H2 – New Briefs 31/10/2018

H2 - New Briefs 31/10/2018

🔬 New breakthrough in #hydrogen fuel production process research: Ben-Gurion University of Negev (BGU) and researchers at the Technion Israel Institute of Technology have broken the chemical mechanism… http://bit.ly/2Szzr5d

🔬  http://bit.ly/2CRngLK Researchers are doubling the efficiency of cells for artificial photosynthesis: they have now developed a hybrid cell designed to make artificial photosynthesis more effective by producing #hydrogen and electricity… http://bit.ly/2CRngLK

🌐 Salzgitter Flachstahl plans to build and operate a facility that can produce #hydrogen. Avacon intends to build and operate seven wind turbines on the Salzgitter Group’s land, three of which will be located on the Salzgitter Group’s… http://bit.ly/2qjxT2p

🔬 Manganese can finally solve the problem of the #hydrogen fuel cell catalyst: the catalyst’s stability is potentially adequate for hydrogen fuel cells. This would lead to… http://bit.ly/2OhTy4v

♻ How can you store electricity sensibly, economically and in large quantities? The “power to gas” technology is being tested. Electrolysis converts electricity into #hydrogen… http://bit.ly/2SwKkoq


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