H2 News July 2023

H2 News July 2023

🌐 #Sinopec launches the world’s largest #hydrogen #project in #Inner #Mongolia:

hina Petroleum & Chemical Corporation (“Sinopec”) has launched its first hydrogen and coal demonstration project Erdos Wind-Solar Green Hydrogen in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.
The green chemistry project will utilise solar and wind energy resources in the Erdos region to directly produce green hydrogen, with plans to reach an annual production capacity of 30,000 tonnes of green hydrogen and 240,000 tonnes of green oxygen for use in neighbouring carbon reduction initiatives. ZTHC pilot project for energy-intensive coal processing in Erdos.

The project encompasses wind and photovoltaic energy production, electricity transmission and conversion, hydrogen production by water electrolysis, hydrogen storage and transport.

The installed capacity of the wind and solar power plants will reach 450 MW and 270 MW, respectively; hydrogen production will be 30,000 tonnes per year and the hydrogen storage capacity will be 288,000 cubic metres.

With an investment of 5.7 billion yuan (US$828.04 million), the project is expected to reduce carbon emissions by 1.43 million tonnes per year, generating 600 million yuan (US$87.17 million) in GDP and 30 million yuan (US$4.36 million) in taxes… https://bit.ly/437eHVG

🌐 #Iberdrola destaca su objetivo de concentrar en #Huelva el “mayor” polo de #España de #hidrógeno verde:

Iberdrola destaca su objetivo de concentrar en Huelva el “mayor” polo de España de hidrógeno verde

Iberdrola ha señalado este viernes que el proyecto de hidrógeno verde de 200 MW de #electrolizador que construirá en Huelva será impulsado por la Unidad Aceleradora de Proyectos de la Junta de Andalucía creada para “agilizar, impulsar y coordinar los proyectos considerados importantes para la comunidad”, así como que su objetivo es “concentrar” en la provincia onubense “el mayor polo de España de producción, transformación y consumo de hidrógeno verde”.

Leer más: https://www.europapress.es/andalucia/huelva-00354/noticia-iberdrola-destaca-objetivo-concentrar-huelva-mayor-polo-espana-hidrogeno-verde-20230630180206.html

(c) 2023 Europa Press. Está expresamente prohibida la redistribución y la redifusión de este contenido sin su previo y expreso consentimiento… https://bit.ly/44LIEvN


Air Liquide and Iveco Group reaffirm their commitment to the development of hydrogen mobility in Europe by inaugurating the first high-pressure hydrogenator designed specifically for long-haul trucks.

This strategic collaboration aligns with the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that the two companies signed in December 2021, and aims to drive the transport industry’s energy transition through the advancement of hydrogen.

The MoU underlines the importance of hydrogen as a key component in the transport value chain and highlights Air Liquide’s unique expertise in hydrogen production, storage and distribution, as well as the know-how of IVECO, the leading commercial vehicle brand of the Iveco Group, recognised for its leadership in the manufacture of vehicles powered by alternative fuels.

During the inauguration, the guests had the opportunity to visit the high-pressure station in Fos-sur-Mer, which has a large hydrogen supply capacity (1 tonne/day) and delivers low-carbon hydrogen through a pipeline. In addition, they had the opportunity to see first-hand a prototype of IVECO’s heavy-duty fuel cell truck, a transport solution designed to cover long distances, which stands out for its particularly fast refuelling time thanks to an impressive 700 bar pressure… https://bit.ly/3pzZEGf

📰 This #photoreactor module produces #hydrogen on roof surfaces:

Researchers at the Institute of #Technology in #Karlsruhe (#KIT) have developed a new photoreactor module that enables the production of hydrogen on roof surfaces. funds.

The energy transition poses major challenges. On the one hand, more space is needed for wind turbines and solar parks, on the other hand, there is a lack of ideas to make the changeover as fast as possible. A new concept from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) could now give things a boost.

Because a new type of photoreactor module should be able to be mounted on almost any roof and generate hydrogen there. Although the modules are not completely new, the price has so far been too high for effective use. However, that could… https://bit.ly/44vuxuo

🔬 The #Remote #project completes the installation of pilot #hydrogen #storage #systems:

The aim of the Remote project, funded by the European Commission through the Horizon 2020 programme, is to maximise the use of renewable energy by storing electricity with hydrogen technologies, thereby reducing dependence on the use of fossil-fuelled gensets in remote areas. The project has completed the installation of three pilot energy self-sufficiency and hydrogen storage systems in isolated European enclaves, one of them in Gran Canaria… https://bit.ly/3CWykF0

🛳 The #Port of #Algeciras will present the #Andalusian #Hydrogen Valley to the IMO:

The Port of Algeciras will participate next Wednesday 5th July in the Marine Meteorological Protection Committee (MEPC) of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO). Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) which during the whole week is reviewing in London the initial strategy to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases (GHG) from maritime transport.
ALGECIRAS. Within the framework of the aforementioned Committee, as well as the Spanish presidency of the EU Council, on Wednesday at 17:45 a joint presentation will be held by the Port Authority of Algeciras (APBA), Cepsa and the Ministry of Transport (Mitma) on public and private collaboration to accelerate the decarbonisation of the maritime industry and, in particular, the Andalusian Hydrogen Valley project.

The session will include the intervention of Víctor Jiménez, permanent representative of Spain at the IMO and president of the Council of the UN specialised agency; Benito Núñez, director general of the Merchant Navy; Gerardo Landaluce, president of the APBA, and Carlos Giner, commercial director of Clean Energies of Cepsa… https://bit.ly/3XFKYlE

📰 The #H2Med #hydrogen project passes the first #Brussels test:

The #European Commissioner for #Energy met yesterday with the CEOs of the 4 infrastructure operators driving the cross-border project.

The H2Med hydrogen project – formerly BarMar – has passed the first test in Brussels and is one step closer to becoming a project of common interest (PCI) and eligible for European funding for green infrastructure, according to sources close to the process.

Yesterday, the European Commissioner for Energy, Kadri Simson, met with the CEOs of the four infrastructure operators – GRTgaz, Enagás, REN and Térega – who are driving the cross-border project. The same sources explained that the meeting was informative in nature, providing an update on how the project is progressing, and that there was a “fruitful exchange” of views and information… https://bit.ly/46DBw6n

🚅 Canada has the first #hydrogen #train in #NorthAmerica:

The train has already made the first journey with a hundred passengers on board in a major tourist area of Quebec, the journey lasted 90 minutes.

Coradia iLint, the train of the French multinational Alstom, has arrived in Canada to make inroads into a new model of sustainable, zero-emission transport. The first trip on which it carried 100 passengers on a 90-kilometre journey took place on 17 June and has been a great success.

The inaugural route includes a journey from the Parc de la Chute-Montmorency or Montmorency Falls in Quebec City to Baie-St-Paul, passing through the heart of the Charlevoix Biosphere Reserve, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The Coradia iLint train model started test runs since 2018 in several European cities such as Germany, Italy and France. According to the company Alstom, they have ordered 41 hydrogen trains to run on the European continent. Now, with its arrival in Canada, it is making its first foray into… https://bit.ly/3O04wxP

📰 Enthusiasm grows for ‘natural #hydrogen’ as huge reserves found in #France:

Enthusiasm grows for ‘natural hydrogen’ as huge reserves found in France: #Euractiv.

While carrying out work to test for the risk of pockets of firedamp in abandoned mines in the Lorraine region in May, La Française d’Énergie (#FDE) discovered a large deposit of natural hydrogen, raising hopes that it could be a game-changer in Europe’s energy transition.

For years, researchers and private sector companies have been searching for rare natural hydrogen, also known as native or white hydrogen, because of its potential as a clean, renewable energy source… https://bit.ly/3XAYEOL

🌐 #Mitsui invests in the world’s first #emethanol #production and #sales #business in Denmark:

Mitsui & Co, Ltd agreed to acquire a 49% equity stake in Kasso MidCo ApS (“MidCo”), a subsidiary of European Energy A/ S.

Kasso’s e-methanol is a low-carbon methanol produced through the synthesis of green #hydrogen made by feeding renewable-based electricity into an electrolyser and green carbon dioxide (CO2) captured from biomass sources. Demand is expected to grow considerably in the future as a next generation fuel and environmentally friendly chemical feedstock.

Kasso’s e-methanol business is the world’s first and largest commercial effort, producing up to 42,000 tonnes of e-methanol per year. Kasso has already built a photovoltaic power generation facility (304MW), which is the largest in Northern Europe, and is building a water electrolyser and e-methanol plant. Production is scheduled to start in 2024. Kasso has concluded sales agreements with leading Danish companies, including transport and logistics company AP Moller – Maersk A/S, the LEGO Group and pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk A/S… https://bit.ly/3PEPr60

🌐 The million-dollar figures and jobs in #Spain that the #Andalusian #green #hydrogen #macroproject will mean:

The Andalusian Hydrogen Valley, the largest action of its kind on a European scale, faces a key day with the joint presentation of the #Port Authority of the Bay of #Algeciras with #Cepsa and the Ministry of #Transport.

While all eyes were on the Spanish-Galician energy soap opera, the tug-of-war between the government of Pedro Sánchez and that of Macron so that the latter would give in to the interests of the European Union to complete the MidCat gas pipeline – which will finally be an underwater pipeline that will only carry hydrogen – another monumental energy macro-project, with the capacity to put Spain at the forefront of this strategic sector, was in the making.

We are talking about what is set to be the largest green hydrogen project in Europe, the Andalusian Green Hydrogen Valley. This Wednesday will be a key day for its development. The Port Authority of the Bay of Algeciras is holding a joint presentation with Cepsa and the Ministry of Transport (Mitma), in which the work promoted as a result of public-private collaboration to accelerate the decarbonisation of the maritime industry will be presented. Precisely where this project occupies a… https://bit.ly/46DXENW

👩‍🏫 #Loyola #University becomes a new partner of the #Andalusian #Hydrogen #Cluster:

Loyola University is the new partner of the Andalusian Hydrogen Cluster, the first association dedicated to hydrogen-based technology as an energy entity in the region of Andalusia.

In a press release, the University highlights that the initiative is part of its commitment to training and research in hydrogen, to address the needs of the energy, business and industrial markets that are increasingly committed to decarbonisation, renewable energies, renewable hydrogen and energy storage.

The president of the Andalusian Hydrogen Cluster, Francisco Montalbán, stresses that “the main function of the cluster is to provide and contribute knowledge of this technology, its applications and markets, development and research and to help in the implementation of hydrogen technology in Andalusia”. At the same time, Montalbán adds that “it is a reliable bet and investment in time and with highly beneficial consequences for all the factors that are related to hydrogen technology in Andalusia”. https://bit.ly/3NzYl1Y

✈ Aerospace #innovation can be driven by the use of #hydrogen:

Hydrogen as #fuel challenges the entire industry to redefine aircraft design.

Aviation is responsible for almost 5% of global greenhouse gas emissions (over 1 Gt in direct #CO2 emissions in 2019, according to the IEA – International Energy Agency).

As a result, sustainable operations have become a priority for the sector, in addition to the more traditional benefits of aircraft efficiency. As a result, many companies in the aviation sector began to look at ways for aircraft to achieve… https://bit.ly/46Ja72E

🌐 Europe’s largest #solar #emethanol #plant under construction:

Mitsui, the Japanese investment and trading giant, partners with #European Energy, acquiring a minority stake in its solar park and e-methanol production plant Kassø in Aabenraa, Denmark.

Green #hydrogen, e-fuels and low-carbon chemicals are essential to decarbonise hard-to-address sectors such as shipping, plastics production and aviation.

By partnering with a major global player like Mitsui, which already has a significant presence in the methanol sector, we benefit from their vast experience. This agreement is proof that our strategy is working and we are looking forward to realising large-scale production of… https://bit.ly/3D5Cf2t

🌐 #Thyssenkrupp goes public with its #hydrogen #subsidiary:

The stock market bell rang six times, signalling the start of the second and perhaps even the largest initial public offering of the year in Frankfurt. The first share price was 22 euros and 20 cents slightly above the issue price. For #Nucera CEO Werner #Ponik, it was a success: “We have fully achieved our goals, we wanted to raise between 500 and 600 million euros here on the stock exchange, we have succeeded”. Moreover, the Dortmund-based company wants to be much more visible as a company that “can do something in the field of green hydrogen” and the stock exchange is a good place for that, according to Ponikwar.

Although Nucera is a newcomer to the stock exchange, the company has been active in the hydrogen business for a long time and claims to offer world-leading technology for electrolysis plants. These split water into oxygen and hydrogen using electricity. If they are powered by green electricity, “green” hydrogen comes out. This is needed as a fuel for a large-scale economy without the… https://bit.ly/44ib1BQ

🔬 #University #researchers design an #unmanned #boat powered by #hydrogen to monitor natural aquatic spaces:

Carried out by a team from the #CEU Cardenal Herrera University (CEU UCH), in collaboration with the National Institute for Aerospace Technology (#INTA).

The vessel, the result of the research project ‘Flexible hybrid power system with fuel cells for electric vehicles and advanced manufacturing of unmanned surface electric aquatic platform’, was tested in Huelva. The test showed that the USV-DOVELAR requires a power of about 120W to operate. With these tests, it can be extrapolated that, with the on-board energy deposits, both in batteries and hydrogen, the aquatic platform would have a navigation autonomy of more than 12 hours.

Researchers Jordi Renau and Víctor García Peñas, from the TecEner group, carried out these new physical tests on the boat in Huelva, which allowed them to obtain sufficient data to create a digital model of the USV-DOVELAR that will help to further optimise the vehicle’s energy consumption… https://bit.ly/3NTrUfg

🌐 #Hydrogen for #residential use, a 13 million joint venture between #eNovia and #Sit:

A joint venture for an innovative hydrogen generation and storage system for residential use. This is the goal of Hybitat, a company born from the partnership between e-Novia – a group that funds research with the aim of creating real companies – and Sit, a company active in residential heating and air conditioning systems, with an initial investment of 13 million euros. The Board of Directors will be composed of five directors, including Vincenzo Russi, CEO and co-founder of e-Novia, and Federico de’ Stefani, Chairman and CEO of Sit. Mario Corsi, a director of Enel, has been appointed chairman of Hybitat. We believe that storage will quickly become the most efficient way to provide homes with the clean energy needed to run heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems,” says de’ Stefani. In e-Novia we have found a partner who shares the same objectives, with strong skills in systemic innovation. SIT contributes to the project with recognised know-how in the field of hydrogen management and a track record of several years in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. It is therefore an integration of competencies at the service of the energy transition, to combat climate change in our daily lives”… https://bit.ly/3XIYqFi

🚅 The first #hydrogen #trains are assembled at #Alstom in #Savigliano:

Italian #hydrogen train takes shape. After leaving Alstom’s site in Vado Ligure, the “car”, i.e. the engine cell of the hydrogen-powered Coradia Stream , arrived at Alstom’s plant in Savigliano. This car, which will be assembled at the Via Ottavio Moreno factory, will be the beating heart of the first hydrogen trains in Italy which, from 2024, will run on the non-electrified Brescia-Iseo-Edolo line managed by Ferrovienord and Trenord to replace the current diesel… https://bit.ly/3PKufeW

🔬 #University #researchers design an #unmanned #boat powered by #hydrogen to monitor natural aquatic spaces:

Carried out by a team from the #CEU Cardenal Herrera University (CEU UCH), in collaboration with the National Institute for Aerospace Technology (#INTA).

The vessel, the result of the research project ‘Flexible hybrid power system with fuel cells for electric vehicles and advanced manufacturing of unmanned surface electric aquatic platform’, was tested in Huelva. The test showed that the USV-DOVELAR requires a power of about 120W to operate. With these tests, it can be extrapolated that, with the on-board energy deposits, both in batteries and hydrogen, the aquatic platform would have a navigation autonomy of more than 12 hours.

Researchers Jordi Renau and Víctor García Peñas, from the TecEner group, carried out these new physical tests on the boat in Huelva, which allowed them to obtain sufficient data to create a digital model of the USV-DOVELAR that will help to further optimise the vehicle’s energy consumption… https://bit.ly/3NTrUfg

🌐 Is the #project for #hydrogen and #helium #extraction in #Monzón legal and does it comply with the precautionary principle?

If processed under the Hydrocarbons Law this exploration would be illegal, as the Climate Change Law prohibits new exploration. On the other hand, hydrogen is not a hydrocarbon, so the Government of Aragon wants it to be processed as a geological resource instead of waiting for a specific regulation to be developed, thus circumventing the precautionary principle, and avoiding “rigorously following environmental regulations, and therefore submitting the project to an ordinary environmental impact assessment, which offers more guarantees of control”.

Ecologistas en Acción, the Gas No Es Solución network and the International Institute of Law and Environment have presented allegations against the hydrogen and helium exploration and research project in Monzón, considering it “outside the law”, and urge the Government of Aragon to withdraw the declaration of “investment of regional interest to a project that does not have a legal permit”.

In the municipality of Monzón -Cinca Meya-, the company Helios Aragón Exploration S.L., is promoting an “Exploratory research project for hydrogen reserves”. The regional capital, like the rest of the Aragonese municipalities, has just renewed its municipal corporation and re-elected as mayor Isaac Claver Ortigosa -PP-, a lawyer who worked for some years in the law firms Cautrecasas and Garrigues, and who is also making his debut as… https://bit.ly/44KsPW5

📰 Commissioning of the first #high-altitude #photovoltaic #hydrogen #storage #project in #China:

On July 11, the Eleventh China Railway Bureau learned that my country’s first high-altitude photovoltaic hydrogen storage project, the 1 million kilowatt photovoltaic storage and 3MW photovoltaic hydrogen production project of #Huadian Delingha, undertaken by the company, was successfully put into operation. for power generation.

  The photovoltaic hydrogen storage project involves using photoelectricity to electrolyse water into hydrogen and oxygen when the photovoltaic is sufficient but cannot be connected to the grid and must be disposed of, and the hydrogen is stored.when electricity is needed, the stored hydrogen is passed through an internal combustion engine, a fuel cell or other methods are converted into electrical power transmission to the grid.

  The project is located in Delingha City, Qinghai Province. It is the first batch of large-scale landscape-based projects focusing on desertification, desertification and desertification. It is also my country’s first attempt to produce green hydrogen in high-altitude areas. The technology The system promotes the extension of the hydrogen energy industry chain and the upgrading of the value chain to achieve green electricity and green energy consumption in the region… https://bit.ly/3PNMSP7

📰 The momentum and challenges of #greenhydrogen in #India:

India wants to become a global hub for #green #hydrogen production, made by splitting water molecules using renewable energy. It’s an ambitious plan for a country whose current hydrogen consumption is mostly produced from fossil fuels.

Although first production is expected in 2026, India has been negotiating bilateral agreements with the European Union, Japan and other countries to begin exporting the fuel.

India is targeting annual production of 5 million metric tons of green hydrogen by 2030, which would reduce about 50 million metric tons of carbon emissions and save more than $12 billion in fossil fuel imports.

Indian companies including Reliance Industries (RELI.NS) , Indian Oil (IOC.NS) , NTPC (NTPC.NS) , Adani Enterprises (ADEL.NS) , JSW Energy (JSWE.NS) , ReNew Power (RENE.BO) and Acme Solar (ACMO.NS) have made announcements to establish a cumulative annual green hydrogen manufacturing capacity of 3.5 million metric tonnes… https://bit.ly/3rp5LOe

🚌 The first #hydrogen #bus in testing in #Szczecin. It will go on city lines:

The bus that arrived in Szczecin has a range of up to 450 km, which means it can be used without refuelling for 2 days. If the hydrogen runs out, refuelling takes only 15 minutes. It consumes about 8 kg of hydrogen per 100 km. The tanks have a capacity of 37.5 kg of hydrogen. The important thing is the Polish design. It will be produced in Świdnik. It is a joint venture of Polsat Plus Group and ZE PAK.

In addition to electric and hybrid buses, which already partly support Szczecin’s public transport, we try to look for the latest solutions. This is definitely hydrogen, according to many specialists, it is the future of communication, it is the future of driving motor vehicles in general, so we are trying to find ourselves in this place, says Piotr Krzystek, Mayor of Szczecin… https://bit.ly/43qABDc

📰 #Germany will try to convert its #gas #infrastructure to #hydrogen #transport:

Germany will seek to convert existing gas infrastructure to transport hydrogen over the next few years, according to the CEO of system transmission operator FNB, Barbara Fischer… https://bit.ly/3pIQUxF

⛽ Orlen invests in #hydrogen: 100 refuelling stations by 2030:

Orlen plans to launch approximately 100 hydrogen filling stations in #Poland, the #Czech Republic and #Slovakia by the end of 2030; it also optimises petrol and diesel sales, the company told PAP. The company added that the acquisition in Austria will allow it to complete more than 97% of its projects. the goal of creating a network of 3,500 filling stations.

“Orlen Group’s strategy until 2030 for the retail segment takes into account the changes resulting from (…) the gradual decarbonisation of the road transport sector. Orlen’s plans include increasing the number of charging points for electric vehicles in Poland and abroad to 10,000… https://bit.ly/44sN1Mj

📰 #Spain will connect to #Italy and #Morocco to export #green #hydrogen, but not to #Algeria:

The #Medgaz #gas pipeline will no longer be used to export or import hydrogen in the future as planned in September last year.

The European Hydrogen Backbone (EHB) initiative has presented an updated version of its vision for a Europe-wide hydrogen transport infrastructure. It is actually a version of the infrastructure map on which hydrogen is intended to travel throughout the European Union.

According to the new map, Spain will no longer connect the Medgaz pipeline to Algeria via Almeria to import or export green hydrogen by 2040 as planned in previous updates.

However, it does count on H2Med, the hydrogen pipeline that will link Barcelona with Marseille, by 2030, and it also assures that the hydrogen interconnection with Italy will also be carried out, with a 792-kilometre-long hydrogen pipeline connecting the cities of Barcelona and Livorno. In this case, this infrastructure would not be in place until… https://bit.ly/44mWZil

🚗 #Ineos #Grenadier #FCEV: the perfect combination of #hydrogen and #4×4:

It is the latter that we were able to see and touch at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, the venue for its world presentation and where we learned the first details about its technology… and its basic principles, which are twofold: zero emissions, and zero compromise in terms of off-road performance… https://bit.ly/3XSegxq

🌐 The Central #HydrogenValley will be built in #Kozienice. It can be used, for example, for #transport.

On Monday, a letter of intent on the creation of the Central Hydrogen Valley will be signed at the Kozienice power plant.

As the head of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage stressed in an interview on TVP Info on Saturday, Poland is one of the leaders in hydrogen production. “The valley will be built in Kozienice. It will mainly use the potential of Enea (…). Enea, because it is planning gas blocks, has the potential to be able to produce hydrogen and then use it, said #Moscow… https://bit.ly/3Dik2z2

🌐 #CE evaluates #hydrogen projects that prolong the use of #natural gas:

Hydrogen is gaining traction as an alternative fuel in the shadow of criticism. The argument underpinning these developments as the guarantor of a climate solution tends to crack. Their direct link to natural gas tarnishes them. Some are calling on the European Commission to review the climate impact of dozens of hydrogen projects awaiting approval.

The request to assess proposed hydrogen projects comes after it was revealed that 90% of them could be used to prolong the use of natural gas to heat the planet.

Hydrogen holds great promise for clean energy. It can be stored in gaseous or liquid form and distributed through pipelines, and could be a substitute for natural gas. And it emits no greenhouse gases in its combustion. So why the questions? https://bit.ly/43t2FWE

🔬 #Siberian #Scientists increased the amount of #hydrogen produced per unit of feedstock by 23 times:

Siberian scientists added ordinary soda and were able to increase the efficiency of hydrogen production by 23 times. Siberian scientists have developed a simple method to obtain platinum carbonate complexes that can be used as environmentally friendly catalysts. The researchers used platinum hydroxide and sodium bicarbonate to create a catalyst capable of producing 23 times more hydrogen from hydrazine than other catalysts. The new technology has been published in the journal ACS, Inorganic Chemistry. Platinum catalysts are widely used in various industries, including industry, medicine and hydrogen energy. They have high catalytic activity and stability. However, most of the platinum precursors used require aggressive acidic solutions, which can cause corrosion and reduce the efficiency of the catalyst. Scientists at the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry named after A.V. Nikolaev have developed safe and convenient carbonate… https://bit.ly/43p2go5

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