel II gave its approval to the awarding just a few days ago of the hydro-generating plant, which will be located on the land where the Arroyo Culebro Cuenca Media Alta wastewater treatment plant is located, in Pinto.

The construction and adaptation of the facilities of the Madrid public water company will cost six million euros, which, according to estimates made by Canal’s technicians, will start with an initial energy production of around 80,000 kilos of hydrogen per year. The importance of this initiative is based on the fact that this “cutting-edge project”, as the company describes it, has as its strong point that it will use regenerated water from the nearby treatment plant, which has previously undergone a special treatment appropriate to the… https://bit.ly/3OdRjlB


To implement the SRSPU ( NPI ) development programme named after M.I. Platov for 2021-2030, a competition has been announced for grants to carry out research work on the basis of the Southern State Polytechnic University of #Russia (#NPI) named after M.I. #Platov ” as part of the strategic project ” Hydrogen Energy System ” 2023-2024. (” HYDROGEN “) (hereinafter referred to as the Competition) from 18 to 31 May 2023.

Applications for participation in the competition from university research teams are accepted from 18 May 2023 until 12:00 on 26 May 2023 by providing information to the department of scientific and innovative activities by e-mail nauka.urgtu@yandex.ru (the subject of the letter should be “Competition for grants for research work”). The rules of the competition were approved by the… https://bit.ly/456chJ3

🌐 #India joins the #Germany’s #green #hydrogen #strategy follow-up:

India will use its domestic market to expand its hydrogen project, while Germany may become a target country for its exports. As part of a broader strategy, the two countries will collaborate on the financial and technical aspects of energy transition projects.

India has provided the necessary assurance to investors in long-term hydrogen projects by investing in renewable energy and making grid improvements. The country is borrowing in dollars and euros, with the aim of reducing risks and costs. Among them, export-oriented projects are a key component of its hydrogen strategy.

In other words, German partners play a vital role in reducing investment costs and launching new projects, while the domestic Indian market provides the industry with the necessary long-term guarantees. At a meeting organised by the Indian Embassy in Berlin, ThyssenKrupp and the World Energy Council, members highlighted that India is the third largest producer of grey hydrogen after Russia and China, and is the world’s largest importer of hydrogen… https://bit.ly/3WaX05v

🚗 A team of #students have created the world’s most #efficient #hydrogen #car:

Energy efficiency competitions have grown exponentially over the last few years. After all, range has become one of the most interesting variables since the growth of the electric car in the market. Knowing how to manage the available energy can make electric technology viable, but the truth is that it is precisely this weakness that is boosting the promising future of other mechanics. This is the case of hydrogen-powered propulsion.
Is hydrogen an interesting source of future mobility? At present, there are very few refuelling centres. This makes it difficult to standardise this technology in the market, but even so, there are those who believe it is the real alternative to fossil fuels. A team of students has created what, a priori, could be the most efficient hydrogen car in the world. We are talking about the ERXII, a prototype that will soon be competing in one of the world’s most prominent efficiency races, the Shell Eco-Marathon in… https://bit.ly/3pTnTyI

The advantages of #Almería for the use of #hydrogen, in the #Summer Courses of the #UAL:

One of the main substitutes for fossil fuels will be hydrogen and Almeria presents countless advantages to become a sustainable city through its use. The future of this energy reality will be discussed in the Summer Course ‘Almeria: a green hydrogen pole’ to be held from 12 to 14 July.

Hydrogen is an energy reality that promises to replace fossil fuels due to its zero environmental impact. Its use, its advantages and the possibilities that Almeria has to become a sustainable city through its implementation, will be discussed in the Summer Course ‘Almeria: green hydrogen pole’, which will be held from 12 to 14 July at the Cajamar-Casa de las Mariposas Cultural Centre.

The course will give a global vision of all aspects related to hydrogen: obtaining, storing and applications; but also how it can be a source of wealth for Almeria. “Almeria City Council has seen the possibility of changing all public services from a different point of view, making it cleaner and more ecological with the use of hydrogen as a fuel, instead of fossil fuels, starting with public services as an example for other systems”, explained Antonio Romerosa, director of the course.

In fact, “he is in contact through European projects, with the University of Almeria and other cities, for example in South Korea, which are immersed in this transformation to make this change in the best possible way. Hydrogen produces more energy than fossil fuels, but the by-product of its use is water, which is not polluting. In this way we would avoid excess CO2, the greenhouse effect, but also the carbon and pollution that affects cities so much. Hydrogen would solve many of the problems that we currently have as a result of the use of fossil fuels, but without losing the… https://bit.ly/3WeKOAJ

📆 Quixote #Innovation invites us to a talk on #hydrogen as an #energy #alternative:

Joaquín González del Pino, one of the founders of Quixote Innovatión, has told us about the talk they have prepared for next Friday, at 8:30 pm in the Inés Ibáñez Braña Auditorium, which will be given by Miguel Ángel Fernández, manager of the National Hydrogen Council… https://bit.ly/42NHkYn

🔬 A #field test demonstrates the #viability of 20% #hydrogen in the #German #gas #grid:

TÜV Rheinland, Rheinische Netzgesellschaft and GVG Rhein-Erft have supplied gas blended with 20% hydrogen to 100 households in Erftstadt (Germany).

Since October, TÜV Rheinland, German energy supplier GVG Rhein-Erft and grid operator Rheinische Netzgesellschaft (RNG) have been testing the impact of adding 20% hydrogen to the gas grid in Erftstadt, near Cologne (Germany).

At the end of the heating period, the partners drew up an interim balance and checked that all connected gas-consuming devices were working faultlessly. Prior to this experiment, German legislation allowed a hydrogen mixture of up to 10%.

According to TÜV Rheinland, homeowners and businesses were able to use their devices as usual throughout the heating period. They did not have to convert due to the change in the composition of the gas mixture, which also did not affect the normal operation of the heating system. https://bit.ly/3MakMdo

📰 #Japan has done it the other way round. It has already got a good #hydrogen #grid; now it needs #hydrogen #trucks:

Japan is one of the few countries that have a good infrastructure for refuelling hydrogen. Its manufacturers are aware of this and want to take advantage of it, not only with cars, but also with fuel cell trucks.

For many years, Honda has been one of the few manufacturers that has been committed to hydrogen, even to the point of launching production fuel cell models, such as the Honda Clarity. But there came a time when the Japanese company’s CEO had had enough and said that hydrogen cars “are not feasible”.

Since then, hydrogen has steadily gained prominence, not only in the automotive sector, but also in the commercial vehicle sector, with fuel cell vans and trucks. The hydrogen-powered Ford E-Transit and Toyota’s fuel cell VDL trucks are just a few examples… https://bit.ly/3ImJNBb

📰 The #Hokkaido #electric power plant in #Japan starts producing #hydrogen:

Japanese power company Hokkaido Electric Power has begun producing hydrogen in the northernmost prefecture of Hokkaido and plans to store excess renewable energy through #electrolysis of water. In addition, Hokkaido plans to use hydrogen to cool #generators and #fuel cell vehicles.

The prefectural government has set a target to reduce carbon emissions by 48% by the fiscal year April 2030 to March 2031 compared to 2013 to 2014 levels, and to achieve zero emissions by 2050… https://bit.ly/3Ox6N4a

🌐 The #Hydrogen #Valleys #Platform is updated with new #Hydrogen #Valley #projects:

The Hydrogen Valleys Platform has been relaunched. Based on an extensive collection of primary project data, the platform provides detailed information on the world’s most advanced and ambitious Hydrogen Valleys.

Large-scale hydrogen flagship projects
The Hydrogen Valleys Platform is a global collaborative platform with all information on large-scale hydrogen flagship projects and aims to facilitate a clean energy transition by promoting integrated hydrogen projects along the value chain as well as raising awareness among policy makers.

On this platform, the world’s most advanced Hydrogen Valleys provide information on the development of their projects. The tool targets all current and future hydrogen project developers to help them gather meaningful information from experienced developers and promote collaboration between them.

In addition, the platform underlines the core added value of hydrogen as an energy carrier to inform all relevant stakeholders supporting hydrogen project development… https://bit.ly/3OtN0Cy

🚛 #hydrogen #trucks are coming to the #mining sector:

First Mode has commissioned #ABB BORDLINE lithium-ion energy storage systems for a fleet of zero #emissions haulage trucks.

According to First Mode, replacing a single diesel truck with an electric model would reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 2700 metric tons per year, roughly the same as taking 700 passenger cars off the road. The prototype truck made its debut at a platinum mine in South Africa. After undergoing one of the most demanding endurance tests, it proved that combining batteries and fuel cells to power heavy-duty vehicles is a feasible alternative to diesel. The 80 ESS BORDLINE batteries, with a total of 2.6 megawatt-hours (MWh), will be assembled into larger battery packs and used in the construction of hydrogen-battery hybrid powertrains to power the new ultra-class haulage trucks… https://bit.ly/45nVAJm

🚗 #Yamaha #αlive RX: a powerful new #hydrogen #engine:

Only a few days ago we learned about the plan of the four big Japanese motorbike companies on hydrogen engines and which they have called HySE “Hydrogen Small Mobility and Engine Technology”. This project aims, broadly speaking, to advance the technology that will enable the widespread use of hydrogen as an energy source for the engines of the future, and Yamaha is one of the parties involved, as well as the one that has made the most progress in the past.
Well, Yamaha has just unveiled a new hydrogen engine, called the αlive RX, which is a three-cylinder engine capable of producing an interesting 88 kW (118 hp). So far we have not been able to see it extensively and we will have to wait for the Renminbi Technology Exhibition 2023 at the end of May to find out more about it.
What we do have on the table, apart from the power and configuration, is that aesthetically it resembles the Japanese brand’s CP3 engines currently fitted to the Yamaha MT-09 and, in fact, the final power output is very similar with the MT-09 offering 87 kW (117.33). Another aspect we already know is that there is no gearbox, but there is an electric motor so, in reality, this engineering jewel is now a generator… https://bit.ly/432ueGS

📰 A new study #mapping #Australia’s #hydrogen #economy superpower potential:

Researchers at the University of Technology Sydney have mapped a potential global hydrogen supply chain with Australia leading the way alongside colleagues in Singapore and Germany.

The supply chain compares the cost of exporting hydrogen manufactured in Australia using electrolysis technology and renewable energy to Singapore, Japan and Germany. The analysis included compressed and liquefied hydrogen, as well as hydrogen transported as a carrier in ammonia and methanol… https://bit.ly/3Wrr2C8

🌐 #Hydron expands its #green #hydrogen #development portfolio and now has more than 1 #GW of #electrolysis power:

Ansasol’s business unit specialising in green hydrogen has one of the most ambitious development plans for this energy vector in the Spanish private sector. Hydron already has 31 projects in the pipeline or under development in five Spanish regions. In 2022, Ansasol once again increased its turnover to 15.2 million euros.
Specifically, Hydron currently has 31 projects in the pipeline or under development in five Spanish regions. In Andalusia, Hydron has more than 500 MW in projects under development and in the pipeline, the same power capacity it has in Castilla y León. In Extremadura, the company’s projects now total 350 MW of electrolysis capacity… https://bit.ly/3MQvFCE

💲 New #Government allocation of 175 million #euros for the #hydrogen sector in #France:

The Government is relaunching the call for #projects “Territorial Hydrogen Ecosystems”, which aims to develop ecosystems by combining, on the scale of a given territory, the various links in the chain: hydrogen production, hydrogen distribution and hydrogen uses , whether industrial or mobility.
The objective of this call for projects is to develop ecosystems by combining, on the scale of a given territory, the various links in the chain: hydrogen production, hydrogen distribution and hydrogen uses, whether industrial or for mobility. This combination facilitates the emergence of shared infrastructures to optimise the cost of hydrogen and the synchronisation of investments along the whole chain. The call for projects also encourages the formation of consortia of partners, bringing together investors/infrastructure operators and hydrogen users.
The projects submitted will be evaluated, put out to tender and selected in three categories:
Category 1: New ecosystems with majority industrial uses.Category 2: New ecosystems with majority mobility usesCategory 3: Expansion of existing ecosystems through new mobility uses… https://bit.ly/45nfLae

🔬 The #ULL and the #European Centre for #Marine #Energy study how to #produce #hydrogen on #islands:

Researchers from the University of La Laguna (ULL) have visited the European Marine Energy Centre in Scotland’s Orkney Islands to coordinate strategies to produce hydrogen in island territories.

The initiative is included in the Green Hysland project, financed by the European Union’s H2020 programme and in which the University of La Laguna has been entrusted with its replicability in the Canary Islands, as reported by the educational centre in a note on Monday.

For this reason, Ricardo Guerrero, professor of Applied Physics at the University of La Laguna, and members of his team have been able to test in Orkney the production of hydrogen by electrolysis from marine energy prototypes and wind turbines on the island of Eday, as well as in the Scapa Flow test bed.

The visit also served to study the challenges and costs in terms of operation and maintenance requirements, as well as the logistics being used via ferry to supply hydrogen to other islands… https://l.linklyhq.com/l/1nAze

Green #hydrogen also requires #professionals:

The demand for #talent puts the focus on two areas, #research centres and highly skilled #professionals in the #gas #sector. “Talent is needed to make green hydrogen viable and competitive. The goal is to hybridise projects to green hydrogen and for this you need highly qualified professionals and experts in the field. The problem is that talent is in short supply, so we are looking for experts in gas distribution and professionals capable of forming highly sophisticated and forward-looking alliances, as well as relationships to formalise consortiums with joint investments,” says Ana Campos, Director of Energy and Utilities at Catenon.

Green hydrogen also calls for professionals
The multinational dedicated to the global search for professionals Catenon highlights the lack of professionals in green hydrogen, “a new technology with a very restricted talent market, as there are not enough experts to respond to the innovative projects that are beginning to be talked about and, therefore, they are sought in related sectors”, they point out in a statement. The demand for talent focuses on two areas: research centres and highly qualified professionals in the gas sector.

“Talent is needed to make green hydrogen viable and competitive. The goal is to hybridise projects to green hydrogen and for this, highly qualified professionals and experts in the field are needed. The problem is that talent is scarce, so we are looking for experts in gas distribution and professionals capable of closing very sophisticated and forward-looking alliances, as well as relationships to formalise consortia with joint investments,” says Ana Campos, Director of Energy and Utilities at Catenon.

The sun and wind, which provide the renewable photovoltaic and wind energy needed for the production of green hydrogen, local technical advances and distribution capacity, “place Spain at the forefront of this race”. “Hydrogen is all around us, but its transformation requires a lot of energy, and this must come from 100% renewable sources,” adds Campos. The goal is for green hydrogen to be a high-value alternative renewable energy by 2050. “It is expensive to produce and there is a lot of ignorance, but no one doubts that it will be a great source of energy in the future. It also needs to be transported and, for the moment, the use of gas networks in Spain is being studied, “which could be vital in its promotion, facilitating its supply, initially, to large consumers”… https://l.linklyhq.com/l/1nB2T

📰 The future #hydrogen #class of the #LeMans 24 Hours in 2026 extends to #internal #combustion #engines:

Pierre #Fillon made an appearance at the press conference organised by Toyota at Fuji Speedway on the occasion of the Fuji 24 Hours. After talking about the centenary of the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the role played by Japanese manufacturers Mazda and Toyota, the ACO President mentioned Toyota’s participation in the Super Taikyu and the 24 Hours of Fuji with the Corolla H2, introducing the announcement of an important change in the future 24 Hours of Le Mans regulations concerning hydrogen engines.

We already knew about the ACO’s interest in the hydrogen fuel cell, with the Mission H24 project, and the future regulations for 2026 including this technology in a new class for the 24 Hours. Pierre Fillon announced yesterday that the hydrogen class will also accept… https://l.linklyhq.com/l/1neQK

📰 The new green potential of #coal: becoming a #hydrogen #battery:

The quest to develop hydrogen as a clean #energy source that could curb our dependence on fossil fuels may lead us to an unexpected place: coal. A team of Penn State scientists discovered that coal may represent a potential way to store hydrogen, just as batteries store energy, addressing a major hurdle in the development of a clean energy supply chain.

“We discovered that coal can be a geological hydrogen fuel cell,” explains Shimin Liu, associate professor of energy and mining engineering at Penn State. “You could inject and store the hydrogen energy and have it there when you need to use it.

Hydrogen is a clean and promising fuel for the most energy-intensive sectors of our economy: transportation, power generation and manufacturing. But there is still a long way to go to build a hydrogen infrastructure and make hydrogen an affordable and sustainable energy source… https://l.linklyhq.com/l/1neWp

📰 #KfW #IPEX – #Bank finances world’s largest #green #hydrogen #plant:

KfW IPEX-Bank has announced its funding for the world’s largest green hydrogen project, which is being built in #SaudiArabia.

The giant production plant is being built in #Oxagon, in the Saudi region of Neom, by NEOM Green Hydrogen Company. The facility will produce green ammonia on an industrial scale with an unprecedented annual output of 1.2 million tonnes, with its own dedicated wind and solar farms, after its scheduled completion in 2026.

Around USD 6.1 billion of the total investment volume of more than USD 8.4 billion will be provided as debt capital by a large consortium of 23 international and regional banks and Saudi sovereign wealth funds.

KfW IPEX-Bank will provide USD 325 million. Its share is largely to finance the electrolysers supplied by Germany’s ThyssenKrupp Nucera. This part is covered by the German export credit agency Euler Hermes. In the overall financing, KfW IPEX-Bank acts as coordinator and agent for Euler Hermes.

The borrower, NEOM Green Hydrogen Company, is an equal joint venture of ACWA Power, Air Products and… https://l.linklyhq.com/l/1nea1

💲 Green #hydrogen is #traded 8 times more expensive than #natural #gas and #Arcelor Mittal recalculates:

Green hydrogen is traded on the #market almost eight times more expensive than natural gas (a fossil fuel), according to the new Hydrix index on the European Energy Exchange (EEX), Europe’s leading energy exchange. And companies such as steelmaker Arcelor Mittal argue that as long as its price is not competitive, they will continue to use fossil gases to operate.
The Hydrix provides weekly information on green hydrogen prices traded on the markets, taking into account supply from the energy sector and demand from the industrial sector.

✈ The use of #hydrogen in #civil #aviation will cost #Europe $ 323 billion by 2050:

The cost of ensuring the operation of hydrogen-fuelled aviation within Europe could amount to €299 billion ($323.4 billion) by 2050. Moreover, creating the actual aircraft capable of flying on H 2 will require only 5% of this amount. Such estimates are provided in a new study commissioned by the transport-oriented environmental NGO Transport & Environment (T&E).

The study, conducted by the Steer Group, aimed to examine the costs associated with operating “hydrogen” aircraft in Europe.

The main costs were found to lie outside aviation and are associated with the overall large-scale development of the “green” hydrogen economy. More than half of the estimated costs are necessary for the organisation of environmentally friendly hydrogen production, another 23% for hydrogen liquefaction (cooling of hydrogen gas to a liquid state). The development of appropriate infrastructure at airports will account for 12% of the costs and the delivery of this type of fuel to airports will account for 6%… https://l.linklyhq.com/l/1nlgS

🌐 #Linde #Material #Handling launches the #hydrogen #beacon project:

This is an unprecedented pilot project in this sector in Germany and indeed across Europe: using its own infrastructure, Linde Material Handling (MH) is now producing green hydrogen to power 21 fuel cell forklift trucks in its in-house fleet. On Thursday 11 May 2023, the new hydrogen production facility and vehicles were officially put into operation at the Aschaffenburg plant. The investment is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Digital Affairs and Transport (BMDV), coordinated by NOW GmbH and implemented by Project Management Jülich (PtJ). The aim is to gain experience and accumulate knowledge in order to be able to offer customers comprehensive advice and support on the use of hydrogen in material flow processes.

“The topic of energy is shaping up to be one of the major challenges of this decade and beyond,” said Stefan Prokosch, senior vice president brand management at Linde Material Handling, at the opening ceremony. “In our search for potential solutions, we identified hydrogen as an option in the energy mix of the future.” He pointed out that this applied especially to intralogistics, as, in addition to the potential climate neutrality, the rapid refuelling of industrial trucks with hydrogen during intensive multi-shift operations was a major advantage. “A refuelling time of three minutes corresponds to a comparable refuelling power of about 480 kW,” he explained… https://l.linklyhq.com/l/1nlm6

🌐 #Yara Clean #Ammonia moves into the Port of #Dampier and coordinates with the #Pilbara Ports Authority:

The potential of the country’s clean #hydrogen processing industry has been highlighted by the Western Australian Government’s decision to allocate land to Yara Clean Ammonia (YCA) at the Pilbara Hydrogen Hub, on the Maitland Strategic Industrial Estate, near Karratha and the Port of Dampier.

YCA is also working closely with the Pilbara Port Authority to assess potential ammonia bunkering consumption at terminals in the region, particularly for iron ore carriers operating to and from Asian markets.

Yara Clean Ammonia CEO Magnus Krogh Ankarstrand said: “At Yara Clean Ammonia we build on Yara’s 100-year history of innovation and global experience in ammonia production, logistics and trading. Through Project Yuri, Yara will inject the first green molecules into an existing Australian ammonia plant.”… https://l.linklyhq.com/l/1nr6J

🌐 #PlugPower will build three #green #hydrogen #plants in #Finland with 2.2 #GW of #electrolysers:

Using Plug’s #licensing and #PEM #electrolyser #technology, the green hydrogen produced in these plants will support the production of #green #ammonia and direct reduced iron (DRI), reduce dependence on fossil fuels and significantly support the decarbonisation of Europe.

These projects are expected to represent some of the largest investments in the European market. Plug has initiated discussions with major financial investors and credit providers. Plug expects the capital structure to include a majority of non-recourse debt, similar to other renewable asset financings.

“We are working with financial partners to secure optimal capital solutions, and with industry partners to secure purchase commitments from creditworthy counterparties before these projects reach the final investment decision in the 2025/2026 timeframe,” Plug sources say… https://l.linklyhq.com/l/1nr5J

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