H2 – News 25/11/2018

H2 - News 25/11/2018

🔬 Scientists synthesize a highly active organic material to obtain #hydrogen fuel from water using sunlight. The project addresses the long-term vision of man-made materials with chemical selectivity. http://bit.ly/2P2fQaV

🔥 Proposal to use #hydrogen to decarbonize homes in the north of England. The report “H21 North of England”, published today, states how 3.7 million homes and 40,000 businesses in the north of England, which… http://bit.ly/2PQ8cFT

🚅 In parallel, as with solar and wind energy, the cost of producing #hydrogen is decreasing exponentially as system sizes and production volumes increase, while… http://bit.ly/2PTJpkp

🛳 In addition to global players like Siemens, smaller companies are also working on offshore energy switching. Hydrogen plays an important role here… http://bit.ly/2QohRCS

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