H2 News October 2022

H2 News October 2022

🚗 #Mahle designs a #heat engine so that it can be fuelled by #hydrogen.

German equipment manufacturer Mahle has adapted #pistons, #rods and other internal parts of a combustion engine so that it can run directly on hydrogen fuel.The idea of powering an internal combustion engine with hydrogen is making a comeback after a long time when it was sidelined in favour of hydrogen fuel cells (which power electric motors). Now, German equipment manufacturer Mahle is not about to miss the opportunity when the industry seems to bless this technology to adapt pistons, connecting rods and other internal parts of a combustion engine to this chemical element.
In the past, BMW and Mazda have been the manufacturers most interested in using hydrogen as a fuel to power their vehicles. However, after a long period of work, experiments with hydrogen-fuelled combustion engines seemed to have fallen into oblivion. The reason for this was too little performance: a huge naturally aspirated 6.0 V12 in the BMW 7 Series E65 dropped from 445 hp to just 260 hp when switched from using hydrogen as a fuel… https://bit.ly/3SP0HLj

✈ #ZeroAvia to develop #hydrogen-electric propulsion systems for the #Cessna Grand Caravan.

ZeroAvia, developer of low #emission solutions for #commercial #aviation, announced the signing of a non-exclusive joint agreement with Textron Aviation, Inc. for the development of hydrogen-electric and zero-emission propulsion systems for the Cessna Grand Caravan aircraft.ZeroAvia is currently developing a project to certify its 600 kilowatt ZA600 power plant. According to the company, it is designed to power aircraft with a capacity of between five and twenty passengers. It runs on stored hydrogen gas, which powers the fuel cells, which, in turn, convert the hydrogen into fuel for the… https://bit.ly/3y9SRUy

🚗 The first applications of #hydrogen to #mobility in #Spain, a success in search of levers.

Days ago, #energy and #transport #companies met in Madrid on the occasion of the Green Gas Mobility Summit organised by Gasnam, an ideal scenario to take the pulse of the first successful hydrogen applications in our country.As of 31 December 2021, there were only 685 hydrogen refuelling stations for mobility in the world as of 31 December 2021, and during the past year, 142 more facilities of this type were opened around the world, of which 89 began operating in Asia, 13 in North America and 37 in Europe. And although it is already possible to refuel hydrogen in a vehicle in at least 33 countries, all these figures convey a basic idea: this is a nascent technology, in full gestation, as these 685 hydrogenerators worldwide are nothing compared, for example, with the nearly 11,000 filling stations that exist in Europe… https://bit.ly/3SNkqLx

💲 #Green #hydrogen #grants 2022 #MITE: what they are and who they apply to.

Grants for green hydrogen producers provided by MITE are underway. On the plate a total of 450 million euros allocated by Decree #PNRR 2 .
It provides for the reimbursement, for public and private entities that have installed #electrolysis systems, of the grid charges paid for energy produced from renewable sources and used to power green hydrogen production plants (electrolysers).
In this guide we explain how the MITE green hydrogen concessions work, who is entitled to them and how to… https://bit.ly/3rmAE2y

🛳 The first #electric #passenger and cargo #ship with zero emissions is from #Baleária.

This electric boat is prepared to incorporate the use of #hydrogen in an #experimental way and “will be the most sustainable of the fleet”, an innovative solution for the environment.
The ferry is scheduled to start linking Ibiza and Formentera in one hour in early summer 2023, with emission-free navigation in the ports, thanks to its electric propulsion. The vessel will have an energy storage system, with state-of-the-art lithium batteries that will allow it to have an autonomy of 12 hours in port, as well as a cold ironing shore connection. The ship’s electrical plant will have an intelligent management system to optimise the ship’s power… https://bit.ly/3CqbuoX

🌐 Faurecia receives 213 million #euros from the #EU to develop #hydrogen in #France.

The #History Next project aims to develop and industrialise a new generation of hydrogen tanks, gaseous and liquid, by the end of 2027.According to the group, production will start in 2024 at Faurecia’s plant in Allenjoie, in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region, at a rate of more than…. https://bit.ly/3yabqrS

👩‍🏫Conference on #Safety in #storage and #transport of #chemicals, #H2 and Li batteries.

Bequinor, in collaboration with the Subdirección General de Calidad y Seguridad Industrial del Ministerio de Industria, Comercio y Turismo, the Departamento de Industria, Competitividad y Desarrollo Empresarial del Gobierno de Aragón, the Fundación para el desarrollo de las nuevas tecnologías del hidrógeno en Aragón and the Cámara de Comercio e Industria de Aragón, organizes this conference in which the most current aspects related to the safe storage and transport of chemical products, H2 and Li batteries will be addressed.

Focusing on the importance of H2 as an energy vector in a scenario of energy transition, part of the conference will be devoted to the analysis of the safety measures to be taken into account for the storage of H2 gas, taking into account its specific characteristics and dangers. In this respect, the storage of H2 gas, whose use is not intended as a fuel, falls within the scope of the Regulation on the Storage of Chemical Products (RAPQ): in the ITC MIE APQ-5, if it is stored in mobile pressure vessels; and in the general regulation if it is stored in mobile pressure vessels…. https://bit.ly/3SWEBa2

💲 Does it make #financial #sense to #export #green #hydrogen-derived #ammonia around the world?

Compared to historical #prices, where ammonia has traded between $200 and $400 per tonne, this is very expensive. Project developers could try to access cheap debt and investors willing to accept lower rates of return. If they can do this, they could potentially get to $800/tonne.
To compete with historical prices, they would have to reduce capital costs from $2.6 billion to $1280 million to reach $400/tonne and $570 million to reach $200/tonne. This is not going to happen, but recently ammonia has been trending around $1,000/tonne and traded up to $1,600/tonne due to high commodity prices… https://bit.ly/3SY9nzf

👩‍🏫 Start of the #hydrogen #schools #competition “#H2@School”.

MUNICH A new competition aims to get schoolchildren from 9th #primary onwards excited about hydrogen as a source of #energy. Teams from all types of schools can now apply. Bavarian Energy Minister Hubert Aiwanger: “Green hydrogen is the decisive energy carrier of the future and a key resource for climate neutrality, especially in industry and transport. The competition aims to provide young people with more knowledge about this fascinating topic complex in an entertaining way. Bavaria will play a leading role in the future world of hydrogen. That is why we need excellently trained experts. If we can make young people curious about this technology of the future and inspire them, it is possible that they will later become involved in the… https://bit.ly/3C9o0ZI

🔬 Like plants: #researchers succeed in generating #hydrogen from #sunlight.

Researchers at the #University of #Würzburg have now succeeded in making the reaction run efficiently. At the same time, activities similar to those in the natural model, i.e. in plants, were achieved. This is a further step towards the group’s long-term goal: the catalyst will be installed in an artificial component that uses sunlight to break down water into oxygen and hydrogen. However, this is not as straightforward as it sounds and will take time, according to the researchers. To do this, the catalyst “must be coupled with other components to form an overall working system, with light-capturing dyes and so-called catalysts for… https://bit.ly/3M93pt5

🔬 #Scientists engineer #oil-eating #microbes to excrete the world’s cheapest ‘clean’ #hydrogen.

After testing a fascinating new #technology in the lab and in the field, Texas-based Cemvita says clean hydrogen could be priced below $1/kg in the future. The idea is to pump specially developed microbes into depleted oil wells, where they eat oil and… https://bit.ly/3V1rNRs

📰 The Danish #Energy Agency (#DEA) is working on the first Power-to-X (PtX) tender in #Denmark.

It will soon hold a stakeholder meeting to discuss the timeline and framework of the tender. In addition, following the establishment of the PtX working group, the DEA will establish a secretariat for the working group.The tender will procure #green #hydrogen and clean fuel solutions produced from #renewable energy sources, such as offshore wind energy, and provide DKK 1250 million (EUR 168 million) to support these projects. This is the stipulation of Denmark’s national Power-to-X strategy published last December and the political agreement signed in… https://bit.ly/3CIrQKZ

🚗 The five barriers to the #hydrogen #car #revolution.

First and foremost, says Paquet, is #permitting #bureaucracy. According to him, “any #government that is serious about scaling up renewable hydrogen or renewables needs to address this problem.” This requires faster and simpler permitting by the bureaucracy of European states. Right now, he says, the process to approve a solar or wind power plant in Europe takes a whopping six to nine years. And this, according to Paquet and anyone else with two fingers on the pulse, cannot be the case. At most, he says, it should be… https://bit.ly/3fO8LOj

🌐 Spanish and Japanese #firms seek to expand cooperation in green #hydrogen.

Spanish companies such as #Iberdrola and Japanese companies such as #Mitsubishi and Fujitsu are seeking closer collaboration to promote the development of green hydrogen as an #energy source, they said today at a forum organised in Japan.
In the context of the geopolitical crisis caused by the Ukraine crisis and global objectives to reduce polluting emissions, the governments and private sectors of both countries are backing green hydrogen as one of the alternatives for the future, according to what they said at the 22nd Spain-Japan Forum held in Japan in… https://bit.ly/3Cc9q3I

🌐 #Deutsche Bahn develops emission-free #hydrogen and #ammonia engines.

In order to promote climate-neutral #mobility, Deutsche Bahn (DB) and the Australian energy company #Fortescue Future Industries (FFI) have agreed on a comprehensive cooperation.
In a first project, the two partners are working for the first time on the modification of diesel engines in locomotives and traction vehicles so that they can run on hydrogen ammonia.
A corresponding declaration of intent has been signed by both parties. In addition to the development of emission-free propulsion technologies, the agreement also includes cooperation in logistics and supply chains for fuels… https://bit.ly/3rF6EPi

📰 Attention #Hydrogen! Podcast: Bartosz #Kwiatkowski from the #Polish #GLP Organisation talks about the role that green #liquid #gases can play in energy transformation.

In the face of the energy and climate crisis, can the solution be green fuels in the form of liquid gases, such as bio-LPG, bio-LNG or the very interesting innovative fuel, such as dimethyl ether?
Already now, thanks to the fact that there are 3 million cars running on LPG on Polish roads (so far of fossil origin), we have less CO2 emissions by one million tons per year. That is unique in Europe and in the world. And the members of the Polish LPG organisation have committed to switch completely to renewable sources by… https://bit.ly/3SYjuE7

👷‍♀ The #hydrogen #pilot project phase has passed.

With demand estimated at 115-200 million #tonnes (Mt) by 2030, to meet #climate pledges, clean hydrogen production must accelerate to align #energy security needs with the industry’s decarbonisation goals.
In an interview with Diálogos da Transição , PwC Brazil partner Adriano Correia , notes that, in Europe, the context of the energy crisis is putting the EU ahead of other regions in terms of #energy #policies. https://bit.ly/3SIHRWL

⚖ First #NorthSea #certificates issued for #transport of #renewable #hydrogen.

The #NOGAT and #NGT natural #gas pipelines in the North Sea have become the first to receive a Certificate of Fitness for the transport of renewable hydrogen at sea, pipeline operator Noordgastransport (NGT) said on 6 October.
The certificate was issued by Bureau Veritas Inspection & Certification, which conducted the survey.
The pipelines are supervised by the Dutch State Mining Supervision and the certificate will be valid until 2062.
Ron Hagen, director of NGT, said in the press release that “our NGT pipeline is suitable for the transport of 100% pure green [renewable] hydrogen”.
“The capacity of these pipelines, approximately 12-14 GW, will allow us to move faster towards large-scale green [renewable] hydrogen production in the… https://bit.ly/3CFb5jH

📰 #Tvitec utilizará sólo #hidrógeno verde en un #proyecto de 180 M€ y 250 empleos.

Con lTvitec will use only #green #hydrogen in a #project of 180 M€ and 250 jobs.With the presence of two ministers of the Spanish Government, two councillors of the Regional Government and representatives of the society of Bierzo, Tvitec yesterday laid the foundations of what is already its new expansion project in the #polígono de El #Bayo. A large #glass production facility with cutting-edge technology and green hydrogen consumption that will generate between 250 and 300 direct jobs and more than a thousand indirect jobs.The investment amounts to 180 million euros with public aid and the deadline for its start-up has been set for the end of 2025, according to the general manager of the company from Bierzo, Javier Prado, at the presentation. Tvitec thus adds a new initiative to the recent purchase of the Catalan company Cricursa and another window project that have already made this company, founded in 2008, one of the leading companies in the sector… https://bit.ly/3Vmxn15

🚛 #Extreme Hydrogen Truck: #Ford is building a giant truck with a #hydrogen fuel cell.

“If you’re towing 10,000 pounds (4.54 tonnes), an electric truck is not the right solution and 95% of our customers are towing more than 10,000 pounds. This is a really important segment for our country, and it’s more likely to transition to hydrogen fuel cells before it goes all electric,” Farley said at a #vehicle launch in Kentucky. At the moment, according to Ford, only gasoline and diesel really meet the needs of this class of vehicles….. https://bit.ly/3EuHdHS

📰 The National Centre for #Hydrogen #CNH2 will be the focus of one of the #seminars that #Castilla-La Mancha will lead at the Committee of the Regions.

The Director General of #European Affairs of the Government of Castilla-La Mancha, Virginia Marco, will present at a seminar of the European Committee of the Regions, held in Brussels on 10 and 11 October, “all the synergies of Castilla-La Mancha around the national centre for green hydrogen in Puertollano”, because it is a matter that “is of great interest” to the European Commission and the cities, which see in the region a… https://bit.ly/3ECJL6O

📰 Hydrogen made in #Mainz is making progress, but not the high hopes.

In Mainz, the key word is “#power-to-gas”: the “Energiepark Mainz” located in Hechtsheim generates “green” hydrogen from #wind #energy. In 2015, Siemens, Linde Group and Mainzer Stadtwerke developed the project. The idea: environmentally friendly energy can be stored by decomposing water into hydrogen and oxygen (electrolysis). There are always times when wind turbines have to be shut down due to an oversupply of electricity in the grid. In the “energy park”, this excess wind energy can be used to produce hydrogen, and the end product can be stored and recovered in the “energy park”…. https://bit.ly/3TaNm0g

🔥A new system adapts #diesel #engines to run on 90% #hydrogen.

Engineers at UNSW Sydney have successfully converted a diesel engine to run as a hydrogen-diesel hybrid engine, reducing #CO2 emissions by more than 85% in the process.
The team spent around 18 months developing the hydrogen-diesel direct injection system, which allows existing diesel engines to run on 90% hydrogen as #fuel.
The researchers claim that any diesel engine used in trucks and power equipment in the transport, agriculture and mining sectors could be retrofitted to the new hybrid system in just 18 months… https://bit.ly/3T7Toyt

🌐 #Engie to certify #renewable #energy for green #H2 to #ammonia scheme in #Peru.

#Industrias Cachimayo has already installed electrolysers at its plant in the Peruvian city of Cusco to produce green hydrogen, which will then be processed into ammonia, a precursor to ammonium nitrate. The company is part of the Chilean Enaex group, which produces ammonium nitrate and industrial explosives.Engie Energia Peru’s RECs and renewable energy will allow Industrias Cachimayo to claim to be the first in Peru to produce hydrogen with a green certificate, said the producer of… https://bit.ly/3SW0TZU

🌐Javier Sancho (#Repsol): “Green #hydrogen will transform the #petrochemical pole of #Tarragona”.

The Tarragona complex has received investments of almost 900 million between 2017 and 2022, and foresees more than 1.4 billion euros, within the framework of the company’s 2021-2025 Strategic Plan and Next Generation funds, out of a group total of 18.3 billion. Will the current #macroeconomic situation affect these plans?… https://bit.ly/3MoAwJr

📰 #DB develops #hydrogen-#ammonia engine free of #emissions.

It has been announced that #Deutsche Bahn (DB) and Australian #energy company #Fortescue Future Industries (FFI) have agreed on a comprehensive cooperation to promote climate-neutral mobility.The two partners, having signed a corresponding Letter of Intent, are working on modifying the diesel engines of locomotives and traction vehicles so that they can run on ammonia and hydrogen. In addition to the development of emission-free propulsion technologies, the agreement is also for cooperation in logistics and supply chains for the production and distribution of vehicles…. https://bit.ly/3Ey4uci

🌐 BBVA enters #Hy24’s 2 billion #hydrogen #fund, in which #Enagás and #Airbus already participate.

“With €2 billion committed, this fund will drive the deployment of up to €20 billion in assets of strategic value to the [hydrogen] industry over the next six years,” said Hy24 co-founder and CEO Pierre-Etienne Franc.The Clean H2 Infra Fund has more than 50 investors, including Baker Hughes, Vinci, Air Liquide, TotalEnergies, Airbus, Enagás, Axa, EDF or… https://bit.ly/3fQYD7j

📰 #Niagara Falls will soon be producing #hydrogen!

#Cummins has just been selected by #Atura Power to #design and manufacture an #electrolyser for the Niagara Hydrogen Center in the Canadian city of Niagara Falls, located near the Niagara Falls.The 20-megawatt PEM electrolysis system will be manufactured by Cummins at its Mississauga, Ontario plant. The Niagara Hydrogen Centre will use renewable hydroelectricity to power it. The green hydrogen produced will be sold to various industrial customers for immediate consumption. Detailed design and system integration work is underway to have the system operational by the first of the year… https://bit.ly/3CqGSnc

🚘 The revolutionary #invention that turns #diesel #cars into clean #hydrogen #engines.

It sounds like a pipe dream, but it could be a reality as soon as a year or two from now, according to #researchers at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, who are working on a project that transforms diesel engines into hydrogen engines, making them far less polluting.It involves converting the engine by means of a dual injection system that consumes 90% hydrogen and 10% diesel, which means that, although it is not a zero-emission block, pollutant emissions are reduced by 85% compared to what the engine emitted when using only hydrogen… https://bit.ly/3yywdFP

🔥 Heating #homes with #hydrogen, a #project still uncertain and costly.

Adding hydrogen to Alberta’s #naturalgas system could cost consumers dearly, according to the province’s Public Utilities Commission, which advises #government to tread carefully on the issue.Although many entities participated and made submissions, little evidence was presented on most of the issues, laments the latter, which studied the issue at the government’s request.An idea that appeals to many governmentsAlberta has made hydrogen one of the pillars of its energy diversification and greenhouse gas emissions reduction programme. The combustion of hydrogen produces only… https://bit.ly/3yAMeee

🌐 #Cepsa will develop the first #green #hydrogen corridor between #Spain and #Rotterdam.

It has signed an alliance with the Port of Rotterdam to connect the north and south of #Europe.Cepsa and the Port of Rotterdam will develop the first green hydrogen corridor between the South and North of Europe, which will connect two of the main ports in Europe: Rotterdam and Algeciras.This alliance will accelerate the decarbonisation of the major… https://bit.ly/3VlAKoF

🚗 #Alpine Alpenglow concept: #hydrogen #fuel-burning #engine.

This #prototype, which will be shown next week at the Paris Motor Show, is spectacularly designed and uses lightweight materials, although its technical specifications have not been revealed. In particular, we know that it uses recycled carbon to reduce its environmental impact.The propulsion system is quite interesting, demonstrating that a combustion engine can be carbon neutral as long as it runs on hydrogen. Just as Toyota aims to keep this type of powertrain alive in the era of zero emissions, Alpine believes that electric vehicles can coexist peacefully with hydrogen-powered thermals… https://bit.ly/3CmnVSw

🌐 #Avangrid se alía con Sempra para #proyectos de #hidrógeno verde en Estados Unidos.

#Iberdrola busca seguir creciendo en #energías renovables en Estados Unidos. Además de sus proyectos de inversión en redes, en eólica, marina y terrestre y en energía solar, su filial cotizada Avangrid ha anunciado este miércoles una alianza con el grupo Sempra para el posible desarrollo conjunto de proyectos de hidrógeno y amoníaco verdes en Estados Unidos, alimentados con fuentes renovables.El acuerdo proporciona un marco para que las empresas identifiquen, evalúen y potencialmente desarrollen proyectos de hidrógeno verde a gran escala para ayudar a satisfacer las necesidades energéticas y de descarbonización de los clientes estadounidenses e internacionales, han señalado las empresas en un… https://bit.ly/3EHn0Ph

🔬 The promising #engine to make #diesel #cars run on #hydrogen and pollute 85% less.

A team of #engineers at the #Engine Research Laboratory at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Sydney, Australia, have successfully converted a diesel engine to run as a hydrogen-diesel hybrid. The ingenious system, which they have been working on for 18 months, will reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by more than 85 per cent in the next 18 months… https://bit.ly/3CucR5U

📆 hy-fcell: the #hydrogen sector is shaping the future.

A full house in #Stuttgart (#Germany), with more than twice as many exhibitors (126) as last year and a highly interesting #conference programme. hy-fcell attracted 2,027 visitors last week on 4 and 5 October, knowing that hydrogen and fuel cells are just taking their first steps on what looks set to be a long and fruitful journey. The next event will take place on 13 and 14 September 2023… https://bit.ly/3TaQ2Lq

🚗 Another #hydrogen #fuel #cell #vehicle opens for pre-order.

At the 2022 Paris Auto Show, which opened recently, #NamX, a new French automaker, unveiled a hydrogen fuel cell SUV, the NamX HUV….

👩‍🏫 The #SAIMM #webinar kicks off the dialogue on #decarbonisation of #mining.

“There are many opportunities within the #mining value chain, including partnering with suppliers, to build a more far-reaching decarbonisation strategy,” said Maritz. “The #hydrogen economy is also likely to play an important role.”
In the manufacture of each tonne of hydrogen, about eight tonnes of oxygen was produced, which could be used for other purposes. The issue of synthetic diesel was also raised; while it is currently more expensive to produce synthetic diesel than to obtain diesel from fossil fuels, the impact of the carbon tax may… https://bit.ly/3eC7GZT

🌐 #Fertiberia sees Avilés as the centre of #green #ammonia for the #Atlantic fleet.

Hydrogen and #ammonia will coexist in the future as green fuels, called to meet the needs of sectors that require a large amount of energy, such as industry and also maritime transport, as highlighted at the round table on the role of #hydrogen and #ammonia in the #Atlantic…. https://bit.ly/3TesQw4

📆 Green #hydrogen development prospects discussed in #Vietnam.

On October 18, Vietnam Imitative for Energy Transition (VIET) organised a #webinar on the prospects of green hydrogen in the #low-carbon #economy in Vietnam . to develop possible clean energy sources, including green hydrogen, in a bid to reach its goal of zero net #emissions by 2050. Green hydrogen will contribute to diversifying energy sources, replacing raw materials and fossil fuels in industrial production and transport.

Briefing participants on Vietnam’s hydrogen industry, Dr Tran Khanh Viet Dung, an expert from VIET, said that based on the sectors’ emission reduction target, economic efficiency, technological readiness and corresponding infrastructure in Vietnam, the initiative develops three scenarios for the development of green hydrogen…. https://bit.ly/3EQSank

📰 #Spain is developing a #regulatory framework for the nascent #hydrogen #industry.

Last week, the country’s anti-trust regulator recommended that #Enagas separate its green hydrogen interests from its gas transmission business. While the regulator’s intervention will not immediately change the investment environment, it shows that Spain is beginning to develop a regulatory framework for the fledgling hydrogen industry, said Enagas CEO Arturo Gonzalo.

“That’s the difference with other European countries, where the regulatory situation is not so clear,” Gonzalo says in an interview. “If Spain gets it right, it could become a major hydrogen exporter and attract industries that… https://bit.ly/3eOYQHZ

🔬 The #SIGEN2H2 project investigates the #production of #renewable #hydrogen from #waste.

The Instituto Tecnológico de la Energía (ITE), the #Clúster de #Energía de la Comunidad #Valenciana (CECV) and the SME Greene have developed a project that combines the generation of energy from renewable hydrogen and the circular economy. The project, funded by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, is called ‘SIGEN2H2 – Basic research on hydrogen generation by means of gasification techniques from mixtures of waste rejection fractions that end up in landfills and simulation models for their optimisation’.

The production of H2 from waste by means of the thermochemical processes of gasification with H2O, pyrolysis and cracking (integral gasification process) is an alternative to its generation with the use of fossil fuels by means of reforming or… https://bit.ly/3EVH2pn

🔬 #German #researchers have developed a #technology to store #green #hydrogen in #metallic #salts.

Researchers at the #LeibnizInstitute for #Catalysis have studied this problem and developed an energy storage and release technology using carbonate and bicarbonate salts, using the more readily available metallic manganese.

The experts found that when converting bicarbonate and hydrogen to formate (formic acid salt), the most effective was the use of potassium in the presence of manganese as a catalyst.

Interestingly, lysine, an amino acid component of proteins in biological media, also acted as an activator of the reaction and promoted the capture of carbon dioxide and prevented its release. The reaction temperature in this process is kept below 93 degrees Celsius.

The results of the study showed that after five cycles, the method showed a high hydrogen yield: 80 per cent. In addition, the purity of the hydrogen produced was 99 per cent. This is an excellent indicator for commercial use. The researchers found that when glutamic acid was added to the process, hydrogen production increased by as much as… https://bit.ly/3VLq1nJ

💲 Navantia enters the capital of #Enagás #Renovable with a 5% stake.

In the case of Navantia, this is the first corporate operation since the launch last April of its Navantia Seanergies brand, aimed at boosting the company’s business in the area of #green energy, especially in offshore wind energy and emerging markets such as #greenhydrogen and #renewable gases.
Following this transaction, Enagás Renovable’s shareholder structure is as follows: Enagás holds 60% of the shares, Hy24 holds 30%, Pontegadea – Amancio Ortega’s investment vehicle – holds 5% and Navantia holds the remaining 5%… https://bit.ly/3F1rnFf

📰 An #innovative #technology converts #burnt #gas into clean #hydrogen.

H2-Industries uses #pyrolysis technology to convert this environmentally harmful waste product into clean hydrogen.

The technology is supplied in self-contained 20ft or 40ft ISO containers and can be pre-assembled in semi-series production and shipped for installation at the burn site. The process provides clean hydrogen bound to liquid organic hydrogen carriers (LOHC). LOHCs are organic compounds that can absorb and release hydrogen through chemical reactions. Therefore, LOHCs can be used as a storage medium for hydrogen…. https://bit.ly/3Tx6wxG

🚗 Crédit Agricole orders 10,000 #hydrogen #sedans from #manufacturer #Hopium.

Crédit Agricole’s consumer credit subsidiary has signed a memorandum of understanding with Hopium for the delivery of 10,000 hydrogen saloons that the #French start-up intends to produce in #Normandy from 2025. On the eve of the end of the Mondial de l’auto in Paris, CA Consumer Finance and Hopium ” signed a memorandum of understanding for a provisional order of 10,000 vehicles, scheduled for production from 2025…. https://bit.ly/3VY9A7V

🌐 They create a #platform in #Canarias to introduce #green #hydrogen as a source of #energy.

A large group of entities has created the ‘Clúster Hub Hidrógeno #Renovable Canarias’, which seeks to support this renewable hydrogen project.

This is why the ‘Clúster Hub Hidrógeno Renovable Canarias’ has been created, promoted by Grupo #DISA and #Enagás Renovable. This kind of platform brings together more than 20 entities to support this renewable hydrogen project. In order to produce this clean energy, it is necessary to separate the hydrogen from the oxygen in the seawater once it has been desalinated, using renewable electricity.

And this can be done perfectly well in the Canary Islands, where there are many hours of sun and wind. Green hydrogen would be used in the islands for fuel cell vehicles, air and maritime transport, industry and… https://bit.ly/3CXQIND

🔬 New #hydrogen #storage method developed.

Now, #scientists at the #Leibniz Institute for #Catalysis have developed a method for storing and releasing pure hydrogen that does not require precious catalysts such as platinum. It uses bicarbonate and carbonate salts, as well as manganese, a more readily available metal catalyst. The researchers found that the conversion of bicarbonates mixed with hydrogen into formates (formic acid salts) and vice versa was most efficient using potassium salts, a manganese-based catalyst and the amino acid lysine. After five storage-isolation cycles, hydrogen was obtained in the system with high yield (80%) and purity (99%). The scientists also demonstrated that carbonate salts and glutamic acid can be part of a reusable storage-isolation system with hydrogen yields of up to 80% and 99%… https://bit.ly/3smdR7h

🌐 #Repsol, #Enagás and #Engie are planning the first 100 MW renewable #hydrogen plant in the #Murcia region.

The electrolyser, which is in the basic engineering phase, will require an investment of around 215 million euros. The project was one of the beneficiaries of the #IPCEI Hy2Use programme last September.
The plant will be located in the vicinity of Repsol’s industrial complex in Cartagena, will involve an investment of around 215 million euros and the generation of around 1,100 jobs in the different phases of construction and commissioning, scheduled for 2025. Next year, progress will be made on the detailed engineering and the administrative processing of the project with the competent public entities, in order to start construction in 2024.
Tomás Malango, Director of Renewable Fuels and Circular Economy at Repsol; Antón Martínez, CEO of Enagás Renovable; and Daniel Fernández, Director of Public Affairs, Regulation and Corporate Strategy at Engie in Spain; have signed today at… https://bit.ly/3Fb5gMs

✈ New German #airline wants to start with #electric and #hydrogen #airplanes.

A young company from #Bremen is planning a fleet with converted British-Norman islanders and Eviation Alice. Groningen also plays an important role for Evia Aero.
At the NBAA commercial aircraft trade fair, Evia Aero announced that it had also signed a letter of intent for 25 Alice electric aircraft from US-Israeli manufacturer Eviation. Alice completed its maiden flight in September.

The Bremen-based company has also sought a partner in the Netherlands: Groningen Airport Eelde. From there, according to a statement of intent, the converted Islanders will be used from 2026 and subsequently also the… https://bit.ly/3Szu8QW

💲 #Germany supports #Morocco with 38 million to build #Africa’s first green #hydrogen plant.

Germany will support Morocco with 38 million euros to build the first green hydrogen plant on the African continent in the Maghreb country, making the two countries “pioneers in the field of #renewable energy in Africa”.

The German Embassy in Morocco informs on its Twitter account of this decision, taken in the framework of a meeting between the two governments held this week in Berlin.

According to the embassy, Germany thus supports the creation of “green added value” and the commitment to a green hydrogen economy in Morocco.

The German country, with which Morocco maintained an open crisis until a few months ago it supported Morocco’s autonomy plan for the territory of Western Sahara as “a good basis”, explains that since the 1950s, Morocco has been Germany’s main partner in the North African region and has been the country’s main partner in the region…. https://bit.ly/3VX8SHS

📰 How its #war against #Ukraine killed #Russia’s #hydrogen ambitions.

Russia is the country with the world’s largest #naturalgas deposits and has been exploring ways to adjust its energy sector to the needs of emerging global hydrogen. In 2021, it announced a goal of capturing up to 20 percent of the global hydrogen market by 2030. This came after all of Russia’s major energy importers had developed their hydrogen strategies, and its key energy companies began to explore new opportunities. Having signed memoranda of understanding with some of the world’s leading energy companies to jointly develop Russia’s hydrogen export potential, they focused on Europe as a key destination. Some of Asia’s hydrogen pioneers and most promising future importers, such as Japan and South Korea, were also included among Russia’s potential partners.

These steps could have resulted in fruitful and long-lasting collaborations that generated great benefits for Russia, but its ambitions have been compromised by the invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. This has led Russia to lose key political and economic partners in Europe and also in Asia. This, combined with being the target of the toughest sanctions in its history, is likely to cripple its… https://bit.ly/3gxMuod

🛳 #Japan tests the first #passenger ship using #hydrogen.

Japan has tested a passenger ship with a #hydrogen-diesel dual-engine, the first of its kind in the world according to its creators.
The ferry, christened Hydro Bingo, which is about 20 metres long and 5.4 metres wide, can carry 80 passengers, operates at a service speed of 23 knots and made a short test run in Tokyo Bay.

It is the first commercial passenger ship to run on hydrogen, according to its creators, Japanese shipbuilder Tsuneishi Facilites & Craft and Belgian CMB.TECH, companies with respective expertise in the development of electric vessels and applications… https://bit.ly/3stvm5M

🌐 #Hydrogen from #liquid #manure: start-up of the #Hof plan plant.

By the end of this week, the first plant in #Germany that converts liquid manure into hydrogen will go into operation, explained “Btx Energy” engineer Andy Gradel in an interview to BR. This could be used to power fuel cell vehicles.

The system required for this was developed in cooperation with the University of #Aachen, among others, and is scheduled to go into operation in #Krefeld in North Rhine-Westphalia. There, the liquid manure from a large farm will be converted into hydrogen and then used directly for the #vehicles of a #fuel company… https://bit.ly/3TTWp5W

📰 Cepsa places #Huelva in one of the axes of its #decarbonisation.

The projects to implement green #hydrogen production plants are based on ensuring the #economic viability of the same, for which the market for the same is essential. Initially, Cepsa’s main customer will be the need for hydrogen for its own fuel refining processes, as it is one of the country’s main consumers. It should be borne in mind that exceeding the tonnes of CO2 permitted by European legislation, whose years are numbered, has meant that its market price has risen from 33 to more than 88 euros in the last few years…. https://bit.ly/3SwtF28

🌐 Goodbye, #photovoltaics? This #solar system produces #hydrogen instead of #electricity.

Belgian engineers have developed a new type of solar panel. Unlike previous #technologies, the modules are used to generate hydrogen. This would allow the energy produced in summer to be stored directly for use in winter.

According to the Solhyd Project, one panel can produce 250 litres of hydrogen per day. This allows a single-family house to be fully powered by 20 panels. However, the new solar cells are not yet commercially available. The inventors are currently testing the modules in several pilot projects. In their estimation, the hydrogen modules could be commercially available in… https://bit.ly/3N4UB84

🚛 #Hyundai #XCIENT Fuel #Cell #trucks in #Switzerland accumulate more than 5 million km in two years.

As of 2020, the company exported 47 units of zero #commercial #hydrogen-powered #emission #trucks to 23 Swiss companies, which use them for logistics, distribution and supermarket fulfilment.

“XCIENT Fuel Cell is the world’s first heavy-duty fuel cell truck to achieve 5 million cumulative driving kilometres in real-life customer operations,” said Mark Freymueller, senior vice president and director of Commercial Vehicle Business Innovation, Hyundai Motor Company. “The experience we have gained and the milestone we have achieved in Switzerland will provide good insights for many countries preparing for the transition to a sustainable hydrogen society. Based on this proven track record of successful operation in Switzerland, we will expand this business across the… https://bit.ly/3zqFwbo

📰 This is what the new #green #hydrogen boom will look like in the coming years: 25 million #tonnes will be produced by 2030.

Everything indicates that green hydrogen is the new trend in the #energy sector. This energy vector is key to achieving the #decarbonisation targets for 2050. That is why this #industry is going to experience a real boom in the coming years. Or at least that’s what #Bloomber believes through its BNEF unit.
According to BNEF’s latest report on electrolysers, the world will go from having 2 GW of electrolysers by the end of 2022 to no less than 240 GW by 2030. In other words, there will be a 100-fold increase in… https://bit.ly/3TLUXmt

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