H2 – News Brief 20/11/2018

H2 - News Brief 20/11/2018

🚛 The U.S. Postal Service has been honored for its efforts to reduce waste and energy costs: the Washington Network Distribution Center replaced lead-acid batteries with #hydrogen cells… http://bit.ly/2S2GbHO

🌐 The Executive Director of the IEA highlights the #hydrogen in his visit to the Netherlands: the IEA for accentuating the urgency of reducing emissions, showing the way to get there and for stressing that all energy sources should be part of the… http://bit.ly/2DM78wt

✈ This #hydrogen powered drone flies for 3.5 hours: Tackling the durations of short flights is one of the latest frontiers in drone technology, it’s another case of innovative use of non-aircraft technology… http://bit.ly/2KmNMhJ

🌐 Arval gives a boost to #hydrogen testing in the UK: The trial, which is just over a year old, aims to demonstrate the viability of fuel cell technology in a wide range of applications, including… http://bit.ly/2PI2aac

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