🌞🔬 Titanium and copper are applied to increase the production of green hydrogen in solar thermal power plants.

#hydrogen #solar #energy #research #efficiency

💡⚗️ A research team from the Materials Science Institute of Seville, the Almeria Solar Platform (CIEMAT) and the Autonomous University of Barcelona has confirmed in a pilot plant that the combination of titanium and copper oxides extends green hydrogen production by up to 10 % compared to other systems.

In order to increase the efficiency in obtaining hydrogen in solar plants, researchers work with the aim of optimising the characteristics of all the players involved: from the design of the mirrors facing the sun, the material the tubes are made of, the use of alcohols used together with water or the type of catalysts used, the Descubre Foundation reported in a statement.

🔗 Source: https://bit.ly/3PEYbs0

🚌💧 Hydrogen bus on the streets of Gdansk from April.

#hydrogen #Gdansk #transport #sustainability

🚍🌱 On Tuesday 2 April, the first green hydrogen-powered bus will appear on the streets of Gdańsk. To start with, it will serve the 130 line connecting Jasień PKM with the World War II Museum. In the summer, 10 vehicles of this type will run in the city. All of them will be refuelled at Szadolki station. Importantly, from May, the station will also be available to anyone who owns a hydrogen-powered car.

🔗 Source: https://bit.ly/3VDsK5g

🚌🌱 ‘Biogreenfinery’, this is how the first hydrogen bus ‘made in Canarias’ works.

#Biogreenfinery #Canary Islands #hydrogen #renewable #agua

🚀💡 The first renewable hydrogen bus ‘Biogreenfinery’ is already circulating in the Canary Islands, with a range of 400 kilometres and which puts at full capacity the 100% renewable hydrogen biorefinery, pioneer in Spain, in Pozo Izquierdo (Gran Canaria) which has been operating as a platform for research into new zero-emission fuels since last November.

🔗 Source: https://bit.ly/3VBGX2j

💰🇨🇳 Hydrogen prices in China are several times lower than in the US and Europe.

#hydrogen #China #prices #USA #Europe #Sany

The Chinese estimate that Sany, thanks to the integration of hydrogen production and refuelling services, provides hydrogen at a price comparable to diesel. Several times cheaper than in California.

According to Hydrogen Insight, China’s largest green hydrogen refuelling station sells H2 for 1/7th of the price of H2 in California. It quotes the Chinese newspaper Hunan Daily, which reports that the integration of renewable hydrogen production and refuelling in a single complex allows the fuel to be delivered at a price of 35 yuan/kg ($4.85/kg), almost the same price as diesel.

Source: https://bit.ly/3TUdLSV

🌊💡 Ecofoss hydrogen, the Spanish zero emission floating substation for offshore wind farms.

#Ecofoss #hydrogen #floating #substation #zeroemissions #wind energy #Navantia #WindEurope2024

🏗️ The public company Navantia, specifically its Navantia Seanergies division, has presented its CoEx Green Energies Centre of Excellence in Bilbao, within the framework of the major European wind energy trade fair, WindEurope2024, “which was created with the aim of boosting knowledge and capabilities in the field of green energy”. The first CoEx Green Energies project is Ecofoss and consists of the “design of a prototype of a floating, zero-emission electrical substation for offshore wind farms”. The substation will be equipped with an energy production plant based on hydrogen technologies and will serve floating offshore wind farms far from the coast.

🔗 Source: https://bit.ly/3TQ3oQd

🚿🍾 “Heating with hydrogen is like showering with champagne”: a letter to German municipalities warns against the gas lobby.

#hydrogen #heating #champagne #gas #lobby #Germany #municipalities

📝 The law adopts a technology-neutral approach, so municipalities are basically free to choose which technology they use; the only decisive factor is that 65 percent of them will be powered by renewables from 2025, and this proportion will gradually increase to 100 percent by 2045. The possibilities for generating renewable heat are manifold: geothermal energy, waste heat, wastewater, biomethane, biomass, green hydrogen – all this and more is recognised as a solution in law.

🔗 Source: https://bit.ly/3IRrzHx

🚆💨 A hydrogen train from Switzerland travels 2803 km without refuelling, a world record.

#train #hydrogen #Switzerland #worldrecord #Stadler #Guinness Book

📈 A hydrogen-powered train from Swiss railway company Stadler has secured a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. The Flirt passenger train covered a distance of 2803 kilometres without refuelling or charging.

🗓️ The world record run had taken place on the night of 20 March, as Stadler announced on Monday. The train covered the record distance in about 46 hours. Before, during and after the record attempt, detailed records were kept to ensure accurate and transparent testing, according to the company. The record run took place at a test centre in the US state of Colorado.

🔗 Source: https://bit.ly/3TQC4kP

🚆🌟 China’s first hydrogen-powered urban train completed a test run at a speed of 160 kilometres per hour, marking a breakthrough in the application of hydrogen energy in rail transit.

#urbantrain #hydrogen #China #railtransport #innovation

🚄💡 China’s CRRC unveils an innovative hydrogen-powered urban train.

The first hydrogen-powered urban train developed in China underwent a test run on Thursday morning in Changchun, Jilin province.

The train, developed by CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles, successfully operated at a speed of 160 kilometres per hour while fully loaded, achieving comprehensive verification of the system, scenery and multi-level performance, marking a breakthrough in the application of hydrogen energy in the field of rail transport.

🔗 Source: https://bit.ly/3VtfVub

🏭💼 These are the jobs that will be generated by the new hydrogen plant in Cerceda, La Coruña.

#hydrogen plant #jobs #energy #Spain #hydrogen production

Spain is one of the countries in the world with the most hydrogen production projects underway, with more than a hundred of them. One of them is the one designed by the companies Repsol, Naturgy and Reganosa in the municipality of Cerceda, which is intended to supply the La Coruña refinery. The Xunta de Galicia recently opened the technical proposal to the public, so that interested parties can present any allegations they consider relevant. This process also allows more details to be known about what the new plant will be like, as El Debate has already reported, and the jobs that are expected to be created with its start-up.

👷‍♂️👷‍♀️ The documentation received by the Galician government reveals that an estimated 311 workers will be needed during the construction phase of the facility and the piping for transporting the hydrogen. As for the indirect employment that may be generated through subcontractors, the figure is 517. Once the works are completed, the promoters estimate that 17 technicians will be required to operate the plant, while a further 29 jobs are expected to be created indirectly. It is estimated that the plant will operate continuously 24 hours a day, every day of the year, except for maintenance stoppages.

🔗 Source: https://bit.ly/4axaGhn

🌿💧 Los Barrios thermal power plant will become a green hydrogen plant in 2026.

#EDP #LosBarrios #green hydrogen #integrated plant #renewable energy #electrolysers #lithium-ion batteries

EDP began just over a year ago the environmental processing of the project through the Accelerator Unit of the Andalusian Regional Government to transform the 1985 thermal plant into a modern integrated green hydrogen plant with three main facilities: a photovoltaic park to generate the renewable electricity needed to process the hydrolysis units, which would be the main centre of the facility, and an energy storage area with lithium-ion batteries of 255 MW.

🚀 The first phase planned by the company covers the installation of the first 130 megawatts of electrolysers at the thermal site, with an investment of €195 million, to operate within two years.

🔗 Source: https://bit.ly/497dosC

🏭🔧 Tenova will supply Nippon Steel’s direct iron reduction pilot plant.

#Tenova #NipponSteel #direct reduction #ENERGIRON #technology #hydrogen #steel #metallurgical industry #mining

🔧 Tenova, an Italian company that is part of the Techint Group and specialises in innovative solutions for the metallurgical and mining industry, announced the delivery of a direct reduction pilot plant with ENERGIRON technology to Japanese steel manufacturer Nippon Steel. The unit, which will be installed at the Hasakah research and development centre, will be used for demonstration tests of the development of direct hydrogen reduction technology for the reduction of low-grade iron ore with hydrogen alone, reports Steel Orbis portal.

🌱 The new plant will use hydrogen as the reducing gas, while retaining the ability to use different gases in any combination or ratio. “We are delighted to contribute to this project and deliver the first hydrogen-driven direct reduction pilot plant to Japan,” said Stefano Maggiolino, CEO of Tenova, the Mexican subsidiary of Tenova HYL.

🔗 Source: https://bit.ly/48Y8n5z

🔍🔬 The European PilgrHYm project will study the compatibility of EU gas networks with hydrogen distribution.

PilgrHYm, “Pre-normative research on integrity assessment protocols of gas pipes repurposed to hydrogen and mitigation guidelines”, is a new European Project of the Clean Hydrogen Partnership 2023 call. The University of Burgos participates through the Structural Integrity Group (GIE).

🔍🔬 The aim of the project is to study the compatibility of EU gas networks with future hydrogen distribution networks and to lay the foundations for their future regulation.

Professors Jesús Manuel Alegre, Isidoro Iván Cuesta and Andrés Díaz from the GIE group participated in the launch meeting of this project last January. The project has a budget of 4 million euros and the meeting was held at the facilities of the company GRTgaz, coordinator of the project.

PilgrHYm #hydrogen #gas grids #distribution #research #CleanHydrogenPartnership #UniversityofBurgos #GIE

🔗 Source: https://bit.ly/3VqHvYX

ANEEL opens strategic call for research projects focused on hydrogen.

🔬💡 With a focus on “Hydrogen in the context of the Brazilian electricity sector”, the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel) opened the Strategic Call for Research, Development and Innovation Projects (PDI) no. 23. The initiative is the result of the Public Consultation (CP18/2023), conducted last year by the institution.

🇧🇷💡 The Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) has advanced important actions to accelerate the low-carbon hydrogen economy in the country, take advantage of global opportunities and thus contribute to the energy transition.

This Aneel initiative is one of the actions proposed by the 2023-2025 Triennial Work Plan of the National Hydrogen Programme (PNH2), coordinated by the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME). The call contributes to achieving the goal of a seven-fold increase in annual investments in research and development by 2025, compared to 2020.

🔗 Source: https://bit.ly/3IKjHrr

ANEEL #Hydrogen #Electricity #Sector #Brazil #EnergyTransition #Research #Development #Innovation #Energy

🚆 The first hydrogen train in Spain passes through Talavera de la Reina.

#HydrogenTrain #Spain #SustainableMobility #CastillaLaMancha #FCH2Rail

The FCH2Rail project is being developed by a consortium made up of CAF, DLR, Toyota, Renfe, Adif, CNH2, IP and Stemmann-Technik with a budget of 14 million.

Castilla-La Mancha has experienced a historic event: the circulation of the first hydrogen-powered train undergoing tests. The train, which combines the energy of hydrogen cells and batteries for sustainable mobility, has been running in the province of Toledo, specifically on the Humanes-Talavera de la Reina section (with a stop at the station), on the Madrid-Extremadura rail corridor.

After passing through the Humanes-Talavera section, the bimode demonstrator train (known as the FCH2RAIL project) stopped at Monfragüe and Cáceres, as well as from Madrid to Mérida.

🔗 Source: https://bit.ly/3PlBr08

🚢 Shipping. “Ammonia as a fuel in the port of Singapore”. The first vessel authorised to use it is from the Australian Fortescue group (A. Martinengo).

#Ammonia #Singapore #Ship #Fortescue #Fuel

Australian mining and energy giant Fortescue, in collaboration with the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), has successfully conducted the first operational trial of using ammonia as fuel, in combination with marine diesel in the combustion process, on board its Fortescue Green Pioneer vessel, in the port of Singapore, Domenico Schillaci and Hydronews report.

🔗 Source: https://bit.ly/3Tp5ZPJ

💡 US releases its national strategy to accelerate hydrogen truck charging infrastructure.

#US #Hydrogen #SustainableTransportation #Infrastructure #National #Fueling #Strategy.

🛣 The strategy will build on new national hydrogen truck freight corridors designated by the Federal Highway Administration to decarbonise transportation.

🚚 The Biden-Harris Administration yesterday released the National Zero Emissions Freight Corridor Strategy. Developed by the Joint Office of Energy and Transportation and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), in collaboration with the Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Strategy will guide the deployment of zero-emission medium-emission and heavy-duty vehicle (ZE-MHDV) charging infrastructure and hydrogen fueling from 2024 to 2040. The Strategy is designed to meet growing market demands by directing public investment to amplify private sector momentum, focus regulatory and utility energy planning, align industry activity and improve air quality in local communities heavily impacted by diesel emissions.

🔗 Source: https://bit.ly/3Vd0iXF

💡 Ingeteam has more than 400 MW in its hydrogen portfolio.

#Ingeteam #Hydrogen #RenewableEnergy #Electrolysers #IGBTT Technology

Today, Ingeteam has rectifiers feeding different PEM and alkaline electrolysers in plants in Spain, Belgium and the United States, which generate renewable hydrogen for various applications. During the first half of 2024, a further two projects will be commissioned in Spain and the United States. In addition, and in response to this growing demand, in October 2023 Ingeteam launched a new rectifier on the market aimed at large-scale green hydrogen production plants, based on IGBT technology with the highest current density on the market.

🔗 Source: https://bit.ly/4acS8mh

🚢 Great range for this fast hydrogen-powered catamaran.

#HydrogenCatamaran #Norway #MaritimeTransport #Decarbonisation #EnergyEfficiency

💡 Norway is a model student in electrifying its car fleet and has been working on decarbonising its maritime transport in recent years. In addition to the electric fairy, the country is also relying heavily on hydrogen to achieve its goal.

💡 This technology offers many advantages, such as greater comfort for the 275 passengers, even in bad weather. Above all, this reduced friction translates into high energy efficiency. The companies in charge of the project, TECO 2030 and Umoe Mandal, announce a 55% reduction in the ship’s consumption compared to conventional fossil fuel ships.

🔗 Source: https://bit.ly/3v11Yca

🏭 #NuclearPowerPlant #Kola #Hydrogen #PilotTests #HydrogenProduction #Technology.

💡 The Kola nuclear power plant will become a pilot site for the creation of a bench test complex for hydrogen production.

💡 The hydrogen production bench test facility at the Kola nuclear power plant is planned to be commissioned by the end of 2025. In the future, this technology can be developed throughout the country. On 13 March 2024, in Polyarnye Zori, Murmansk region (city where the Kola NPP is located), public discussions will be held on the design documentation “Bench test complex for hydrogen production with a capacity of 200 Nm3/h”, including preliminary materials to assess its impact on the environment.

💡 Recall that the Kola nuclear power plant (part of the control loop of the Rosenergoatom company, the Electric Power Division of Rosatom State Corporation) was chosen as a pilot site for the creation of a bench test complex (SIC) for hydrogen production and its circulation.

💡 One of the main factors determining the choice of the site was the excess power generated by the Kola Nuclear Power Plant, as well as the availability of all the necessary infrastructure and expertise to produce hydrogen in small quantities for the company’s own needs.

🔗 Source: https://bit.ly/3VbtTAL

🚗 #ToyotaMirai #Hydrogen #Sustainability #California #Discount #SpecialOffer

💡 Where is a new Toyota MIRAI literally being given away for free?

💡 Toyota is clearly not giving up on the idea that hydrogen is not just an experiment, but a sustainable solution in the automotive industry. A good example is Mirai, which has already established itself in many markets in Europe and is slowly moving to other parts of the world.

💡 Entering the United States, however, becomes quite an interesting way. For models from 2023 onwards, Toyota is offering a $40,000 discount to the state of California! In addition, the buyer will receive a fuel (hydrogen) voucher worth $15,000. If the price of the car in the US is $55,000, then it turns out that Mirai in California? It’s given away for free.

🔗 Source: https://bit.ly/3IBCIwk

🔬 ITC and Ivace+i take a new step to implement green hydrogen in the ceramics industry.

The Institute of Ceramic Technology (ITC) has opened a new line of research to advance the decarbonisation process in the ceramics sector. It is a new project to promote the use of green hydrogen in the industry through a project that aims to analyse the effect it has on the final product and thus achieve the same quality as the current one by using sustainable energy. This initiative is supported by the Valencian Institute of Competitiveness and Innovation (Ivace+i).

GreenHydrogen #GreenHydrogen #CeramicsIndustry #Decarbonisation #SustainableEnergy #Research

As explained by the ITC, this is a new line that joins other projects already underway to reduce emissions in the ceramic tile industry. In this way, ITC and the Council body chaired by Nuria Montes are taking a new step on the road to implementing green hydrogen in the ceramics industry.

🔗 Source: https://bit.ly/4cgG7hm

💡 The real problem for green hydrogen is the electricity grid, not water.

Many argue that Andalusia can maintain its leading position in the production of green hydrogen in the coming decades. European directives focused on decarbonisation and the industry’s interest in generating more decontaminating processes have made the region a spearhead in this sector due to its own characteristics for producing renewable energies.

🌱 #GreenHydrogen #Andalusia #Decarbonisation #RenewableEnergies #Industry #Transport #Cepsa

Not in vain, the aim is to decarbonise especially the sectors that are difficult to electrify such as industry, heavy road transport and air and sea transport, as assured by Cepsa, one of the companies that have made the greatest commitment to this technology in the region with its Andalusian Green Hydrogen Valley, distributed between Palos de la Frontera (Huelva) and San Roque (Campo de Gibraltar, Cádiz).

🔗 Source: https://bit.ly/48ORAC8

🌍🔧 By 2029: Thuringia will receive a hydrogen network of more than 500 kilometres.

By the end of the decade, there will be a hydrogen pipeline network in Thuringia with a length of around 500 kilometres. This is the aim of an agreement signed by Thuringian Energy Networks TEN, Ferngas GmbH from Bavaria and the network operator Gascade GmbH from Hesse.

🔍 #HydrogenNetwork #Gas pipelines #RenewableEnergies #Sustainability #Infrastructure #Thuringia

Accordingly, twelve projects are to be implemented by 2029. To this end, existing lines are to be converted or completely new lines are to be built.

🔗 Source: https://bit.ly/3Tx2yYs

🚢🔧 Mitsui tests MAN engine on hydrogen

In a world first for the maritime industry, a MAN B&W two-stroke engine running on hydrogen has been tested. Mitsui E&S Co. Ltd., a licensee of MAN Energy Solutions, carried out the test at its plant in Tamano on a machine with a 50 to 100 percent load bore. In cooperation with MAN Energy Solutions, Mitsui has converted one of the four cylinders of a MAN B&W ME-GI engine to hydrogen.

🔍 #MaritimeIndustry #HydrogenEngine #Decarbonisation #HydrogenEnergy #EmissionsReduction #RenewableEnergy

“This exciting project is one of several hydrogen initiatives that MAN Energy Solutions is currently implementing in the two- and four-stroke sectors,” reports Gunnar Stiesch, Technical Director of MAN Energy Solutions. In this way, Mitsui has set new standards in decarbonisation.

Under different load and operating conditions, stable operation, including hydrogen combustion, was achieved. Greenhouse gas emissions have been reduced by up to 95 per cent, with the rest coming from the pilot fuel used during the tests, he said. Brian Østergaard Sørensen, Vice President of MAN Energy Solutions: “This research is very enlightening and gives us a lot to think about. MAN Energy Solutions is continuously committed to decarbonisation in the maritime industry, working with renowned partners such as Mitsui as often as possible.”

🔗 Source: https://bit.ly/3Ve1pGD

🌱💡 DEUTZ España instalará una central piloto de hidrógeno verde en Zafra.

#HidrógenoVerde #EnergíaRenovable #Sostenibilidad

DEUTZ España, ARIEMA y AEM (Alternativas Energéticas Murcia – España) han firmado un acuerdo de colaboración que permite la instalación de una nueva planta piloto de producción de energía renovable que utilizará como único combustible hidrógeno verde, obtenido de forma sostenible, en la fábrica de componentes que la compañía alemana tiene en la localidad extremeña de Zafra.

Con esta nueva central, el Grupo DEUTZ demuestra el uso eficiente del hidrógeno verde como vector de almacenamiento de energía para la producción de excedentes de sistemas de energías renovables, como plantas solares fotovoltaicas o parques eólicos. Da así un paso importante e innovador hacia soluciones ecosistémicas en el marco de la estrategia de sostenibilidad de DEUTZ “Asumir la responsabilidad”.

🔗 Fuente: https://bit.ly/4c5G6Nr

🌿💡 How manure, sunlight and algae help against the lack of green hydrogen.

#GreenHydrogen #RenewableEnergy #Bioenergy

Green hydrogen is in high demand, but in short supply. Alternative technologies are expected to change this in the future and also consume less energy than electric electrolysis.

🇩🇪 The only one of its kind in Germany, the research project “BioH2Ref” of the company BtX, however, does not produce the energy source from natural gas, as is usually the case, but from the slurry that accumulates day after day in the stable a few metres away.

🔗 Source: https://bit.ly/43aVsw1

🚀💡 The CDTI Innovation presents the Neotec programme grants for technology-based companies.

#CDTI #Innovation #TechnologicalCompanies

Next 13th of March, CDTI Innovation will inform in the event Neotec Programme: Grants for Technological Development, about the characteristics and aids granted by the Neotec programme aimed at supporting the creation and consolidation of technology-based companies.

🔬 A technology-based company (TBC) is one whose activity focuses on the exploitation of products or services that require the use of technologies or knowledge developed from research activity. EBTs base their business strategy or activity on the intensive mastering of scientific and technical knowledge.

Proposals funded under this programme must have a business strategy based on the development of technology as a competitive differentiating factor for the company. Companies whose business model is based primarily on services to third parties, without developing their own technology, will not be considered.

🔗 Source: https://bit.ly/3IyAiyl


#Hydrogen #Maritime #Industry #Innovation

Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding has announced the successful testing of a MAN two-stroke engine with up to 100% hydrogen fuelling at its Tamano plant. A world first for the marine industry.

🛠️ In collaboration with Man Energy Solutions, Mitsui has converted one of the four cylinders of a Man B&W ME-GI engine running on LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas). As stated in a press release, Mitsui has adapted this engine to run on hydrogen as part of a project supported by the Japanese government.

One of the engine’s four cylinders has been adapted to run on hydrogen. The engine is 100 per cent charged with this high-pressure hydrogen gas, with no problems or leaks. Mitsui reports that combustion is easy, as is hydrogen supply. According to the Japanese player, this is the world’s first successful test of hydrogen combustion in a large two-stroke marine engine. The company also says it intends to acquire the storage and distribution technologies to be able to provide hydrogen combustion for shipping. For Mitsui, this is the next generation fuel.

🔗 Source: https://bit.ly/4a1kwaS

🌿💧 Green hydrogen: outlook and top stocks, ETFs and funds.

#Hydrogen #Energy #Investments.

Green hydrogen is a market that is benefiting from the current positive conditions and could gain momentum in the future. These companies, ETFs and equity funds are already investing in the sector.

Green hydrogen is an important component of the energy transition. In the future, it is intended to help reduce CO2 emissions, especially in areas that cannot be electrified.

💡 One example of this is air travel. Airbus is already working on the realisation of the first hydrogen aircraft, which will be launched on the market in 2035. In this way, climate-friendly long-haul flights will also become a reality in the future. At the same time, several airports are already starting to build the corresponding refuelling infrastructure.

🔗 Source: https://bit.ly/49MM6sE

🌍 Seville will host the sixth edition of the European Hydrogen Congress in 2026.

#Sevilla #Hydrogen #Congress

📅 Seville will be the city that will host the next edition of the European Hydrogen Congress (EHEC), to be held in 2026, as announced by the president of the Spanish Hydrogen Association (AeH2), Javier Brey, organising entity of the same, together with the Andalusian Minister of Industry, Energy and Mines, Jorge Paradela, in the course of the current edition that takes place until this Friday in Bilbao.

Paradela has valued the decision of the Spanish Hydrogen Association to organise this biennial event in the capital of Seville, and that undoubtedly “will allow Andalusia to show the work that we have been doing from the Regional Government in close collaboration with the private sector in order to promote the development of this energy vector, essential for both industry and land, sea and air transport to face its decarbonisation process”.

🔗 Source: https://bit.ly/43djFlk

🚛 Frankfurt’s waste collector tests “water fabrics”.

#Waste #Hydrogen #Recycling

🌱 New rubbish truck to ensure a better climate. More range, fewer emissions, but a rather high price tag.

🏙️ In the fleet of Frankfurter Entsorgungs- und Service-GmbH (FES) is the first hydrogen-powered fuel cell refuse truck of the type “Bluepower”. It collects residual waste in the northern part of the city and FES is gaining experience with it. Nine trained drivers are testing “Bluepower” on different routes and in different districts. This vehicle, like the eight all-electric waste collection vehicles that went into operation in 2023, also runs on a battery. The fuel cell serves as a range extender.

🔗 Source: https://bit.ly/3T9KkLk

🧪 These researchers want to produce natural hydrogen artificially.

#Hydrogen #Production #Research

🔬 A team of scientists at the University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin) is looking to replicate one of the processes that lead to the formation of natural hydrogen underground. With the help of various catalysts, they hope to recreate the conditions for the formation of white hydrogen underground, and then artificially create deposits that are easier to exploit.

🌍 White hydrogen reserves have been described as “colossal” by the US Geological Survey and each day reveals a new deposit. France, Albania,… Most recently, the Philippines opened the auction for the exploration of natural hydrogen reserves located near Manila.

🔗 Source: https://bit.ly/3v87VUz

🚗 Honda’s latest: a PHEV SUV with hydrogen fuel cell.

#Honda #SUV #PHEV #Hydrogen

🌟 Honda once again surprises the automotive market with its new launch: the CR-V e:FCEV. This SUV, based on the sixth-generation CR-V, is the first vehicle in its class to combine hydrogen fuel cell technology with an additional plug-in hybrid system.

🏎️ This innovative Honda offering is also the first hydrogen-powered passenger car to be manufactured in the United States. However, this engineering marvel will only be available for lease in North America from later this year.

🔗 Source: https://bit.ly/3wy3i6w

🏢 The Andalusian Government invests 73 million in aid for industry in Almería

#Andalusia #Industry #Almeria #GreenHydrogen

💰💼 Julia Ibáñez states that projects related to agriculture, the natural stone and marble sector, energy efficiency, self-consumption and green hydrogen, or R&D&I have been launched.

🌱🏭 Julia Ibáñez has highlighted the important boost that has taken place in the province in R+D+I projects, as well as in projects related to our productive sectors such as agriculture or natural stone and marble, in addition to energy efficiency, self-consumption and green hydrogen projects.

🔗 Source: https://bit.ly/49ASlzW

European Call for Proposals to support the deployment of electric and hydrogen charging stations

#Europe #Transport #Hydrogen #ElectricRecharging

🔌🚗 In the framework of the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) for Transport Programme – Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Fund (AFIF), a call for proposals worth €1 billion has been launched to support the deployment of alternative fuel supply infrastructures along the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T).

💡 Among others, high power electricity refuelling stations and hydrogen refuelling stations will be incentivised.

📅 Published: 04/03/2024
🔗 Source: https://bit.ly/3TkUDgF

🏢 The partnership is now looking at hydrogen financing itself.

#Financing #Hydrogen #Investigation

🔍 Following accusations of lobbying, the Ministry of Transport is investigating the company’s hydrogen subsidies. The industry association has now also commissioned an external audit.

🏢 Saloon. Following accusations of nepotism in the allocation of funds, the Ministry of Transport is examining all hydrogen funding projects since 2021. All new projects are on hold during that time.

🌐 The German Hydrogen Association (DWV), affected by the accusations, is also reacting. The association is having the allocation of funds of a former head of the hydrogen department externally audited.

The DWV said it took the allegations “very seriously” and responded immediately. The Presidium has now commissioned the law firm Redeker Sellner Dahs to review the facts, independently of the ongoing audit of the Ministry of Transport.

🔗 Source: https://www.handelsblatt.com/politik/deutschland/lobby-kontakte-verband-prueft-wasserstoff-foerderung-nun-selbst/100018834.html

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