H2 News April 2023

H2 News April 2023

📰 The largest commercial #engine runs on #hydrogen:

The #technology #Wärtsilä and #WEC Energy Group have joined forces to successfully test the capabilities of a Wärtsilä engine running on a 25% hydrogen fuel mix. This event marks the testing of the largest commercially operated flexible balancing engine ever to run on a hydrogen fuel mixture, a world-first achievement, according to a press release from the groups issued last… https://proactivo.com.pe/el-mayor-motor-comercial-funciona-con-hidrogeno/

🌐 The landing of #Ignis in A #Coruña:

#hydrogen in #Alu Ibérica, #ammonia in #Langosteira and an “#underground #network” The energy company Ignis is preparing its landing in A Coruña with a double project that involves building factories in the former facilities of Alu Ibérica in Agrela and the outer port of Punta Langosteira. According to company sources, the two initiatives are “absolutely” compatible, as one will supply the other. The Agrela factory will synthesise hydrogen using clean energies, and it will be sent “through an underground network” to the outer port plant, where it will be combined with nitrogen from the atmosphere to create ammonia. The ammonia will be “green”, as it will be produced using energy from renewable sources, and will be transported to the final industries by rail or sea. The Agrela plant will be located on land ceded by Resonac, the former Showa Denko, which already has a factory annexed to the former Alu Ibérica and made a purchase offer to the latter’s bankruptcy administration last Monday. In addition to the hydrogen consumed by the group in its project at Punta Langosteira (developed by its subsidiary Armonia Green Galicia), part of it will be used “for the decarbonisation process of Galician industry”. The project “also includes the generation of oxygen, which can be used in industry, medicine or to improve the quality of the environment”. The amount of the investment, according to Ignis, still depends on “the final characteristics of the project, as well as its location”, but in a “first phase” an investment of more than “more than 350 million euros is planned for both developments”. The company has not clarified how many jobs it plans to create with the project, although it points out that it would be “quality employment”, both in the process of building the plant and during its operation. Production in this first phase would be 150,000 tonnes per year of… https://www.laopinioncoruna.es/coruna/2023/03/29/desembarco-ignis-coruna-hidrogeno-alu-85305811.html

The #Puerto de #SantaMaría will have a #green #hydrogen plant:

The #Mayor of El Puerto de Santa María (#Cádiz), Germán #Beardo, has announced that #Fisterra #Energía #España S.L., a company belonging to the US investment fund Blackstone, will install in El Puerto a hydrogen plant for the production and distribution of green hydrogen of renewable origin for its supply as an alternative fuel for heavy road transport. They will do so on land acquired from Impulsa El Puerto, located in the Salinas de Poniente Industrial Estate, on a plot of 6,750 square metres, on plot 33, block 30, which will include a storage area, a hydrogen supply area for the lorries, an auxiliary building with all kinds of facilities for the lorries that refuel in El Puerto and a large parking area…. https://www.cope.es/emisoras/andalucia/cadiz-provincia/cadiz/noticias/puerto-santa-maria-contara-con-una-planta-hidrogeno-verde-20230329_2630549

The first #Auction of the #EU #Hydrogen #Bank will take place in autumn:

#H2Med is competing for 3 billion in tenders: The development of the renewable hydrogen industry in Europe already has the right pillars in place to make it a reality: interest from the energy industry, support from private investors and now the “backing” of EU policy with the approval of the European Hydrogen Bank and its launch… https://www.elespanol.com/invertia/empresas/energia/20230329/primera-banco-hidrogeno-ue-h2med-millones-licitacion/751925243_0.html

📰 A divided #Europe shelves its final decision on #nuclear #hydrogen:

The European Council did not finally decide to mention it in the #Gas Package, and leaves it all to the #Renewables Directive. The European Council of energy ministers left the big decision out of yesterday’s negotiations: what is finally to be done about nuclear hydrogen? It remains to be seen whether it will be included in the renewables directive (RED III) as requested by France. The role reserved for nuclear energy in the decarbonisation of the European economy continues to divide the countries of the European Union (EU), which are once again at loggerheads over the consideration that future EU legislation should give to hydrogen produced from nuclear electricity, the so-called… https://elperiodicodelaenergia.com/una-europa-dividida-aparca-su-decision-final-sobre-el-hidrogeno-nuclear/

💲 #Startup launches #green #hydrogen:

Timo #Bollerhey and Markus #Exenberger have found a way out of this dilemma. The brilliant idea occurred to the two while they were working as consultants for the Society for International Cooperation (#GIZ) in #Brazil . At that time, too, they were working on innovative market models that could make energy production in Brazil sustainable. We created a double auction mechanism,” explains economist and engineer Exenberger. “In a first step, we bought green hydrogen or hydrogen derivatives such as green ammonia, green methanol and green synthetic aviation fuel in non-EU countries in a double auction… https://www.dw.com/de/startup-bringt-gr%C3%BCnen-wasserstoff-auf-den-weg/a-65136555

📰 #Andalusia makes #greenhydrogen “a matter of State” with more than 5,000 million #investments:

More than 150 #companies and entities sign the Andalusian Alliance for Green Hydrogen with the Junta. More than 150 companies and entities have today signed the Andalusian Alliance for Green Hydrogen, a commitment to position the community in what President Juanma Moreno has described as “a matter of State”, with fifteen projects already underway that add up to private investments worth between 5,000 and 6,000 million euros. “We have the resources, infrastructure, innovation and determination to turn Andalusia into a powerhouse in this field,” said Moreno, who wants to make public-private collaboration in the field of green hydrogen a lever for… https://www.eleconomista.es/energia/noticias/12208301/03/23/Andalucia-hace-del-hidrogeno-verde-cuestion-de-Estado-con-mas-de-5000-millones-de-inversiones-.html

👷‍♀ #Hydrogen #transport fundamentally solved:

Will hydrogen flow through #pipelines instead of #natural #gas in a few years? The gas industry wouldn’t mind. Now, a study has examined whether the lines are suitable for this. According to a new study, the #German #natural gas network is suitable for transporting hydrogen. This is the result of a study published on Tuesday by #Germany’s largest transmission system operator, Open Grid #Europe, and the Institute for Materials Testing at the University of… https://www.wiwo.de/unternehmen/energie/studie-wasserstoff-transport-grundsaetzlich-geloest/29064590.html

✈ Destinus selected to lead a #PERTE #Hydrogen #project:

Destinus, a #European company developing a #hydrogen-powered #aircraft, is leading a PERTE co-financed project of #H2 “value chain” and participates as lead partner in the CRIPICOM project, co-financed by the Aeronautical Technology Plan. Destinus, a European aerospace company that develops hydrogen-powered aircraft, has been selected to lead the national project for the development of a propulsion system powered by liquid renewable hydrogen for air mobility. This project is part of the hydrogen PERTE, managed by the Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving (IDAE) and is part of the aid programme for the innovative value chain of renewable hydrogen. Specifically, it is part of Programme 2 of the Hydrogen PERTE, whose final objectives are the design, demonstration and validation of new hydrogen-powered vehicles. The Spanish partner of the Destinius hydrogen-powered cargo plane is the company… https://fly-news.es/sostenibilidad/destinius-seleccionado-para-liderar-un-proyecto-del-perte-del-hidrogeno/

📰 Shanxi #Xiaoyi: “#Hydrogen #energy #city” is introduced:

After Beiyao, Jingangwan and Xiwangtun #hydrogenation comprehensive power islands, another hydrogenation comprehensive power station, the urban hydrogenation comprehensive power island, was officially put into operation on March 13. The transport-specific action is also another beneficial measure for the city to improve the urban layout of hydrogen energy utilisation and accelerate industrial development. As early as October 2022, Luliang cultivated Xiaoyi Hydrogen Energy as the first batch of seven major key professional cities at the city level, and formulated and issued “Various policies of Luliang City to support the high-quality development of specialized cities”, and gradually promoted the city of A professional town at the provincial level progresses to a professional town at the city level….. http://bit.ly/3GnJiWr

🔥 The first domestic #HA-class #gas #turbine #power plant with #hydrogen #doped #combustion has been built:

In February this year, the first domestically produced HA-class heavy-duty gas turbine officially rolled off the assembly line. The 9HA heavy-duty gas turbine is 11 metres long and has a total weight of 400 tonnes. In theory, it can power six Liaoning aircraft carriers. In the comprehensive project of the Daya Bay Petrochemical Zone Power Station in Huizhou, Guangdong, the HA-class gas turbine unit will operate with a hydrogen mixing ratio of 10% (calculated by volume), and its hydrogen mixing combustion ratio can be increased in the future. According to the staff, 100 % hydrogen combustion is planned to be achieved for HA-class gas turbines around 2030.
Compared with coal-fired power generation, with the same output, hydrogen-doped gas power generation has the advantages of greatly reducing carbon dioxide and conventional pollutants, 100% adjustable, short construction period, relatively simple and flexible operation process and operation mode, etc. . Compared with direct renewable energy power generation, hydrogen-doped gas power generation has the characteristics of high continuity of power supply, high safety and reliability, and excellent regulating performance. It is an ideal transitional and regulating power supply. In addition, hydrogen-doped gas power generation can relieve the pressure on natural gas supply, ensure the security of domestic supply, and accelerate the implementation of hydrogen energy utilisation, and can also be used as a… https://bit.ly/40QaBkn

🌐 #Anglo American to build a #green #hydrogen centre in #Chile:

The planned centre, which will focus on #innovation and new #technologies, would involve building facilities in the Metropolitan region, where the capital Santiago is located, and in the coastal region of Valparaiso. From there, Anglo American would eventually ship the fuel overseas, he said.
Marcela Bocchetto, climate change and biodiversity manager at Anglo American Chile, said the area was selected because consumption of different energy sources, including natural gas and diesel, is quite high. According to her, about a third of the emissions generated by public and private transport are concentrated in the area, which has a population of more than eight million. Anglo American’s largest operation in Chile, the Los Bronces copper mine, is also located in the Metropolitan region, some 65 km from… https://bit.ly/40UBK5Q

🌐 #Emirates encourages #Green #ammonia production in #Germany:

#Emirati company #ADNOC further commits to sustainable development, innovation and efficiency. Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) has announced its intention to partner with German companies to produce clean ammonia that contains as little carbon emissions as possible. The aim is to produce ammonia with a zero carbon footprint, which will help reduce industrial carbon dioxide emissions in Germany and improve air quality. ADNOC announced a partnership with the German state government of North Rhine-Westphalia and industry to develop a low-carbon value chain for the ammonia industry. This collaboration aims to improve the sustainability of ammonia production globally by reducing the carbon footprint of the ammonia… https://bit.ly/3UhyVJu

⏯ In 2024, #gas #heaters may only be installed, if they can be operated with #hydrogen. #Stadtwerke #Brilon explains where the problem lies:

According to a draft, the installation of gas and oil heating systems will only be possible in exceptional cases from next year; However, there are no new obligations to replace old systems… http://bit.ly/43edeOy

🛳 World’s first #hydrogen-powered #ferry goes into operation:

Norwegian ship operator #Norled has commissioned a new ferry using #liquid #hydrogen fuel, opening a new avenue for clean ship operation. The MF #Hydra ferry, which has undergone trials and sea trials in recent weeks, was officially put into operation on 31 March with the approval of the Norwegian Maritime Administration. The vessel serves the Norwegian triangle routes Hjelmeland, Skipavik and Nesvik, has capacity for 80 vehicles, is equipped with 4 tonnes of liquid hydrogen, two 200 kW fuel cells, a 1.36-1.5 MWh battery and two 440 kW diesel generators. There are 80 cubic metres of hydrogen tanks and fuel cells on top of the ferry, and the hydrogen is transported by truck from… https://bit.ly/419tdvw

La #Deutsche #Bahn quiere ser más sostenible, apostar por el #hidrógeno y emitir así menos #CO2.

Pero el camino para lograrlo aún no está allanado, porque no todas las líneas están equipadas con las catenarias necesarias. En estas líneas se siguen utilizando locomotoras diésel… http://bit.ly/3UmTbJu

⛽ Alternative and regional #fuel: #Toyota wants to produce #ethanol-based #hydrogen in #Brazil:

The Japanese brand signed an agreement with #Shell Brazil, Raízen and other companies and universities to advance in this Research and Development project that aims to produce ethanol-based hydrogen and then take it to a large scale, both in the neighbouring country and in the region and globally. For its part, Shell Brazil will invest R$ 50 million in the project in which it will also measure the carbon footprint of the “farm-to-wheel” cycle, i.e. the CO2 emissions from the cultivation of sugar cane to the consumption of the vehicle. Alexandre Breda, the oil company’s Low Carbon Technology Manager, said: “The objective of this innovative R&D project is to demonstrate that ethanol can be a vector to produce renewable hydrogen, taking advantage of the existing logistics of the ethanol industry,” while Mateus Lopes, director of Energy Transition and Investments at Raízen, added: “The local production of renewable hydrogen through ethanol reforming is an efficient, sustainable and easily replicable solution worldwide, due to the low cost of transporting the ethanol… http://bit.ly/3zIyLS4

💲 #PERTE funds for the #Santander port’s #green #hydrogen project:

The Bahía #H2 Offshore project will receive 5.7 million euros of PERTE ERHA funds to develop hydrogen and ammonia production technologies in the waters of the port of Santander. The initiative is part of the marine energy cluster of Cantabria (SICC) announced in January 2021, which is proposed as a platform for specialised companies in the Autonomous Community in the marine energy and green hydrogen market. Also participating are Repsol Technology Lab, Repsol’s innovation and R&D support line, and… http://bit.ly/40VV9mT

🌐 What is ‘#efuel’: keys to #Bilbao’s #synthetic #fuels #plant:

It will be located in the port associated with #Petronor (#Repsol) and when operational will manufacture 8,000 litres of fuel a day with the mixture of CO2 and ‘green’ hydrogen. Synthetic fuels are in the eye of the storm, with opinions divided between those who believe they are nothing more than a ploy orchestrated by certain sectors to delay the inevitable move towards the electrification of mobility and those who see e-fuel as a real alternative for a “realistic” decarbonisation in which the use of various technologies is the key. Europe has just given a boost to its development after reaching an agreement with Germany not to ban the sale of new vehicles with combustion engines in 2035 as long as they use synthetic fuels as an alternative to petroleum derivatives. For the time being, it is an incipient technique, almost a laboratory development. In Spain, the first plant to manufacture these fuels is being built in the… http://bit.ly/3KJHERo

🌐 The #Pipeline #steel of #Baotou #Steel is heading for the “Era of #hydrogen #energy”

“Produce 11,200 tons of hot-rolled coils for the X52MS hydrogen-doped natural gas pipeline for the Baotou to Linhe western gas pipeline project.” Recently, the rare earth steel plate mill received an order task. This is the first pipeline steel order won by Baotou Steel Group for hydrogen-doped natural gas pipelines. “We have taken the first step into the ‘Hydrogen Energy Era’,” said Cao Yan, regional technical director of the Rare Earth Steel Plate Plant R&D Centre, with confidence. The mixed gas formed by mixing hydrogen with natural gas in a certain volume ratio can improve the combustion performance of terminal equipment, effectively increase the combustion value, and reduce nitrogen oxide pollution and carbon dioxide emissions. This makes natural gas hydrogenation technology an effective way to save energy and reduce carbon. Under the goal of “maximum carbon level and carbon neutrality”, the development of hydrogen energy industry has entered the fast track. For long-distance and large-scale transport of hydrogen-doped natural gas, pipelines are cheaper, safer and more environmentally friendly than canned transport. However, hydrogen molecules are extremely permeable to metals, which can easily lead to hydrogen embrittlement or rupture in pipelines. The development and application of metallic materials for long-distance hydrogen transmission or hydrogen-doped natural gas pipelines is imminent. Baotou Steel Group accurately studied and judged the market, seized the opportunities, exploited the potentials, and successfully developed and produced steel pipes for hydrogen-doped natural gas pipeline… http://bit.ly/40M3l97

🌐 #Cptm #Magona bets on the #green #economy and is a candidate to create a #hydrogen #hub:

In #Bolzano he founded #Wolftank Hydrogen, which is in charge of finding innovative technological solutions to produce green hydrogen in Italy. His forecast is for H2 demand to grow by 3,000 percent by 2025. And if it is true that the future of energy lies in green hydrogen, it is no coincidence that Werth stopped in Cecina at the Cptm laboratories with engineer Luciano Dell’Omo. Luciano Dell’Omo, former CEO of Petroltecnica and member of the Consortium’s scientific committee. An excellence in applied chemistry research and experimentation, the Cptm has just celebrated its 25th anniversary and has applied to host a hydrogen laboratory, one of the seven pilot projects planned in Italy. It will study cutting-edge technical solutions for the management and commercialisation of green hydrogen. Werth will have to evaluate a hypothetical partnership with the Pole. Meanwhile, the University of Pisa is about to open a hydrogen laboratory on the Consortium’s premises, which aims to become a centre in the green and renewable energy sector. Moving from a new, closer relationship of collaboration with the university. “This is a very important project for the Consortium, but also for the territory – says the president of the Cptm, Vincenzo Argentieri – which comes at a time of growth of the technological pole. Cecina is the centre of gravity between the main chemical industrial sites of the coast, from Scarlino to Piombino, to Rosignano and Livorno, and compared to the Alta Val di Cecina with Larderello and Enel Green Power”. The basic conditions are there, from the surfaces to the skills. And there is an expansion area of about 5,000 meters of land adjacent to the existing structures on which to extend the… http://bit.ly/41hf5A6

🌐 #Sinopec is to build a 400 km #infrastructure in #China to #transport #green #hydrogen from one side of the country to the other:

Sinopec, the state-owned oil and gas giant and China’s largest producer of green hydrogen. It recently announced the implementation of the Erdos wind-solar and green hydrogen project. It is the world’s largest green hydrogen production project. It is estimated to have an annual production capacity of 30,000 tonnes of green hydrogen and 240,000 tonnes of green oxygen. The project, located in Mongolia, is Sinopec’s second project. In 2021, the green hydrogen pilot project of… http://bit.ly/3GFHxUC

🌐 #Fotowatio to invest 44 million in a green #hydrogen plant in #Mérida:

Fotowatio obtains an eleven million euro #grant from the Ministry to build the industry; three other Extremadura projects that were eligible for aid will not receive it. One of the 19 pioneering green hydrogen projects to be carried out in Spain with public subsidies will be developed in Extremadura. It will be located in the municipality of Mérida, at the junction of the electricity substation… https://bit.ly/3odbUv4

📆 The I #Green Hydrogen 2024 National #Congress will be organised in #Huelva:

The city of Huelva (#Spain) has been selected to hold the National Green Hydrogen Congress on 7,8 and 9 February 2024, with King Felipe VI as Honorary President. The event, organised by the Huelva Federation of Entrepreneurs, and with the collaboration of the Huelva City Council, the Andalusian Regional Government, the Huelva Provincial Council, the Huelva Port Authority and Fertiberia, will demonstrate the favourable situation of the province for the development of a hydrogen value chain… https://bit.ly/3UxGSKu

📰 #Albacete will have “the largest #HUB of #green #hydrogen in #Europe”

The work will be done in phases and the first “has already been presented to the #Ministry”. The aim is to start producing green hydrogen in 2027 and for the pipeline to be completed before 2030. The municipalities affected are Albacete, Casas de Juan Núñez, Chinchilla de Montearagón, Valdeganga and Pozo-Lorente. The figures are impressive. Estanislao González, director of the Hive project in Albacete, explained that at the moment almost 100 people are already working and some 20,000 hectares of surface area have been signed with landowners. The planned investment is around 10,000 million euros and some 10,000 “quality” jobs will be generated, which “could be a real barbarity for the local economy”… http://bit.ly/4133MMk

🌐 #Honeywell introduces #liquid #organic #hydrogen #carrier solution:

Honeywell UOP’s #LOHC solution uses existing refining infrastructure and assets to create and transport the carrier, according to a press release. In Honeywell’s LOHC solution, hydrogen gas is chemically combined through Honeywell’s UOP toluene saturation process into a convenient liquid vehicle compatible with existing infrastructure. The carrier can then be transported as gasoline or similar hydrocarbons. Once at its destination, the hydrogen is recovered from the carrier via Honeywell’s UOP methylcyclohexane dehydrogenation process….. http://bit.ly/3mtMrNJ

🚛 A small #supermarket #mobile to promote #Namie as “The #Hydrogen #city”:

The #solar panels lined up near the sea in the city of Namie in #Fukushima Prefecture are different from the mega-solar power plants that have become common in recent years. At the Fukushima Hydrogen Energy Research Field (FH2R), solar energy is used to power the Fukushima #hydrogen energy… https://bit.ly/3UIIS2P

📰 Launch of the first #ton-class #magnesium-based solid-state #hydrogen #transport and #storage #vehicle in #China:

Recently, the ton-level magnesium-based solid-state hydrogen storage vehicle jointly developed by Shanghai Jiaotong University and other related companies and institutions was officially unveiled. The magnesium-based solid-state hydrogen storage and transport vehicle in front of us is 13.3 metres long, with a maximum hydrogen storage capacity of 1 tonne. There are 12 hydrogen storage containers inside the vehicle, and each container is filled with magnesium-based hydrogen. solid-state hydrogen storage materials, which store hydrogen in In the magnesium alloy material, from the transport gas to the transport solid, the safe storage and transport of hydrogen can be realised over a long distance, at normal temperature and pressure, and has the capacity of large-capacity, high-density, long-term hydrogen storage and discharge cycle. According to experts, in the existing hydrogen energy industrial chain, storage and transportation account for 30%-50% of the total cost.the key to determine the application of hydrogen energy is a safe and efficient hydrogen energy storage and transportation technology…. https://bit.ly/3MOu3d3

💲 Green #Hydrogen: the #UMA is committed to the #energy of the future:

The #UE has earmarked four million #euros for the development of the #Erasmus+ teaching project ‘#H2Excellence’ on green hydrogen: The University of Malaga has obtained funding to participate in the Erasmus+ ‘H2Excellence’ project, managed through the Vice-Rectorate for Mobility and International Cooperation of the University of Malaga, which will build a European platform of vocational Centres of Excellence (CoVEs) that are expected to be a benchmark in training, research and knowledge transfer around this sector. A teaching project funded by the European Union made up of universities, private companies and vocational training centres from six European countries. In total, 24 partners are taking part with a budget of… https://bit.ly/3odt77P

🌐 The first 10-ton #hydrogen #liquefaction device officially rolled off the #assembly line:

On April 15, the off-line ceremony of the core equipment of #Jiangsu #Guofu Hydrogen Technology Equipment Co., Ltd. 10TPD hydrogen liquefaction plant and PEM water electrolysis hydrogen production system was held in #Zhangjiagang. Guofu Hydrogen’s 10TPD hydrogen liquefaction plant adopts international advanced multi-stage pre-cooling hydrogen expansion refrigeration technology.20K hydrogen liquefaction cold box of the core equipment and multiple hydrogen expanders adopt international advanced multi-stage pre-cooling hydrogen expansion refrigeration… https://bit.ly/415qAuZ

🌐 #Lhyfe Heroes launches the first #Hydrogen #Ecosystem #Management #Portal to accelerate the development of hydrogen mobility in local areas:

The specific challenges of hydrogen ecosystems Developing hydrogen in an area involves several challenges: – First to answer the question of what comes first, “the chicken or the egg?”, or in other words, to decide what to start with: Hydrogen production? Development of uses? distribution?… https://bit.ly/3omUBrN

📰 There is a new #partnership for #green #hydrogen in #Poland:

The #company Global Hydrogen, which develops hydrogen technologies and is listed on the #NewConnect #market, has joined the Subcarpathian Hydrogen Valley. Global Hydrogen is developing a technology for the production of green hydrogen from biomass, including waste, in containerised mobile reactors. This is a technology developed by its subsidiary mPower Green Tech. The commercialisation and mass production of this type of equipment is the strategic objective of the company, which is also involved in the design, construction and sale of modular micro biogas plants for the biogas sector… https://bit.ly/3A9BJPI

📰 #Guadacorte and #Coagener are building in Los #Barrios the first #green #hydrogen #plant in #Andalusia:

The installation, valued at 4 million euros, will start operating this summer with 1 megawatt of capacity associated with a 4 megawatt photovoltaic park. The promoters plan to supply the industries of the Algeciras Bay arc with up to 80 tonnes of energy per year. Business investments in Los Barrios will exceed 500 million in the next few years… https://bit.ly/40pNGeQ

🔥 The #energy plant in #Kozienice is to #burn #green #hydrogen:

#Enea is continuing with the project to build a #gas plant in #CCGT #technology in Kozienice. The group says the units, whose construction will begin next year, will be ready to co-fuel hydrogen produced from renewable energies. The project of construction of power units in CCGT technology at the Kozienice Thermal Power Plant is one of the points of the Enea Group’s Development Strategy, which assumes the “Enea Green Change”, i.e. achieving climate neutrality in… https://bit.ly/3MLLon0

📰 The Port of #Rotterdam’s pharaonic plans for #green #hydrogen that #Iberdrola and #Cepsa are looking at:

The Port of Rotterdam Authority wants to become the great hub for green hydrogen in Europe. To this end, this strategic enclave for trade in raw materials is already preparing an 11 hectare site in Maasvlakte where it plans to build a large green hydrogen plant which will be linked to the tender for the IJmuiden offshore wind farm at the end of this year, with the intention that both facilities can come into operation in the year… https://bit.ly/3N0u0Lv

🏆 At the end of the #HyStarter project, the #hydrogen roadmap for the district of #Göppingen is presented:

“#HyLand – Hydrogen Regions in #Germany” is a competition launched in 2019 by the Federal Ministry for Digital Affairs and Transport (BMDV). HyLand motivates stakeholders in all regions of Germany to initiate, plan and implement hydrogen-related concepts. The aim of the competition is to identify and promote the most innovative and promising regional concepts. The HyStarter project in the district of Göppingen is supported by the energy agency of the district of Göppingen and Nuts One GmbH in cooperation with other partners… https://bit.ly/41qkEwL

📰 Large #hydrogen #power #plant planned in #Albbruck:

#Energy suppliers #badenova and #RWE want to build one of Germany’s largest green hydrogen power plants in Albbruck am Hochrhein. Cost point: 100 million euros. Green hydrogen is an important component of the energy transition. In Albbruck (Waldshut district), Germany’s largest green hydrogen production plant will be built within the next three years. The energy companies RWE and badenova want to invest 100 million euros… https://bit.ly/3KOfbZE

📰 62% of #heavy #industry #companies are considering using #low #carbon #hydrogen:

Low-carbon hydrogen is emerging as one of the most promising tools to accelerate the decarbonisation of high-emission sectors and a factor to consider for a more sustainable future. A new report from Capgemini Research Institute ‘Low Carbon Hydrogen – A Path to a Greener Future’ reveals that 62% of heavy industry companies across all sectors are considering low carbon hydrogen to replace carbon-intensive systems. On average, the Energy & Utilities (E&U) sector expects low-carbon hydrogen to cover 18% of total energy consumption by the end of the year… https://bit.ly/40ufe2l

🌐 A #French #company is building a #desulphurisation unit with #hydrogen #fuel at the #petrochemical #plant:

The POCR already has a hydrogen plant in operation producing 20,000 cubic metres of hydrogen per hour. The new Air Liquide equipment will generate an additional 12,500 m³/h of hydrogen. Refineries use hydrogen to hydro-treat diesel fuel and gasoline to reduce sulphur and other impurities, which improves the quality of the fuel and the… https://bit.ly/3GUpw5e

🔥 Load #control strategies for #ammonia-#hydrogen dual-fuel #engines for #hybrid #power systems:

A team from #Beijing University of Technology has evaluated four load control strategies (throttle, ammonia-to-hydrogen ratio, air-to-fuel ratio and variable valve timing) for a Miller cycle dual-fuel ammonia-hydrogen dual-fuel spark-ignition engine in a hybrid system. An article on their work appears in the journal Fuel. The engine, a Miller cycle engine with a compression ratio of 10.7, was modified with a hydrogen common-rail and ammonia common-rail assembly installed in the intake manifold to realise the controllable supply of ammonia and… https://bit.ly/3N2xmgW

🚛 #Hydrogen #TerminalTractor of the #H2Ports #project disembarks at #Port of #Valencia:

The Port of Valencia received the hydrogen-powered Terminal Tractor, one of the pilots to be tested in the framework of the European H2Ports project. The unit disembarked at the Valte terminal of the Grimaldi Group where it will be tested in real operations. The RoRo 4×4 is the world’s first hydrogen-powered unit and was developed by Atena, a research and technology centre composed of universities, development institutes and private companies based mainly in the Italian region of… https://bit.ly/41P4fBS

🚅 The #hydrogen #train achieves for #Euskadi 16 million #investment with #EU funds:

Talgo’s initiative gathers #PERTE hydrogen funding in a consortium including Sener, Ingeteam, EPL and Repsol… https://bit.ly/41V8T10

📆 At #ITMA 2023 in #Milan, #Monforts is organising two free #seminars and discussions on the potential of #greenhydrogen as a new energy source:

The seminars will take place at the company’s stand B106 in hall 18 on Friday 9 June at 11am and Monday 12 June also at 11am, and all are welcome. Monforts is currently leading a consortium of industrial partners and universities in the three-year WasserSTOFF project, launched in November 2022, which explores all aspects of this exciting new industrial and renewable energy option, including… https://bit.ly/41WytCZ

🔬 The #IA finds a new #hydrogen #structure:

A self-learning #algorithm has discovered a new solid hydrogen structure that has not yet appeared in either experiments or theoretical #calculations. As reported by a working group led by Yubo Yang of the University of Illinois at Urbana, the new crystal forms at extremely high pressures of a few hundred gigapascals and temperatures above 900 Kelvin. The hydrogen molecules are no longer nearly spherical, but distorted into an egg shape, according to their publication in the journal Physical Review Letters. In the simulations, the AI also correctly calculated the behaviour of known hydrogen structures at high pressures. This makes experts confident that the predicted phase really exists. So far, however, this has not… https://bit.ly/3V5SbKb

🌐 #Inycom promotes #micronetworks with #hydrogen #storage in #Spain with more than 9 million:

Instrumentación y Componentes-Inycom is part of the new European project Sinnogenes, which is working to promote the use of hydrogen as an energy source and the development of renewable energy storage tools, for which it will have a pilot project in the #Walqa Technology Park. Within Sinnogenes, endowed with 9.6 million euros and the participation of 27 partners, different storage tools of renewable origin (hydrogen) will be developed with different technologies, as the project will have several pilots in Spain, Portugal, Germany, Greece and Spain…. https://bit.ly/3Ap2Bv9

🌐 #HRS and #Gaia future #Energy accelerate the development of #green #hydrogen #infrastructure:

(#AOF) – HRS, European designer and manufacturer of hydrogen filling stations and Gaia future Energy (Moroccan green hydrogen developer, affiliated company of Gaia Energy group) announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding aimed at providing global green hydrogen distribution solutions for mobility, combining green hydrogen produced by Gaia future Energy and HRS hydrogen filling station. The parties also wish to enter into a cross-distribution agreement, creating commercial synergies.
Gaia Energy is one of Africa’s leading renewable energy developers. The Group develops large-scale projects for the production of renewable energies and their derivatives, with a strong expertise in the production of green hydrogen mainly for export to Europe.
According to the MoU, HRS and Gaia future Energy teams will collaborate to accelerate the development of green hydrogen infrastructure, particularly in… https://bit.ly/41Y4ESv

🌐 #ArcelorMittal, #Enagás, Grupo #Fertiberia and #DH2 Energy, the companies behind the project, met last Thursday at their board of directors’ meeting.

One of the decisions taken at that meeting was the departure of Thierry Lepercq, until now the head of the HyDeal platform. The official version is that Lepercq left “voluntarily”. On the other hand, other sources insist that Lepercq had clear differences with ArcelorMittal and Enagás Renovable, who put pressure on him to leave… https://bit.ly/3LacEJg

🌐 #H2Gremm: From #self-consumption to #mobility of small #hydrogen:

At the Western Hydrogen Cluster meeting, scheduled for Tuesday 4 April 2023 at the GNFA in #Ploufragan, near Saint-Brieuc, Alain Rocheux, co-founder of H2Gremm, attended. It was an opportunity for us to give him the opportunity to talk about his company’s activity, particularly on the mobility aspect. The main objective of the company H2Gremm, officially founded in July 2019 and based in Finistère in Edern, is to develop an energy self-consumption and eco-responsible solution for buildings. It is first based on solar energy, as confirmed by a video of about 2 minutes published on… https://bit.ly/3oNiF7u

🔬 Is it feasible to produce #hydrogen from #waste?

Hydrogen is an element that is attracting the attention of #scientists and researchers every day. The project is being run by the energy company Idemitsu Kosan in collaboration with the US company #HCycle (HC). The American company is the developer of a thermal conversion process that uses heat and electricity to transform waste into hydrogen with minimal emissions. A feasibility study on the clean production of hydrogen from waste is already underway in Japan. The manufacturer said the aim is to set up the first hydrogen production facility, capable of processing between 200 and 300 tonnes of waste per day, at a rate of around… https://bit.ly/424tlfZ

🚅 #Hydrogen #trains: #ARST #tender in #Sardinia deserted:

The extension of the deadlines set last February was not enough to ensure a positive outcome of the tender launched in December 2022 by the Sardinian Transport Company (ARST) for the supply of 8 hydrogen trains to be financed with the resources of the PNRR, which ended without a prize. In fact, the ARST itself announced, with an official notice published in the European Official Journal , that upon expiry of the deadlines of the “open procedure, in accordance with Article 123, paragraph 1 and Article 60 of Legislative Decree n. 50/2016, for the supply contract, through a… https://hydronews.it/treni-a-idrogeno-deserta-la-gara-di-arst-in-sardegna/

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