✈️🔍 Rolls-Royce and easyJet: Crucial tests to develop hydrogen technology in aviation 🌐🚀 #RollsRoyce #easyJet #HydrogenAviation

🛠️ Rolls-Royce advances testing of liquid hydrogen cryogenic pumping systems in the UK. The goal: to overcome the engineering challenges of using hydrogen in aero engines, including narrow-body engines, from the mid-2030s. Combustion, delivery and systems integration are key areas of innovation.

💬 What are your views on the potential use of hydrogen in commercial aviation? Do you see hydrogen technology as a sustainable solution for the aerospace industry? Share your perspectives! 🔄🌍

🔗 Details: bit.ly/3NKu8ye Driving research towards the future of green flight! 🛫🌿

🏎️🌐 Innovación todoterreno: Estación de hidrógeno portuguesa en el Todo Terreno 🇵🇹⚡ #Hidrógeno #Off-Road #AutomotiveInnovation #SustainableEnergy.

🚀 La competición líder del Off-Road contará con una estación de repostaje de hidrógeno. Esta innovadora solución portuguesa, diseñada por una empresa de Leiria, formará parte del evento en Arabia Saudí, marcando la entrada de los vehículos impulsados por hidrógeno en la competición.

🔧 Desarrollada durante los últimos tres años y medio, esta estación ofrece una evolución excepcional adaptada al automovilismo, capaz de abastecer de hidrógeno a varios vehículos en el menor tiempo posible.

💬 ¿Qué opina de la inclusión de vehículos de hidrógeno en las competiciones todoterreno? Crees que este enfoque podría impulsar la adopción de las tecnologías del hidrógeno en el ámbito de la automoción? ¡Comparte tu punto de vista! 🔄🔗

🔗 Detalles: bit.ly/3tEA9W7 ¡Portugal lidera la movilidad todoterreno con hidrógeno! 🇵🇹🌿

🚗💨 Porsche explores hydrogen combustion: Innovation on the move 🌐🔥 #Porsche #Hydrogen #SustainableMobility #AutomotiveInnovation.

💡 Surprisingly, Porsche CEO Oliver Blume reveals plans to develop conventional hydrogen-powered engines. A unique approach in the search for alternative sources that does not follow the conventional fuel cell route.

🔍 Although electric mobility is leading the way, Porsche is exploring new horizons. The focus is on hydrogen as a future energy source. The vision does not focus on electric motors, but on direct combustion, opening up the dialogue on less conventional approaches.

💬 What do you think of Porsche’s foray into hydrogen combustion? Do you think this route could offer clear advantages in the mobility of the future? Share your opinion! 🔄🌍

🔗 Details: bit.ly/4az0BBf Porsche is moving towards innovation in the automotive world! 🏎️🌿

🌍 Financial boost: 635 million euros for energy transition projects in Spain 🇪🇸💡 #EnergyTransition #Sustainability #EnergyInnovation

🔋 The Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge approves aid for more than 100 projects in Spain. Initiatives in energy communities, innovation in the green hydrogen value chain and implementation of renewable and storage projects in the Canary Islands receive combined funding of €635 million, driving the transition to a more sustainable energy future.

💬 How do you think these investments will impact the transformation of the Spanish energy landscape? How important do you see the development of green hydrogen projects? Share your thoughts! 🔄🔗

🔗 Details: bit.ly/41HCcW3 Towards a greener and more resilient tomorrow! 🌿💚

🌐💡 Explorando el futuro: Proyectos de hidrógeno en desarrollo en Argentina 🇦🇷🚀 #Hidrógeno #EnergíaRenovable #DesarrolloSustentable

Con la mirada puesta en un horizonte sustentable, en Argentina hay al menos cinco proyectos en marcha para la producción de hidrógeno. La región patagónica se destaca por sus recursos naturales y extensas tierras disponibles. Las inversiones a largo plazo apuntan a la exportación y encuentran potenciales clientes en la industria minera. Conocé más sobre estos proyectos en desarrollo.

💬 ¿Cuál considera que es el rol clave del hidrógeno en el panorama energético argentino? Cómo vislumbrás el impacto de estos proyectos en el país? ¡Compartí tu opinión! 🔄🔗

🔗 Detalles aquí: Proyectos de hidrógeno en Argentina ¡Avanzando hacia una energía más limpia y sustentable! 💚🌍

🌐🚀 Strategic expansion! H2Med project could reach #Morocco in 2040 🌍💡 #H2Med #GreenHydrogen #EUandMorocco #EnergyStrategy.

The #EuropeanUnion (EU) is assessing the possibility of extending the H2Med (Mediterranean Hydrogen Corridor) project to Morocco in 2040, a report by the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance reveals. With an investment of approximately 16.4 billion euros, Morocco aims to supply 5% of European demand for green hydrogen, strengthening its strategic interests. This initiative, which would connect Africa with the Iberian Peninsula, could make a significant contribution to the supply of clean energy in the region.

What is your perspective on the expansion of the H2Med project to Morocco? How do you think it will impact the EU-Morocco energy partnership? Share your opinion! 🔄🔗

🔗 Details: https://bit.ly/3TBtk2i Building bridges to a more sustainable energy future! 💚🚀

🌍🔄 Sustainable innovation! The Mas de Barberans landfill generates energy with biogas and green hydrogen 🍃🔬 #RenewableEnergy #SustainableTechnology #MasDeBarberans #RuralGas

At Mas de Barberans, the Catalonia Institute for Energy Research (IREC) is driving the RuralGas project, validating a low-cost technology to produce renewable natural gas. This innovation combines landfill biogas with hydrogen, generating green methane, equivalent to fossil natural gas. Designed for rural environments with more modest investments, it represents a step towards energy self-sufficiency and sustainable waste management.

What do you think of the application of low-cost technologies to harness organic waste and generate renewable energy? Do you think it can be an effective solution for rural environments? Share your opinion! 🔄🌿

🔗 Details: https://bit.ly/3v5x6GZ We are moving towards a cleaner and more sustainable future! 💡🌐

🚗⛽ Historic inauguration! Southwest’s largest #hydrogen supply centre 🌐🏞️ #CleanEnergy #SustainableMobility #Chongqing.

Southwest China’s largest hydrogen supply centre, located in Changshou District, Chongqing, was inaugurated on 20 December. This hydrogenation and supply project has a capacity of 3,000 standard cubic metres/hour and uses hydrogen fuel cell technology.

💡 This milestone reflects the continued growth of hydrogen infrastructure, which supports sustainable mobility in the region.

💬 What impact do you think this hydrogen supply centre will have on boosting hydrogen vehicles in the region? Do you think this kind of projects reinforce the transition towards cleaner mobility? Share your opinion! 🌍🔗

🔗 Details: https://bit.ly/3RSYPDy A crucial step towards a cleaner and more sustainable future! 🌿⛽

🔄🔐 Discover the innovative hydrogen storage solution: Delphy 🌍💡 #HydrogenStorage #RenewableEnergy #TechnologicalInnovation #Decarbonisation

French company Vallourec presents Delphy, a revolutionary solution for difficult hydrogen storage. With the growing importance of hydrogen in global decarbonisation, efficiency and security in its storage become essential.

More than 50 countries are promoting policies to boost hydrogen development, highlighting its crucial role in the energy transition. Delphy addresses the challenges associated with hydrogen storage, offering an efficient, safe and cost-effective alternative.

What do you think of solutions like Delphy to overcome the challenges of hydrogen storage? Do you think these advances will drive hydrogen adoption in various sectors? Share your perspective! 🌐🚀

🔗 Details: https://bit.ly/3HckaC9 Towards a more efficient and sustainable hydrogen future! 🌿💡

🚛🌿 An unprecedented achievement! The first Unimog with hydrogen engine goes into operation 🌐🔧 #Unimog #Hydrogen #SustainableMobility #AutomotiveInnovation.

🔧 After two years of work on the project, the first Unimog with a hydrogen combustion engine has started to run, even briefly on the motorway. On a typical day, the Unimog performs a variety of tasks, from mowing to transporting to brushing. This development reflects the transition towards more climate-friendly options in the automotive industry, with a particular focus on the use of hydrogen.

💬 What do you think about the adoption of hydrogen in commercial vehicles such as the Unimog? Do you think this technology will be key to the mobility of the future? Share your perspective! 🔄🚛

🔗 Details here: https://bit.ly/3RQv8TH A step towards sustainable mobility! 💡🌿

🚀🔧 A technological achievement! Lanshi’s #Hydrogen #Liquid #Hydrogen #Compressor passes 🌐💡 #EnergyInnovation #Technology #GreenEnergy tests.

🔧 #Lanshi Equipment Company has announced the successful functional testing of its 45 Mpa liquid hydrogen ionic compressor. This key project in Gansu province is a pillar of Lanshi Group’s scientific and technological innovation in the energy sector. Since January 2021, the team has advanced prototype production and testing, excelling in advanced manufacturing and presentation at industry chain events.

What impact do you think this breakthrough will have on the hydrogen industry? What is your vision for the future of hydrogen compressor technology? Share your ideas! 🔄🔍

🔗 Details here: https://bit.ly/4as9OLC Lanshi is leading the hydrogen revolution! 🌍🔧

🌐🔬 Greetings to all! As a hydrogen enthusiast, I share my perspective on the exciting news from Emiliano López Atxurra on “Más de Uno”.

He took us to the Petronor refinery in Muskiz, where he operates the country’s first electrolyser with 2.5 megawatts. Three other projects are underway in Puerto Llano, Barcelona and Mallorca, marking a milestone in hydrogen production with an innovative chemical process.

As a hydrogen expert, I find the key role these technologies play in building a sustainable #Hydrogen #Economy fascinating. The Petronor refinery is not only a source of energy, but also an essential player from an economic point of view. Proactive adaptation to the decarbonisation process demonstrates a real commitment to a cleaner and more sustainable future.

💬 What is your vision on the impact of refineries on the transition to sustainability and the key role of hydrogen in this change? I would love to hear your opinion! 🔄🌿

🔗 For those interested, here are more details: https://bit.ly/3GOcANx Let’s continue exploring together the exciting future of hydrogen! 💡🌐

GreenHydrogen #EnergyInnovation #Decarbonisation #Sustainability #RenewableEnergy #EnergyTransition #SustainableDevelopment #EnergyNews #HydrogenNews #CleanEnergy

🚀💡 #GKNHydrogen Revolutionise #hydrogen #storage with a metal hydride system! 🔗💚 #EnergyInnovation #GreenEnergy #SustainableDevelopment.

💡 GKN Hydrogen, based in Falzes, presents its innovative hydrogen storage system based on metal hydrides. In operation from the beginning of 2024, this system is part of a comprehensive hydrogen ecosystem, ranging from production and distribution plants to refuelling stations for trucks. In addition, it will supply safe hydrogen to the fuel cell test beds of the University of Braunschweig, the Fraunhofer Project Centre for Energy Storage and Systems (NFF) and the Lower Saxony Vehicle Technology Research Centre.

💬 How do you see this breakthrough in hydrogen storage? What impact do you think it will have on the adoption of this technology? Share your opinion! 🌐🔄

🔗 Details: https://bit.ly/3Tx8JMx One more step towards a more efficient and sustainable hydrogen future! 🌍🚀💚

🌱💼 #Copsesa and #RICEnergy announce an investment of 850 million for a green #hydrogen plant in #Cantabria 🇪🇸💡

💡 The #renewables company RIC Energy and the construction company Copsesa join forces to develop Besaya H2, a green hydrogen plant in Cantabria. With an investment of 850 million euros, the facility will be located on former Sniace land in Torrelavega and Santillana del Mar.

💡 Construction is scheduled to start in 2026 and the plant is expected to be operational in 2027 or 2028. It will generate around 250 jobs during its operation and will contribute to avoiding the emission of more than 650,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere.

💬 How do you see collaboration between companies to promote green hydrogen projects? Do you think this type of investment is crucial for the energy transition? Share your point of view! 🔄🌱

🔗 More details at: https://bit.ly/47c3ftD A significant step towards a cleaner and more sustainable energy transition! 🌍💚

🌍🤝 Green Hydrogen and the New Global Energy Geopolitics! 🌐💼 #GreenHydrogen #EnergyGeopolitics

The race for global #trade in green #hydrogen, produced by #electrolysis of water with #renewable #energy, is redefining global energy geopolitics. In a world where decarbonising economies is essential, especially for German industry, competition for this clean molecule takes on a crucial role.

Chile, Namibia, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Morocco: these are just some of the countries where Germany is pursuing diplomatic actions and partnerships to secure future supplies of green hydrogen. The approach varies, from setting up local hydrogen embassies to ministerial summits, training, grants and joint strategies.

💬 How do you think hydrogen geopolitics will affect international relations and the transition to cleaner energy? Share your perspective! 🌐🤔

🔗 More details here: https://bit.ly/48jIz44 Green Hydrogen changing the rules of the game on the world stage! 🌿🔗

🌱🔬 #Iberdrola Pioneer in #Spain: First #HydrogenRenewable Producer Certificate! 💨⚡ #SustainableEnergy #GreenMobility.

Iberdrola has obtained the first renewable hydrogen producer certificate in Spain, consolidating its position as the first certified company in the country to supply this clean fuel for heavy mobility. The energy is provided through the hydrogen plant located at the port facilities, making it the first hydrogen plant for public and commercial use in Spain with 100% renewable origin certification.

💡 What impact do you think this certification will have on boosting green mobility in Spain? Do you think more companies will follow this example? Share your thoughts! 🚚🌍

🔗 More details here: https://bit.ly/41qvGCU Iberdrola leading the transition to a more sustainable future! 🌿

🚗⛽ Toyota Wants to Revolutionise #Hydrogen Car Refuelling with #HomeStations! 💡🏠 #HydrogenCar #ToyotaMirai

Sales of #fuel-cell cars struggle to take off, especially due to weak coverage of hydrogen refuelling stations. Toyota, in its drive to increase sales of its Mirai model, has filed a patent with the US Patent and Trademark Office. The patent describes a facility called a “Hydrogen Sharing Network” designed to produce and store hydrogen.

📄 The document, some twenty pages long, discloses a compact station equipped with a fuel cell. The proposed concept involves production and distribution stations shared with the community, aiming for a more accessible and convenient way to refuel hydrogen.

💬 What do you think about Toyota’s initiative to make it easier to refuel hydrogen cars? Do you think individual home stations can boost the adoption of hydrogen vehicles? Share your ideas! 🌐🚗

🔗 More details here: https://bit.ly/3NyIuRY Toyota leading the way towards more sustainable mobility! 🌿🔗

🚢🌊 First #Hydrogen Tug in Operation in Belgium! 🌍💡 #RenewableEnergy

In the port of Antwerp-Brujas, Belgium, the first hydrogen-powered tugboat was put into operation. Equipped with an internal combustion engine burning hydrogen combined with conventional fuels, it reduces fuel consumption and emissions by 65%. On deck, 6 storage devices capable of storing 415 kg of compressed hydrogen were installed.

💪 EU pushes hydrogen energy, but faces challenges – how do you see hydrogen’s role in the energy transformation? Share your perspective! 🔄🔗

🔗 More details here: https://bit.ly/48m84BX One step closer to a cleaner and more sustainable maritime future! 🌊🔗

🏍️💦 #Kawasaki in the Green Future with the First #Hydrogen #Bike! 💚🔗

Kawasaki is at the forefront of change with the development of the #H2 HySE Ninja Compressor, equipped with a hydrogen engine including direct injection and compressor. The test prototype, in hydrogen blue rather than Kawasaki’s traditional green, is scheduled to start in 2024.

💬 What do you think about #Kawasaki’s foray into hydrogen motorbikes? Do you think this move will contribute to greener transportation? Share your thoughts! 🌍🏞️

🔗 More details here: https://bit.ly/47O1Pa1 Kawasaki leading the way to a sustainable future on two wheels! 🚀🔗

🌐🌞 Viridi Boosts 219 MWp Hybrid Project for #H2Green Plant in Cadiz! 🇩🇪⚡

Viridi, the German company, announces the SolWinhy Cadiz project, aimed at producing around 30,000 tonnes of green methanol by electrolysis. The methanol will be transported by rail from Arcos de la Frontera to Germany. The construction of the plant, planned on approximately five hectares, will start in 2024, and is expected to be operational in 2026. Electricity generation will be made possible by an off-grid hybrid photovoltaic and wind power plant with 165 MWp of photovoltaic capacity and 54 MW of wind power capacity.

💬 How do you think this project will contribute to the boost of #renewableenergy and the #metanolverde market? Share your perspective! 🌍✨

🔗 More details: https://bit.ly/3tlLyKr Viridi leading the way towards sustainable green methanol production with hybrid energy! 🌱🔗

🚀💡 #Hy2gen Leads in #RenewableHydrogen with Acquisition of Kiwi AG! 🌿🔗

Wiesbaden-based #hydrogen specialist Hy2gen has set a milestone by successfully acquiring Kiwi AG in Werlte, Lower Saxony. The acquisition includes the world’s largest operating eMethane power plant in Werlte. With this integration, Hy2gen embarks on the production of #renewablehydrogen and its derivatives, such as Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) and Renewable Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). The tie-up also gives Hy2gen access to a project portfolio with a total capacity of 300 megawatts for electrolysis and methanisation.

What do you think the impact of this acquisition will be on the #hydrogenrenewable landscape? Share your thoughts on the future of renewable hydrogen and its derivatives. 🔄🌍

🔗 More details: https://bit.ly/3tlLyKr Hy2gen paving the way to a more sustainable future with the power of hydrogen! 🌱🔗

⚓🌊 Yamaha Navigates into the Future: Revolutionising Hydrogen Powered Sailing

In the search for more sustainable alternatives, Yamaha has turned to hydrogen to transform marine navigation. The climate emergency is driving sectors such as shipping to explore cleaner and more environmentally friendly methods.

In this context, Yamaha is joining the movement to make ports cleaner and decarbonise shipping. They explore options such as electricity, nuclear power and especially hydrogen as an innovative solution.

💬 What do you think will be the impact of hydrogen use in maritime shipping? Share your views on the role of hydrogen in the shipping revolution. 🔄🌐

🔗 More details: https://bit.ly/48eWPuG Yamaha leading the shift towards more sustainable boating with the power of hydrogen! 🚀🌊

🌍🌱 Asturias H2 Valley Project: Top European Awards for Hydrogen Transformation

Asturias H2 Valley, the project to convert the Aboño thermal power plant into the Asturian green hydrogen valley, stands out as the leading renewable hydrogen initiative in Europe, accumulating multiple recognitions from the European Commission. The latest milestone is its inclusion in the list of Projects of Common Interest (PCI).

💡 This recognition by the European Commission’s Energy Directorate gives EDP’s project significant advantages, such as accelerated planning processes, improved regulatory conditions and the possibility to apply for funding from the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF).

What impact do you think this recognition will have on boosting green hydrogen in Europe? Share your thoughts and perspectives on the future of hydrogen in the region. 🔄🚀

🔗 More details: https://bit.ly/48bOok6 Asturias leading the way to a sustainable future with green hydrogen! 🌿💧

🚗💡 NamX Prefers Hydrogen Engine for its HUV SUV instead of Fuel Cell

Confirmed! NamX is betting on the hydrogen combustion engine to equip its first SUV, the NamX HUV. The choice was made official after a recently released teaser left little doubt about the manufacturer’s technological directions.

💬 What is your opinion on the choice of hydrogen engine over fuel cell for the NamX SUV? Share your perspectives on the future of hydrogen mobility. 🔄🚀

🔗 More details: https://bit.ly/47RbtJ6 Moving towards more sustainable mobility with NamX and hydrogen! 🌿🚗

🌿🔗 Green Hydrogen in Green Methanol Production at the Mexinol Project in Mexico! 🇲🇽💚

In the framework of the COP 28 of the United Nations in Dubai and in Culiacán, Sinaloa, the Pacific Mexinol project is presented, with an investment of 2.2 billion dollars.

🌐 The project, backed by the US company Transition Industries LLC and the International Finance Corporation, will be carried out in the municipality of Ahome, near the Topolobampo area.

💡 The infrastructure will require an investment of $2.2 billion, according to information provided by the US embassy in Mexico and the governor of Sinaloa, Rubén Rocha, in Culiacán City.

What is your perspective on the impact that projects like Mexinol can have on the transition to more sustainable energy sources in Mexico? Share your views on the energy future. 🔄🚀

🔗 More details: https://bit.ly/41hMxrA Moving towards a more sustainable Mexico with green hydrogen! 🌱🇲🇽

🌍💡 Global Demand for #Hydrogen to Quintuple by 2050, According to WTO! 📈💹

Currently, global hydrogen production (approximately 95 megatonnes per year) is mainly sourced from fossil fuels; however, green hydrogen is gaining importance.

📊 Hydrogen imports are concentrated in a few economies, but the World Trade Organisation (WTO) predicts that global demand for this energy resource will diversify and increase fivefold by 2050, especially driven by green hydrogen.

How do you think this expansion in demand for hydrogen, especially green hydrogen, will impact the transition to more sustainable energy sources? Share your thoughts on the global energy future. 🔄🌿

🔗 More details: https://bit.ly/47M4f94 Moving towards a brighter future with hydrogen! 💫🚀

📜🌐 Regulatory challenges for #GreenHydrogen in Spain! 💼💡

Next year we will celebrate the 150th anniversary of Jules Verne’s prediction in “The Mysterious Island”, where he anticipated that water (H2O) would be the fuel of the future. Today, we see projects that make this vision a reality, such as the Neom Green Hydrogen mega-plant in Saudi Arabia. At White & Case, we have been involved in its $8.4 billion financing. This plant, the largest in the world, will integrate 4 gigawatts of solar and wind power to produce up to 600 tonnes of free, green hydrogen by 2026.

What do you think are the most important regulatory challenges for the development of #GreenHydrogen in Spain? Share your perspective on the evolution of this energy source. 🔄✨

🔗 More details: https://bit.ly/3TdqWi6 Moving towards a more sustainable energy future with green hydrogen! 🌿🌍

🔬🌿 ANFFECC’s H2FRIT Project to Decarbonise the Ceramic Frits Sector with #Hydrogen! 💨🌐

The #ANFFECC Association has initiated the H2FRIT pilot project, approved by the Regional Ministry of Innovation, Industry, Trade and Tourism. This three-year project seeks the “Decarbonisation of the ceramic frits sector” by replacing natural gas with #hydrogen in the fusion process. The aim is to eliminate CO2 emissions and to study the technical feasibility of this change.

🛠️ During the project, the differences in combustion between hydrogen and natural gas will be analysed, as well as the adaptation in equipment, combustion chambers and burners. The quality of the final product and other parameters will also be assessed to ensure the stability and quality of the process.

What do you think about #ANFFECC’s initiative to decarbonise the ceramic frits sector using #hydrogen? Share your thoughts on the transition to more sustainable fuels. 🔄✨

🔗 More details: https://bit.ly/3GB4S9F ANFFECC leading innovation towards a cleaner and more sustainable ceramic sector! 💡🏭

🌞🚗 Hydrogen Refuelling Station in San Severo! 🌍🔋

Governor of the Puglia region, MICHELE EMILIANO, revealed in Brussels on 4 December that PUGLIA is mapping out its own strategy for “clean energy”. He announced the installation of hydrogen filling stations in the region (#H2PUGLIA 2030). With abundant solar and wind sources, Puglia is an ideal platform for the hydrogen and renewable energy industry. The Director of the Region’s Economic Development Department, GIANNA ELISA BERLINGERIO, detailed Puglia’s strategy for this project. The region has clear objectives for 2030, in line with national guidelines.

💰 Under the PNRR, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport allocated EUR 37.4 MILLION to PUGLIA to test hydrogen applications in rail transport. Four hydrogen refuelling stations will be built in PUGLIA, including ONE STATION IN SAN SEVERO. #Sustainability #RenewableEnergy #EnergyTransition

🔍 How do you think Puglia’s hydrogen strategy can inspire other regions? Share your views on the role of green hydrogen in the transition to a more sustainable future. 🔄✨ Let’s build a cleaner and greener future together! 💡🌿

🔗 More details: https://bit.ly/4aiFaUP PUGLIA leading the transition to a more sustainable future! 💡🌿

🔍🏭 Does a Hydrogen Power Plant Make Sense? 🌍⚡ #Hydrogen #SustainableEnergy

What do you think about the viability of hydrogen power plants? Share your perspective.

🔍🏭 Between 2010 and 2018, Italy was home to an impressive global milestone: the first industrial-scale hydrogen power plant in Fusina, Venice, which operated for eight years. This combined cycle plant used 1.3 tonnes of hydrogen per hour as a by-product of the production cycle at the Marghera petrochemical plant. Although its origin was not completely clean, it represented a unique technological model at national level. However, it was discontinued when the production cycle that fed it was shut down.

Today, five years later, the drive towards hydrogen is stronger than ever in Europe. In Germany, the government is preparing tenders to build new power plants with a capacity of 23.8 GW, including 8.8 GW “hydrogen-ready” and 15 GW of natural gas. Also in Italy, projects such as Sanam in Istrana, Treviso, are exploring the use of hydrogen to produce electricity, with the installation of a NovaLT12 turbine (12 MW) designed by Baker Hughes.

🔗 More details here: https://bit.ly/47GxNoq

🔍🌐 France Authorises Hydrogen Reservoir Research for the First Time! 🇫🇷💡 #HydrogenWhite #EcologicalTransition

Do you think the search for natural hydrogen reserves can be an important source of energy for the ecological transition? Share your opinion.

🔍🌐 For the first time in France, the government has granted a research permit for so-called “white” hydrogen, a natural fuel in the subsoil that could help reduce greenhouse gas emissions in industry and transport, according to an official decree published on Sunday 3 December.

🔍🌐 This “exclusive permit for the research of native hydrogen, helium and related substances mines” will cover almost 225 square kilometres in the Atlantic Pyrenees and was granted to the company TBH2 Aquitaine for a period of five years. The concession will allow exploration work to begin, including seismic surveys, with drilling scheduled to begin in two to three years’ time, subject to further authorisations. The Ministry of Energy Transition has five other applications for similar projects “under review”.

🔗 More details here: https://bit.ly/415tlx8

🌞🔗 Construction of a New Hydrogen Plant in Lloseta Authorised! 💡🏭 #RenewableEnergy #Hydrogen

What impact do you think this initiative will have on boosting renewable energy in the region? Share your opinion. 🔄✨

🔄 🏭 The Lloseta industrial estate is preparing to receive a second hydrogen plant, powered by a 350 kWp photovoltaic park. This energy formula, based on renewable energies, follows the path of the construction of a similar plant on the grounds of Cemex last year, although in this case of smaller dimensions.

🔗 More details here: https://bit.ly/3R7rQKr

🔍🔧 Challenges and Solutions in the Conversion of Gas-fired Power Plants! ⚡🌐 #Hydrogen #RenewableEnergy

How do you think this lack of regulatory clarity may impact the transition to hydrogen-ready power plants? Share your perspective.

🔍🔧 Hydrogen plays a crucial role in the renewable energy system to ensure electricity generation. Both new and existing power plants must be prepared to operate with H2. The conversion and construction of new power plants capable of 100% hydrogen operation present significant challenges. In addition, H2 readiness is not yet clearly defined in regulatory terms.

🔍🔧 Scientists at the Reiner Lemoine Institute (RLI) have come to these conclusions and, in a study, detail what it means technically to be “H2-ready” for gas-fired power plants, the measures needed for conversion, the costs involved and the legal standards that need to be adapted. In 14 key statements, they offer suggestions for a climate-responsible use of hydrogen in electricity generation.

🔗 More details here: https://bit.ly/46JWKhN

🌍💰 Official Funding for the H2Med Project! 🚄 #GreenHydrogen #Decarbonisation

The European Commission confirms the allocation of millions of euros to boost H2Med, the continent’s first green hydrogen corridor, despite doubts surrounding the green hydrogen market. As scepticism grows among scientists, experts and governments due to problems such as inefficiency, high costs and limited demand, Brussels added the H2Med project to the list of Projects of Common Interest (PCI) on Tuesday.

💬 What is your opinion on the EU’s decision to back H2Med despite the challenges and scepticism surrounding the green hydrogen market? Do you think this financial boost will be key to overcoming the current hurdles? Share your thoughts and join the conversation on the future of green hydrogen. 🔄 More details: https://bit.ly/47VoJvF Moving towards a Sustainable Future with Green Hydrogen! 💡🚀

💨🔄 Innovation in der Wasserstoffproduktion aus Abfall! 🌐 #Wasserstoff #NachhaltigeEnergie

Der Recyclingspezialist ETG Entsorgung und Transport will ab 2025 bis zu 100 Tonnen Wasserstoff pro Jahr produzieren. Das von Green Hydrogen Technology (GHT) entwickelte Verfahren basiert auf der innovativen Flugstromvergasung.

Die Wasserstoffproduktionsanlage wird im nächsten Jahr an einem ETG-Standort in Baden-Württemberg errichtet.

Wie kann sich Ihrer Meinung nach die Wasserstofferzeugung aus Abfällen positiv auf die Nachhaltigkeit auswirken? Sind weitere innovative Ansätze zur Nutzung von Abfällen für die Erzeugung sauberer Energie in Sicht? Teilen Sie uns Ihre Meinung mit und beteiligen Sie sich an der Diskussion über eine nachhaltige Energiezukunft. 🔄 Mehr Details: https://bit.ly/3N6nT7m Towards a Sustainable Revolution in Hydrogen Production! 🌍💡

💧💚 Challenges in hydrogen development in Spain due to water availability! 🌐 #Hydrogen #Sustainability

The Galician Hydrogen Association has expressed its “surprise” at Brussels’ decision to exclude the Guitiriz-Zamora section from the list of Projects of Common Interest for the H2Med hydrogen highway. In its statement, the association stresses that hydrogen production by electrolysis requires abundant water resources. In November 2023, the only basins in Spain that exceed 80% of their capacity are Galicia Costa (88.01%) and Miño-Sil (80.66%).

💬 How do you think water availability may affect hydrogen development in Spain? Are there alternative solutions that could mitigate this challenge? Share your perspective and join the conversation about the future of hydrogen in the country. 🔄 More details: https://bit.ly/47TYmXc Exploring the path towards sustainable hydrogen in Spain! 🌍💡

💡 Innovation in decentralised hydrogen production from waste! 🌿♻️ #GreenHydrogen #Sustainability

Green Hydrogen Technology (GHT) and ETG Disposal + Transport have joined forces in a strategic partnership to generate climate-neutral energy from waste.

Over the past two years, GHT has developed a patented process that uses local feedstock, eliminating the need for more extensive infrastructure. Recycling specialist ETG will leverage this technology to produce up to 100 tonnes of hydrogen annually from 2025. The first commercial GHT plant will be built at an ETG site in Baden-Württemberg next year.

💬 What do you think about this innovative collaboration to produce sustainable hydrogen from local waste? Do you think this initiative can be a key step towards a cleaner and more efficient future? Share your ideas and join the conversation! 🌐 More details: https://bit.ly/46C8G50 🔄 A new era for sustainable hydrogen production! 🌍🚀

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