💲 13.500 euros in grants for the purchase of an electric vehicle: the program “Métropole roule propre” It is for the purchase of an electric vehicle, # hydrogen (fuel cell), plug-in hybrid or natural gas (NGV), new or renewable… http://bit.ly/2Rk4NeO

🚘 Between October 24 and 28 between Nevers and Monaco involved 40 “zero emissions” vehicles, including 7 #hydrogen cars: More than 700 kilometers driven, 5 days of competition and 10 special stages: the third… http://bit.ly/2CP5fh8

🌐 A French government working paper on the energy transition has been leaked this weekend: the roadmap also focuses on #hydrogen. The electrolysis of renewable energies will have to reach parity by the end of… http://bit.ly/2qhr7du

🚘 Why is this concept interesting? Today, autonomous cars, as well as vehicles powered by a #hydrogen fuel cell, are often in the news. However, almost 20 years ago, present a vehicle of this type… http://bit.ly/2PxDPmD




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