H2 – News Brief 08/11/2018

H2 - News Brief 08/11/2018

♻ The #hydrogen fuel cell takes a step toward commercialization: The results of the research can be applied to more than just the production of energy, but also to the production and… http://bit.ly/2PPBcN

🚛 This #hydrogen semi truck could help clean up Europe’s roads if built: Zero-emission commercial vehicles are gaining popularity. In addition to Nikola, Toyota is testing semi trucks from… http://bit.ly/2RH9cbO

⛽ Green # hydrogen filling stations in Italy will be able to improve the capacity of their pumps from 350 to 700 bar. The announcement was officially published on November 5 by the Gazzetta Ufficiale under the signature of the Minister of the Interior… http://bit.ly/2z0RHfO

🌐 Praxair will build a new liquid #hydrogen plant in La Porte, Texas: Praxair’s new plant, scheduled to begin in 2021, will produce more than 30 tons per day of high purity liquid hydrogen. It will be integrated with the plant… http://bit.ly/2T2A8o6

💲 HyDeploy project to add #hydrogen to a UK gas network: Backed by Ofgem’s Network Innovation Competition, the £7 million project is being led by Cadent in partnership with Northern… http://bit.ly/2PKATmX

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