H2 – News Brief 1/12/2018

H2 - News Brief 1/12/2018

🌐 Air Liquide wants to reduce its carbon intensity by 30% by 2025: it participates in the production of biomethane – a gas rich in methane from organic matter fermentation – and in development. #Hydrogen energy for vehicles… http://bit.ly/2RrZZo6

📰 European Energy Commissioner wants an end to gas: According to Lisa Fischer, the transition from an import based gas system to a smaller one involves a mixture of #hydrogen and methane, which is mainly produced locally… http://bit.ly/2QrdbMK

🚅 #hydrogen trains aren’t the only good news for Alstom. The industrialist has won the manufacture of new Grand Paris Express subway trains: a 1.3 billion euro contract for which it has already… http://bit.ly/2FQxvCZ

🌐 Hydréol” is the name of the project in which Agglo de Chaumont works with the help of a design office. It’s about building a #hydrogen station and buying vehicles… http://bit.ly/2BIZuQY

⛽ What about #hydrogen for light commercial vehicles? Hydrogen enters the dance of so-called “clean” alternative fuels. And for professionals on random schedules, this solution might be suitable by… http://bit.ly/2E4UAAt


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