H2 – News Briefs 29/10/2018

H2 - News Briefs 29/10/2018

✈ The first motor vehicle has been recreated at the Mercedes-Benz Museum: The ship used #hydrogen gas to rise in the air and a Daimler engine to propel a pair of propellers, one mounted horizontally and the other vertically… http://bit.ly/2OZNKSA

🌐 The U.S. Department of Energy offers people of all ages the opportunity to explore the opportunities of the #hydrogen and fuel cell industry. The information presented within… http://bit.ly/2Ay5KKN

🌐 Hyundai will create a $100 million hydrogen fund in China: Hyundai Motor Co. partnered with a Chinese institute to establish a $100 million fund for local investments in #hydrogen technologies and infrastructure… http://bit.ly/2PZgEyp

🚛 This truck firm partners with a #hydrogen researcher to fuel the fleet: Hydrogen-powered trucks on New Zealand’s roads went one step further after an agreement was reached… http://bit.ly/2Q4IpWD


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