H2 – News Brief 10/12/2018

H2 - News Brief 10/12/2018

♻ Abandoning fossil fuels, as the European Commission has set for 2050, while maintaining economic growth “is #biophysically impossible,” they say in a 28-page document that… http://bit.ly/2L9nGzl

🌐 New project to produce bioplastics from CO2: Lux-on’s bioprocessing process is based on solar energy, which is available 24 hours a day thanks to the use of #hydrogen as an energy store… http://bit.ly/2EoKtX3

🌐 Volkswagen has developed a new type of #biofuel that reduces CO2 emissions by 20%: The R33 concept was developed jointly by Volkswagen, the University of Coburg (Germany) and other partners of… http://bit.ly/2QmbmRX

🔬 Pentlandite ore is suitable as a catalyst for #CO2 recycling and could therefore be an alternative to expensive precious metal catalysts. They generated electrodes from pentlandite and analyzed… http://bit.ly/2L788vV

📰 Three wind turbines are installed in the tailings mountain at the Sondershauasen well (Germany), as well as in photovoltaic plants, electricity will be generated, which is used for the production of #hydrogen… http://bit.ly/2rsRygK

🌐 A powerful consortium has been forged from the cities of Heidelberg and Mannheim, RNV, BASF, MVV, AirLiquid and Pfalzwerke. The goal is to become the national leader in # hydrogen technology and to be a pioneer in the use of # hydrogen… http://bit.ly/2EfgMXU

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