H2 – News Brief 04/12/2018

H2 - News Brief 04/12/2018

🛳 The European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) launched a new project to explore how circular economy approaches can be applied to optimise the efficiency of hydrogen production (#H2 ) and to stimulate the development of new technologies… http://bit.ly/2Ug0LGH

🌐 INTEGRA 2×5: from waste, we transform the syngas (synthesis gas) obtained into the following products: electric and thermal energy, #renewable gas, liquid and solid hydrocarbons, and methanol… http://bit.ly/2RzQHX9

💲 Support for North West Hydrogen Alliance: The North West of England is about to be the main region for the development of a # hydrogen decarbonised energy market for the UK,” he said… http://bit.ly/2KSXk4b

♻ The Secretary of State for Energy believes that #renewable gas is “essential” to combat climate change: “We have to look for new forms of storage and gas is one of them,” he said. However… http://bit.ly/2G2PaHN

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