H2 – News Brief 02/12/2018

H2 - News Brief 02/12/2018

🌐 Tiger Power will provide solar power to 300 households in the Kyenjojo district of western Uganda. This is the result of an agreement signed between this Belgian company and the (REA). In this white drum, there are #hydrogen batteries… http://bit.ly/2rjswAH

🌐 Ecolectro wins the $1.7M ARPA-E award for the development of alkaline exchange membranes and ionomers for fuel cells and #electrolyzers: these alkaline exchange materials are used to manufacture fuel cell assemblies…. http://bit.ly/2repRsa

📰 Is there still a place for #hydrogen fuel cells in vehicles? In some markets, such as California, parts of Europe, and Japan, it is possible to buy or lease a fuel cell vehicle from your local… http://bit.ly/2DYnEbL

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