KEPCO Develops Technology for Storing atomic number 1 in Liquid kind

KEPCO Develops Technology for Storing atomic number 1 in Liquid kind

Korea wattage firm. (KEPCO) proclaimed on March nine that it’s succeeded in developing technology that may store atomic number 1 in an exceedingly liquid kind.

The new atomic number 1 storage technology developed by KEPCO, that is dubbed liquid organic atomic number 1 carries (LOHC), will place far more atomic number 1 in an exceedingly instrumentality than current hard-hitting compression storage technology. It can even lower the atomic number 1 storage and transportation prices.

Research on LOHC technology began in 2017. however thus far, analysis on the new technology has remained at the fundamental level of 1Nm3, that refers to the degree of gas at zero degree Celsius and gas pressure of one. however KEPCO succeeded in confirmatory the technology that may store 20Nm3 atomic number 1 per hour.

KEPCO aforesaid that it’s received a certificate from Korean Peninsula Gas Safety firm. on a atomic number 1 storage facility supported LOHC technology.

The new technology is predicated on the principle of storing atomic number 1 in liquid compounds by reacting hydrogen with dibenzyltoluene (DBT) and a catalyst underneath sure conditions (a temperature of fifty degrees Celsius to one hundred eighty degrees Celsius and a pressure 50 times the atmospherical pressure). once atomic number 1 is reacted with a catalyst at a warm temperature of 250 degrees Celsius or higher and underneath a pressure regarding 3 times the gas pressure, the gas is separated once more from the liquid compounds. The hydrogen-storing liquid compounds are reusable.

Assuming that regarding five weight unit of atomic number 1 will be place into a hydrogen car, a hundred liters of LOHC are enough for charging a atomic number 1 automotive. No outpouring happens even once atomic number 1 is keep for over one year, KEPCO explained.

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