What do we know about hydrogen wells?

What do we know about hydrogen wells?

Pure hydrogen wells, which would allow hydrogen to be extracted in large quantities to generate clean energy, are the focus of attention.

While it is true that leaks of gas with a high H2 content have been found in different parts of the world, it is not yet known how many reserves there are and at what rate the deposits would be renewed.

It is therefore uncertain whether it is feasible to exploit them. Pure hydrogen is hydrogen in its elemental form H2, a molecule that could be used as a clean energy source without generating further pollution and greenhouse gases when burned.

The hydrogen currently in use is bound to other elements and needs to be separated for use in energy production, resulting in greenhouse gas emissions. Hydrogen is currently an energy carrier and not an energy source, as it is only capable of storing the energy received and supplying it back in the form of electricity, but does not generate energy on a net basis.

The formation of pure hydrogen in nature could occur from the oxidation of an iron ore with water that occurs many kilometres underground, but more research is still needed to determine the feasibility of its commercial exploitation.

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