Noticias H2 Julio 2024

Noticias H2 Julio 2024

💬 TECNIMONT and NEXTCHEM (MAIRE) inaugurate GAIL’s first green hydrogen plant in Vijaipur, India. 🌱🇮🇳

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📅 The project, awarded in May 2022 and implemented by Tecnimont Private Limited in collaboration with NEXTCHEM (Sustainable Technology Solutions), marks a significant step in the search for sustainable energy solutions in India. The plant will produce 4.3 tons per day of green hydrogen from a 10-megawatt electrolyzer, making state-owned gas utility GAIL the first Indian company to initiate large-scale green hydrogen production.

🔍 The Vijaipur plant is in line with the National Green Hydrogen Mission, which aims to achieve at least 5 million tons per year of green hydrogen by 2030. India aims for energy independence by 2047 and to achieve the Net Zero target by 2070. Green hydrogen is seen as a strategic element of the energy transition: it can be used for long-term storage of renewable energy, as a replacement for fossil fuels in industry, for sustainable transportation and potentially also for decentralized power generation, aviation and shipping.

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💬 Hydrogen opportunities bring aviation industry together. ✈️🌱

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📅 This Tuesday, an agreement was made public to study the feasibility of creating a hydrogen airport hub in Spain. The six companies involved, covering the entire value chain, have joined forces to address the challenges of deploying hydrogen-powered aviation in the country, with the aim of fostering and supporting the growth of this ecosystem in the sector.

🔍 This collaboration will provide a holistic view of the hydrogen-powered aircraft and its integration into the airport ecosystem. It will focus not only on hydrogen supply and infrastructure, but also on the specific requirements of airport ground operations.

🔑 For Javier Arnaldo, Airbus Sustainability Director in Spain, it is “essential” that the aviation industry collaborates to ensure the future supply of hydrogen at airports, highlighting “Spain’s great potential” in renewables and low-carbon hydrogen production.

🌟 From Aena, Ana Salazar, its Director of Sustainability, has pointed out that this collaboration will allow understanding how the process of hydrogen supply to Spanish airports could materialize in the future, establishing a roadmap to address the main challenges.

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💬 This is what it will cost to transport hydrogen, from North Africa to Germany, through the Southern corridor2: Snam estimates. 🌍🔋

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📅 The opportunities for collaboration between Italy and Germany in the hydrogen value chain are numerous and extend along the 3,300 kilometers of the SoutH2 Corridor. This new infrastructure for hydrogen transport from North Africa to Germany via Italy and Austria is being developed by Snam in collaboration with the TSOs of the countries involved (TAG, CGA and bayernets).

🔍 A gas pipeline will make it possible to transport hydrogen produced at competitive costs on the southern shore of the Mediterranean, aimed mainly at the consumer markets of Central Europe. This corridor will be crucial to replace methane of Russian origin and decarbonize European industries, explained Piero Ercoli, executive director of Snam’s Decarbonization Unit, during the Italian-German Energy Forum 2024, organized in Rome by the Italian Chamber of Commerce for Germany – ITKAM (event of which HydroNews was Media Partner).

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💬 DNV updates its rules for operation and qualification of hydrogen and carbon capture vessels on board. 🌊🚢

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📅 The classification society DNV published updates to its rules for the classification of ships and offshore structures. In addition to rules supporting the development and implementation of decarbonization and hydrogen ship enabling technologies, the new notations in operation seek to bring clarity to the responsibilities of classification clients.

🔍 “One of the most striking aspects of today’s maritime industry is the sheer diversity of challenges and opportunities where our customers are looking for classification assistance. It’s not just about new fuels, but ways for owners and managers to demonstrate their own efficiency, new vessel types to open up new markets, and advanced technologies such as onboard carbon capture,” said Geir Dugstad, global technical director, DNV Maritime.

📊 With the notations in operation, DNV developed the first in-service fleet-specific classification framework that enables owners and operators to show how they differentiate themselves in the market by implementing advanced procedures and reporting processes for greater safety and efficiency.

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💬 The application to install an electrolyzer plant for the production of green hydrogen in Granja de Moreruela is open to the public. 🌍🔋

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📅 The Official Gazette of Castilla y León (Bocyl) has published the public information regarding the request for prior administrative authorization, integrated environmental authorization and environmental impact assessment of the project of an electrolyzer plant for green hydrogen production in Granja de Moreruela (Zamora).

🔍 The application of the company Inari Solar, S.L. contemplates a photovoltaic plant with an installed power of 49,950 kilovoltamperes (kVA); a hydrogen generating plant by electrolysis of demineralized water, with a production of up to 720 kilograms per hour of high purity hydrogen, and a hydrogen storage facility with up to 60 cylindrical tanks of 200,000 liters capacity.

📝 The Ministry of Economy and Finance gives a period of 30 days for anyone to examine the project and make any allegations they deem appropriate in the Territorial Service of Industry, Trade and Economy of Zamora.

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💬 Golden hydrogen: a natural energy source under the Pyrenees. 🌍🔋

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📊 A large hydrogen reserve has been discovered under the Pyrenees, opening up new possibilities to meet part of the energy demand. According to Tritlla, “as it appears in areas that have never been explored for hydrocarbons, it opens up the possibility of highly populated areas that need this source of hydrogen.”

🔍 It is essential to understand the kinetics of this process in order to accelerate and increase hydrogen generation. One approach suggested by experts is to inject atmospheric CO₂, capturing CO₂ and producing hydrogen simultaneously, which could result in a system with negative emissions.

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💬 Guarantee of origin system for renewable gases starts this month in Portugal. 🌍💨

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📅 This month, REN will start issuing certificates for renewable origin gases, such as hydrogen and biomethane, similar to what already happens with electricity. By the end of the year, this process will be internationalized with Portugal joining the Association of Issuing Entities (AIB) in the gas sector, allowing the import and export of these Guarantees of Origin in Europe.

🔍 Although some certification schemes for renewable gases are already operational in certain EU countries and there are bilateral exchanges, there is still no consolidated European market for Guarantees of Origin for this sector.

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MPK starts testing a hydrogen bus. Solorz’s Nesobus is already touring the city. 🚍🌱 On which route?

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📅 Today, July 8, the hydrogen bus Nesobus can be found on line 142. For almost a month, until August 5, it will run on many other routes. MPK has started extensive testing of the Nesobus, a new brand in the world of buses and, moreover, developed by a Polish-owned company directly related to Polsat founder Zygmunt Solorz.

⛽ The hydrogen filling station, although open to the public, was built on Obornicka Street, next to the MPK bus station. The station is called Neso and, of course, it is no coincidence that its name is similar to Nesobus. The company behind it is PAK-PCE Stacje H2, another Polsat Plus Group company that deals with green hydrogen production.

🔋 Hydrogen is an interesting fuel in the context of transport, not only in urban transport. It has many advantages, but also some disadvantages. We wrote extensively about this in the article “They refuel with water and their exhaust gases are water”.

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💬 Remote telecommunications towers powered by 10 kW hydrogen generators 📡🔋

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🔍 An Australian-made 10 kW renewable hydrogen generator has been installed 120 km east of Melbourne as part of a pilot project to provide backup for telecommunications towers rendered unusable by power outages.

🔋 Hydrogen fuel cell manufacturer Energys Australia has installed one of its 10 kW renewable hydrogen generators at Neerim North, 120 km east of Melbourne, as part of a A$1.1 million ($740,000) pilot project with Telstra.

📡 The generator is installed on a Telstra cell phone tower and equipped with enough renewable hydrogen for a minimum 72-hour operating capacity if the tower is deactivated. Energys Australia said it is currently sourcing hydrogen for its generators from an undisclosed location in Victoria.

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💬 The E-WAY H2 was awarded in Spain by the “Neutral Transport Innovation Awards” 🚍💡

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🔍 The Iveco Bus E-WAY H2 has been awarded the title of best ‘Hydrogen Vehicle’ at the Neutral Transport Innovation Awards, organized by the Iberian Association of Sustainable Transport GASNAM. This model was overwhelmingly voted by the public and praised for its performance and innovation.

🔋 This hybrid model is equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell supplied by Hyundai, a leader in hydrogen technology. It also features a 69 kWh NMC battery developed in-house by FPT Industrial and a SIEMENS ELFA 3 electric motor with 310 kW peak power. This vehicle can accommodate up to 100 passengers on board according to local regulations and offers a range of up to 450 km under normal operating conditions.

🏅 This award is in addition to the “International Sustainability Award 2024”, awarded to the model by the German magazine Busplaner, further highlighting its innovation and commitment to sustainability.

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💬 NEXTCHEM (MAIRE) has been awarded a feasibility study and Pre-FEED based on the patented NX Stami Green Ammonia™ and NX Stami Nitric Acid™ technologies, for a low carbon fertiliser plant in FertigHy, France.

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🔍 MAIRE (MAIRE.MI) announces that NEXTCHEM (Sustainable Technology Solutions) has been awarded a feasibility study and Pre-FEED (Pre Front-End Engineering Design) contract by FertigHy based on the patented NX Stami Green Ammonia™ and NX Stami Nitric Acid™ technologies and integrating hydrogen and electrolyser know-how into a consolidated technology solution.

🤝🔋 The FertigHy consortium, formed in 2023, is composed of several shareholders covering the entire value chain, including EIT InnoEnergy, RIC Energy, MAIRE, Siemens Financial Services, InVivo and HEINEKEN. FertigHy is an example of European industrial operators choosing to invest in Europe for the progressive decarbonisation of the economy.

🏭🌍 The first plant, scheduled for construction in 2027, will produce half a million tonnes per year of sustainable nitrogen-based fertilisers from renewable, low-carbon hydrogen. The consortium intends to replicate this integrated concept in other European countries, with an estimated potential benefit in terms of emission reductions of up to one million tonnes of CO2 per year per plant.

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💬 DEME will expand its green hydrogen portfolio with a new facility at the Port of Gargoub.

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📍 The wind and solar renewable energy generation infrastructure will be located 70 km southwest of Gargoub and will be connected to the production facilities via a dedicated high voltage power line. Hyport Gargoub is a three-phase project, with the first phase targeting an annual green ammonia production of approximately 320,000 tonnes.

🛠️ Hyport Gargoub is the second project within DEME Hyport Energy’s portfolio to achieve a comprehensive agreement and land reservation, following its flagship project, Hyport Duqm, in Oman. DEME Hyport Energy is pursuing a fully integrated strategy to ensure that each project generates and transmits all necessary electricity and water, resulting in 100% green hydrogen molecules.

🙏 “I would like to thank His Excellency, Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, and the esteemed Cabinet of Ministers headed by Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly for their backing and support for our project. I would also like to thank the Egyptian Minister of Transport, Kamel al-Wazir, for coordinating and supporting our efforts,” said Luc Vandenbulcke, CEO of DEME.

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💬 FAW Jiefang launched the hydrogen-powered tractor “Spark”, which is expected to be put into trial operation in August.

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🔍 On 1 July, FAW Jiefang launched the new hydrogen-powered tractor “Xingshi”, which is designed for short- and medium-distance transportation in Shandong, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Sichuan and other regions. It is equipped with a self-developed 15-litre hydrogen engine, which has high adaptability, power, reliability, cost-effectiveness and low emissions.

🗓️ It is expected to go into operation at the end of August and is expected to become one of the first hydrogen-powered vehicles in actual operation in China. This move responds to the new national energy policy and demonstrates FAW Jiefang’s innovation and competitiveness in the new energy field.

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🔍 Fue en Londres, el pasado 27 de junio, donde se presentó este buggy de hidrógeno llamado Pioneer 25. Para la ocasión, lució una librea con los colores de Red Bull, el socio de bebidas del campeonato. La nota de prensa especifica que este buggy será capaz de mostrar la viabilidad y el rendimiento de la pila de combustible. Además de Symbio, cuya tecnología está en el centro de esta competición, la categoría cuenta con otros socios como PIF, ENOWA NEOM (involucrada en el hidrógeno), Vodafone Business, Siemens y Jackson Swiss Partners.

🏁 Orgullo mutuo en Extreme H y Symbio

🌟 “Estamos increíblemente orgullosos de presentar el primer coche de carreras impulsado por hidrógeno del mundo y la serie Extreme H. Este lanzamiento no se trata solo de un nuevo vehículo; se trata de ser pioneros en el futuro del automovilismo sostenible”, dice Alejandro Agag, fundador y presidente de Extreme H. Dice más en este otro comunicado de prensa.

🔗 En una publicación en LinkedIn, Symbio cita a Serge Grisin, jefe de competición: “En Symbio, creemos que el automovilismo ofrece un laboratorio único en condiciones extremas y reales que nos permite probar y adaptar nuestra tecnología a los usos más intensos y exigentes. Hacemos un esfuerzo adicional para diseñar y ofrecer las soluciones de pila de combustible de cero emisiones más eficientes y competitivas adaptadas a las necesidades de cada mercado”.

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💬 Chinese scientists invent direct seawater electrolysis, allows hydrogen to be produced directly from the ocean using offshore wind power.

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🌍 Innovation in seawater electrolysis.

🔬 Scientists from Shenzhen University and Dongfang Electric Innovation Institute (Fujian) have achieved an incredible feat by developing a method called direct seawater electrolysis, which allows them to produce hydrogen directly from the vast oceans using renewable energy sources such as offshore wind power.

💧 Imagine the immense power and untapped potential that lies within our vast oceans, which cover more than 96% of the Earth’s water storage. With direct seawater electrolysis, they can harness this colossal resource, extracting hydrogen-a clean and versatile fuel-directly from its depths. It’s like having an infinite supply of energy waiting to be unleashed!

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💬 Regas: Floating hydrogen import terminal.

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🇩🇪 Germany wants to import green hydrogen to decarbonise industry.
🌊 Lubmin, on the Baltic coast of Western Pomerania, is going to play an important role. The first steps are already being taken.
🤝 Norway’s Oslo-based Høegh-LNG and Germany’s Regas have plans to build the world’s first floating import terminal for the conversion of green ammonia to hydrogen in Lubmin, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.
📝 The basic agreement for the realisation of the “H2-Import Hydrogen Import Terminal H2-Import-Terminal Lubmin” was signed on Friday, according to a Regas spokesperson.
🔄 The terminal is scheduled to enter service in early 2026 and inject 30,000 tonnes of hydrogen into the grid annually.
🛠️ The technology, according to Høegh, was developed by them.
🏗️ Regas will provide the terminal’s onshore infrastructure and oversee the overall coordination of the project, including permitting and marketing of import capacities.

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