H2 News Briefs June 2022

H2 News Briefs June 2022

🌐 #Jujuy is working on its first #hydrogen law:

Jujuy advances its #project of #law for the promotion of green hydrogen production. The #Government’s intention is for the province to establish itself as a leader in renewable energy generation and the first step was taken in the provincial Legislature.
Jujuy’s Minister of Environment, María Inés Zigarán, and the Director of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, Marcelo Nieder, briefed legislators on the plans to promote the production… https://bit.ly/3wRUHcM

🌐 #Fraunhofer #Chile will create a #platform that evaluates the production of #renewable #hydrogen:

The web platform project enables a techno-economic evaluation of producing green hydrogen (#H2V) solar in the north of the country. The aim is to support and encourage the development of solar hydrogen projects. The project director indicates that “through this project we will create a web platform that will provide pre-feasibility level information to investors interested in developing green hydrogen projects from solar #energy in the north of Chile”. For his part, the General Manager of Fraunhofer Chile believes that “the new platform for estimating costs around H2V #solar projects is a perfect example of knowledge and science at work”… https://bit.ly/38nkRuk

📰 #Moreno welcomes #Cepsa’s decision to invest in #Andalusia and affirms that “we will be at the forefront” in #greenhydrogen:

Moreno celebrates Cepsa’s decision to invest in Andalusia and claims that “we will be at the forefront” in green hydrogen.”Cepsa will invest up to 5,000 million in our community and will generate 17,000 #jobs linked to the Green Revolution. We continue to add investments. Andalusia is going to be at the forefront of green hydrogen production”, he concluded. The company announced on Wednesday that it will invest this amount in the region over the next decade, a figure that “represents around 60% of the total amount” – 8,000 million euros – that the company will invest “to… https://bit.ly/3lM5DlJ

🌐 Boosting #green #hydrogen in the Southern Cone:

The green hydrogen wheels are turning in the Southern Cone countries of #Argentina, #Chile and #Uruguay.Each has large renewable #energy potential, as well as available land, which #investors should tap to generate the masses of cheap, clean electricity needed to help turn a profit.The countries are home to projects geared to meet local demand or applications, as well as larger-scale initiatives aimed at the local #scale… https://bit.ly/3PL2yAd

🛳 #HyBarge: the #French #hydrogen #barge to be launched in #2024:

100% French hydrogen-powered barge project, led by the Occitan company L’Équipage, Hybarge should start production in 2023 and be launched in 2024. Dedicated to the #transport of #goods (it replaces 12 heavy goods), it underlines the relevance of river transport (already by nature less polluting than road transport) in the decarbonisation of transport.
“It’s a long journey, but today the project is being finalised and we are going to start manufacturing a 39-metre Freycinet-type barge, which can navigate all the canals of Europe and is capable of transporting up to 300 tonnes of goods. “. Since 2019, when the feasibility study was launched, supported by joint funding from VNF and ADEME of €240,000, Jean-Marc Samuel (head of SAS L’Équipage, specialising in inland waterway freight transport) has had to show tenacity to… https://bit.ly/3lRk87Y

🔬 #Low-cost #green #hydrogen, the “#energy #revolution” being promoted by a #Valencian #spin-off:

They explain that they are currently negotiating the price of the #catalyst, but say that both #nickel and #iron, which they are proposing, are much less expensive than iridium dioxide, for example, which currently costs 500 euros/gram. Platinum, another alternative catalyst to their proposal, “is over 2,000 euros”. However, he acknowledges that right now the market is… https://bit.ly/3Gu5E7k

📰 This #plasma #electrolyser could revolutionise #hydrogen production:

The #technique of producing hydrogen from clean water is now well mastered and relies on #electrolysis to split water molecules. Plasmalisers developed by Graforce make it possible by using a high-frequency voltage field (plasma), generated by solar or wind power, to split nitrogen and carbon compounds into atoms. These elements are then recombined in the plasma field and the escaping hydrogen and other #gases are separated in membranes. The process thus makes it possible to obtain hydrogen without carbon dioxide by directly recycling wastewater… https://bit.ly/3lRlGPk

🌐 Técnicas Reunidas participates in the EVER project:

The EVER project represents the first step on TR’s path to achieve electrolysers based on #AEM technology:The EVER Project is the Development of a Low Cost #Electrolyser for the Production of #Green Hydrogen. It is an R&D&I project focused on the study, design, construction and validation of new #anion exchange membrane (AEM) technology electrolysers.The project has an execution period of 34 months and a budget of 1,465,434 € and will be supported by the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology… https://bit.ly/3t59jDg

💲 210 million #euros for a new #green #hydrogen plant in Arcos de la Frontera (#Córdoba):

The municipality of Arcos has not lost the confidence of the business sector, which is once again betting on the town thanks to its good communications with the provinces of #Malaga and #Sevilla, its central geographical location and other auxiliary industries. In this context, the #German firm #Viridi has confirmed a new investment in Arcos of around 210 million euros to develop the Sol Win Hy Cádiz project, specifically on private land adjacent to the El Peral business park, seeking its good connection with the Jerez-Arcos motorway. It consists of a green hydrogen generation plant using solar and wind energy with a production capacity of 30,000 tonnes per year. This would be the second project of these characteristics after the one set up by Iberdrola at its combined cycle thermal power plant.According to the company’s initial estimates, this project will create some 300 jobs during the construction phase of the plant alone, with a further 50 jobs for the construction of the new plant. https://bit.ly/3wWJdDu

📰 Green #hydrogen projects in #desert regions could boost clean #water for local people:

Irena. Water #desalination only adds less than 4% to the levelised cost of #H2 in the most conservative scenario, the agency says. “A challenge for #Africa is water scarcity, but green hydrogen could provide an opportunity to address this challenge rather than exacerbate it,” the study says. “Even for low LCOH [levelised cost of hydrogen] scenarios, water supply, in the most conservative case, through desalination, represents only less than 4% of total #LCOH, meaning it is relatively cheap compared to hydrogen supply. “The water supply system could be scaled up to serve other water uses (e.g. sanitation) with a relatively small cost penalty for hydrogen, but providing the economies of scale needed to achieve… https://bit.ly/3akhK71

⏯ (3:08) #GreenHydrogen: this is how one of the first #hydrogen plants in #Spain works.

It is divided into two main parts one which is the heart of the hydrogen plant where we are going to have the #electrolyser which is going to be the one that performs the main function of creating hydrogen and then we have a second part in which we are going to have a #pneumatic compressor because it is fundamental to be able to compress the hydrogen once it has been produced or manufactured apart we have external forms to be able to get green hydrogen like the one we have in this plant we have in the upper part of the ship…. https://bit.ly/3NJ85oX

📰 Which parts of the world will be able to #produce the cheapest #green #hydrogen in the long term?

Chinese #producers could be delivering green hydrogen at a levelised cost (#LCOH) of just over $0.65 per kg by 2050, with #Chile only marginally behind.Even in the most pessimistic cost scenario, China would produce #green #H2 at a LCOH of around $1.10/kg by mid-century, with #Colombia around $1.15/kg and #Australia and Chile around $1.20/kg.USA AND #SAUDI #ARABIA, AT AROUND $1.10/KG. The US and Saudi Arabia, by comparison, could achieve levelised costs of… https://bit.ly/3ay81dx

🚛 The first 40-tonne #hydrogen #delivery #truck, designed in #Switzerland, was presented today in #Geneva.

“This is the first time this #technology has been used for a #40-tonne #vehicle,” said Jean-Luc Favre, president of the Nomads Foundation, at the presentation which took place in the framework of the 23rd edition of the European Conference on #Energy. Transition, underway in Geneva until Thursday.
The GoH! (Hydrogen Generation) is the result of a collaboration between the Nomads Foundation, which brings together several partners to promote the development of eco-sustainable projects, and four companies: Migros, which wants to reduce its carbon footprint, the developer of electric power. hydrogen propulsion GreenGT, the Services industriels de Genève (SIG) and the group specialising in… https://bit.ly/38VILh1

💲 More than 100 #pioneering #projects #apply for #aid for #renewable #hydrogen:

On 24 December, the Ministry for Ecological Transition published in the Official State Gazette (#BOE) the call for a line endowed with 150 million #euros for pioneering renewable hydrogen projects with commercial viability for local production and consumption in sectors that are difficult to decarbonise.As explained by the Secretary of State for Energy, “at the beginning of this month” the deadline for submission closed, and “more than 100 projects have been received for a value of ¤150 million”. https://bit.ly/3wSWIE4

🚛 The #Bielefeld #garbage #fleet relies on hydrogen:

Anyone who first has to be reminded by the noisy #diesel #engine of the #garbage #truck to quickly place the container on the street is out of luck. For almost a year now, the vehicle of the environmental company (UWB), which empties the bio bins in the Heepen area, has been approaching quietly. Because it runs on a hydrogen fuel cell, a technology that successfully passed the waste disposal test. Therefore, now six… https://bit.ly/38WyxwS

🚅 #CAF starts static tests of the #hydrogen #train at its #Zaragoza plant:

The #FCH2Rail railway project, based on a #Renfe Civia demonstrator train powered by hydrogen, is progressing under the leadership of CAF (Construcción y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles). This company has already begun static tests on the prototype at its Zaragoza plant, which will be decisive for its fine-tuning before it is tested in operation on San Gregorio branch lines in July before verifying its proper operation on a route from the Aragonese capital to Canfranc, foreseeably in the autumn.”The Civia train we are using arrived a few months ago, it had to be dismantled, then new equipment had to be assembled for its conversion into a hydrogen train and now we are starting the static tests,” Eduardo Gálvez, CAF’s director, told this newspaper yesterday. “We have already started the preliminary tests and next week we will carry out the… https://bit.ly/3zeweQi

📰 The #sevillian #H2B2 will develop green hydrogen in #Colombia with the oil company #Ecopetrol:

A strong investment in R&D&I, its operational presence in #Europe and #America, as well as complete solutions for both conventional and integrated projects of hundreds of MW (including the sale and supply of green hydrogen to sectors such as transport or industry) have been some of the reasons why the company has been selected as the only Spanish company, as highlighted by the Sevillian technology company in a statement.More than 80 companies from 16 countries from all over the world participated in a rigorous and transparent process where, after three qualifying stages, the best companies were selected… https://bit.ly/3N9RMBD

🔬 Innovative #hydrogen #production: using #solar #energy, without solar modules:

What’s behind it? “You’re actually dealing with two tasks at the same time,” explains Alexey Cherevan, who heads the #photocatalysis research group at the Institute of #Materials #chemistry at Vienna University of Technology. “We have to think about oxygen and hydrogen. The oxygen atoms in the water must be converted into O2 molecules, and the remaining hydrogen ions, which are simply protons, must be converted into #H2 molecules.”
The team managed to do this using inorganic clusters consisting of a small number of atoms. Two different clusters are used for the required processes. Cobalt, #tungsten and #oxygen form the basis of the clusters, which leads to the oxidation of oxygen. The hydrogen molecules, in turn, are produced through clusters composed of… https://bit.ly/3x1XjDI

💲 The #price of #green #hydrogen could drop to 5 #euros per kilo by 2025:

Aurora Energy Research says in a new report that the maximum profitability of green hydrogen projects could be achieved when #solar and #wind #energy plants are combined with #electrolysers.

Green hydrogen is seen as essential for decarbonisation and future energy supply. The hydrogen economy is still in its infancy, but the German government claims that generation capacity will increase to 10 GW by 2030.
German consultancy Aurora Energy Research has reported that hydrogen projects with a total capacity of 21 GW have already been announced in Germany, but only a fraction of them have been realised. Analysts estimate that the industry will need up to… https://bit.ly/3NJssCo

🌐 Green #hydrogen made in #Gmünd from 2024?

A #French #company is setting up production in the #industrial area of #Gügling, including a #hydrogen #filling station. Aspen Technology Park could be supplied with #energy with a kilometre-long pipeline. Is there movement on #Aspen now? It looks like it. At least one company has been found that produces green hydrogen. The water (60 cubic metres per day) and green #electricity (50 gigawatt hours per year) will be supplied by #Gmünder Stadtwerke… https://bit.ly/3PYHMNq


The main objective of the project is to investigate optimal methods of generating circular and #renewable #hydrogen from waste mixtures treated by #gasification processes.The company Greene from Elche has joined forces with the Instituto Tecnológico de la Energía (ITE), and the Clúster de Energía de la Comunidad Valenciana (CECV) to develop an innovative project that will combine two aspects of maximum actuality in the energy sector, such as the generation of energy from hydrogen and the #gasification of waste…. https://bit.ly/3m6ZFMB

📰 China’s first 100% #petroleum #coke #hydrogen production complex:

On June 2, #Guangdong Petrochemical’s combined #petroleum coke hydrogen production plant, which was contracted by Huanqiu Company PC and built by Huanqiu Jilin Chemical Construction Co, Ltd, was successfully delivered and entered the production preparation stage.Guangdong Petrochemical Petroleum Coke Hydrogen Production Complex started on December 16, 2019 and covers an area of 220 000 square meters. 1.7 The installation of a 10,000-ton steel structure is a single unit with the largest area, the largest number of structures, the largest amount of concrete pouring and the largest amount of equipment installed in the Guangdong Petrochemical #Chemical #Refining and #Chemical Integration Project. It is also the first… https://bit.ly/3PYfFhG

🔬 Advances in the development of more efficient #hydrogen #fuel #cells:

They identify the presence of surface species at low potentials in the main #fuel cell #catalyst, #platinum. The finding would impact the understanding of #electrochemical reactions in fuel cells and the search for more efficient materials.
In the article “Investigating the presence of adsorbed species on Pt steps at low potentials”, published last May in the journal Nature Communications, researchers from the University Institute of Electrochemistry at the University of Alicante indicate that they have identified the adsorption of OH (hydroxyl anion) species on low-coordination platinum atoms using several electrochemical techniques and a spectroscopic technique known as SHINERS (Shell Isolated Nanoparticles for Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy). The use of SHINERS made it possible to demonstrate the presence of adsorbed OH at higher potentials…. https://bit.ly/3zgoFZA

🌐 #Toyota shows a working #prototype of a portable, replaceable #hydrogen cylinder:

According to Techspot, Toyota has created a #functional #prototype of a portable hydrogen cylinder that could make #alternative energy more viable for everyday use. The idea is conceptually similar to propane tanks, allowing users to quickly and easily replace hydrogen cylinders when needed. Toyota estimates that a single hydrogen cylinder can provide enough energy to run an average household microwave oven for 3-4 hours.
The hydrogen cylinder was jointly developed by Toyota and its subsidiary Woven Planet Holdings. It measures approximately 16 inches long, 7 inches wide and has a… https://bit.ly/3NhY02r

✈ Aviation #H2 begins purchasing test engines:

It is procuring #engines to test its #hydrogen-powered #jet technology over the next four to six weeks.Aviation H2 continues to move towards having #Australia’s first hydrogen-powered aircraft in the sky by mid-2023, and the company is due to acquire test engines for modification in the next four to six weeks.Its strategic partner and specialist charter operator FalconAir is currently ensuring that these engines meet Aviatio H2 requirements.While the test engines will not be used for flight testing, they will be invaluable for the company to test its technologies so that the #liquidammonia can continue to burn.However, before the company can modify the test engines, it will embark on a… https://bit.ly/3zjGwyM

🚛 #Camiones #eléctricos pesados, ¿batería o #hidrógeno? Reino Unido reaviva la pelea:

El gobierno de Reino Unido va a iniciar una #investigación con vehículos reales que permitirá responder sobre el futuro del #transporte pesado por carretera: camiones eléctricos de batería o alimentados por una pila de combustible de hidrógeno.El gobierno del Reino Unido ha iniciado una investigación en la que va a invertir 200 millones de libras esterlinas (unos 237 millones de euros) para averiguar cuál es el futuro del transporte de mercancías por carretera. Durante un período de tres años, tratará de comprender las ventajas económicas para descarbonizar un sector que es responsable de alrededor del 5 % de las emisiones totales de carbono del país. Para ello estudiará las ventajas económicas de una flota de camiones eléctricos alimentados por baterías y otra de pila de combustible de hidrógeno y la infraestructura necesaria para alimentarlos.El programa se apoya en el objetivo del gobierno del Reino Unido de garantizar que todos los vehículos pesados ​​(#HGV) nuevos vendidos en el Reino Unido en 2040 sean cero emisiones. Se iniciará a finales de este año y tendrá una duración de tres años. Un camión promedio con una vida útil de poco menos de siete años contribuiría significativamente a los planes del país de alcanzar el objetivo… https://bit.ly/392GsJ7

📰 Los #valles del #hidrógeno, nuevos focos de sostenibilidad y desarrollo económico:

Empresas, Administraciones públicas, #universidades y centros de #investigación se unen para impulsar la producción y consumo de hidrógeno renovable en entornos #industriales y convertir a España en una potencia exportadora.El hidrógeno renovable va a tener un rol esencial para que nuestra sociedad alcance la neutralidad climática en 2050. Este gas sostenible, que no genera emisiones si se produce con energía eólica o fotovoltaica, será una de las soluciones clave para descarbonizar sectores básicos de la economía como el transporte y, sobre todo, la industria, que consume el 90% del hidrógeno convencional que se produce hoy en el mundo.En este terreno, España se encuentra en una situación de privilegio al disponer de abundantes recursos para generar electricidad de origen renovable. Además, nuestro país cuenta con una industria avanzada en materia tecnológica, lo que le permitirá, a largo plazo, producir y consumir grandes cantidades de hidrógeno renovable a un precio competitivo. Incluso podría generar excedentes y convertirse en… https://bit.ly/3tiDTJw

📰 #FEV y #ORECA preparan el #Dakar con #H2ICE:

FEV está trabajando con ORECA para desarrollar un motor de combustión interna que se utilizará en la edición 2024 del #Rally Dakar. Ven esto como un punto de inflexión para el automovilismo que aprovecha la potencia de los motores de combustión y minimiza las emisiones.La ORECA francesa ha ganado varios campeonatos de automovilismo con #vehículos desarrollados por ella. FEV desarrolla sistemas de propulsión para la industria del automóvil, entre otras cosas. Juntos quieren acelerar el desarrollo del motor de combustión de hidrógeno (H2ICE) haciéndolo apto para el Rally Dakar . Está previsto que esta moto haga su debut en una sección especial del ‘Dakar’.¿Por qué H2ICE?La FEV afirma en su nota de prensa que la apuesta por el hidrógeno responde casi exclusivamente al deseo de eliminar las emisiones de los combustibles fósiles. Cuando se quema hidrógeno, solo se liberan cantidades mínimas de hidrocarburos (HC), monóxido de carbono (CO), dióxido de carbono (CO2) y hollín. Estos no provienen del hidrógeno en sí, sino del lubricante quemado. Por lo tanto, FEV presta gran atención a la reducción del consumo de aceite durante el desarrollo del H2ICE.El principal componente de los gases de escape es el óxido de nitrógeno (NOx). Sus emisiones se minimizan mediante una tasa de combustión laminar muy alta en combinación con amplios límites de ignición, lo que permite una mezcla muy pobre. Debido a la baja temperatura de los gases de escape, la cantidad de NOx ya está por debajo de los valores límite actuales incluso sin tratamiento posterior de los gases de escape. La cantidad de NOx se reduce aún… https://bit.ly/3H0aucP

📰 A new battery design for #PEM #electrolysers promises to cut production costs:

German #researchers have built #bipolar #plates for #electrolyser batteries without using titanium, which they claim can further reduce the costs of green hydrogen.
A group of researchers in Germany has proposed replacing titanium (Ti) bipolar plates (BPPs) in proton exchange membrane (PEM) water electrolysers with plates based on coated stainless steel (ss) in an effort to reduce current high manufacturing costs. “PEM electrolysers currently use expensive materials, such as titanium and platinum group metals (PGMs), due to the harsh oxidation conditions inside the cells,” noted the scientists, who pointed out that BPPs account for up to… https://bit.ly/3O749hU

📰 #KIMM publishes a #guide on #materials of #storage #tanks for #alternative #fuel #ships:

The Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials (KIMM), an institute under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Science and ICT, announced today that it and the Korean Registry (KR) have jointly published a comprehensive guide on metal materials suitable for use in eco-friendly fuel storage tanks, such as those used to store hydrogen, methanol and ammonia.The newly published ‘Guidance on the selection of metallic materials for alternative fuel containment systems on ships’ includes detailed technical information on all metallic materials suitable for… https://bit.ly/3O6btKY

🌐 White Paper on how to achieve #energy #security in #Europe through #green #hydrogen.

Through this document, #Siemens Gamesa calls on 3European governments and key sectors to work together to ensure #energy security through renewables and green hydrogen, environmental security through decarbonisation, and economic security for end consumers through the stability of energy prices and the… https://bit.ly/3MxQmQp

🔬 Advent’s #methanol-based #fuel cell unit contributes to a new world record set by #ARM Engineering for #electric and #hydrogen cars.

ARM Engineering recently developed a renewable synthetic methanol called G-H3, which has, among other features, the ability to power both thermal and electric vehicles, the latter being powered by a fuel cell. By choosing Advent’s methanol-based H3 5000 fuel cell unit as the power source for the electric Renault Zoe, ARM Engineering and its team of highly experienced drivers managed to cover a total of 2,055.68 km (1277.34 mi) over 40 hours while driving approximately 50 km/h (31 mph), setting new world records for the longest distance for an electric or hydrogen-powered vehicle with… https://bwnews.pr/3MC3bZZ

🔬 They run a #gas #turbine on 100% #hydrogen for the first time:

#Researchers at #University of #Stavanger (UiS) succeeded in running a gas turbine on 100% hydrogen.The University of Stavanger operates a micro gas plant in southwest Norway. The gas turbine produces both heat and electricity. It also supplies hot water to heat the laboratory buildings in the… https://bit.ly/3OdD8JI

💲Hay 680 proyectos de hidrógeno por valor de US$240.000 millones en el mundo:

En particular las de lossectores de transporte y logística, mientras las empresas intentan alcanzar sus objetivos de cero emisiones netas,según Engie Impact, la división de consultoría de sostenibilidad de la empresa francesa de servicios públicos Engie SA.El mayor terreno ganado en Asia, especialmente entre mineras y transportistas, es una “sólida señal” del potencial delhidrógeno, dijo el martes en Singapur Mathias Lelievre, director ejecutivo de Engie Impact, durante la Ecosperity Week 2022,una conferencia destinada a acelerar las ideas en torno a la transición verde de… https://bit.ly/3QiI1mF

🔥 #Hydrogen #combustion #technology for #residential #water #heaters:

Japan’s Rinnai has unveiled what it says is the first 100 per cent hydrogen combustion technology for residential water heaters. Prior to commercialisation, it is being tested in projects in Australia.Rinnai Corp, a Japanese manufacturer of home heating appliances, has developed a new water heater powered exclusively by hydrogen.”We have succeeded in developing a hydrogen-powered water heater, which is sought as a clean fuel source with zero CO2 emissions, in a way that solves the problems of explosion risk and combustion stability,” he said, adding that the heater can be used for… https://bit.ly/3zBMYRS

🌐 #Hydrogen #Kits. Universal #Hydrogen places large order:

California-based #aerospace company #California Universal Hydrogen and Massachusetts-based Connect Airlines have just announced an order for kits to convert ATR 72-600s to hydrogen.
The order follows the two partners’ signing of a letter of intent to create the first zero-emission #airline in the #US. Delivery of the 75 conversion kits is scheduled for 2025. The order also foresees the subsequent supply of… https://bit.ly/3NOgRm4

🌐 AECOM appoints #ATOME as its Owner’s Engineer for the 60 MW Villeta Project on a global scale:

The #international #hydrogen, #ammonia and #green #fertilizer production company with current large-scale projects in Europe and South America, as well as its own Green Mobility Division for transport, provides a progress report on its recently announced, near-term. 60 MW world-scale project in Villeta, #Paraguay… https://bit.ly/3mIeUM7

✈ Los #holandeses quieren llegar a #Londres en 2028 con #aviones de pasajeros de #hidrógeno:

A partir de 2028, debería ser posible volar de #Ámsterdam a Londres, cruzando el Mar del Norte, en un avión de pasajeros de tamaño mediano (hasta 80 asientos) propulsado por hidrógeno. Esta es la opinión de un grupo de empresas holandesas que trabajan en un sistema de hidrógeno que se puede integrar en… https://bit.ly/3xtK4fh


This project has an estimated budget of €2.37 M and an execution period of 36 months.Alfonso Carneros, technical director of the Technological Centre for Small and Medium-sized Shipyards (#SOERMAR) commented that storage and transport are the biggest challenges to be solved. Both must be solved in order to boost green hydrogen as an alternative energy.The presentation took place during the explanation of this #innovative initiative at the ordinary general assembly of the MarCA Cluster.”The difficulties arise from the physical and chemical characteristics of hydrogen,” said Alfonso. “As it has a very low volumetric energy density, both in its liquid and gaseous state, it must… https://bit.ly/39z9no2

📰 #Green #electricity” catalytic technology as a medium, waste plastics are converted into high value-added resources:

Sunlight #solar light, wind, carbon dioxide, these materials readily available in nature can efficiently convert #polyethylene terephthalate (PET) waste plastics, such as mineral water bottles and disposable packaging, into formic acid resources commonly used in industry and #hydrogen fuel. Recently, the environmental research team at Shanghai Jiao Tong University has made a series of achievements in the field of #hydrogen fuel…. https://bit.ly/3MR094o

🌐 MAN introduces a “dual” #engine that runs on #diesel and #hydrogen and emits 50% less CO2:

MAN has adapted a #V12 diesel engine (D2862) so that it can be used with hydrogen. The engine, which is already in use on ships, reduces #CO2 emissions by up to 80% compared to the diesel engine.It is an adaptation of two MAN D2862 LE448 twelve-cylinder V12 marine diesel engines. They are conventional diesel engines, with only a few modifications, which do not require any substantial changes to run on hydrogen, according to Werner Kübler, Head of MAN Engine Development. At the hardware level, only the engine management system has had to be adapted… https://bit.ly/3xxtH1n

🚗 #Stellantis launches its big #hydrogen offensive:

The Stellantis group invited us to get behind the wheel of its first #hydrogen-powered #utility vehicles. The start of an offensive that will also include large #vans in 2024 and the United States with… https://bit.ly/3zDJNJb

📰 The #Cepsa Foundation #Chair #Cepsa will promote the lines of #research focused on the energy transition:

They envisage at the #University of #Huelva training in circular economy, green hydrogen, efficiency and digitalisation.The Cepsa Foundation Chairs of #Andalusia (Universities of Huelva, Seville, Malaga and Cadiz), Canary Islands (University of La Laguna) and Madrid (Polytechnic University) have held a virtual follow-up meeting where the current research lines and projects have been presented and the future of this collaboration with universities has been discussed, establishing a clear line of work to promote research and do so in fields for energy transition, circular economy, green hydrogen, efficiency and digitalisation. https://bit.ly/3n2988c


The Suez Canal #Economic Zone (SCZone) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with #H2 Industries of #Germany to establish the world’s first #waste-to-hydrogen facility. The US$4 billion #investment aims to create 300,000 tonnes of green hydrogen every… https://bit.ly/3QqZauy

🌐 The #Pamesa group invests 11 million for its #hydrogen pilot plant:

The alliance with the American #eCombustible is made without subsidies, the business group, the largest ceramics producer in #Europe, has participated in a new investment round whose total amount amounts to 11.2 million dollars (more than 10.2 million euros at the exchange rate), and has signed for a period of ten years a contract with the American company eCombustible Energy LLC, an innovator and leading supplier of #modulatable hydrogen-based #fuel for industrial thermal applications… https://bit.ly/3zJan3Q

🌐 South Korea’s LG Chem plans to build a #hydrogen plant to reduce #carbon #emissions:

The new plant is expected to employ #technology that converts #methane into hydrogen by creating a chemical reaction under high-temperature steam, LG Chem said in a statement.”The plant is a key component of LG Chem’s strategy to increase its use of renewable energy such as hydrogen in the NCC process by up to 70% by 2025, as well as the company’s plans to actively use hydrogen in the production of bio-renewable. feedstocks such as hydrotreated vegetable oils.”… https://bit.ly/3y6Qm6c

🚗 The #Toyota #Mirai makes its debut in #Huelva:

The #Toyota #hydrogen #fuel cell #berlina has been the protagonist of the meeting held at the School of Engineering of the University of Huelva, in the framework of the Gabitel Chair on Hydrogen. This initiative is part of the ‘Beyond Zero’ strategy, in which hydrogen will play a fundamental role as the energy vector of the new society.
A few days ago, the Higher Technical School of Engineering of the University of Huelva hosted the 2nd Transport Sector Conference-Day, where the Toyota Mirai, the first hydrogen fuel cell saloon produced in Spain, was presented…. https://bit.ly/3OlNhVt

👩‍🏫 The 7 colours of #hydrogen:

overview of production processes:Hydrogen represents a key solution for #decarbonisation. There are different processes and different sources to produce it. At MCE 2022 on 28 June there will be meetings and round tables dedicated to its use in the residential and #industrial sectors.A series of colours identifies the type of hydrogen according to the different #production processes and the #source… https://bit.ly/3A1r8HG

🌐 ArcelorMittal to use #hydrogen from #wind power instead of #coal in its #German steel mills:

German energy company #RWE and steelmaker ArcelorMittal have signed a memorandum of understanding whose ultimate goal is for the steelmaker to make “low-emission” steel with hydrogen produced from water and offshore wind electricity. Under the agreement, the two companies will work together on the development, installation and operation of offshore wind farms and hydrogen production centres that will supply a large part of the wind power and hydrogen production…. https://bit.ly/3tUUvYc

🌐 Ferrari runs on #hydrogen:

#Maranello’s #fuel cell for new energy:The House of #Cavallino puts a solid oxide #fuel cell system into operation: it supplies 5% of energy needs.Ferrari has just installed a 1 #MW solid oxide fuel cell plant at its Maranello factory.The plant, built by #Bloom Energy , a company based in San Jose, #California, supplies the Prancing Horse with 5% of all the energy needed to support production. It does so at an energy saving of 20% compared to what a traditional #CHP cogeneration system would use to produce power and #heat for the #Carlton… https://bit.ly/3yjpgc5

🌐 #Europe builds #industrial-scale #electrolysers to make green #hydrogen competitive:

Companies #Siemens Energy and Air Liquide have announced plans to create a joint venture focused on producing industrial-scale renewable hydrogen electrolysers in Europe.The move, announced on Thursday, represents the latest attempt to find a way to reduce the costs of producing “renewable” or “green” hydrogen and make the #green hydrogen… https://bit.ly/3ygEflV

🌐 #Netze BW tests #gas supply with 30 percent #hydrogen:

Distribution network operator Netze BW will enter a decisive phase in the coming weeks with a #pilot project to supply gas with almost one third hydrogen . In July, part of the natural gas network in #Öhringen (Hohenlohekreis) will be unbundled and supplied independently. According to the subsidiary EnBW, the proportion of hydrogen in this “island” is gradually increasing to 30 percent. Around 30 households are involved, said project manager Heike Grüner of the German Press Agency.With the “Öhringen Hydrogen Island”, Netze BW wants to demonstrate that it is already possible to inject up to 30 percent hydrogen into the natural gas grid, without the existing infrastructure having to be adapted to any great extent. Hydrogen is considered a climate-friendly alternative to natural gas, especially when it is produced with the help of #renewable #energies. However, the technology is not yet mature enough to… https://bit.ly/3ykBdhs

📰 Spain is betting big on the sustainable #green #hydrogen revolution:

The #decarbonisation of the planet with the horizon set for 2050 (with a scale in 2030) has become a global priority, driven from #Europe with a clear institutional commitment that has materialised in the huge investments of the #Next Generation funds. In this drive, some technologies will play an essential role, as is the case of green hydrogen. This unquestionable energy vector of the future is also part of a path in which large Spanish companies and SMEs, as well as research and training centres, are demonstrating international leadership in order to trace a virtuous circle of innovation, sustainability and… https://bit.ly/3P0TTIT

🌐 #Daimler Truck gives an insight into #hydrogen test #vehicles:

Daimler Truck also relies on #fuel cells for new drives for its #trucks. The trucks with hydrogen tanks will be presented on Monday (11:30 a.m.) in Wörth in the southern Palatinate. They are test vehicles that also run on public roads.
CEO Martin Daum announced that the first test fleets should be on the market by the middle of the decade. In the second half of the decade, the fuel cell truck will go into series production. It should have two #hydrogen tanks and a range of about 1000 kilometres.
The truck industry is under pressure from the EU to meet binding climate protection targets. New models should emit an average of 15 percent less carbon dioxide by 2025 and at least 30 percent by…https://bit.ly/3u79nD4

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