The future of large trucks will pass through hydrogen soon

The future of large trucks will pass through hydrogen soon

The future of large trucks will pass through hydrogen soon:

“It’s something we’ve never seen before you know in trucking,” said Owner Craig Scott.

“It has the concept of a semi truck but it’s nothing in which we understand today,” said Mechanics Manager Jarvis Costen.

“TFC Always” is the name of Craig Scott’s company which stands for ‘Trucking For Christ’ and he says it’s the foundation that the company was built on in March of 2007.

“It’s exciting you know, we think it’s gonna be an eye opener in the area,” said Owner Craig Scott.

Founder Craig Scott served 14 years in the military as an 88 mic truck driver, which inspired him to start his own legacy with the help of his wife Tammy Scott.

“It’s supposed to save us significantly on the fuel so you know that’s one thing we’re looking forward to,” said Owner Craig Scott.

This company will be one of the first to experience the electric Nikola one big trucks. With operating authority in 48 states, Scott says the trucking business will never be the same.

“It’s not like the tradition trucks. You know we have the engine that runs off of diesel, this particular truck, is gonna be running off of hydrogen,” said Owner Craig Scott.

The Nikola One viewing was held in Salt Lake City, Utah and was an event that trucking companies did not want to miss out on. Jarvis Costen says the Nikola One trucks will help the future of TFC ALWAYS and with the truck coming out in 2019, they will also be the first of 5,000 that will get one million miles of free hydrogen.

“on the financial side cost will go down, production goes up virtually, that’s the goal with the Nikcola One. It will help make us more efficient, personally i believe we’ll be more productive on a daily bases,” said Mechanics Manager Jarvis Costen.

The owner of TFC ALWAYS says it’s not too late for drivers that are interested in becoming apart of history along with them.

“We’re looking for drivers, regional over the road drivers, with 4 years over the road experience, and safe hard working drivers thats what we’re looking for” said Owner Craig Scott.

If you are interested in becoming apart of the future of trucking.


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