The Government boosts its commitment to hydrogen with new aid worth 74 million euros.

The Government boosts its commitment to hydrogen with new aid worth 74 million euros.

The Government has taken an important step in consolidating its commitment to hydrogen as a key player in the Spanish energy mix in the coming decades. In this regard, the third vice-president of the Government and minister for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, Teresa Ribera, announced this Tuesday a new royal decree to promote the production of green hydrogen in the country.

The measure provides for the granting of a “nominative subsidy” of 74 million euros, which will cover the difference between the funding provided by the European Union and the public funding that the projects may receive in the future. The main objective is to ensure that these projects are viable and can be implemented as quickly as possible, in a context where the hydrogen economy represents a major global race.

The four projects that will receive this funding focus on the development of the industrial and parts needed for hydrogen generation, and are located in different autonomous communities in Spain. Three of them are from H2B2, Nordex and Sener, and will focus on the manufacture of electrolysers, a key part for hydrogen generation. The fourth project, promoted by IVECO, aims to develop hydrogen-powered heavy transport vehicles.

Minister Ribera also highlighted that Spain is among the 10 most active European countries in hydrogen patents, and that environmentally-friendly technologies accounted for 76% of the patents derived from hydrogen in Spain in the last ten years, a higher proportion than in other European countries.

In short, the Spanish government is determined to consolidate the country’s leadership in the development of green hydrogen as an alternative energy source, and is investing significant resources in this field to boost the sector and ensure its long-term viability. This new financing is in addition to the Next Generation funds dedicated to the sector, and it is expected that the projects receiving these resources will contribute to job creation and strengthening the country’s economy in the coming years.

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