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🤝 Universal Hydrogen and JBT AeroTech Collaborate for Airport Decarbonisation

Universal Hydrogen has signed a joint development agreement with JBT AeroTech for the design and development of a hydrogen fuel cell-powered battery charger for airports.

JBT AeroTech, a provider of airport ground support equipment (GSE), will use the mobile battery charger, H2AmpCart™, for existing electrified airport GSE and facilitate the transition away from diesel technology.

This collaboration is developing the product in response to airport decarbonisation targets and will use a Ballard FCmove-HD+™ hydrogen fuel cell, with production starting in 2024 and expected to enter service by the end of 2024.

Universal Hydrogen will supply its modular hydrogen supply system, initially converted for hydrogen aircraft, but also applicable to ground equipment, and will also provide hydrogen supply services to H2AmpCart™ customers at airports around the world.

✈️ This collaboration represents an important step in reducing the aviation industry’s carbon footprint and transitioning to cleaner energy at airports. For more information, please visit: https://bit.ly/3tU9qoB.

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🤝 Navantia Seanergies and Ajusa Collaborate on Fuel Cell Technologies

Navantia Seanergies, the green energy division of Navantia, and Ajusa, a leading national manufacturer of PEM fuel cells, have joined forces in a collaboration agreement. The main focus of this partnership will be fuel cell technologies for naval applications.

The agreement was signed by Amós Fuentes, Director of Hydrogen at Navantia Seanergies, and Jesús Giménez Murcia, Vice President of Ajusa. This collaboration will allow both companies to jointly explore the needs and opportunities related to the implementation of this technology in marine environments.

Navantia will contribute its vast experience in the development of hydrogen-based energy generation facilities and in the integration of naval systems.

For its part, Ajusa will contribute its extensive knowledge in the development of fuel cell products and technologies, both for stationary and mobility applications.

This agreement promises to boost innovation and development of fuel cell technologies in the marine field. For more information, please visit: https://bit.ly/40eCvXO.

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🌱 NewHydrogen: Revolucionando la producción de hidrógeno verde

NewHydrogen, Inc. (OTC:NEWH) ha dado a conocer una tecnología disruptiva destinada a producir el hidrógeno verde más asequible del mundo. La empresa ha iniciado recientemente una asociación de investigación con la Universidad de California en Santa Bárbara, colaborando con un equipo de renombrados ingenieros químicos y de materiales. Su objetivo es idear un método más eficiente para dividir el agua en hidrógeno verde rentable utilizando un enfoque termoquímico, que se basa en el calor en lugar de la electricidad.

🌍 El hidrógeno es un elemento crítico para producir fertilizantes esenciales para la producción mundial de alimentos. También desempeña un papel fundamental en el transporte, el refinado del petróleo y la fabricación de diversos productos, como el acero, el vidrio y los productos farmacéuticos. La demanda mundial de hidrógeno es considerable y debe ser rentable y respetuosa con el medio ambiente.

Los métodos tradicionales de producción ecológica de hidrógeno suelen ser la electrólisis, que utiliza electricidad solar o eólica para dividir el agua en hidrógeno y oxígeno. Por desgracia, la electricidad, sobre todo la energía verde, es cara y constituye una parte importante de los costes de producción de hidrógeno verde.

📈 NewHydrogen está a punto de tener un impacto sustancial al ofrecer un enfoque más rentable y sostenible para la producción de hidrógeno verde. Para más detalles, visite el enlace: https://bit.ly/3QBWpbS.

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🌊 Underwater Connection: Hydrogen Pipeline under the Mediterranean

The Algerian Minister of Energy and the German State Secretary for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection have announced an enhanced cooperation for the transformation and expansion of the existing gas pipeline connecting Algeria and Europe. This transformation will convert the pipeline into a pipeline to transport hydrogen between the two countries.

🌞 Algeria aims to become a major producer of green hydrogen and is advancing its strategy to achieve this. With tenders for the production of green hydrogen from solar farms in the Sahara desert, the Algerian government is working on developing infrastructure to transport it to Europe.

🔗 For more information, visit the link: https://bit.ly/498eqWJ.

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🚗🚛 Amsterdam’s Largest Hydrogen Filling Station to be Operational in December

🏗️ Construction of Amsterdam’s largest hydrogen filling station is in full swing. What was a barren plain four weeks ago has been transformed into concrete foundations, retaining walls and equipment installation. Holthausen Energy Points is building a hydrogen filling station that will serve both cars and heavy-duty vehicles. The station will produce green hydrogen on site from solar and wind power, fill green hydrogen cylinders and packs, and enable electric vehicle refuelling.

💪 Carl and Max Holthausen of Holthausen Energy Points are proud of this great facility. “Four weeks ago, we started the groundwork, and in just one week, the site already looked completely different. The workers have installed a docking platform for the hydrogen trailers. Here, the tankers can safely deliver and collect hydrogen between high concrete retaining walls. High-pressure storage banks have been placed for fast refuelling and Tores refrigeration is already installed. This week, project partners ContrAll and Resato, manufacturer of the hydrogen refuelling station, successfully inspected the 1400 bar high-pressure pipelines with KIWA.”

🔗 For more details, visit the link: https://bit.ly/46OE2X7.

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🤝 Honeywell and NREL Collaborate on Hydrogen Storage for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

🚁 Honeywell has joined the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in a year-long collaboration to develop prototypes and support the commercialization of cartridge-based hydrogen storage solutions for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

🔬 The one-year collaboration will allow Honeywell to provide technology expertise, including fuel cartridge testing, prototyping, supply chain support and fuel cell evaluation as part of the “Fuel Additives for Solid Hydrogen Carriers (FLASH) in Electric Aviation” project.

🎯 The FLASH project aims to refine the hydrogen transport technology developed by NREL as part of the Hydrogen Materials Advanced Research Consortium (HyMARC) project.

🔗 For more details, visit the official website here: https://bit.ly/49hHviz

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🚀 Japan Mobility Show: Boosting Innovation in Mobility and Hydrogen

🎉 The Japan Mobility Show begins its media launch today. Although the show focuses primarily on electric vehicles, it also highlights the presence of hydrogen-powered vehicles, including scooters, trains and buggies.

Highlights include Suzuki’s Burgman-based hydrogen scooter, Yamaha’s buggy, a vehicle shared by Toyota and several motorbike manufacturers in the Rhyse consortium, and the fuel cell truck developed by Isuzu and Honda. In addition, the Japan Mobility Show hosts an H2 Energy Festival area that will serve as a showcase for hydrogen innovations. Music, dance and performances by TikTok influencers will be featured on a stage powered by Toyota vehicles throughout the event.

🚆 Visitors will also have the opportunity to see a hydrogen-powered train from the Kapan East Railway, which was developed in collaboration with Toyota.

🔗 For more details, visit the official website here: https://bit.ly/3slBJLU.

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Vos Transport moves towards a sustainable future with a hydrogen truck

In a collaboration with VDL and Toyota, Vos Transport is embarking on the development of a hydrogen truck. With 450 trucks in circulation, many of them already running on biodiesel (HVO100), the company is achieving CO2 savings of up to 90%. The hydrogen VDL truck will become the second in its fleet this year.

Jules Menheere, director of Vos Transport Group, shares: “We are already achieving CO2 savings of up to 90%. We are also realising a hydrogen truck within the Dreamh2aul project. Therefore, the VDL truck will be the second hydrogen truck we will put into operation this year.”

Vos Transport is committed to hydrogen projects and is looking to make a difference. The collaboration with Toyota was a key step in its commitment to sustainability.

Initially, the hydrogen truck will be used on short regional routes to gain experience in the use of this fuel and technology. Over time, Vos plans to expand its use to longer international routes.

For more details, visit the official website here: https://bit.ly/3Sj2ueC.

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Maersk signs milestone: methanol to dual-fuel conversion

Danish container shipping company Maersk has signed its first methanol to dual-fuel conversion project with Chinese shipbuilder Zhoushan Xinya Shipbuilding Co.

🚢 The agreement, sealed during a special ceremony on 18 October 2023, marks the start of the world’s first project to convert container ships to dual-fuel methanol.

🌍 The strategic conversion of vessels to operate on methanol is central to the shipping industry’s efforts to reduce its carbon footprint. In addition, the demand for conversions represents a high potential market in the ship repair sector.

🗓 In June this year, Maersk announced plans to retrofit an existing containership, scheduling dual-fuel methanol propulsion by 2024. In addition, it plans to extend the modernisation to several sister ships when they undergo special surveys in 2027.

🛠️ To achieve this, Maersk has contracted German company MAN Energy Solutions (MAN ES) to modernise the engines.

For more information, visit the official site here: https://bit.ly/3MiRIkP.

🤝 Andalusia and Baden-Württemberg have signed a collaboration agreement for the development of green energies and the fight against climate change.

This agreement between the Junta de Andalucía and the State of Baden-Württemberg promotes joint initiatives to promote renewable energies, including green hydrogen.

🤝 The president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno, received a delegation from Baden-Württemberg headed by its minister president, Winfried Krestchmann, to sign this agreement.

This agreement will support Andalusia and Spain on their way towards the European Union’s climate neutrality objectives, which aim to reduce the carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

🔗 More information at: https://bit.ly/3tjZFQ9

🔍 White hydrogen, known as the ‘oil of the future’, offers multiple advantages compared to today’s fuels.

🚗 This chemical element already plays an essential role in the automotive industry as a clean fuel. However, it is expensive to produce and generates high levels of carbon dioxide, damaging the environment.

An alternative to grey or green hydrogen is white hydrogen, which occurs naturally underground through interactions between rocks, water and chemical reactions.

🌿 This type of hydrogen has recently gained prominence due to its low environmental impact.

🔗 Read more details at: https://bit.ly/3LPqjXl

📉 Hydrogen boom deflates: costs rise by up to 50%.

📉 The hydrogen boom is starting to deflate. Rising financial and equipment costs – mainly the cost of electrolysers – are jeopardising projects and lowering the impact of the deployment of public subsidies being put on the table by both Europe and the United States, according to the International Energy Agency’s annual hydrogen report.

Inflation and rising interest rates threaten the ability to finance projects throughout the value chain. For hydrogen produced from renewable electricity, for example, a 3 percentage point increase in the cost of capital can increase the total project cost by almost a third.

Several projects have revised their initial cost estimates upwards by as much as 50%, according to the Agency. Inflationary pressures have coincided with a recent drop in natural gas prices, especially in Europe, and supply chain disruptions that have affected project timelines.

🔗 More details: https://bit.ly/3ZJOEUp #hydrogen #costs #inflation

Repsol #RenewableHydrogen #Electrolyser #Bilbao

Repsol begins its adventure with renewable hydrogen: this Monday it inaugurates its first electrolyser in Bilbao.

🔌 This 2.5 MW electrolyser will supply renewable hydrogen to the Energy Intelligence Center and Petronor’s own headquarters.

🚀 Repsol inaugurates this Monday the electrolyser at its 2.5 megawatt (MW) Petronor refinery that produces the first renewable hydrogen in the Basque Country and Petronor’s new headquarters at the Energy Intelligence Center (EIC) in the Ezkerraldea-Meatzaldea Technology Park in Abanto Zierbena.

The event will be attended by the CEO of the energy company, Josu Jon Imaz; as well as the Chairman of Petronor, Emiliano López Atxurra; the Chairman of Kutxabank, Antón Arriola; the Lehendakari, Iñigo Urkullu; the Deputy General of Biscay; Elixabete Etxanobe, the Regional Minister for Economic Development, Sustainability and Environment, Arantxa Tapia; and the Deputy for Economic Promotion, Ainara Basurko.

The CEO of Petronor, Jose Gregorio Luque, the deputy CEO of Petronor, Jose Ignacio Zudaire, the mayor of Muskiz, Eduardo Briones, the mayor of Abanto Zierbena, Iñaki Urrutia, and the mayor of Zierbena, Eugenio Mendikote, will also take part.

🔗 More details: https://bit.ly/46ma0tg

🚚 The first hydrogen refrigerator trailer in Spain is launched by Mercadona. ⚡🚚

Disfrimur, Westport Fuel Systems, Scale Gas (a subsidiary of Engás) and Versallis Tech Services have carried out a project to test the first hydrogen-powered refrigerated trailer in Spain with Mercadona. 🇪🇸

Specifically, Disfrimur carried out a route to transport refrigerated goods, with a truck equipped by Westport with HPDI TM technology and powered by hydrogen, between Mercadona’s logistics centres in Ciempozuelos and Getafe. 🚛🍊

The vehicle refuelled at the Scale Gas hydrogen plant, while Versallis was in charge of the technical support and coordination of the operation. 🔌💼

This initiative has been described as “comprehensive and pioneering on a national level, paving the way towards greener and more efficient transport in the Spanish capital”. 💡🌍

Looking ahead, it is hoped that this demonstration will help raise awareness of how hydrogen can contribute to cleaner heavy transport today, with a competitive total cost of ownership compared to traditional fossil fuel technologies. 🌿🚛

Read more: https://bit.ly/3ZSFXHh

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🌿 Bill regulates the production of #greenhydrogen in Brazil.

🇧🇷🌿 The president of the Special Commission for Energy Transition and Green Hydrogen Production of the Federal Chamber, Congressman Arnaldo Jardim, informed that next Tuesday (10) he will present the bill that establishes guidelines and recommendations for the production of green hydrogen in the country.

📜🍃 Bill 2308 of 23 includes green hydrogen and hydrogen fuel in the National Energy Policy. With this measure, they become elements of the Brazilian energy matrix, enabling the development of a market and their own regulation.

Read more: bit.ly/3FbvM7m

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📢 Enagas is convening a major hydrogen summit in Berlin on Wednesday to promote H2Med.

🚀 Enagas is preparing the launch of H2Med in Germany. On 18 October, the company will hold an event at the Spanish Embassy to take the temperature of the existing interest in this infrastructure that aims to articulate the export of low-emission hydrogen from Portugal and Spain through France to Germany.

📋 The day will begin with an inaugural session on “Hydrogen, a key vector for achieving European decarbonisation objectives” in which Mechthild Wörsdörfer, Deputy Director General for Energy of the European Commission; Franziska Brantner, Parliamentary State Secretary for Economic Affairs and Climate Action of Germany; François Delattre (French Embassy in Germany) and Manuel García, Director General for Energy of the Ministry of Ecological Transition will take part.

🔗 Read more: https://bit.ly/46tY351

Enagas #H2Med #Hydrogen #CleanEnergy #Decarbonisation #Germany

📢 Enagas is convening a major hydrogen summit in Berlin on Wednesday to promote H2Med.

🚀 Enagas is preparing the launch of H2Med in Germany. On 18 October, the company will hold an event at the Spanish Embassy to take the temperature of the existing interest in this infrastructure that aims to articulate the export of low-emission hydrogen from Portugal and Spain through France to Germany.

📋 The day will begin with an inaugural session on “Hydrogen, a key vector for achieving European decarbonisation objectives” in which Mechthild Wörsdörfer, Deputy Director General for Energy of the European Commission; Franziska Brantner, Parliamentary State Secretary for Economic Affairs and Climate Action of Germany; François Delattre (French Embassy in Germany) and Manuel García, Director General for Energy of the Ministry of Ecological Transition will take part.

🔗 Read more: https://bit.ly/46tY351

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🏗️ The Lhyfe hydrogen production facility is being built on an area of 10,000 square metres. Extensions are also possible.

🏭 The largest hydrogen production facility in the country is being built here.

🏙️ The new facility in Schwäbisch Gmünd should be the largest in Baden-Württemberg and promote the city as a high-tech location.

🌱 The quantities produced are still manageable. But at least it will be the largest green hydrogen production facility to date in Baden-Württemberg. Schwäbisch Gmünd and the French hydrogen producer Lhyfe invited to the opening ceremony of the high-tech project on Thursday. Until the summer of 2024, a hydrogen plant will be built in Gmünd,…

Read more: https://bit.ly/3QiMeZP

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🧪 A #Japanese team demonstrates continuous hydrogen production using #formic acid.

🧪 Japanese researchers have used a polyethylenimine (PEI)-based iridium-immobilised catalyst for hydrogen production by dehydrogenation of formic acid (CH₂O₂) (FADH). His article appears in the journal ChemSusChem.

🔬 The iridium complex and its ligand were crosslinked with PEI for the catalyst; the iridium content could be easily varied in the range of 1 to 10%. The structure of the iridium-immobilised catalyst was confirmed by solid-state NMR, DNP NMR and FT-IR spectroscopies.

🔥 The iridium-immobilised catalyst with PEI showed excellent catalytic activity for FADH, exhibiting the highest catalyst turnover frequency (TOF) value of 73,200 h^-1 and a large turnover number (TON) value of over 201,500. The catalyst could be used for continuous hydrogen production via FADH, exhibiting high durability for more than 1,150 h without any degradation in catalytic activity. The obtained hydrogen gas was evaluated for power generation using a standard fuel cell and 5 h of stable power generation was achieved.

🔗 Read more:https://bit.ly/3tFkfud

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🛢️ VPS comparte su experiencia con el metanol como combustible búnker.

🧪 Steve Bee, director comercial del grupo VPS, ofrece información sobre la experiencia de la empresa en las pruebas de metanol como combustible marino, incluido el primer estudio sobre la cantidad de combustible de metanol.

🌊 Introducción

A medida que la industria naviera busca descarbonizarse y convertirse en cero emisiones netas para 2050, los propietarios y operadores de buques buscan combustibles alternativos con una menor huella de carbono para reducir las emisiones generales de su flota. En Europa, esto está vinculado al régimen EU ETS que entrará en vigor en 2024 y también a la legislación FuelEU Maritime[1] que entrará en vigor en 2025. Como parte de la siempre cambiante combinación de combustibles marinos, el metanol se está considerando seriamente como un combustible con bajas emisiones de carbono para ayudando al sector marítimo a alcanzar sus objetivos de descarbonización.

🔬 El metanol (CH3OH) es una sustancia química líquida que se utiliza en miles de productos cotidianos, incluidos plásticos, pinturas, cosméticos y combustibles. El metanol líquido se elabora a partir de gas de síntesis, una mezcla de hidrógeno, dióxido de carbono y monóxido de carbono. Estos componentes pueden obtenerse de una amplia gama de materias primas, utilizando diferentes tecnologías.

🔗 Leer más: https://bit.ly/3FiyrvT

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🌐 US to invest $7 billion in seven Regional #CleanHydrogen Hubs (H2Hubs).

A significant step towards creating a low-carbon hydrogen economy, according to Wood Mackenzie.

🏭 H2Hubs will be key to achieving President Biden’s ambitious goals, including a 100% clean electricity grid by 2035 and net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

💰 In addition, it aims to reduce the cost of producing clean hydrogen to $1 per kilogram by 2030, making it cost-competitive with conventional hydrogen over the next decade.

👩‍💼 This will drive clean energy investments and high-paying jobs across the country.

🔗 More details: https://bit.ly/46B0By6

🌟 The acquisition of SPIC’s hydrogen production and utilisation system, which is based on efficient hydrogen storage, has been successfully completed.

This news comes on the heels of an announcement on State Power Investment Corporation’s e-commerce platform on 18 October, in which it confirmed the completion of this important acquisition.

🏭 This acquisition represents a significant step in the advancement of hydrogen-related technology and infrastructure. The efficient production and utilisation of hydrogen is critical in the transition to cleaner, more sustainable energy sources, and this news supports this movement.

For more information on this development, please visit: https://m.bjx.com.cn/mnews/20231019/1337939.shtml.

🚀 The #Hyflexpower consortium, which includes #Siemens Energy, #ENGIE through its subsidiary ENGIE Solutions, Centrax, Arttic, the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) and four European universities, has achieved a significant global milestone.

At the Smurfit Kappa facility in Saillat-sur-Vienne, France, they have successfully operated a Siemens Energy SGT-400 industrial gas turbine using 100% renewable hydrogen.

💡 The Hyflexpower project focuses on the production, storage and re-electrification of fully renewable #hydrogen. This is achieved by means of a 1 MW electrolyser that generates hydrogen, which is then stored in a nearly one-tonne tank. This hydrogen is used to power the aforementioned gas turbine, thus demonstrating that hydrogen is a flexible energy storage medium and that it is feasible to adapt existing electric gas turbines to run on renewable hydrogen.
This achievement is an important milestone in the fight to decarbonise energy-intensive industries, and shows the potential of hydrogen as a key solution in the transition to more sustainable energy sources.
🔗 For more details, please see the full article here: https://elperiodicodelaenergia.com/hito-mundial-consiguen-operar-una-turbina-de-gas-con-hidrogeno-100-renovable/. https://elperiodicodelaenergia.com/hito-mundial-consiguen-operar-una-turbina-de-gas-con-hidrogeno-100-renovable/

🌟 #Oman has launched a bold challenge in the #Hydrogen industry.

The Sultanate pledges to invest up to $33bn to boost its production, with the aim of remaining a major player in the gas business, but with a renewable focus.

🚀 According to the International Energy Agency, Oman aims to produce at least 1 million tonnes of #RenewableHydrogen by 2030, rising to 3.75 million tonnes by 2040 and 8.5 million tonnes by 2050. These numbers would exceed the total demand for hydrogen in Europe today.

🔗 For more details, you can check the full article here: https://bit.ly/3tD3AaN

🏝️ The energy transition and the smaller islands: do we really believe that it only affects the 200,000 people in Italy, i.e. the population of the small island communities? Not so! In those 36 municipalities, during the summer season, there are indeed millions of visitors, and energy, in addition to drinking water, becomes a vitally important issue.

This goes beyond the national interest, as there are no less than 2,400 inhabited islands in the European Union. To explore prospects for alternative energy source technologies that minimise environmental impact, representatives of Ancim (National Association of Minor Island Municipalities) met in the Pontine archipelago in Ventotene. There, together with the island municipality and the Nesoi consortium (#NewOptimisedEnergySolutions for the Islands), the possible use of hydrogen was analysed.

For more details, see the full article here: https://bit.ly/3FuygOo.

📈 Clean hydrogen projects have tripled since January, reaching 174 million tonnes per year, which is close to the volume needed by 2040 in BNEF’s net-zero emissions scenario.

🚀 The urgent need for deep decarbonisation is driving the development of clean hydrogen (H2). Governments have committed more than $300 billion in funding, and shipments of electrolysers have doubled every year since 2020, a trend that will continue until 2024.

🔄 However, the key challenge lies in demand. Producers have capacity, but they need buyers. To stimulate demand for H2, more incentives will be needed.

🔗 For more details, see the full article here: https://bit.ly/3Qbktku.

📢 Joe Biden’s administration has allocated $7 billion for the creation of seven regional #hydrogen centres in sixteen US states.

This initiative aims to encourage the use of #hydrogen as a resource to decarbonise heavy industries and transportation, which cannot rely on electricity, such as steel mills, cement and chemical plants, as well as trucks, ships and aeroplanes.

🏭 #hydrogen centres will be key in the fight against climate change and in the transition to cleaner energy.

🌐 This investment not only benefits the United States, but also supports global efforts to reduce CO2 emissions and promote more sustainable energy sources.

🔗 Read more in the full article: https://bit.ly/3tJunlY.

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