H2 News Brief 12/11/2018

H2 News Brief 12/11/2018

🔬 They have proposed using fungi as the basis for solar biological panels that produce electricity from photosensitive cyanobacteria: These cyanobacteria divide water molecules into molecular oxygen, # hydrogen ion and # hydrogen ion…. http://bit.ly/2z7EqCa

🚘 With rising fuel prices, all the reasons are good for trying to reduce costs: another choice is to modify your vehicle. For example, with the addition of a #hydrogen kit… http://bit.ly/2PtphW8

🌐 The Italian company Enapter presents today its #electrolyzer 2.0, a new generation of..: Enapter’s patented AEM (Anion Exchange Membrane) electrolysers are unrivalled in the market, because they are small… http://bit.ly/2zgKVTp

♻ Gas energy is one of the trends in the energy market: this is a path that contributes to the “more flexible use and possible additional exploitation” of marine energy capacity and the production of #hydrogen… http://bit.ly/2zPgCm0

⛽ The first #hydrogen recharging station in Saxony went into operation in Dresden. Here, about 40 vehicles can be refueled per day. The H2 Mobility project, in which Air Liquide, Daimler, Linde, OMV, Shell and… http://bit.ly/2K1egFn

🌐 The #hydrogen is the solution: The construction of a hydrogen industry and infrastructure in Germany could benefit the company and get orders. In case of weakness, the action remains a speculative purchase … http://bit.ly/2PubOxj


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