H2 – News Brief 13/09/2018

H2 - News Brief 13/09/2018

H2 – News Brief 13/09/2018

🛳 It was concluded that ARA San Juan had sunk as a result of an explosion, which would have happened because of the #hydrogen in the batteries. Different countries like Russia collaborated in the arduous work of finding the ship… http://bit.ly/2x8J0zc

🚘 Hyundai news for Paris 2018: On the stand of the South Korean brand, we can enjoy the new Hyundai Kona Electric and Nexo, the first Hyundai powered entirely by # hydrogen and fuel cell… http://bit.ly/2NcFr52

⛽ Puertollano will be the first refuelling point for a # hydrogen commercial vehicle in Spain: it is one of the five existing hydrogen generators in our country, as Carlos Fúnez, head of the innovation unit, explained… http://bit.ly/2NJZya1

💲 HDF Energy announces Meridiam’s investment in CEOG, currently the world’s largest power plant project that stores intermittent renewable energy using # hydrogen. Meridiam, a leader in development, investment and… http://bit.ly/2CXjfqS

📅 Dirección General de Armamento y Material (DGAM) organizes the next 25 S a day in which the Armed Forces and the Defence Industry will share the latest advances. Use of hydrogen and fuel cells, storage… http://bit.ly/2x9FYKY

🚘 Toyota Mirai could be on sale in Spain next year. The Japanese model combines hydrogen and oxygen to move an electric motor, leaving distilled water as the only residue. They say that hydrogen is the source of… http://bit.ly/2NfCjp7

♻ European Mobility Week: on Wednesday 19 in Puertollano are organized a technical conference on the technology of #Hydrogen. The councilman of Environment of the City council of Puertollano has presented… http://bit.ly/2OnM7cP

🚅 France speaks for the first time naturally of the recovery of the railway line: Soro supports the # hydrogen train because it adds to the project to reopen the Canfranc. The project to install the hydrogen train in the Canfranc… http://bit.ly/2xf7GoG



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