H2 News Briefs July 2022

H2 News Briefs July 2022

🛳 State #norway #Enova supports #hydrogen and #ships development for USD 112 million:

Enova announced support for hydrogen projects in the maritime sector with #USD 112 million. The plan includes the establishment of five #renewable #hydrogen production plants along the Norwegian coast, with an investment of USD 66.9 million; and seven #hydrogen and #ammonia-powered ships, with a contribution of USD 45.13 million… https://bit.ly/3ugd4pZ

📰 The National #Energy Administration plans to issue 25 key requirements to prevent #accidents in energy production:

It was reported to #Polaris #Hydrogen Energy Network that on 29 June, the General Department of the National Energy Administration issued an opinion letter on the “Twenty-five key requirements for preventing accidents in energy production (version 2022) (draft for comments)”, and requirements aimed at #hydrogen explosion , etc. Accident set requirements.

1.2 Preventing accidents due to #electrical #discharges

1.2.5 For special locations such as hydrogen stations, ammonia stations, oil areas, hazardous chemical rooms, acid battery rooms (excluding valve-controlled sealed lead-acid battery room), etc., an explosion-proof maintenance power supply box shall be used. and shall be… https://bit.ly/3yAmcYU

🚗Toyota #Toyota #Mirai: the #hydrogen car that you can now test drive on #Cabify:

Toyota will provide the Spanish mobility company with four units of the Mirai: its car powered by a #fuel cell. These cars will enter service in Madrid in the coming weeks.When it appeared on the market back in 2014, the Toyota Mirai, which in #Japanese means ‘future’, was a groundbreaking vehicle, thanks to its electric propulsion that consumes hydrogen and generates, as the only waste, water vapour. It is not for nothing that it is considered to be the first car of… https://bit.ly/3OD6aTY

🚌 #Barcelona incorporates seven more #hydrogen #buses to the X1 line:

In the coming weeks, seven fuel cell buses will be added to Barcelona’s X1 line, “the first to put a bus of these characteristics into circulation in the whole of Spain”. The #TMB forecast “is to incorporate up to sixty buses of this type by 2025”.

Metropolitan Transport of Barcelona (TMB), Barcelona City Council sources reported in a press release, “continues its commitment to sustainable mobility with the incorporation of seven hydrogen vehicles to the X1 line: four on Monday 30 May and three more during the month of June, which ends today. These seven units “will be added to the first hydrogen bus in Spain, which runs on this same XpresBus line that connects the city centre with the intermodal hubs of Francesc Macià and Glòries”. By 2025, TMB will incorporate up to sixty vehicles with this zero-emission technology.

TMB’s 2025 Strategic Plan, according to Barcelona City Council sources, “reinforces the acquisition of more #sustainable vehicles to minimise the impact of bus transport on the environment. A transformation of the mobility system that is already a reality, as between 2021 and 2024 the fleet will have 210 natural gas hybrid vehicles, 154 electric vehicles and one electric vehicle….. https://bit.ly/3QVesYK

🔬 The new #NUS Center for Hydrogen Innovations embarks on cutting-edge research to drive a #hydrogen economy:

The first of its kind in Southeast Asia, the S$25 million centre aims to bring green hydrogen from #laboratory to society.Mr Russell Tham, Head of Strategic Development and Joint Head of Business Development Group at #Temasek, said, “Temasek supports efforts that catalyse solutions for a net-zero emissions world. We believe that green hydrogen can play an important role in global decarbonisation. Therefore, we are pleased to support CHI in its efforts to accelerate R&D breakthroughs and develop #research talents for the #GreenHydrogen… https://nus.edu/3ydUFvc

🚛 DB Schenker to lease #hydrogen #fuel cell #Hyzon #trucks with #Hylane:

Hylane will deliver rental Hyzon #FCEVs to DB Schenker by the end of 2022. DB Schenker plans to start field trials on selected #routes with selected customers in early 2023 and intends to expand and #commercialise the system from the third quarter of 2023, depending on factors. such as hydrogen infrastructure and the #fuel cell… https://bit.ly/3afZyvN

📰 Aragon will represent all the regions that are part of #Hydrogen #Europe:

The general assembly of this key organisation in the sector in #Europe, which is made up of more than 350 #companies, 26 European regions, 30 national associations and 108 research entities, agreed the incorporation of Aragon to its board of directors.Thus, it will be the vice-president of the #Hidrogeno Aragon Foundation and general director of #Industry and SMEs of the Government of Aragon, Javier Navarro Espada, who will occupy this position on the board of a key player in the deployment of hydrogen and fuel cells in Europe that counts among its members with more than 350 companies, 26 European regions, 30 national associations and 108 research… https://bit.ly/3NHYZsn

📰 This is the #green #hydrogen #island that aims to attract 30 billion investment:

  • It will be located in the Tierra de Fuego archipelago in #Argentina.
  • It will generate 55 tonnes of green hydrogen per day.
  • The green hydrogen island would bring 1,200 new jobs.
    For Melella, Tierra de Fuego has the potential to create an area for green hydrogen. For this reason, the archipelago is working on environmental and #infrastructure issues to pave the way for the creation of a green hydrogen… https://bit.ly/3AqyAMC

🚗 #Aurus unveiled a #hydrogen #sedan with a #autonomy of 600 km:

Russian premium #automobile brand Aurus has demonstrated its first hydrogen-powered sedan. The novelty was shown to the public at the #Innoprom exhibition, which takes place in Yekaterinburg. As TASS clarifies, at the NAMI stand there is still a prototype of the machine, the mass production of the novelty has not yet begun.The car has received a combined electric installation, which is capable of consuming #electricity and hydrogen. The power reserve of the novelty is 600 kilometres. Acceleration to hundreds brings it to a… https://bit.ly/3R8kGVp

🔬 A virtual sensor predicts the concentration of #hydrogen in the gas produced from #olive #orujillo:

A team of #researchers from the Escuela Politécnica Superior de Linares of the University of #Jaén (UJA) and the Escuela Politécnica de Ferrol of the University of La Coruña has developed a virtual sensor based on several artificial intelligence algorithms to predict the concentration of hydrogen in the #fuel gas produced from the gasification of olive pomace pellets. This product gas, also called lean gas or gasogen gas, is of low… https://bit.ly/3bR8HLy

📰 The #EU plans to import #green #hydrogen from #Namibia:

The #European #Union plans to strike a deal with #Namibia to support the #African country’s nascent #green #hydrogen sector, as well as increase its ownimports of the energy carrier. This was reported by #Reuters, citing official EU and Namibian sources.Hydrogen is accepted as an alternative to fossil fuels. Although there has been some deployment of #hydrogen technology in the EU, mainly in heavy industry and #transport, the high cost of its production and the lack of transmission infrastructure limit consumption of the fuel, which currently meets only 2 per cent of the EU’s energy needs. https://bit.ly/3OLCCDG

Yuchai’s 16-litre #hydrogen combustion #engine, which can also burn #diesel and #ammonia:

Yuchai has just unveiled the largest hydrogen engine, with the most displacement and power, in #China. For some time now, we’ve been unpacking all the alternatives that are emerging to reduce the carbon footprint of transport and which, as we can see, go beyond the battery electric and #FCEV, the fuel cell.
An increasing number of engine manufacturers are opting for hydrogen combustion. With solutions that, as in this case, not only allow for a significant reduction in emissions, but also smooth the transition, the gradual elimination of the emissions and the… https://bit.ly/3AsW1Fc

🔥 #UK lime kiln in world’s first net-zero #hydrogen test:

The trial, led by #Tarmac at its Tunstead site near #Buxton, was the culmination of a Department for Business, #Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) funded project that demonstrated the significant potential of using hydrogen as a viable alternative fuel to #natural gas for commercial scale lime production.Several trials were conducted with different energy replenishments, culminating in a replenishment of the #gas… https://bit.ly/3NO40Q5

📰 What #synthetic #oil is and how it can help combat climate change:

In November 2021 a #aircraft took off from a small #airport in southern England and made history.
Its short journey, flown by a British Royal #Air Force pilot, set a new Guinness World #record: it was the world’s first flight powered solely by #synthetic #fuel.
The fuel was from the British company Zero Petroleum, one of a number of companies that are committed to the development of synthetic fuels, also known as eFuels.
These companies’ initiatives can be found in different parts of the world, from Bilbao, Spain, to the desert of… https://bit.ly/3R7za81

👷 The #gas and #hydrogen package is to turn #gas pipelines into aqueducts:

The development of the #hydrogen #economy is to make European pipelines for the supply of #fossil fuels in the form of gas take on a new functionality in the form of hydrogen supply.The long-term perspective is the gas and hydrogen package. It speaks of the energy of the future – said prof. Jerzy Buzek working on the discussed regulation. – This is not there at the moment. It will be an energy industry based on two energy carriers: electricity and hydrogen. Both are not energy sources, because we don’t have hydrogen to use in nature, he said at the European Commission headquarters in Warsaw.Nuclear energy is not to everyone’s liking. is it legitimate This is still somewhat uncertain, but hydrogen will also be produced from nuclear energy, he said. – Biomethane and biomass will be important. In total, this will be 5 to 10 per cent of the total energy turnover. Seventy percent will be electricity and 20 percent will be hydrogen. This is the future in 20-30 years. We are preparing for it for the first time. In 8 years, we are going to start producing 10 million tonnes of renewable hydrogen and we are going to import another… https://bit.ly/3NFQYEg

🌐 McPhy signs a new order for #Hype as part of its #strategic alliance:

A new #electrolyser and a new high-capacity station:This second order signed with #Hype includes a second 2-4 MW alkaline electrolyser and a second 800 kg/day large capacity Dual Pressure. They will be installed in the #Paris region.This new order is part of the strategic partnership between McPhy and Hype announced at the end of 2021. It will be completed in the coming months, subject to confirmation of the specific subsidies requested by Hype in 2021, for 4 additional stations with a capacity of… https://bit.ly/3NUxoo0

🌐 Japan Hydrogen Association (#JH2A):

Hioki joined the #Japan Hydrogen Association (JH2A), which is working to foster global partnerships in the hydrogen field and develop a hydrogen supply chain.As an open organisation that spans multiple #industries and enjoys a comprehensive perspective of the entire supply chain, the JH2A was founded to accelerate the development of a hydrogen-based society by implementing #projects designed to commercialise hydrogen as a #hydrogen… https://bit.ly/3bVQlJF

📰 The favourable prognosis for #greenhydrogen in #Spain:

Green hydrogen has become the clean alternative of the future and Spain knows it. A study by the International #Renewable #Energy #Agency (#IRENA) claims that the #iberian country could be among the top 15 countries in the world in the production of cheap, green hydrogen by 2050.The report argues that the country best positioned to manufacture and market this 100% green fuel is #China, followed by #Chile, #Morocco, #Colombia and #Australia. The Chinese could reach a cost of only 0.65 dollars while Spain would reach 0.80 dollars, which would place it in eleventh place in the ranking. In the most pessimistic model, Spain would be well over the $0.80 barrier…. https://bit.ly/3yNxtFt

🔬 #BAM launches survey on new #test #platform for #hydrogen and #hydrogen-natural gas pipelines:

The Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung (BAM) is launching a survey on the safe operation of #hydrogen and #natural gas pipelines. It is aimed at experts from #industry and #research to consider current and future questions, needs and priorities before setting up a #pipeline… https://bit.ly/3NNlY5d

📰 #EHB presents five potential #hydrogen supply #corridors:

The #REPowerEU plan sets new hydrogen demand and supply targets for 2030. To enable these targets to be met, five major #hydrogen #pipeline corridors are foreseen.

  • These corridors will play a key role as an efficient solution for the #transport of large volumes of low-cost hydrogen to demand centres.
  • The five proposed corridors will serve both domestic and import supply markets, in line with the three import corridors identified by the recent REPowerEU plan.
  • To ensure the development of these corridors by 2030, speed is of the essence and the European Hydrogen #Backbone (EHB) has identified five key measures that… https://bit.ly/3bVAHxA

✈ Hydrogen #fuel #cell #drones “join the #army” still need to pass the cost barrier:

Not long ago, an #Israeli website said that two domestic #companies will jointly design and manufacture hydrogen fuel cell drones with large payloads to create a “next-generation drone formation” with a longer range.In the context of the current dominance of lithium batteries in the drone market, the release of this news makes people feel that “the time to replace drones with advanced hydrogen fuel cells is not far off”. In fact, there is still a long way to go to move hydrogen fuel cell drones with high payload capacity from the drawing board to the real world. https://uav.huanqiu.com/article/48jlYlDqUYF

📰 The #hydrogen rainbow:

The varieties of hydrogen – green, blue, grey, grey, black, brown, yellow, yellow, turquoise, white and pink – make it a veritable rainbow, but green will eclipse the rest by 2050.#Wood Mackenzie forecasts that global demand for hydrogen will increase by two to six times between now and 2050. According to its Accelerated Energy Transition Scenario (AET-1.5), demand for low-carbon hydrogen reaches 649 million tonnes (Mt) by 2050, with almost 150 Mt of that traded on the seaborne market. That is a huge opportunity.But not all hydrogen is created equal: there is a real rainbow of variety. So what kind of hydrogen would you like to invest in? How do you distinguish green hydrogen from blue? What makes hydrogen grey? And what’s all that pink, yellow and turquoise? Bridget van Dorsten and Flor Lucia de la Cruz, #Research, Hydrogen and #EmergingTechnologies analysts at Wood Mackenzie, have put together this short guide to decoding hydrogen’s… https://bit.ly/3Pdeh9z

🌐 #hydrogen #engines often “ignite” A-share #companies to develop new #energy and new ways:

“This #carbon-free #hydrogen engine is clean and efficient, and is best suited for the #heavy #truck market.” The relevant person in charge of Power Xinke said the development of hydrogen engines is in line with the company’s constant pursuit of increasing power and clean and efficiency, marking the company’s commitment to Another solid step has been taken in the field of new energy.In mid-June, FAW Jiefang announced the successful ignition and stable operation of the first domestic direct-injection hydrogen engine for #heavy commercial vehicles that it designed and developed independently. A breakthrough was achieved in the research and development of the… https://bit.ly/3ID949b

📰 That #hydrogen thing everyone’s talking about:

In these same pages, day in and day out, various news items appear about the uncertainties of the #energy market in Spain and, by extension, in #Europe; from the uncontrolled rise in the price of fossil fuels, the pressing energy dependence of European countries aggravated by diplomatic and war conflicts that we all know about, to the political tribulations that destabilise an energy system that should be balanced, safe and affordable for citizens.We could speak of an energy emergency, without wishing to be alarmist, which is intrinsically connected to other emergencies of an environmental or economic nature. There is no way to separate one aspect from the other. As we know, the choice of an energy approach – they call it a roadmap – to stimulate a country’s #economy will definitely influence the #environment, for example. So, for the time being, all eyes are on… https://bit.ly/3ytOSBA

⏯ (1:50) Une #équipe #monégasque transforme l’#eau de mer en #hydrogène lors de l’Energy Boat Challenge:

Du 4 au 9 juillet, la 9ème édition de l’Energy Boat Challenge s’est tenue dans le port de #Monaco, devant le Yacht Club. Une vingtaine d’équipes du monde entier, de la #Grèce, de l’Inde, mais aussi du #Portugal et de l’#Italie, composées d’ingénieurs et d’étudiants en #ingénierie, ont créé des #bateaux et des systèmes de propulsion basés sur des technologies innovantes utilisant l’énergie #solaire ou l’hydrogène… https://bit.ly/3yo23UE

📰 Commitment of the #Port to make #Huelva “the city of green #hydrogen”:

The president of the Port Authority of Huelva, Pilar Miranda, has highlighted the “commitment” of the port in the process of energy transformation “towards new models”, based on the use of #clean fuels such as hydrogen and all its derivatives and has shown herself to be “convinced” that in the future the capital will be “the city of green hydrogen”.In an interview granted to Europa Press, Miranda pointed out that the Port of Huelva is “#energetic due to the nature of its own traffic, such as oil and its derivatives, and #gas” and that for this same reason “it is committed to the process of energy transformation towards the new models”…. https://bit.ly/3Pjsq52

🔥 This #green #hydrogen #minipower plant withstood a raging fire:

Licked by flames, the mini-power plant for the production and #storage of green hydrogen at La Nouvelle in Reunion did not explode. The installation is the only survivor of an intense fire, which completely destroyed the building that housed it without causing any casualties.
It is a mini power plant combining 7.85 kWp of #photovoltaic panels with an #electrolyser capable of producing 0.5 Nm3 of hydrogen per hour, a tank storing up to 3 kg of H2, 14 kWh of #lithium-ion batteries and a fuel cell… https://bit.ly/3uCJWJL

🌐 David Holderbach, CEO of #HYVIA: “Hydrogen in #automotion is already a reality”:”

Later this year, the company in which #Renault and #Plug Power have a stake will have vans and minibuses with this technology to drive in our cities.”Communities that make heavy use of their means of #transport. But the current supply of hydrogen is not sufficient and they cannot find really adequate solutions. To meet this demand, which is becoming urgent, our company has developed a unique ecosystem, based in #France. To move fast, it transforms the Master E-TECH Electric manufactured in Batilly and… https://bit.ly/3uDvUra

🛳 The #Port of #Sevilla will have a green #hydrogen plant in 2023:

The company #Alener is promoting this initiative which, in its first phase, will supply companies in the #Astilleros industrial estate.Green hydrogen (which is generated with renewable energies and can replace natural gas) arrives at the Port of Seville. The Seville company Alener has announced the construction of a plant for its production, storage and distribution which will be operational within the next twelve months. “It is the first initiative of this type in the province and the second in a…https://bit.ly/3OekDot

📰 #Piedmont has officially approved its #Regional #HydrogenStrategy: the full document:

The Piedmont Region, after a preliminary work that lasted a few months , has developed its Regional Hydrogen Strategy: scenario analysis, vision and #supporting tools put in black and white in an organic document – what many still expect to arrive shortly also in its national version – approved by the regional council and published on the website of the institution.”The Strategy – underlines the Piedmont Region in a note – will allow, on the one hand, to enhance regional capacities, considering that Piedmont is one of the few #European #regions #that has a complete regional hydrogen ecosystem, in terms of research and development, technology transfer, active productive system in the areas of mobility, production and industrial uses; on the other hand, it aims to seize opportunities in support of hydrogen as a key component of the Union’s energy and industrial decarbonisation strategy, in line with the main European policy tools”…https://bit.ly/3c9X1Ug

📰 The first #zero #emissions and #consumption #building was inaugurated in #Benevento:

The residential building was designed and built by the #Technological District for Sustainable Building Stress and by the University of Sannio as a large-scale demonstration intervention of the #SmartHouses research project “Innovative multifunctional solutions for the optimisation of primary energy consumption and indoor liveability. in the building system”. In addition to the production of renewable energy from solar and geothermal sources, a #fuel cell powered 100% by #hydrogen has been installed for the combined production of electricity and heat, necessary to meet the energy requirements of the building that currently houses two students of the inter-university master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering. Ennio Rubino president of the Technology District for Sustainable Buildings stresses: “Before it was zero energy building now zero hydrogen emission building, let’s try a fuel cell which is actually an object that using hydrogen produces electricity and heat without emitting co2. Solid oxide technology is a promising technology and it is the first application at national and I would say in some aspects European level, in terms of a real building case because the peculiarity of this building is that besides being inhabited it is technologically very well equipped in terms of… https://bit.ly/3c8JGMb

🚗 #Hyundai or #Volkswagen, which brand is betting more on #hydrogen?

Hyundai is one of the manufacturers that is most committed to hydrogen, as demonstrated when it presented its #Hydrogen 2040 strategy last year, with which it aims to incorporate this fuel in all its #vehicles, with the aim of promoting a more environmentally friendly model change. The Korean brand’s commitment to #renewable #energies is centred on the use of hydrogen as a fuel. From 2030, all its models will be powered by hydrogen. But hydrogen should not be seen as a fuel to power a combustion engine, which is not efficient, as demonstrated by the BMW 7 Series Hydrogen. The hydrogen vehicle is actually an electric vehicle, except that the battery power does not come from the grid, but from a #fuel cell where the fuel is stored. https://bit.ly/3IySpDi

📰 Hydrogen could be the #fuel that powers #data centres in the future:

The #energy crisis is seriously affecting the #data centre industry and builders and operators are looking for solutions to replace traditional ways of powering #facilities. One of these is the use of hydrogen #fuel cells for back-up systems, an option that is gaining support in the industry, with use cases… https://bit.ly/3P63kH4

🔬 #IISc #researchers extract #green #hydrogen from #biomass:

Scientists at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) have come up with a method to make hydrogen from biomass, an abundant source of #renewable #energy, which is beneficial for the environment. According to experts, India uses about 50 lakh tonnes of hydrogen annually for a variety of operations in numerous industries and in the coming years, the hydrogen industry is expected to expand significantly.

“But most of the hydrogen we currently use comes from fossil fuels through a process called steam methane reforming pathway,” said S Dasappa, professor at the Centre for… https://bit.ly/3ytOm6Q

♻ #Green hydrogen and the role of #reuse and #desalination of #water:

It is clear that the sustainable function of green hydrogen requires the choice of water source used in the #electrolysis process (by stoichiometry, 1 kg of H2 requires 9 kg of water). There will be no #sustainability if the water source has implications of availability disputes with the population or environmental constraints.Therefore, the use of alternative sources (seawater reuse and desalination) are emerging as options for water supply in hydrogen production. It should be noted that the addition of a seawater desalination or water reuse process will undoubtedly increase the energy requirement in the analysis of the total electrolytic hydrogen production cycle. However, this increase in… https://bit.ly/3azu7g1

🚗 The #Formula 1 event uses #innovative #clean #hydrogen #technology in #Austria:

Following a development agreement signed with Test-#Fuchs GmbH, Auto AG Group and #hydrogen and methanol #fuel cell supplier SFC Energy AG (SFC), the event featured the mobile, emission-free H2Genset generator. Used to provide a reliable and autonomous power supply to a mobile merchandising sales stand at the Red Bull Ring in Austria, H2Genset was equipped with an EFOY hydrogen fuel cell capable of delivering a maximum power rating of 10 kW and a continuous power rating of 5 kW. The technology enabled a clean energy supply to the stall’s cash terminal, which is essential for purchasing goods, as well as powering its… https://bit.ly/3Ph604I

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