H2 – News Brief 02/11/2018

H2 - News Brief 02/11/2018

🌐 Why are the world’s richest men funding nuclear fusion energy projects? Deuterium and tritium, two isotopes of hydrogen, are being used to carry out nuclear fusion in experimental reactors… http://bit.ly/2DkZQPK

♻ Storage of #hydrogen made from bamboo: Through chemical processes, bamboo will be converted into a special porous activated carbon with great storage potential, according to the university. Activated charcoal… http://bit.ly/2RvIDpN

💲 How to save electricity from renewable energies? An interesting option for the future is to divide electricity into hydrogen and oxygen, then hydrogen is fed into the gas grid and stored in large storage… http://bit.ly/2PwgjGL

🚀 This is NASA’s plan to make rocket fuel based on Martian “soil”: the basic idea is for ISRU to extract water from Martian regolith and then use electrolysis to convert it into #hydrogen and oxygen. Subsequently, the… http://bit.ly/2QebbnL

🌐 Toyota Tundra Pie Pro, a pickup that cooks pizzas. And it also works with # hydrogen: In the trailer they installed a refrigerator to store the pizzas, an oven, worktops, and two robots from the company Nachi Robotic… http://bit.ly/2CVOyka

💲 Fronius wins the State Prize for Environmental and Energy Technology with a #hydrogen refuelling system: The Austrian State Prize for Environmental and Energy Technology recognizes pioneering achievements that contribute to environmental relief… http://bit.ly/2P3blla

🔬 BH4 or tetrahydrobiopterin, and a metal layer, a catalyst designed by the company, that activates the production of #hydrogen: Our added value is the production of accessible hydrogen in a safe way, which reduces… http://bit.ly/2AIZ64z

📰 The Bourakébougou basin has “the unique geological and geochemical characteristics of an active hydrogen system” and the #hydrogen present is “relatively pure” and therefore easily exploitable, says the professor… http://bit.ly/2PCTOQr

📰 Management of serious accidents in nuclear power plants: The risk of explosion of mixtures of #H2 / air remains of crucial importance. This thesis aims to better understand the mechanisms of flame acceleration… http://bit.ly/2OmCJ8C




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