H2 – News Briefs 23/10/2018

H2 - News Briefs 23/10/2018

H2 – News Briefs 23/10/2018

🚘 A few days ago, the German manufacturer also announced the arrival of another version of the GLC, the F-Cell GLC . Unfortunately, once again, the French market is not worried about this GLC that works with #hydrogen. However, the model… http://bit.ly/2yv3EKp

🚘 The Monte-Carlo eRallye: this Wednesday. An even more ecological edition, where manufacturers come to assemble CO2-free engines. It is a competition on the road, reserved for 100% electric vehicles and 100% hydrogen… http://bit.ly/2D0TWTI

🌐 Autolia signs a partnership with the French company FlexFuel Energy Development (FFED). The latter will supply its conversion boxes with E85 Superethanol and its # hydrogen decalcification stations… http://bit.ly/2q8VBOQ

🌐 Estimates of the natural #hydrogen reserves in Mali: One of the most promising deposits, and the one most analyzed by scientists, is in the Bourakébougou region, about fifty kilometers northeast of Mali… http://bit.ly/2RbhGry

🌐 Hyundai Motor has delivered to the city of Ulsan its first #hydrogen bus to be tested in real conditions. A first experiment will be followed by the 2019 delivery of 29 other buses equipped with a cell of… http://bit.ly/2PRx6AL

♻ Despite high production costs, #hydrogen is being developed: the French government targets 100 stations in 2023. 100 stations, 5000 light commercial vehicles and 200 heavy vehicles… http://bit.ly/2JaWb7d

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