H2 – News Briefs 19/10/2018

H2 - News Briefs 19/10/2018

H2 – News Briefs 19/10/2018

📅 October 23 and 24, 2018 – Course: The revolution of a #hydrogen economy and its impact on Chile. Av El Bosque Norte 0440, Of 601, Las Condes. Professionals from the world of energy, companies interested in deepening their… http://bit.ly/2RXOSUy

📰 Guide for the incorporation of alternative vehicles in professional activities: CITET, UNO, CEL, Aedive, the Spanish Hydrogen Association, the Spanish Vehicle Renting Association, Anfac, Avalmadri, el Clúste… http://bit.ly/2R4icHR

🛵 50th edition of the Science Fair in Argentina: the case of Bell Ville’s Ipet 267, whose students modified a 110cc motorcycle engine. “It works practically with water. We use #hydrogen and oxygen,” say the… http://bit.ly/2S1yAKc

📅 Conference “Automotive Energies. Efficiency and energy transition”: The event will also show the contribution of #hydrogen to future mobility. Antonio González Conde, president of the Technological Platform… http://bit.ly/2yOoRhO

📅 The 15th edition of Motortec Automechanika will address the use of alternative energies applied to mobility. It will provide a vision of the ‘current situation and future prospects for the electric vehicle, #hydrogen and LPG in Spain… http://bit.ly/2J7wDrA

🔬 The organic liquid carrier of #hydrogen is the result of the combination between a silane and an alcohol that, in the presence of a catalyst, allows the generation of hydrogen in a fast and controlled way. The main advantage is that the… http://bit.ly/2yoiuSS




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