H2 News September 2022

H2 News September 2022

EAT’s hydrogen revolution is called Si+

It is a new material for simple, low-cost local generation, storage and transport of hydrogen.

EPRO Advance Technology (EAT) has announced a simple, low-cost way to generate, store and transport hydrogen. It is based on the development of an innovative material, Si+. The company says its use represents a revolution in boosting the hydrogen economy, as well as bringing its use decades ahead of its time.

A green hydrogen-powered city bus is being tested in Málaga

An urban transport vehicle manufactured by CaetanoBus – the largest Portuguese bus manufacturer – and powered by green hydrogen from a portable hydrogen generator, installed by Carburos Metálicos at the facilities of Empresa Malagueña de Transportes, has travelled the route of line 20 in the city of Malaga.

Green hydrogen and biomass, the key to making Europe’s energy transition a reality

The current energy context in Europe demands sustainable and self-sufficient solutions, which do not increase the carbon footprint and are not dependent on other countries for energy generation. Combining two emerging technologies, green hydrogen and biomass, and supported by solar and wind energy, the European research project Bio-FlexGen is developing a heat and power co-production plant that promises a more circular horizon while maintaining efficient and secure energy access.



That week at the #German conglomerate, the company announced it will invest more than $200 million in hydrogen fuel cell production this year at a southeast facility. The existing site is being expanded so that mass production of hydrogen fuel cells can be arranged for #truckers up to…


Hydrogen is the #fuel of the future and is 2.4 times more efficient than #natural gas.

In March 2019, industrial gases companies #Praxair (USA) and #Linde AG (Germany) merged on a global scale. This merger took place in operations spanning five continents. Both companies had a long history in the markets served, with operations today in more than 100 countries, including Peru…


📰 Why is #green #hydrogen key to meeting #climate #goals?

Today’s standard and sophisticated lifestyle requires more #energy units to function. And with #technological advances, this need is expected to move further north in the coming years.The latest update from the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) has estimated an increase of about 50% in global energy consumption by 2050…


Hydrogen, #biomass and jobs: the keys to the conversion of the #Gardanne plant.
The conversion of the Gardanne #thermal power plant is taking shape after years of crisis and social uncertainty. From 19 September, the #German group Hy2gen will present its project in the framework of a public consultation, supervised by the national commission for public debate. One year after signing an agreement with GazelEnergie, the owner of the… https://bit.ly/3RiZsnf

♻Hydrogen, #biomass and jobs: the keys to the conversion of the #Gardanne plant.

The conversion of the Gardanne #thermal power plant is taking shape after years of crisis and social uncertainty. From 19 September, the #German group Hy2gen will present its project in the framework of a public consultation, supervised by the national commission for public debate. One year after signing an agreement with GazelEnergie, the owner of the…


🚗 #Ariel #Hipercar, an electric #sportscar with 1,200bhp and a #hydrogen range extender.

A British company that has historically launched #vehicles that are totally over the top. Now, the firm has unveiled its new member called Hipercar (High Performance Carbon Reduction), which is presented as its first all-electric model with up to 1,197 hp of power. This is a first glimpse of what Ariel can do with an electric supercar, as a production version will be unveiled later in the year, alongside…


🔬 #Scientists have produced #hydrogen at #ambient #temperature and without any energy input.

US researchers recently published a study describing a new technique for producing #hydrogen #gas from water at room temperature. This approach aims at clean production, with no energy input…



Very light and futuristic, the #Viritech #Apricale is intriguing. With its hydrogen electric motor, this UK-designed supercar aims to rethink sportiness. Several media are announcing its presence in…


🌐 How #oil #companies are embracing #Latin #America’s shift towards #carbon neutrality.

In addition, it is a mature product and a proven technology that is resilient across the value chain. It can also partner with #hydrogen through blue conversion, blending and exchange of #hydrogen and #carbon…


🚌 #Orlen will supply #hydrogen for #citybuses in #Poznań. It is the largest project of its kind in #Poland and one of the few in #Europe.

PKN Orlen has signed a contract for the supply of hydrogen fuel with Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Komunikacji in Poznań. The contract was concluded for 15 years and is expected to be implemented from 2023. During this time, the company will supply 1.8 million kg of hydrogen to the capital of Wielkopolska.The contract signed with MPK in Poznań is another important step that brings us closer to achieving the goal and, at the same time, supports the development of environmentally friendly and zero-emission public transport in the capital of Wielkopolska, improving the quality of life of its inhabitants – said the chairman of the board of directors of…


🌐 #Brazil could become the world’s largest #export hub for #green #hydrogen.

The first and simplest element in the periodic table, and also the most abundant in the entire universe, hydrogen (#H2) is considered by experts to be the #energy source of the future, capable of guiding the growth and development of the global economy, meeting the goals of zero carbon emissions to the atmosphere, and of #greening the world’s economy…


📰 The #Xunta approves the #Reganosa and #EDP’s #green #hydrogen plant project in As #Pontes.

The declaration of this plant as a strategic project involves numerous facilities in its implementation with the aim of boosting investment and speeding up its start-up by simplifying the administrative processes necessary for its commissioning, which is planned for 2025.This is the first initiative in Galicia that the Xunta is processing as a strategic industrial project, which implies advantages such as priority in the processing, the reduction by half of the common procedure deadlines or the streamlining of all urban planning procedures and those linked to the authorisations for the implementation of the plant, as well as the…


🚗 The first #Rover Defender #hydrogen electric Land #Rover Defender is on the move.

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) had already announced, in 2021, that it intends to explore the possibility of using,

for its heavier vehicles, electric powertrains whose #energy would be produced on board, via hydrogen fuel cells, traditional #fuel cells. It has now moved forward with the hydro-electric Land Rover Defender, the group’s first model to use this technology, developed by project partners.

Electric vehicles do not necessarily store the energy they need in the battery pack they carry, as there is another way to power the motors. What JLR has now done is to test this alternative, producing on-board electricity from hydrogen fuel cells and storing it in a small battery – 5 to 10 per cent of the capacity that would be needed, even if only with accumulators – a fuel since cellular cars need some time to start converting hydrogen into electricity.


📰 The International Conference on #Hydrogen #Energy will take place on 27-28 #October.

On 27-28 October 2022, the Metropol Hotel in #Moscow will host the International Hydrogen Conference (#IH2CON). The event was organised with the support of the Ministry of #Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, the Federal State Budget Institution “Russian Energy Agency” of the Russian Ministry of Energy and the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.

Among the key topics of the conference:

Prospects for hydrogen energy development in #Russia and the world: investment projects, infrastructure development and new technologies;
Hydrogen dialogue within the EAEU: scientific and technological cooperation and transfer of competences;
Main directions of hydrogen energy technological development;
New technologies for hydrogen energy: made in…


💲 #Invesco launches two #ETFs that will invest in #wind energy and #hydrogen.

Invesco launches two ETFs that will invest in wind energy and hydrogen.
The #investment firm Invesco has launched two ETFs that will invest in wind energy and the hydrogen economy, respectively, in response to demand for clean energy vehicles. Invesco Wind Energy UCITS ETF is benchmarked to the WilderHill Wind Energy Index, which is made up of global companies focused on improving wind turbines and blades. Fees will be … https://bit.ly/3DsLTgS

🔬 #hydrogen powder: a new #energy system with huge possibilities.

Research by #scientists at #Australian #University #Deakin has found that it is possible to store hydrogen in powder form, making it much easier to transport and opening up new options for using this inexhaustible energy source.

Many consider the investment being made in hydrogen to be futile and a waste of time, but the truth is that when science gets involved, nothing can be taken for granted.

It is true that, at present, hydrogen does not appear to be a truly viable option as an energy source in many areas, especially for electric cars… https://bit.ly/3RTOSmC

🌐 #Minera #Centinela: testing #green #hydrogen #prototype for #mining #vehicles.

Antofagasta Minerals’ Minera Centinela has begun testing the stationary prototype of a hydrogen-powered power train, which aims to develop and validate the technology needed to replace the use of diesel in high-tonnage mining trucks in the future with this fuel that does not generate greenhouse gas emissions. This project is being promoted by the Hydra Consortium, which has the participation of public and private entities… https://bit.ly/3RTOSmC

🌐 The #hydrogen #sealed #tank #secondary #decompression #piston #shaft is in the sample stage.

Demax stated on the interactive platform that the company’s #hydrogen #energy #vehicle products customer is Weishi Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Among them, the throttle shaft in the hydrogen energy vehicle’s transmission system and the air compressor parts of the hydrogen energy fuel cell are in the sample supply stage, and the secondary decompression piston shaft of the sealed hydrogen tank is in the sample supply stage, and the secondary decompression piston shaft of the sealed hydrogen tank is in… https://bit.ly/3qBUC8Z

🛳 Ro-Ro project powered by compressed #hydrogen moves forward.

Aurelia Green Ship Concept Design has presented a new design with 100% hydrogen propulsion. Approval in principle has been issued by Italian class society #RINA at SMM in #Hamburg, a busy shipping fair where the industry has had many glimpses of its green future.

The new design concept is the ACD01 1000, a Ro-Ro with electric propulsion using highly compressed hydrogen as #fuel. Beyond the eco-friendly design, the difference is the #boat’s hydrogen-based engine system, which can be applied to other #boats… https://bit.ly/3S529Zw

🚛 Testing the potential of the #hydrogen #fuel cell in #vans.

Bosch has begun road tests with two #hydrogen fuel cell vans in order to collect detailed data for the further development of this alternative drive system.

Bosch board member and president of the Mobility Solutions division, Markus Heyn, has highlighted the potential of the fuel cell, stating that this technology allows “long ranges and short refuelling times, which makes long journeys more comfortable… https://bit.ly/3RDTEVE

⛽ #PKN Orlen will build more #hydrogen #filling stations in 5 Polish cities.

PKN Orlen will build general access hydrogen filling stations in #Bielsko-Biała, #Gorzów Wielkopolski, #Cracow, #Warsaw and #Piła, the company said. For this purpose, the company received more than PLN 60 million in non-reimbursable funds from the #EU’s #CEF Alternative Transport Fuels Infrastructure programme.
“We are building a modern hydrogen economy in Europe. Our project was included in the prestigious group of 24 European co-funded projects to support the development of alternative fuels infrastructure. This confirms that the path laid out by our hydrogen strategy is the right direction for sustainable business development. We will not slow down, because we know that hydrogen is the future of the automotive industry. We are intensifying the work related to its deployment in transport, thus strengthening our position in the automotive sector… https://bit.ly/3QErOHC

📰 Africa’s first #hydrogen #power plant could produce electricity by 2024.

According to statements by an official of #HDF Energy, a #French independent power producer, the green hydrogen power plant located in Namibia that the company manages should start producing electricity by 2024.This will be the first in Africa and is financed to the tune of $181.25 million. It is associated with 85 MW of solar panels that will power electrolysers to produce hydrogen that can be used to produce electricity…. https://bit.ly/3BHBAVb

🚌 The new #Solaris #hydrogen #articulated #bus debuts at a depot in #Cracow.

The new model of the hydrogen articulated bus was presented at the #MPK SA depot in #Płaszów. The manufacturer, Solaris Bus & Coach, explains that the main energy source of the Urbino 18 hydrogen is hydrogen, and the model is Solaris’ response to the growing market demand for vehicles powered by this technology. It is also intended as an expression of the company’s commitment to the development of zero-emission technologies and the desire to offer customers the widest possible choice of… https://bit.ly/3eKJ28N

🌐 #Kubota plans to release a #hydrogen #tractor.

In addition to electric #minitractors, Kubota is working on medium and large #fuel cell tractors ranging from 50 to 100 hp. Their price is about 40 per cent. higher than that of #diesel tractors.
At the same time, the company is considering how the farmer will be able to refuel the tractor in the absence of a nearby infrastructure or hydrogen filling station. According to Kubota, the solution seems to be to supply it in larger quantities as required by the farmer. As a result, the manufacturer expects hydrogen fuel cell tractors to be accepted both in Japan and abroad. https://bit.ly/3RKfas0

🌐 #Siemens commissions one of the largest #green #hydrogen production plants in #Germany.

Up to 1,350 tonnes of green hydrogen can now be generated annually from renewable #solar and #wind #energy at the #Wunsiedel Energy Park. The hydrogen is generated by an electrolyser with a total capacity of 8.75 megawatts from Siemens Energy’s latest and most powerful product line.
As general contractor, Siemens Smart Infrastructure is responsible for the construction of the hydrogen plant and the creation of a supervised and controlled power grid of the hydrogen power plant… https://bit.ly/3BPIHe8

🌐 #ENGIE gives the green light to #Australian #renewable #hydrogen project with #Yara.

ENGIE has made the final investment decision to develop one of the world’s first industrial-scale renewable hydrogen projects, to be located in the #Pilbara region of Western Australia.
Scheduled for completion in 2024, the first phase of the Yuri project will produce up to 640 tonnes of renewable hydrogen per year as carbon-free feedstock for Yara Australia’s ammonia production plant in #Karratha. This will be key to developing a “Pilbara Green Hydrogen Hub”, serving local and export markets, and building on existing export infrastructure and abundant #renewable #energy resources in Australia… https://bit.ly/3dlIgz1

🌐 #ENGIE gives the green light to #Australian #renewable #hydrogen project with #Yara.

ENGIE has made the final investment decision to develop one of the world’s first industrial-scale renewable hydrogen projects, to be located in the #Pilbara region of Western Australia.
Scheduled for completion in 2024, the first phase of the Yuri project will produce up to 640 tonnes of renewable hydrogen per year as carbon-free feedstock for Yara Australia’s ammonia production plant in #Karratha. This will be key to developing a “Pilbara Green Hydrogen Hub”, serving local and export markets, and building on existing export infrastructure and abundant #renewable #energy resources in Australia…. https://bit.ly/3dlIgz1

🔬 The #Spanish #scientist who will mark the history of #green #hydrogen as the #fuel of the future.

Maria’s work focuses on the generation of green hydrogen itself. That is, at the beginning of the chain, prior to accumulation and use. The most efficient process for producing green hydrogen from #renewable #energies is electrolysis (because, although hydrogen is the most common element in the universe, it is not found freely in nature, it has to be generated). Specifically, electric current is used to separate the hydrogen from the oxygen found in water. This electrical energy is stored within the hydrogen as chemical energy, which is then used in a large number of sectors and in a wide range of applications… https://bit.ly/3BPGwXT

📰 #Germany receives first #hydrogen shipment from #Arab Emirates.

The first test delivery of hydrogen in the form of ammonia from the United Arab Emirates arrived at the climate-neutral HHLA container terminal in #Altenwerder, where it was unloaded from Hapag-Lloyd’s Prague Express vessel, German port operator #Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG has confirmed. The pilot delivery marks an important milestone for green hydrogen imports in the medium term.
“HHLA is pleased to facilitate the import of hydrogen and its derivatives to Germany and #Europe as part of the strategic energy partnership between Emirates and Germany,” commented Angela Titzrath, CEO of HHLA. “To use hydrogen on a large scale, a reliable and efficient transport chain is needed from producer countries such as the UAE to the #Europe… https://bit.ly/3QS7dzt

🛳 The first #ship in #Russia with a #hydrogen-powered #energy plant will be built in #Tatarstan.

One of Tatarstan’s shipyards is ready to build the first ship in Russia with a hydrogen power plant with the participation of St. Petersburg residents. This project was based on the developments of the Krylov State Research Centre (KGNT) and the St. Petersburg Polytechnic University Peter the Great. The partners signed an agreement on the construction of an innovative hydrogen vessel at the 11th St. #Petersburg International #Gas Forum in the presence of the… https://bit.ly/3ShkOla

🌐 #Anglo American #Platinum makes a major #investment in #South Africa’s #hydrogen #economy.

She said they have been investing and working with others to create the Hydrogen Valley in South Africa, as well as investing in technology and renewable energy developments, such as a hydrogen-powered mining truck.
Meanwhile, Ndwalaza said that in the first half of 2022, Anglo American Platinum recorded a strong PGM basket price of $2671/oz, the second highest price on record, thanks to solid… https://bit.ly/3xFzjHu

🔬 #Dachser commissions a study to analyse #hydrogen as an #energy carrier.

German #logistics multinational Dachser has commissioned a study by a group of #researchers from the Kempten University of Applied Sciences to take a closer look at hydrogen as a #CO2-neutral energy carrier.
Hydrogen presents itself as a promising candidate for the decarbonisation of road transport. For this reason, Dachser commissioned the University of Applied Sciences in Kempten, Germany, to conduct the study “H2 Infrastructure and Logistics”. The objective was to investigate the public availability of hydrogen, as well as currently known production processes and refuelling options for use in electric fuel cell trucks, in the period 2025 to 2030 for the European DACHSER Road Logistics network. The study shows that there are a number of unresolved issues in the refuelling… https://bit.ly/3DKZHDJ

💲 The Government has only implemented a third of the #European #funds for #green #hydrogen and #batteries.

Fedea calculates that only around 30% of the money earmarked for these renewable technologies has been mobilised, compared to almost 50% of the Recovery Plan as a whole. Transición #Ecológica explains that a new market had to be “created from scratch” and this is being done “progressively”.”Hydrogen is a vector […] key to achieving a clean, safe and affordable energy future, because it makes it possible to decarbonise sectors where it is complex to introduce sustainable solutions, such as #heavy transport, #siderurgy, #cement, the #chemical industry…”, defended the Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge in December 2021. It did so on the occasion of the approval by the Council of Ministers of the Strategic Project for the Recovery and Economic Transformation (#Perte) of Renewable Energies, Green Hydrogen and Storage (Erha), linked to the Plan of… https://bit.ly/3ShiwDb

📰 The #IEA and #IRENA warn: only together can we get out of this global #energy #crisis.

The first Breakthrough Agenda Report, from the International Energy Agency (IEA), IRENA and the UN’s high-level climate change champions, delivers a progress report on the actions needed to meet the historic clean tech commitment from governments representing two-thirds of the global economy.
Breakthrough Agenda, as the commitment is known, aims to align country actions and coordinate investment to scale up deployment and reduce costs in five key sectors, including: energy, #road #transport, #steel, #hydrogen and… https://bit.ly/3S7G1yg

📰 Spain is participating with 7 projects in a 5.2 billion #European initiative on #greenhydrogen.

The European Commission has authorised this Wednesday the granting of #national public aid worth €5.2 billion to launch an initiative of common European interest aimed at boosting the deployment of green hydrogen. A total of 13 Member States are taking part in the initiative, including Spain, which is contributing a total of seven projects.”Hydrogen can be a turning point for Europe. It is fundamental for… https://bit.ly/3BZ8IHT

🌐 #France puts pressure on #Brussels: “Even #hydrogen produced with #nuclear #energy must be considered green”.

Given “the top priority of the next decade for hydrogen, […] the only important question is the CO2 content of the hydrogen produced and not the production vector,” Pannier-Runacher wrote to European energy commissioner Kadri Simson, adding that current constraints could “jeopardise the achievement of our common objectives”.
In the letter published by Euractive, Pannier-Runacher then reiterated that the principle of additionality is not appropriate for countries that have an already largely decarbonised energy mix, such as France, which achieves this objective thanks to nuclear energy, and for which it would be, according to the minister, necessary to consider electricity supplies from the grid as direct renewable energy supplies, in order to… https://bit.ly/3R3x1sw

🔬 The #student #house that runs on #hydrogen in Benevento, a #living #laboratory.

“After working for years on energy wellbeing and savings for the environment in general, lately we have been focusing on #CO2 emissions into the atmosphere the environment and we have worked on the idea of using hydrogen to make this house a completely self-sufficient system.”
“It looks like a normal house, everything works as it should and the students have everything they need here to feel comfortable. But in reality it’s not, because this building is powered by hydrogen fuel cells, a real experiment that has given us… https://bit.ly/3r3W6ct

🌐 It is urgent to boost #demand for #hydrogen in order to make it viable.

In this context, many #companies are developing #projects to exploit the full potential of hydrogen. However, encouraging and promoting projects will not be enough if the demand for this #energy is not fostered. This was one of the main conclusions of the round table discussion The challenge of developing the hydrogen supply network in the Iberian Peninsula, which took place within the framework of the Green #Gas Mobility Summit 2022, organised by #Gasnam and… https://bit.ly/3R8iBrl

🚌 #Lublin buys a #hydrogen #bus. It will cost 3.7 million zlotys.

Yesterday a contract was signed with the company that will supply Lublin with its first hydrogen bus. The #Solaris vehicle should hit the streets next year, the city will pay PLN 3.7 million for it.
The hydrogen will power the #fuel cells that will use it to generate electricity for the bus engine. The vehicle will emit no exhaust fumes, only water vapour will be produced in the bus…. https://bit.ly/3DNiNJh

🚅 #Hydrogen #railway in #Poland soon? “It is an inevitable process.

PKN #ORLEN has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with #PESA Bydgoszcz. According to the agreement, Orlen will provide hydrogen fuel and refuelling infrastructure for hydrogen-powered vehicles produced by PESA, the first of which will be put into service next year.
Hydrogen railways remain in short supply. The agreement on the development of this technology was concluded during the Innotrans 2022 International Rail Fair in Berlin. There, PKN ORLEN and PESA presented a hydrogen shunting locomotive with a mobile hydrogen refuelling station. The first fuel vehicle of the new PESA type will be put into service in… https://bit.ly/3S7s97j

🌐 Ansasol: “We are going to build 20 #green #hydrogen #factories”.

“Five of these #factories are planned in #Andalusia. Specifically, in #Córdoba, #Sevilla and #Granada. We are not planning to build any in #Malaga. We have problems getting land in a province where we already have solar parks in Casabermeja, Archidona and Antequera, to name but a few,” he explains.In order to obtain green hydrogen (100% clean and without any carbon emissions), it is necessary that the electricity needed for its production be… https://bit.ly/3C8rfSp


This Thursday, Felipe Donoso, representative of the #Otway Green Energy Project presented to the rector of the University of #Magallanes (UMAG) José Maripani and researchers of the university, the initiative of production of green hydrogen and its derivatives that they seek to install in the region, particularly in the area of Isla Riesco, commune of Río Verde.
The main objective of the meeting, requested by the company, was to explore and seek long-term collaboration strategies with the regional campus for the integral development of the project, with a focus on areas such as research, human capital development and the development of new technologies…. https://bit.ly/3dF7hFh

🔬 Producing #hydrogen in the #sea, from dream to reality.

Lhyfe, a young #company from #Nantes, will connect an electrolyser to a floating wind turbine off Le Croisic. It is still an experiment, but projects are multiplying.

At first glance, nothing special. It is a large yellow barge measuring 15 metres by 20 metres and six metres high, with containers of the same colour placed on it, moored to a quay in the port of Saint-Nazaire, not far from the huge #Nantes… https://bit.ly/3xPDhNK

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