H2 News December 2022

H2 News December 2022

🔬 The #hydrogen stream: green hydrogen through #ammonia decomposition:

Scientists from #SouthKorea have developed a highly selective #palladium composite membrane on porous metal supports to reduce the ammonia content of the permeated hydrogen stream. Meanwhile, Dutch researchers have presented two alternatives to this strategy: increasing the thickness of the selective membrane layer or using a purification unit in the membrane permeate. Scientists at the Korea Energy Research Institute have developed a pre-treatment method for porous metal supports on a highly selective palladium (Pd) composite membrane for ammonia decomposition. The purity of hydrogen (H2) produced with membrane reactor technology is not always high enough to directly feed H2 to fuel cells, so strategies are needed to reduce the ammonia (NH3) content of the permeated hydrogen stream. The South Korean researchers applied Sol alumina, a stable colloidal solution made from boehmite, to a porous Inconel support filled with yttria-stabilised zirconia (YSZ). “A vacuum-assisted two-step electrically free Pd coating dramatically increased hydrogen selectivity,” the researchers said in a recent paper in Energy. They applied a highly selective palladium composite membrane to a membrane reactor with a Ru/Al2O3 catalyst to produce hydrogen from… https://bit.ly/3ucEPPV

🌐 The #Port of #Barcelona collaborates with #KH-7 #Epsilon, the first #hydrogen #truck to race the #Dakar:

The KH-7 Epsilon will compete in the next edition of the Dakar combining a hydrogen engine with a diesel engine, with the aim of completing 90% of the route of the 2024 edition only with hydrogen. The Port of Barcelona is taking part in the project as a scientific collaborator, with the aim of studying the potential of hydrogen as a fuel for goods trucks. This Tuesday, the Port of Barcelona hosted the presentation of the KH-7 Epsilon, the first truck to run the Dakar Rally on hydrogen in its next edition in Saudi Arabia, from 31 December to 15 January 2023. The KH-7 Epsilon team has the Port of Barcelona as a scientific partner to study the adaptation of existing industrial engines to alternative fuels and their possible implementation to decarbonise port activity. The KH-7 Epsilon is based on a Man 6×6 truck that will compete in the heaviest and largest category of the Dakar and which the company EVARM, specialised in the conversion of professional vehicles to alternative fuels, has modified to include a hydrogen engine, larger displacement and better performance for the competition. The goal for the next edition is to test this technology and innovations in an environment as demanding as the Dakar and to perfect the truck to compete in the 2024 edition almost alone… https://bit.ly/3FgLcYN

📰 The #Western #Pomeranian #HydrogenValley will ensure #Poland’s leading position in #hydrogen production:

28 November The official signing of a letter of intent on the creation of the #Western #Pomeranian #HydrogenValley took place in Szczecin. The event was attended by Minister of Climate and Environment Anna Moscow, Deputy Minister of Climate and Environment and Chief Nature Conservator Małgorzata Golińska and Deputy Minister of Climate and Environment and Government Plenipotentiary for RES Ireneusz Zyska. In total, a dozen entities signed a letter of intent regarding the West Pomeranian Hydrogen Valley. Signatories to the document include: Azoty Group and Enea . The letter of intent was also signed by several institutions and academic centres in West Pomerania. The primary objective of the initiative is to establish cooperation and take measures aimed at building and developing a hydrogen economy, with special emphasis on the Zachodniopomorskie Voivodship… https://bit.ly/3uhhQTC

🚛 The #Mercedes-Benz #GenH2 successfully completes its first high-altitude tests on public roads:

#Daimler Trucks has been intensively testing its #hydrogen #trucks, powered by gaseous or liquid hydrogen, for some time now. At the IAA in Hanover in September, both trucks were on display, but one of them was also used for tests with selected customers. Tests of the Mercedes-Benz GenH2 are continuing on public roads and at high altitudes. At the IAA, the manufacturer wanted to demonstrate the viability of its fully loaded 40-tonne truck on public roads. It also made use of a Shell refuelling station close to the fair for hydrogen refuelling. As an added curiosity, this station provides green, i.e. fully renewable, hydrogen. Daimler also exhibited its prototype liquid hydrogen truck at the IAA. The brand itself says it prefers this type of hydrogen to power vehicles. They point out that it has a significantly higher energy density, relative to volume, compared to gaseous hydrogen. As a result, more hydrogen can be transported, which significantly increases range. In addition, it enables a vehicle performance comparable to that of a… https://bit.ly/3gTnRDa

🔬 #Chinese #researchers develop #electrolyser for #sea #water:

Seawater is plentiful. A #Chinese team has developed an electrolyser that processes #seawater without having to #salt it first. Hydrogen from seawater: To produce hydrogen, you need water. However, fresh water is scarce in many parts of the world. Salt water, on the other hand, is abundant in the oceans. A team from China has developed a system that extracts hydrogen from salt water without having to desalinate it. At the heart of the system is a membrane that is permeable only to water vapour but not to liquid water. There is seawater on one side and concentrated caustic potash on the other. Inside are electrodes that divide the water in which the potassium hydroxide is dissolved. The splitting of the water increases the concentration of the KOH solution. This makes it energetically favourable for the water to diffuse from the seawater through the membrane and dilute the KOH… https://bit.ly/3B5O6Nr

🌐 #Ancap presented #energy #transition #strategy to international panel:

The state-owned company expressed its desire to move from importing fossil fuels to exporting #green #energy in the framework of Extreme E, held in Punta del Este. Ancap will call for bids for #hydrogen, #oil and #gas #projects in May and November 2023. The president of Ancap, Alejandro Stipanicic, said that “#Uruguay wants to move from importing fossil fuels to exporting green energy”, in the framework of the international competition Extreme E, held in Punta del Este. At the event, the state-owned company found a favourable platform to publicise its energy transition strategy in the country. Extreme E is an electric car rally competition that takes place in emblematic locations around the world that have been affected by climate change. During each race, a topic is selected to raise awareness about the environment. On this latest date, the chosen theme was… https://bit.ly/3OXRG24

✈ 1,000,000 litres of #hydrogen vs. 250,000 litres of #gasoline:

new #aircraft #engine successfully tested: #Rolls-Royce and #easyJet have successfully tested a jet engine that runs completely free of #emissions. The test promises much for the future of green aviation. The test was carried out on the ground at the MoD Boscombe Down test facility in Wiltshire, southern England. A modified Rolls-Royce AE 2100-A engine was used. The green hydrogen was supplied by EMEC (European Marine Energy Centre). It was produced exclusively from renewable energies, which makes the whole project make sense. Our planet would not benefit from reducing aerospace emissions with hydrogen produced from fossil fuels. Therefore, the two British companies are particularly proud that the whole process is based on green energy and that no CO² is released into the atmosphere… https://bit.ly/3h00xn3

📰 #H2, #NH3, #CH3OH? Which molecule will drive #energy in the world:

The #hydrogen revolution has begun, fuelled by soaring gas prices, with a fierce battle of countries and technologies to see who will lead the energy race Green? Blue? Brown? Pink? What colour is hydrogen? Chemically, none. Hydrogen is colourless and odourless. But labelling it with one colour or another has huge economic implications. It will determine which countries and technologies will… https://bit.ly/3iAAFik

🛳 #Navtek and #e1 Marine agree to develop #hydrogen-powered #tug and #car carrier:

Global #renewable #energy company e1 Marine signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Navtek to develop low-carbon hydrogen-powered marine vessels and harbour applications for the European market, the first being a car carrier and tug. This includes the incorporation of e1 Marine’s methanol-to-hydrogen generator technology with PEM fuel cell power solutions in marine applications identified by Navtek. The initial project will be to develop a 120-160 metre hydrogen-powered car carrier design requiring 8-10 MW of propulsion power, and then the focus will shift to a methanol fuel cell-powered hybrid tug design. As part of the agreement, Navtek will be responsible for the naval architecture and overall design of the vessel, as well as supplying the electric propulsion system design. The company will also manage the integration of the power and controls system, and the assembly and construction of the vessel. For its part, e1 Marine will supply its methanol-to-hydrogen reformers to the vessels and provide best practices on power system integration… https://bit.ly/3UzJKFb

Two #Japanese #companies are driving the first #hydrogen #station in #Vigo:

#Univergy Solar and #Quantum Group are behind the #Port project in #Bouzas. The former is considering #exporting the plan to #Chile and #Uruguay. The #European #Union and #Japan signed this week an agreement to jointly develop a hydrogen market that guarantees energy security and in which member states can operate with transparency and… https://bit.ly/3F1N7Pm

📰 #Hydrogen in #viticulture: vision or real change?

Hydrogen development is clearly one of the government’s priorities to accelerate the #energy transition. But will it be possible to use it in viticulture? Survey. Is hydrogen the future of viticulture? As is often the case in life, the answer to this question seems to be neither yes nor no. But partly. But partly. Hydrogen should be part of tomorrow’s energy mix, just like #electricity, NGV or even biogas. Estates are also starting to take up the subject, such as Château Montrose in the Médoc. “The technology is mature in terms of engines,” said Vincent Decup, the technical director. There are already buses running on hydrogen, it works very well. “… https://bit.ly/3YeQFXA

📰 It will be called #H2MED: Neither #Midcat, nor #Barmar:

#Spain renounces the #gas hub for #hydrogen and electrical connections: The pipeline will not transport hydrocarbon, which increases the possibilities of European funding. Our country will continue to miss out on its regasification potential due to a lack of connections. “And yet it is a gas pipeline”, said this newspaper – and it was not the only one – the day after the prime minister, Pedro Sánchez, agreed with his French and Portuguese counterparts to build the Barmar, a pipe to transport green hydrogen between Barcelona and Marseille that could also carry the hydrocarbon on a temporary basis. Spain had bent the neck of Emmanuel Macron himself, with a pipeline for the energy of the future that most analysts interpreted as a way to sneak gas to the Elysée in the present. The Moncloa did not deny this possibility, which was pending the outcome of technical studies. Until this Wednesday. In the end, the infrastructure will only transport green energy: our country has lost the chance to become the nerve centre of gas supply for the European Union in exchange for prioritising the… https://bit.ly/3uDnOP0

📰 #Hydrogen: the world’s largest #electrolyser is tested in #Herøya:

The world’s largest electrolyser has been tested in Herøya Industrial Park (#Telemark). It was manufactured by #HydrogenPro in #Tianjin, China, has a diameter of more than 2 metres and a net weight of more than 80 tonnes. Under the leadership of Joachim H. Årmot, HydrogenPro also involved experts from Caverion and Bilfinger. “We received the first modules for the process plant in the pilot test this summer,” says Årmot. “By then we had already set up the site here in Herøya, excavated and poured the building foundations, installed electrical systems and water pipes, etc. The electrolyser arrived in Herøya in September.” It is destined for a HydrogenPro customer in Utah (USA), where it is being used in a production plant that produces green hydrogen from surplus electricity…. https://bit.ly/3VPgqfl

🌐 #Allianz acquires a stake in #Finnish #hydrogen developer #Nordic Ren-Gas Oy:

The main product of #Ren-Gas plants is renewable synthetic #methane, which is produced from #green #hydrogen and captured #carbon dioxide.
green hydrogen and captured #carbon dioxide. Ren-Gas will produce green hydrogen using renewable energy from local wind farms for electrolysis. Subsequent methanisation combines the green hydrogen with biogenic CO₂ separated from district heating plants that combine district heating plants with mostly renewable fuels. “We see this as an important milestone in our commitment to invest in projects that drive the energy transition, drive the energy transition. Ren-Gas is our second direct infrastructure investment in Finland and our first direct investment in green hydrogen highlights Allianz’s efforts to support the decarbonisation process through concrete infrastructure projects. We appreciate Ren-Gas’ innovative approach of developing green gas-fired power plants alongside existing power plants and district heating systems, thereby leveraging the value of the coupling of gas-fired power plants and district heating systems… https://bit.ly/3iIryff

💲 The #Leipzig #hydrogen #trader “#HINT.CO” launches the world’s first #auction of green hydrogen and its derivatives:

Green hydrogen in all its forms will make a decisive contribution to value creation, security of supply and climate protection in the future. The current focus is not on technology but on hydrogen trading. The hydrogen trader “HINT.CO”, which was recently founded in Leipzig about a year ago, is starting the world’s first auction of green hydrogen and its derivatives today. Federal Minister of Economics Robert #Habeck gave the green light in #Johannesburg for his trip to #South Africa. The Leipzig-based Hydrogen Intermediary Network Company GmbH, or HINT.CO for short, is ushering in a new era in international energy trade. HINT.CO is a company of the non-profit foundation H2Global, which has set itself the goal of rapidly growing the market for and importing green hydrogen and its derivatives (including methanol, ammonia, sustainable paraffin… https://bit.ly/3FcCTvP

🔥 #Heating with #hydrogen: company starts exciting project in #single-family homes:

Hydrogen heaters for single-family homes: does it make sense? A European heating manufacturer is testing this in a #pilot project. To do so, the company converted an existing local #natural gas network to the new energy source. In the #Dutch city of #Lochem, the heating company BDR Thermea is implementing an innovative hydrogen project. The company is preparing twelve listed single-family homes for hydrogen use. The existing gas boilers will be dismantled and replaced by hydrogen boilers. The hydrogen comes from the existing natural gas pipeline. For this purpose, Thermea, together with the gas network operator Alliander, converted the existing… https://bit.ly/3W1xZbR

🚛 The #Selmer company relies on #hydrogen #trucks customers not only in the #Ruhr area and #Rhineland:

The #Wüllhorst company, based in Selm, makes it possible for hydrogen to replace #diesel. District administrator Mario Löhr was impressed by the possibilities during an appointment on site. Cars and trucks no longer have to run solely on diesel, petrol or electricity. The Bork-based company Wüllhorst Fahrzeugbau relies on hydrogen and has now delivered the first hydrogen-powered trucks to customers. District administrator Mario Löhr, as one of the co-initiators of the joint Westphalia hydrogen alliance with the city of Hamm, had an idea during a visit to the site. A press release from the district of Unna states that Mario Löhr took up his position with a clear vision for the region: “To install hydrogen producers and build the appropriate infrastructure to make it easier for industrial companies to switch to hydrogen processes… https://bit.ly/3BsL8Tq

📰 0.5% of #water lost is enough to meet the #2030 #hydrogen #target:

The national water network loses 653 cubic #hectometres a year through leaks, breakdowns and theft. Some 261,200 #Olympic #pools. Only 0.5% of this lost water would be enough to cover the current hydrogen production targets in 2030. The drought that #Spain is suffering, with reservoirs at 34% of their capacity, raises the future problem that could arise when it comes to producing green hydrogen. However, as Javier Brey, president of the Spanish Hydrogen Association (AeH2), explained to elEconomista.es, there is nothing to worry about. To meet the hydrogen generation target that Spain has set itself for 2030, 3.52 cubic hectometres would be needed, approximately 0.5% of the water that is used to produce hydrogen… https://bit.ly/3HpohvO

📰 The first #green #hydrogen (#H2V) produced in #SouthAmerica is #Brazilian and located in #Pernambuco:

The company White Martins has just produced the first green hydrogen in South America. The fuel is being produced in the state of Pernambuco and Brazil could be a pioneer in the market. The first Green Hydrogen (H2V) generated in South America is Brazilian and located in Pernambuco . TUV Rheinland has assessed and certified the production of green and carbon neutral hydrogen within White Martins’ hydrogen supply chain according to TUV Rheinland Standard H2.21. The process of developing and installing the green hydrogen management system and its respective certification took around… https://bit.ly/3FIZ2Dv

📰 The first #green #hydrogen (#H2V) produced in #SouthAmerica is #Brazilian and located in #Pernambuco:

The company White Martins has just produced the first green hydrogen in South America. The fuel is being produced in the state of Pernambuco and Brazil could be a pioneer in the market. The first Green Hydrogen (H2V) generated in South America is Brazilian and located in Pernambuco . TUV Rheinland has assessed and certified the production of green and carbon neutral hydrogen within White Martins’ hydrogen supply chain according to TUV Rheinland Standard H2.21. The process of developing and installing the green hydrogen management system and its respective certification took around… https://bit.ly/3FIZ2Dv

✈ #Flying powered by #hydrogen:

The Spanish National Research Council (#CSIC), in collaboration with the Spanish Aerospace Platform #PAE and the Centre for Technological and Industrial Development (#CDTI), is organising a conference on new materials and hydrogen in the aeronautics industry next Friday, 16 December. Specialists in the sector from different scientific and industrial fields will discuss the new challenges involved in the use of hydrogen as a fuel, as well as its interaction with new materials, at the central campus of the CSIC in Madrid. The aim of this conference is to unravel one of the challenges that currently marks the future of aeronautics more… https://bit.ly/3PoS0qt

🌐 China’s first large-displacement #hydrogen #liquid-driven #filling #compressor for #hydrogenation #mother station leaves the factory and lifts off:

On December 8, #Qingdao Comprius Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Comprius”) and #Sinopec Qingdao Refining and Chemical Co., Ltd. jointly developed high-pressure pure hydrogen with a large displacement of 2000 standard cubic meters per hour. The machine passed the test and was delivered to the hydrogen power base of Qingdao Refining and Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. for lifting. This compressor is the first large-displacement liquid-driven compressor for hydrogenation mother stations in China, filling the gap in the hydrogen-driven compressor industry… https://bit.ly/3YhItFV

🔬 #Chemists mimic nature to produce #fuel hydrogen:

A team from #Florida State and #South #Carolina universities has found a way to mimic #photosynthesis by converting #energy from #light into chemical fuel in the lab. Their study, which mimics nature to produce hydrogen fuel, is published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society. One of the holy grails of alternative energy research is to use sunlight to form chemical bonds that can then be used as fuels,” he says… https://bit.ly/3j0VMul

🔬 #Australian #Scientists #extract 14 times more #hydrogen with #soundwaves:

#Sydney (Australia), Dec 13 (EFE).- #Australian engineers managed to extract 14 times more hydrogen using sound waves in an electrolysis process to separate this element from water molecules, which could reduce the costs of producing clean hydrogen and reduce emissions of polluting gases. “The electrical output of electrolysis with sound waves was about 14 times higher than electrolysis without,” said the study’s lead author, Yemima Ehrnst, in a statement released Tuesday by Australia’s RMIT University. Hydrogen – an element that is abundant on the planet, but not found as a separate molecule – is usually extracted from other resources, such as oil and gas…. https://bit.ly/3v4zwm9

🔬 The ultimate solution to #hydrogen #transport and production may have been discovered:

#Rice University in #Houston, #Texas, has discovered an #ammonia #catalyst to produce hydrogen much more efficiently. Rice University’s idea is to build a cell that uses a series of copper and iron photocatalysts that, when given high-intensity LED light, can separate nitrogen from hydrogen in a controlled manner and with a much more… https://bit.ly/3FpmiF3

🌐 #Mestre, #hydrogen #van #prototype presented: 44 km per hour, 600 km of #autonomy and 3 minutes of recharging:

The hydrogen van prototype was presented: 44 km per hour, 600 km of autonomy and 3 minutes of recharging. It will be up to Veritas to test, in its regular daily services, the innovative electric prototype integrated with a hydrogen cell, the first fruit, in just seven months of research and work, of the European H2GO project, co-financed by EIT Urban Mobility – European Institute of Innovation, involving, in addition to the municipal company itself, the Municipality of Venice, the Certh University of Thessaloniki, Aess, the companies… https://bit.ly/3BANIqy

🌐 #Redexis has obtained authorisation for the first #green #hydrogen #injection #installation in #Spain:

Redexis has obtained administrative and execution authorisation from the Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge to install a green hydrogen injection system in the position of one of its primary transport pipelines, specifically the one located in San Juan-Cas Tresorer-Son Reus, on the island of #Mallorca, the company reported. The group indicated that this project represents “a historic milestone for the sector”, given that it is the first renewable hydrogen injection facility authorised in the Spanish gas system and will allow this vector to be injected into the natural gas network that supplies the entire island of Majorca, which in turn comprises more than 160 kilometres of gas pipelines and 1,150 kilometres of distribution networks. Specifically, the facility has the capacity to inject up to 2% hydrogen, which means 575 tonnes per year. Furthermore, as it is green hydrogen, it will entail a reduction in emissions of up to 21,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year derived from the production capacity of the Lloseta plant, which will initially be of… https://bit.ly/3V1Ntvj

🚅 #Hydrogen #trains on the #Sassari-Alghero line: #bids coming by the end of the year:

Following last year’s announcement, and the allocation of funds by the Ministry of #Infrastructure and #Sustainable #Mobility, now renamed Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, the project to bring hydrogen trains to the line between Sassari and Alghero, in Sardinia. During a meeting between the mayors of Sardinia’s northwest metropolitan network, regional transport councillor Antonio Moro and ARST’s sole administrator Roberto Neroni, which took place at the Ducal Palace in Sassari, it was indeed announced that tenders for the purchase of trains, the construction of railway infrastructure and the hydrogen production plant will be published on 31 December. The future H2 trains will connect Sassari with Alghero and with Fertilia airport, but – according to Ansa agency – will also be able to be used on the Sorso line, once the Sassari intermodal centre (of which, however, not even the… https://bit.ly/3j4rJ53

📰 Renewable #hydrogen in a town in A #Coruña: how an old #thermal #power station is being transformed:

#Repsol, #Naturgy and #Reganosa will create a renewable hydrogen production hub in Cerceda, which will be used for industrial purposes. The former Meirama thermal power plant in the town of Cerceda (A Coruña) will house a new renewable hydrogen production hub, which will also have an electrolysis plant with 100% renewable energy. This project, carried out by Repsol, Naturgy and Reganosa, will produce more than 4,000 tonnes of renewable hydrogen per year, but in its first phase; it will eventually reach a production of 30,000 tonnes per year. Its power output will be 30 megawatts (MW), also initially, reaching a potential of 200 MW over time. On the other hand, the project will not only create jobs, but, as Repsol points out, “will also bring benefits in the social sphere, thus contributing to the fulfilment of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals”. “This project is part of… http://bit.ly/3FsZmEV

🌐 #Brazil can emerge in #green #hydrogen with #bidding in #Europe:

The official launch of the first auction in Europe for the purchase of #green #ammonia in #2023 appears as a concrete opportunity for Brazil to start making renewable hydrogen projects viable, taking advantage of having a less polluting electricity matrix to emerge as a major player in the global energy transition, experts and companies told Reuters. Last week, Europe’s H2Global project published the public announcement of its first tender for the purchase of green ammonia, which can be obtained from hydrogen produced from renewable energy. The long-awaited initiative is the first in the world to take shape and was already on the radar of energy majors studying new technology projects in the country, such as… https://bit.ly/3FovOYY

📰 The challenges of #H2Med, a #gas-free pipeline to transport green #hydrogen without a #market:

#Spain, #Portugal and #France have taken the first steps towards H2Med, a pipeline to transport green hydrogen in Europe. This “first great green corridor connecting the Iberian Peninsula” with the rest of the EU territory will be ready in 2030, as announced by Moncloa in a press release. However, experts doubt its usefulness and believe that it will not be easy for it to be ready by the proposed date. According to Ana Maria Jaller-Makarewicz, European energy analyst at the Institute for Energy Economic and Financial Analysis (IEEFA), H2Med risks not having a green hydrogen market for its implementation, according to an article published by the organisation. Diego Rodríguez, professor of economics at the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM), agrees that European investment and that of the countries involved could end up with a “stranded asset”, i.e. unused. “If it were a private business, I would have nothing to say (…), but this is a regulated business, which is charged to the bill,” he explains, so, in his opinion, it is necessary to wait for a detailed project to evaluate the different scenarios. There is neither supply nor demand for green hydrogen at present. By the end of 2021, only 1% of global hydrogen production would be renewable, he says… https://bit.ly/3hqCxdd

👏 Inaugurated the “Museum of #Hydrogen #Safety” to experience the safety and value of hydrogen:

The #Ministry of #Commerce, #Industry and #Energy and #Korea Gas Safety Corporation held an inauguration ceremony for the Hydrogen Safety Museum of #Chungbuk Innovation City in #Eumseong, Chungcheongbuk-do on the 15th. As one of the tasks to boost comprehensive hydrogen safety management measures announced by the Ministry of Industry in December 2019, the establishment of a ‘Hydrogen Safety Experimental Center’ to spread hydrogen safety culture is being promoted from 2020. Korea Gas Safety Corporation, a project promotion agency, selected Chungbuk Innovation City through an open tender for local governments in June 2020. A nationwide Hydrogen Safety Experimental Centre has been built. The exterior of the hydrogen safety experiment hall is a structure in which three circular buildings are organically connected, embodying the cycle… https://bit.ly/3Pr1qSF

👩‍🏫 The #advantages of #solid” #hydrogen #storage:

A simple comparison between the three main types of hydrogen storage (#hyperbaric or #liquid, #crioadsorption and #absorption in various hydrides) tells us that the last method, called “solid”, is the most promising. Thus, the main advantages of hydrides are above all their high volumetric densities, which are higher than those of hydrogen. These compounds therefore have high mass storage capacities and allow an adjustable hydrogen pressure according to their end use. Finally, the safety of using hydrides is higher than that of high-pressure tanks due to the modest pressures during the hydrogen absorption phase. In addition, thanks to an endothermic desorption reaction, in case of accidental leakage, the tank temperature drops rapidly, which slows down the hydrogen absorption…. https://bit.ly/3W5frrq

🌐 #Leipzig company builds #hydrogen #pipeline #network:

Ontras converts natural gas pipelines into hydrogen pipelines, but also builds new sections. The focus is on industrial customers. According to the Saxon government, the Leipzig-based company Ontras Gastransport GmbH can start building Europe’s first hydrogen pipeline network as of this week. The Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Protection has issued the necessary approvals for the early start of the projects “Making Hydrogen” and “Green Octopus Central Germany”, the Ministries of Economic Affairs and of Environment and Energy announced on Wednesday in Dresden. In both projects, existing natural gas pipelines will be converted into hydrogen pipelines and new sections will be built. In total, Ontras plans to build around 900 kilometres of hydrogen pipelines in the… https://bit.ly/3Wj6JpX

📰 #Spain will make #German #hydrogen #imports up to 20% cheaper:

Spain is preparing to become the supplier of cheap green hydrogen to the major European powers. A report by the consultancy firm #McKinsey & Company reveals that Germany could benefit from a reduction of between 15% and 20% in imports if it does so from low-cost production areas, as will be the national territory. Producing green hydrogen on a large scale and at a competitive price is one of the great challenges facing this fuel, and Spain occupies a privileged position thanks to the sun and wind. In fact, there is already a project that aspires to become the world’s largest renewable hydrogen hub, called #HyDeal España… https://bit.ly/3YvYLeg

📰 #Europe boosts a #project in Almeria to produce 36,500 #tonnes of e-#methanol from #green #hydrogen:

The company #Innde #CTAER has broken through among the giants of the energy sector by obtaining fifteen million euros in funding from the ‘H2 Pioneers’ aid programme of the PERTE for renewables. The Nascar project of the Almeria-based company Innde CTAER will receive a strong economic boost from Europe in the coming years to manufacture more than 36,500 tonnes per year of e-methanol from a raw material production for self-consumption of 7,200 tonnes of green hydrogen in a strategic location in the province. A commitment to clean energy and a fuel for the future with one hundred percent Almeria capital that has won the decisive backing of Brussels among the major initiatives put on the table by the giants of the sector, having been awarded in the first round, along with Enel, BP and Cepsa, the maximum non-refundable aid, no less than 15 million euros, within the incentive programme 3 for large electrolysis demonstrators and projects… https://bit.ly/3BKv6nY

⛽ The first #hydrogen plant in the #Canary Islands has not started operating because it arrived with faults:

In #March #2022, the #Technological Institute of #Renewable #Energies (#ITER) celebrated the arrival of the first hydrogenerator in the Canary Islands, which would supply the fleet of plug-in hybrid electric-hydrogen vehicles destined for maintenance work on renewable installations. However, the infrastructure has not been able to become operational because the hydrogen plant arrived with faults, which has delayed the start-up of the hydrogen projects planned for the island. The infrastructure is part of the Seafuel project, which investigates the use of renewable energies for transport. The project chose Tenerife as a test bed with the intention of making “use of the partners’ experience and renewable energy infrastructures, wind, solar and marine, to demonstrate the viability of hydrogen as a fuel to be used by local transport authorities in isolated regions”. The intention is that the conclusions of this initiative can be adopted in… https://bit.ly/3G0xuts

🌐 #Evonik in #Rheinfelden is starting a #pilot #project for #hydrogen:

Evonik is #investigating the supply of raw materials in Rheinfelden. The company is one of the largest end users of natural gas in the region. Climate-neutral hydrogen should become an alternative. No detours towards green hydrogen in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry: this is the goal of the project “H2 Chemie 2050” at the Evonik site in Rheinfelden. This project is the only state-funded project that examines the use of hydrogen in the manufacturing industry. Katharina Fraune drives this for Evonik. Together with Klaus Lang-Koetz from the Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences, she presented the project during a visit by the CDU parliamentary group’s economic policy spokesman Winfried Mack and the CDU’s deputy in the state parliament, Sabine Hartmann-Müller. “The special thing is that, for the first time, all stakeholders in the region are considered, from industry to municipalities to research institutions. Who needs how much hydrogen and how we can create a value-added network for H2 in the Upper Rhine that secures the supply of hydrogen…. https://bit.ly/3WebMrt

🔬 An ingenious #electrolyser easily extracts #hydrogen and #lithium from #sea #water:

#Chinese researchers claim to have developed a seawater electrolyser that works as efficiently as a commercial freshwater electrolyser and can be used for months without corroding. It also appears that this device could produce lithium. One of the problems with hydrogen produced from renewable sources is that it uses fresh water. But we live in a world where fresh water is a precious commodity to which a third of the planet lacks easy access. Now, Chinese researchers have created an electrolyser capable of directly separating seawater to produce hydrogen… https://bit.ly/3WajcvJ

🌐 A #hydroduct will supply #green #hydrogen to #Repsol from the #HydRIC plant in La #Nava:

The director of Repsol’s petrochemical complex in Puertollano, Arsenio Salvador, has confirmed this Monday the participation of the multi-energy company in the HydRIC project, the Puertollano green hydrogen “substation” to be built in the La Nava industrial estate, in partnership with RIC Energy. The project is completed with the construction of a 10-kilometre-long hydropipeline that will transport the renewable hydrogen from the new facility to the Repsol Industrial Complex in Puertollano. As the director pointed out during a meeting with journalists, the project has been shortlisted in the PERTE for renewable energies, renewable hydrogen and storage, aimed at boosting the value chain of the Ministry for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge. The resolution of this aid, which amounts to… https://bit.ly/3v3NVih

📰 #Hydrogen #infrastructure projects launched to connect #Finland and #CentralEurope:

State-owned utility and transmission system operator #Gasgrid Finland signed a project agreement on Friday (16 December) to develop a new part of the regional hydrogen infrastructure network. Pipelines up to 5,000 kilometres long are planned to connect the Baltic Sea region and central Europe by 2030. A project called Baltic Sea Hydrogen Collector (BHC), together with other projects launched earlier, should complement the EU’s hydrogen strategy as well as the REPowerEU plan. The Baltic Sea Hydrogen Collector (BHC) project, launched on Friday (16 December) by Finnish company Gasgrid, Swedish gas transmission system operator Nordion Energi and two Danish companies OX2 and Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners, plans to connect mainland Finland, Sweden and the Åland islands to Germany. Connections could also be built to the… https://bit.ly/3jk9SH5

🌐 #Cepsa will #reuse #wastewater in the largest #hydrogen #project in #Europe:

This has been confirmed by the company, after reaching an agreement with the public company Aguas y Servicios del Campo de #Gibraltar (#Arcgisa). The company says that the “Andalusian Green Hydrogen Valley” will be the “largest green hydrogen project in Europe” and will have an investment of 3 billion euros. In addition, to generate the renewable electricity needed to produce this green hydrogen, Cepsa will develop a portfolio of 3 gigawatts of wind and solar energy projects, which will involve an additional investment of 2 billion euros. It will also collaborate with other renewable energy producers in Andalusia and the rest of Spain to promote the integration of wind and solar… https://bit.ly/3hLUkvk

🌐 #Iberdrola allies with the #Australian Government in one of the world’s largest #green hydrogen projects:

#Australia. The #Spanish #power company announced on Monday a pact with the Australian Government and a local developer, #ABEL Energy, to launch one of the world’s largest hydrogen projects. The joint plant, valued at €1.1 billion, aims to produce up to 300,000 tonnes per year of green methanol, a low-emission fuel – combining hydrogen with captured carbon dioxide – on which shipping giants have set their sights. It will start operating in 2025. The investment in Bell Bay Powerfuels, the name of the future plant, combines both the renewable generation needed to generate the green hydrogen and the necessary outlay on the electrolysers, the machines that convert energy and water into this fuel, on which much of the hopes for decarbonisation of the most difficult sectors to electrify, such as heavy transport or shipping… https://bit.ly/3FGclDm

🌐 #INNIO and #NorthC #Datacenters build world’s first #backup #power solution with #hydrogen #engines:

#EINDHOVEN, The Netherlands–( BUSINESS WIRE )–INNIO today announces that the company’s Jenbacher Ready for H 2 engine technology has been selected by NorthC Datacenters (NorthC) as the emergency power solution for its new data centre at NorthC in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. In case of power outages, six Jenbacher hydrogen engines will provide carbon-free emergency power. The Jenbacher Type 4 hydrogen engines, with a total power output of 6MW, will be supplied as a containerised solution. The Eindhoven data centre, which includes a hydrogen solution for backup power and on-site hydrogen storage, is a greenfield project expected to be commissioned in the second half… https://bit.ly/3G8RhHb

💲 #IPCEI #ITALIA: #Hydrogen 2 Fund: applications as of 22 #December.

The rules for the IPCEI hydrogen 2 fund are established with the #MIMIT Directorial Decree of 19 December. In particular, the decree defines resources, deadlines and modalities for the implementation of the subsidised intervention of the IPCEI fund in support of the implementation of the IPCEI hydrogen 2 for which EUR 350 million are available. The IPCEI H2 Industry (IPCEI Hydrogen 2) supports research, development and innovation activities, also included in the first industrial application, and will cover a large part of the hydrogen value chain, namely it will deal with… https://bit.ly/3WfMg5c

📰 #Navarra will have a #hydrogen plant and will manufacture #alkali #electrolysers thanks to the #Perte Erha:

The Ciudad Agroalimentaria de Tudela (CAT) with the ‘#GreenH2CATudela’ project is one of the two projects supported by this call. The project involves the construction of a green hydrogen plant with an initial electrolysis capacity of 3.2 megawatts (MW) in a first pilot phase and has received 2.8 million in aid. The second project for the production of green hydrogen is led by Nordex and aims to design and manufacture alkaline electrolysers. It has received 1.5 million euros. The Navarra Green Hydrogen Agenda, promoted by the Department of Economic and Business Development, sets the installation of 150 MW of green hydrogen production by 2030 in Navarra as the main objective within the framework of the Green Hydrogen Agenda. Two projects from Navarra have been included in the 22 projects approved in the Strategic Project for Economic Recovery and Transformation (Perte) specifically on renewable energies, green hydrogen and storage (Erha), which has just been approved with Next Generation funds. The initiative of the Ciudad Agroalimentaria de Tudela (CAT) to build a green hydrogen production plant in its park – within the H2 Pioneers programme – will receive 2.8 million in aid and, on the other hand, the project led by Nordex Group to develop alkaline electrolysers powered by renewable energy will receive 1.5 million. These were two of the main projects that formed part of the package of 74 actions that the regional government promoted and proposed to the EU as part of its strategy for the ecological transformation of Navarra Green. One of the projects mentioned is that of the Tudela Agri-Food City (CAT) with the ‘GreenH2CATudela’ project, which envisages the construction of a green hydrogen plant with an initial electrolysis capacity of 3.2 megawatts (MW) in a first pilot phase, which can later be extended to 10 MW. This plant is intended to supply energy to 70% of the CAT companies, but also to all the industries in the Ribera del Ebro region with the remaining surplus. The aid now provided by the Perte “represents a definitive backing to guarantee the viability of the project led by the CAT”, with a total investment of more than 8 million euros, divided almost equally between the funds injected by the CAT itself (around 3 million), the contribution made by the private sector and the 2.8 million from the Next Generation funds. “This latest injection now completes the capital needed for the definitive start-up of the green hydrogen plant in Tudela”, according to… https://bit.ly/3YJm1FN

📰 #Japan is preparing a #law on the use of #ammonia and #hydrogen as #energy sources:

Japan is preparing a law to create a system to ensure the production and market supply of ammonia and hydrogen as energy sources by 2030, as well as investment and financing. Government sources said. The law will be sent to Parliament for consideration by 31 March 2023. The document took into account global trends. We are talking about the rejection of carbon feedstocks in favour of ammonia and hydrogen, which are not considered sources of greenhouse gases, writes Yomiuri on Wednesday 21 December. For those involved in production and supply companies will provide state support. It is also planned to set up an infrastructure that will enable the production and… https://profile.ru/news/abroad/yaponiya-gotovit-zakon-ob-ispolzovanii-ammiaka-i-vodoroda-v-kachestve-istochnikov-energii-1226280/

🚗 #Burning #hydrogen is already convincing some #pilots: “Electric #cars for #domestic #companies”:

Toyota has been investing in hydrogen and testing the #fuel #cell for many years with the intention of selling the Toyota Mirai on a large scale and launching new models with this technology. But the Japanese brand is open to all kinds of solutions for the future, and is even leaning towards the coexistence of various types of mobility in a few years’ time. It is therefore continually exploring options, including the… https://www.motorpasion.com/toyota/rey-drift-echa-pestes-coches-electricos-alaba-motor-combustion-hidrogeno

🔬 When #algae produce #green #hydrogen at night:

#biology in #Bochum intensifies #German-Japanese cooperation for the production of literally green hydrogen. Green hydrogen (H 2 ) from environmentally friendly sources is seen as a strong candidate as an energy carrier of the future. Certain algae could produce it: researchers at Ruhr-University Bochum and Osaka University are jointly investigating how this can be done on an industrial scale in two projects funded by the Federal Ministry of Science and Research. On the one hand, the two teams are setting up a joint laboratory in Osaka. On the other hand, they are pursuing the new idea of moving the algae’s hydrogen production machinery into their mitochondria and thus decoupling it from photosynthesis. In this way, the algae could grow during the day and produce hydrogen during the night… https://news.rub.de/wissenschaft/2022-12-21-biologie-wenn-algen-nachts-gruenen-wasserstoff-herstellen

🌐 GDES enters green hydrogen with Kerionics, which develops electrolyser components:

the business group of the Dominguis family specialising in industrial services to a wide range of industrial and energy sectors, takes its first step to position itself in green hydrogen. The group has signed an agreement with the firm Kerionics, which develops performance-enhancing components for their production, including a participating loan convertible into equity. Kerionics is a spin-off of the Institute of Chemical Technology of the Polytechnic University of Valencia and the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), dedicated to the development, industrialisation and production of ceramic ionic membrane stacks/modules and installations. Its main activity is the innovation in the field of chemical engineering, energy and the production of… https://www.eleconomista.es/energia/noticias/12084354/12/22/GDES-entra-en-hidrogeno-verde-con-Kerionics-que-desarrolla-componentes-de-electrolizadores.html

📰 #Rheinhafen #Karlsruhe will have a #hydrogen centre.

The future topic of hydrogen is coming closer to the present. Karlsruhe’s #Rhinehafen port will become an important hub in the recently established H2 network. The Stuttgart Ministry for the Environment has already approved the funding for… https://bnn.de/karlsruhe/karlsruhe-stadt/rheinhafen-soll-wasserstoff-hub-bekommen-foerdermittel-baden-wuerttemberg-miro-h2iportka

🌐 This is the first #map of #Spain’s #hydrogen #corridor: It will include the two international interconnections of #H2Med and the two axes of the national backbone.

H2Med, the EU’s first renewable hydrogen corridor, has been submitted by the Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge to the call for Projects of Common Interest (PCI) for European funding. The project will make Spain one of the main references for green hydrogen worldwide, will be promoted by the governments of Spain, Portugal and France and will include two cross-border infrastructures. One of them will extend from Celorico da Beira (Portugal) to Zamora, and the other, underwater, between Barcelona and Marseille (France). In addition to H2MED itself, Spain will also have the first two axes of the national backbone network that will connect the green hydrogen production centres to the national grid…. https://www.huffingtonpost.es/entry/asi-es-el-primer-mapa-del-corredor-de-hidrogeno-de-espana_es_63a4bbade4b0aae8bcb5a6c9

🔬 The big #hydrogen problem that worries #scientists:

Hydrogen is one of the most promising #energy sources in the fight against #climate #change, but #researchers are warning of problems that could compromise its effectiveness. Green hydrogen is one of the great promises to alleviate the energy crisis and help us reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But some scientists are warning of a problem that could compromise its ‘green’ label: leakage. When it leaks into the atmosphere it can affect other elements, reducing the concentration of molecules that destroy existing greenhouse gases and contributing to the greenhouse effect… https://www.elconfidencial.com/tecnologia/novaceno/2022-12-22/problema-hidrogeno-energia-cientificos_3546647/

🌐 TECO 2030 completes its first #high-power #fuel #cell:

Norwegian manufacturer TECO 2030 has just completed production of its first fuel cell for heavy-duty and #marine applications. The event was held in the Canadian city of #Vancouver, where #AVL, TECO’s partner, has its “global centre of excellence” for proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells. Each of TECO’s new hydrogen fuel cells contains several hundred cells. These 100-kilowatt cells are combined with other components to form a fuel cell module. Several of these modules can be combined in turn to provide the megawatts of power needed for uses such as propulsion of vehicles…. https://www.h2-mobile.fr/actus/teco-2030-finalise-premiere-pile-combustible-haute-puissance/

📰 Kola #Nuclear produces #hydrogen with the latest #Russian #technology:

At the Kola nuclear power plant, a new electrolysis unit has produced hydrogen, which is needed to cool the plant’s turbogenerators, the Russian State Atomic Energy Corporation (Rosatom) said today. It added that the hydrogen is produced using state-of-the-art technology, which is being used for the first time on an industrial scale at the nuclear power plant’s facilities. The plant achieves hydrogen with a purity of 99.99 per cent, and its operation is monitored by gas control sensors, which respond when preset parameters are exceeded, as well as by a fire extinguishing system and a… https://www.prensa-latina.cu/2022/12/26/nuclear-de-kola-produce-hidrogeno-con-la-ultima-tecnologia-rusa

✈ #Tupolev Tu-155: here is the first #aircraft to #fly on #hydrogen:

To reduce their #CO2 #emissions, aircraft and engine manufacturers are working on hydrogen-powered propulsion systems. The idea is not new, however, having even been tested in the late 1980s. While Airbus aims to put an aircraft with hydrogen as the main energy source into service by 2035, the Russian aircraft manufacturer Tupolevas took up this challenge more than 30 years ago. Developed on the basis of a Tupolev Tu-154, the Tupolev Tu-155 was in fact the first experimental aircraft to run on liquid hydrogen. The trijet made its first test flight on 15 April 1988. To be completely accurate, only one of its three engines, the Kuznetsov NK-88, was powered by hydrogen, the other two were powered by paraffin. The hydrogen was stored in cryogenic form, at a very low temperature (-253°C Celsius) in the rear of the cabin. It occupied about 20 cubic metres, one third of the space. The aircraft flew for about twenty minutes at low altitude, less than… https://www.capital.fr/entreprises-marches/tupolev-tu-155-voici-le-premier-avion-a-voler-a-lhydrogene-1455775

📰 The #Junta is confident that #Maersk has other projects for #Huelva and #Algeciras beyond the #green methanol hub:

The Minister of #Industrial Policy of the Junta de Andalucía, Jorge Paradela, has shown his confidence that the Danish shipping company Maersk can develop “important” projects both in the Port of Huelva and Algeciras beyond the green methanol hub to be installed in the community, and whose location is expected to be decided during the first half of 2023. “The great news is that this project is going to be located in Andalusia for sure”, the minister remarked in an interview with Europa Press, who also stressed that the region “perfectly meets” the characteristics for the Danish company to install a green methanol production centre, a project that will be developed in Spain in two locations: Galicia and Andalusia, with a total investment of up to 10,000 million euros with the participation of private companies. Where it will be in Andalusia is a doubt that the company has not yet resolved, and that it is studying with its own reports, without the Junta having issued any opinion on the matter. Paradela’s department is confident that, in view of the size of Maersk, there will be more powerful initiatives in the community beyond this hub and specifically in the ports of Huelva and Algeciras, which are currently aspiring to host the initiative of the… https://forbes.es/ultima-hora/212724/la-junta-confia-en-que-maersk-tenga-otros-proyectos-para-huelva-y-algeciras-mas-alla-del-hub-de-metanol-verde/

📰 The #Japanese city of #Fukuoka and the #CJPT partnership will jointly develop #hydrogen #mobility:

Fukuoka Prefecture and Commercial Japan Partnership Technologies Corporation (CJPT), the Toyota-led partnership, have signed a collaboration agreement. They will jointly develop initiatives to expand the adoption of fuel cell vehicles. This includes logistics, public transport and government vehicles. Toyota explains that hydrogen is evolving as a key technology in the move towards neutrality. In particular, it can be seen in the Japanese Government’s Green Growth Strategy. In that line, also the city of Fukuoka has launched its own “Fukuoka Prefecture Hydrogen Green Growth Strategy”. As part of this strategy, it has committed to implement concrete initiatives to “innovate in the… https://hidrogeno-verde.es/fukuoka-y-cjpt-movilidad-hidrogeno/

🔬 #H2U #Technologies demonstrates an #iridium-free #PEM #electrolyser for hydrogen production:

In its strategic effort to reduce the costs of #proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolysers, H2U Technologies has demonstrated electrolyser stacks that replace costly and scarce iridium catalysts with cost-effective and abundant catalyst materials. H2U’s PEM electrolyser stacks take advantage of readily available catalyst materials to enable the cost-effective generation of green hydrogen. The development of alternative catalysts is important, as highly limited sources of expensive platinum group metal (PGM) materials, such as iridium, a primary electrolyser catalyst, will lead to shortages in the supply of green… https://www.h2bulletin.com/h2u-technologies-demonstrates-iridium-free-pem-electrolyzer-for-hydrogen-production/

🌐 Revolutionary, this #mobile #station can #liquidate, #store and #distribute #hydrogen:

Among the companies actively developing #infrastructures for the rapid adoption of green hydrogen, GenH2 stands out for imagining original solutions, not necessarily focused on large volumes. Thus this mobile station whose potential is discovered to help in research and rescue in difficult areas. At a time when major international companies are competing to provide systems capable of producing and storing very large quantities of hydrogen, this trailer called “LS20”, which has just been launched by a company based in Titusville, Florida, almost seems like an uninteresting gadget. It would be a big mistake to consider it so. Firstly, because it will be of great use to researchers working on large-scale projects, supplying the quantities of liquid hydrogen needed to develop and test new solutions when and where they are needed. But also for testing materials, their insulating capacity and their… https://www.h2-mobile.fr/actus/revolutionnaire-remorque-liquefier-stocker-distribuer-hydrogene/

📰 #Hydrogen #storage:

the most compact form is with #oxide.Electricity #storage devices are indispensable for the #energy #transition because they close climate-related gaps in an environmentally friendly way. Diversion via hydrogen could be optimal with an iron-based process. The first system is already in operation. A hydrogen storage facility based on iron oxide, commonly known as rust, has been commissioned in Freiberg, Saxony. Hydrogen (H 2 ) can be produced in an environmentally friendly way using excess wind and solar energy. One can store this lightest of all chemical elements in pressurised cylinders or at a temperature close to absolute zero in cryogenic containers, to name only the most common methods. Then, hydrogen can be used to stabilise a grid that weakens in low wind and sunshine. However, both storage methods require a large amount of energy to… https://www.ingenieur.de/fachmedien/bwk/energiespeicherung/wasserstoff-speichern-mit-rost-geht-es-am-kompaktesten/

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