H2 – News Brief 05/11/2018

H2 - News Brief 05/11/2018

🔬 When a pump circulates fluid through transparent tubes, ultraviolet light from the sun excites its molecules into an energized state. The light reorganizes the bonds between the atoms of carbon, # hydrogen and nitrogen in the… https://nbcnews.to/2zzfuCO

🌐 The JIVE project, which stands for Joint Initiative for #hydrogen vehicles across Europe, was launched in 2017, and its goal is “to advance the commercialization of hydrogen fuel cell buses by deploying a new generation of hydrogen fuel cell buses…. http://bit.ly/2D82qHU

🔬 The insertion of #hydrogen atoms between graphite and silicon carbide isolates graphite and leaves it intact as a single-layer material. The physical sense Jan van der Molen and his research group at Leiden University have… http://bit.ly/2qusLbK

⚡ New methods for photochemical separation of #hydrogen peroxide with the participation of iron oxide photoelectrodes will make non-linear oxidation significantly reduce fuel cost… http://bit.ly/2QsX1Pu

🚘 Hyundai’s latest #hydrogen fuel cell electric car is so clean it actually sucks in the air while you’re on the road: it draws attention to a car that not only produces zero emissions, but also ensures… http://bit.ly/2SNPV9Z

🛳 SOLARIMPACT: the first private multihull that sails exclusively with sunlight and #hydrogen. Another of the key points of the boat is in the autonomy of the boat and its speed of navigation… http://bit.ly/2qukTaj

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