H2 News September 2023

H2 News September 2023

🔧 JCB brings its #hydrogen engine to utility vehicles. A strategic expansion in alternative propulsion.

🚚 Until now, their hydrogen engines were for agricultural and construction machines. Now, they are venturing into the commercial vehicle market.

🛠️ The experience: JCB adapted a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vehicle in just two weeks. Anthony Bamford, president of JCB, is leading this US$ 100 million project.

Find out how they are driving sustainable mobility forward! 🌿🚚 #GreenTechnology #Innovation #SustainableMobility

👉 More information: Link

🌕🚀 Get ready for the lunar future with the Toyota Lunar Cruiser in 2029! This hydrogen vehicle will use regenerative technology to produce fuel from water and solar energy, bringing sustainable mobility to space.

🛠️ In addition to its innovative hydrogen technology, the Lunar Cruiser incorporates metal wheels, anti-tip system, radio signal navigation and automated driving to meet the challenges of lunar exploration.

Toyota is collaborating with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) on this exciting project as part of the Artemis programme. The future of space missions looks bright.

🚗 Toyota is not only leading the way on Earth as a car manufacturer and in the Spanish car market, it is also setting the pace in space mobility – a giant in constant innovation! 🌍🌟 #Toyota #LunarCruiser #SpaceMobility #SpaceTechnology #SpaceHydrogen #LunarExploration 🚀🌕

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🌍💡 Pink #hydrogen, a direct and more affordable competitor to green hydrogen in the #energy transition.

According to a recent report by Lazard and Roland Berger, green hydrogen from renewable sources is more expensive to produce than hydrogen from nuclear power plants.
💰💡 In the US market, this technology, known as “pink hydrogen”, could lower the production costs of this gas, which plays a key role in the transition to cleaner energy.
🌞🍃 Today, much hydrogen is produced from fossil fuels, known as ‘grey hydrogen’, a process that involves GHGs. However, the future of pink hydrogen could change this dynamic.
📊📈 The search for cost-effective and sustainable solutions in the energy transition continues, and pink hydrogen could play a key role. #Hydrogen #EnergyTransition #PinkHydrogen #RenewableEnergy 🌱💧
More details here: https://bit.ly/3PrzAay

⛵🌊 The America’s Cup and Green Hydrogen

The America’s Cup is leading the way in incorporating green hydrogen into Catalan sailing through a technological partnership with ACCIÓ, the agency charged with boosting business competitiveness in Catalonia. This partnership seeks to take advantage of technological innovations, such as the use of green hydrogen, in events related to the America’s Cup.

The ‘Chase Zero’: A Step Forward

One of the most notable advances is the creation of the ‘Chase Zero’ by the New Zealand team. It is a hydrogen-powered support vessel. Importantly, hydrogen generates no emissions and can be a sustainable energy source for the boating industry. In addition, this model is capable of speeds of over 50 knots, approximately 93 km/h.

Find out more about this exciting collaboration here: https://bit.ly/3EoPDPU 🚤🌿 #AmericaCup #HydrogenGreen #SustainableSailing

🚌🌿 Cologne Boosts its Fleet of Solaris Hydrogen Buses

🚍 Exciting news for environmentally friendly transport! As a leader in sustainable mobility, Regionalverkehr Köln GmbH (RVK) has announced its third order for Solaris hydrogen buses, further reinforcing my commitment to a greener future. With an already impressive fleet of 35 Solaris hydrogen buses, I am further enhancing my green initiative by adding 18 modern electric buses in an articulated version. The chosen model, the hydrogen Urbino 18, will feature state-of-the-art driver assistance systems. ⚡

🌍 This exciting third RVK order adds to my growing fleet of Solaris hydrogen buses, which is already making a difference in Cologne. The most sustainable and advanced public transport is on its way! Deliveries are scheduled for the second half of 2024. 📅

🤝 As a member of the Solaris board responsible for sales, marketing and aftersales, I would like to share my enthusiasm for this collaboration. I can safely say that the Cologne and Bonn area is becoming a European leader in the use of hydrogen technology in public transport. Starting with the first hydrogen Urbino ordered in 2020, we have initiated a partnership with RVK that sets new standards for European carriers. 🏆

👉 Read more about this exciting breakthrough here! https://bit.ly/3qYRKHd 🚌🌿 #SustainableMobility #Hydrogen #Cologne

🌱 EU Moves Forward on Renewable Hydrogen Auctioning

💰 Breakthrough in Promoting Clean Hydrogen! The European Union (EU) is taking a giant step towards promoting renewable hydrogen technologies. The European Commission has announced its first renewable hydrogen auction, earmarking a fund of €800 million for projects across the region. This important step aims to encourage the production of clean hydrogen and achieve a maximum price of €4.5 per kilogram produced. ⚡

🇺🇸 Competing Globally

The EU is competing with US efforts in the hydrogen field. The American Infrastructure and Recovery Act (IRA) also promotes significant investments in clean hydrogen. The EU’s bid demonstrates its commitment to lead in the transition to a clean and sustainable energy economy. 💪

📅 Key Dates

The first pilot renewable hydrogen auction is scheduled for 23 November, marking an important milestone. Subsequently, the first official auction is expected to take place in the first quarter of 2024. These auctions represent a concrete step towards a future based on renewable hydrogen. 🗓️

🌍 Global boost

The EU’s investment of EUR 800 million in renewable hydrogen projects demonstrates its commitment to combating climate change and the adoption of clean technologies across Europe. This global push towards clean hydrogen is essential to achieve a more sustainable future. 🌏

Find out more about this exciting development here! 👉 https://bit.ly/3PsM8OK 🌱💧 #RenewableHydrogen #EnergyTransition #EU

🔍 Analysing the Energy Future: The Brussels Hydrogen Network

🌍 Brussels has taken a decisive step towards promoting green hydrogen as part of its strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and achieve carbon neutrality targets by 2050. Green hydrogen, produced by electrolysis of water using renewable energy, is a clean and versatile energy source, applicable in a variety of sectors, from industry to transport.

🚫 Goodbye to the Current Pipelines: Brussels Advocates a New Hydrogen Pipeline Network

The fundamental question of how to efficiently transport green hydrogen has been the subject of debate. While some suggest adapting existing natural gas pipelines, the European Commission has taken a different tack. According to its latest report, entitled “Impact of hydrogen on grids: Impact of hydrogen integration into electricity grids and energy systems”, Brussels opts for a completely new infrastructure. This hydrogen network will be specifically designed to transport hydrogen, prioritising safety and efficiency in the transport of this clean gas.

🔀 A Transitional Solution: Discarding the Hydrogen-Methane Blend

Importantly, the European Commission dismisses the idea of blending hydrogen into the current methane grid as a transitional solution. This approach reflects Brussels’ determination in its commitment to green hydrogen and its role in the transition to a more sustainable energy future.

🔍 For more details on this exciting development in hydrogen transport, we invite you to read the full report here: https://bit.ly/3LfodQu

GreenHydrogen #Sustainability #CleanEnergy #Brussels #EnergyInnovation

🔬 Advancing Green Hydrogen Integration: Injection into the Natural Gas Grid.

🌿 Nortegas, a leading Spanish energy group, has taken an important step towards the viability of the energy transition by demonstrating that it is possible to inject a mixture of 15% green hydrogen and 85% natural gas into its distribution network. This process, known as “blending”, has proven to be a technically feasible solution, paving the way for its implementation in the short term.

📈 H2Sarea: A Successful Project

Nortegas has successfully completed the third test phase of its H2Sarea project, a key initiative in the exploration of hydrogen and natural gas mixtures in the gas distribution infrastructure. In this phase, a blend of 15% hydrogen and 85% natural gas was injected into a scaled-up replica of its distribution networks. The company reports that blending is technically feasible, providing the potential for implementation in the near future.

🔍 Rigorous Analysis and Promising Results

The study has involved the evaluation of 552 control points located in various parts of the distribution network, from the point of injection to domestic installations. After more than 3,000 hours of operation with the gas mixture, the proper functioning and absence of leaks in the infrastructure has been verified. Nortegas has verified the viability of its network, ensuring that all components are operating effectively, including Regulation and Measurement Stations (ERM), valves, regulators, meters and instrumentation, among others. These tests were supervised by Tecnalia.

🌐 For detailed information on this exciting breakthrough in the integration of green hydrogen into the natural gas grid, we invite you to read more here: https://bit.ly/3PtrrSV

GreenHydrogen #SustainableEnergy #NaturalGas #EnergyInnovation #EnergyTransition #Sustainability

👨‍🔬 As an established practitioner in the field of hydrogen energy, I wish to share a personal reflection on a truly revolutionary achievement:

👨‍🔬✈️ Professor Josef Kallo, a Leader in Hydrogen Energy, Spearheads a Pioneering Achievement.

🚀 Under the masterful leadership of Professor Josef Kallo, a leading figure in the field of hydrogen energy, H2FLY, the German company specialising in hydroelectric propulsion systems for aircraft, has successfully achieved the world’s first manned flight of an electric aircraft powered by liquid hydrogen. The H2FLY team, led by Professor Kallo, has conducted four flights powered by liquid hydrogen as part of its flight test campaign, including one flight that lasted more than three hours. The flights were conducted with H2FLY’s HY4 demonstrator aircraft, equipped with a hydrogen-electric fuel cell propulsion system and a cryogenic liquid hydrogen storage system that powered the aircraft.

💡 The results of the test flights, overseen by Professor Kallo, indicate that the use of liquid hydrogen instead of gaseous hydrogen will double the maximum range of the HY4 aircraft from 750km to 1,500km, marking a critical step towards realising emission-free medium- and long-range commercial flights.

“This achievement, under the leadership of Professor Josef Kallo, a recognised eminence in the field of hydrogen energy, marks a turning point in the use of hydrogen as an energy source for aircraft. Together with our partners, we have demonstrated the feasibility of liquid hydrogen to support emission-free medium and long-range flights,” said Professor Kallo.

🌐 For more details on this milestone in hydrogen-powered aviation, led by leading innovator Professor Josef Kallo, we invite you to read the full article here: https://bit.ly/45Ymg2K

LiquidHydrogen #SustainableAviation #TechnologicalInnovation #ZeroEmissions #CrewFlight #ProfessorJosefKallo

🌟 Reflections from the Heart of Hydrogen: Galicia’s Energy Future

💭 As a hydrogen enthusiast and its endless possibilities, it is exciting to see how the Jules Verne project is taking another step towards a sustainable energy future in Galicia. This breakthrough, symbolised by the partnership with the Galician Service Station Association and the installation of three new hydrogen dispensers in 2025, marks the path towards a clean and efficient energy infrastructure.

Under the leadership of the Jules Verne project, Galicia is demonstrating its commitment to sustainable mobility and the expansion of hydrogen infrastructure. The strategic location of these dispensers on the AP-9 motorway will not only facilitate access to hydrogen, but will also lay the foundations for Galicia’s first network of this renewable energy source.

Although the precise location of these dispensers is yet to be determined, it is an example of the collaborative and strategic approach needed to build a hydrogen-powered future. This initiative will not only benefit Galicia’s main cities and arteries, but will also pave the way towards cleaner and more sustainable transport.

This achievement is one more step towards a tomorrow where hydrogen will play a key role in mobility and energy in Galicia. An exciting glimpse into the future!

🚗🌱 Find out more about this exciting initiative here: https://bit.ly/3sKU9FL

HydrogenEnergy #SustainableInnovation #CleanTransport #ProjectJulioVerne #Galicia #RenewableHydrogen

🌞 Exploring the Limits: Testing the BMW iX5 Hydrogen under the Desert Sun.

💭 As an enthusiast of #hydrogen technology, I’m excited to share BMW’s latest milestone in iX5 Hydrogen testing. This time, the car has been put to an even greater challenge: withstanding the scorching desert sun of the United Arab Emirates in temperatures of over 45 degrees Celsius.

In the constant pursuit of perfection and safety, BMW has demonstrated that there is no risk in leaving the hydrogen car in this extreme environment. The iX5 Hydrogen test units performed flawlessly, demonstrating the durability and reliability of this innovative technology.

Previously, this vehicle had already passed tests in freezing climates with flying colours. Now, with these warm-weather tests, the fuel cell system, hydrogen tanks, electric motor and power pack have shown exceptional performance in challenging conditions such as sand and dust, variable slopes and significant fluctuations in humidity.

These advances are a testament to BMW’s commitment to the excellence and reliability of its hydrogen technology, paving the way for a future of sustainable and resilient mobility. iX5 Hydrogen is ready to challenge even the scorching desert sun!

🚗🌞 Find out more about these endurance tests here: [https://bit.ly/3Ljdm8b]

HydrogenTechnology #BMW #SustainableMobility #DesertTesting #iX5Hydrogen

🌱 Driving the Future: Puertollano and its Innovative Green Hydrogen Plant.

💡 As a passionate green hydrogen enthusiast, I am pleased to share the exciting news coming from Puertollano. Fertiberia and Repsol have teamed up for an ambitious project: the construction of a green hydrogen plant with an impressive capacity of 150 megawatts.

This project is not only a testament to collaboration in the energy industry, but also to the shared vision of Fertiberia and Repsol to boost the production of green hydrogen, a clean and versatile energy source. The plant, which is being developed in Puertollano, will be based on the electrolysis of water using renewable energy to generate clean hydrogen.

Of the 150 megawatts, 50 are expected to be used by Fertiberia, demonstrating the company’s commitment to sustainability and the transition to cleaner energy sources. In addition, the project has applied for the H2 Pioneers programme, with the hope of receiving 150 million euros in aid as part of the European Union’s Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.

This project will not only boost the production of green hydrogen, but also promises a positive impact on the local economy. Approximately one thousand jobs are expected to be created during the construction and commissioning of the plant, further reinforcing its importance for the Puertollano community.

🏭🌿 Get more details about this exciting project here: [{https://bit.ly/3PDgrm1}]

GreenHydrogen #SustainableEnergy #Puertollano #EnergyInnovation #Collaboration #Repsol #Fertiberia

🌍📊🔍 Driving Change: European Parliament Approves New Renewable Energy Targets

💡 As an enthusiastic follower of the transition to cleaner energy, I am pleased to inform you about an important development in the European Parliament. They have approved a revision of the Renewable Energy Directive (RED) that sets ambitious targets for 2030.

According to this new legislation, renewables should account for at least 42.5% of final energy consumption in the EU by 2030, with the aspiration to reach 45%. This marks a strong commitment to sustainable energy generation and the reduction of carbon emissions in the region.

An interesting aspect is the consideration of nuclear energy in renewable hydrogen production. France has given its approval, which will allow nuclear to play a role in this important initiative. This demonstrates a willingness to explore a variety of energy sources to drive the transition to a more sustainable future.

In addition, the legislation will streamline procedures for granting permits for renewable energy installations, such as solar panels or wind turbines. It establishes a 12-month deadline for the approval of new installations in areas designated as “renewable energy access zones”, and a 24-month deadline outside these zones.

This step is essential to accelerate the uptake of renewables and move towards a cleaner and more sustainable future in Europe.

🔗 For more information on this legislation, you can visit this link: Read more here 🌐📚

RenewableEnergy #EU #EnergyObjectives #Sustainability #CleanEnergy #EnergyTransition #RenewableHydrogen

🚌💼 Solaris Impulsa la Movilidad Sostenible con Contratos Significativos

🌟 Como apasionado defensor de la movilidad sostenible, me complace compartir noticias emocionantes de Solaris, una empresa del Grupo CAF. Solaris ha asegurado una serie de contratos importantes para proporcionar más de 200 autobuses de hidrógeno, con un valor estimado de alrededor de 150 millones de euros. Estos autobuses verdes encontrarán su hogar en ciudades europeas de renombre, incluyendo Bolonia y Venecia en Italia, y Colonia en Alemania.

El creciente interés en soluciones de movilidad sostenible basadas en hidrógeno para el transporte en Europa está impulsando la adopción de tecnologías avanzadas como la de Solaris. Esta empresa ha estado a la vanguardia durante casi una década, liderando la revolución de los autobuses de hidrógeno en el continente.

La participación de Solaris en estos proyectos no solo fortalece su posición en el mercado, sino que también contribuye al objetivo más amplio de reducir las emisiones de carbono y mejorar la calidad del aire en nuestras ciudades.

Con su enfoque en la innovación y el compromiso con la sostenibilidad, Solaris continúa allanando el camino hacia un futuro más verde en el transporte público.

🔗 Puedes obtener más detalles sobre estos emocionantes contratos aquí: Lee más aquí 🚍🌍

MovilidadSostenible #TransportePúblico #Hidrógeno #Solaris #CompromisoAmbiental #EnergíaLimpia #Europa #Innovación #Sostenibilidad

🌟🔥 Revolutionising #Combustion: #100% Hydrogen Duct Burner.

As someone who is passionate about industrial innovation, I am pleased to report on the latest breakthrough from Fives, an industry leader with a 100+ year history in industrial combustion. They have successfully launched their first 100% hydrogen duct burner, Hy-Ductflam™, marking a milestone in the decarbonisation of heating and drying processes worldwide.

💡 This innovative solution is not only economical but also environmentally friendly. Hydrogen, when burned, does not emit carbon dioxide (CO2), making it an attractive option for reducing the carbon footprint in the manufacturing industry.

Hy-Ductflam™ is designed for easy deployment in new installations or to replace standard duct burners with minimal process modifications. This allows manufacturers to address their sustainability goals without significant disruption to their operations.

The combined economic and environmental benefits of this innovation underscore Fives’ commitment to a cleaner, more efficient future.

🔗 More details on this exciting breakthrough are available here: https://bit.ly/46dJLF5 🌎🔥

IndustrialInnovation #Hydrogen #Decarbonisation #EnergyEfficiency #Sustainability #EnvironmentalTechnology https://bit.ly/46dJLF5

🚛💡 Innovation in Mobility: Pay-as-you-go model for Hydrogen Trucks in Germany.

As a follower of the latest trends in sustainable mobility, I am pleased to share the initiative of German startup Keyou. They have introduced a novel pay-per-use model for hydrogen trucks that could transform the adoption of this technology.

📦 Instead of traditional purchase or lease agreements, Keyou offers their hydrogen trucks on a rental scheme. They provide the first eight trucks and apply a flat rate per kilometre based on annual mileage. This comprehensive package covers not only the rental of the vehicle, but also services such as maintenance, servicing, insurance and even the supply of hydrogen. Keyou, together with partner workshops, is responsible for providing all the necessary support and warranty.

🌟 Thomas Korn, CEO of Keyou, points out that this approach aims to simplify the transition to the use of hydrogen in transport, eliminating potential customer concerns about the new technology. The company specialises in developing hydrogen combustion engines for heavy-duty vehicles, such as trucks and buses, with an initial focus on the truck phase.

Based in Munich, Germany, Keyou’s business model focuses on the conversion of new and existing vehicles, using chassis and engines from leading manufacturers. The conversion process for the first eight vehicles, which are already on order, is estimated to take approximately 14 days per truck.

This innovative approach has the potential to accelerate the adoption of hydrogen trucks and pave the way for cleaner, more sustainable transport.

🔗 For more details on this initiative, you can visit: Read more here 🚚🌿 #SustainableMobility #Hydrogen #InnovationInTransport #Sustainability #EnvironmentalTechnology

🌟 Driving the Future: Argentina’s National Plan for Green Hydrogen Development

As someone passionate about sustainable development, it is exciting to share the launch of the National Strategy for the Development of the Hydrogen Economy (ENH) in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. This plan has the potential to revolutionise the economy and employment in the country.

🌎 The ENH is an ambitious initiative that leverages Argentina’s national industrial and technological capabilities to drive the green hydrogen economy. This approach combines environmental sustainability objectives with the country’s productive and economic development.

The implementation of this strategy is expected to generate the creation of 80,000 skilled jobs and foster the development of key infrastructures, such as ports and productive poles. This will not only boost the hydrogen industry, but also contribute to growing the economy and moving towards a more sustainable future.

🤝 The ENH presentation was attended by entrepreneurs, trade unionists, researchers, civil servants and policy makers, demonstrating a comprehensive and collaborative approach to achieving these ambitious goals.

🔗 For more information on this exciting initiative, I invite you to read the full article here: Read more here 🌱🌞 #SustainableDevelopment #GreenHydrogen #SustainableEconomy #Argentina #EnvironmentalInnovation

🌟 Powering the Future: Solar Airship for a Sustainable Round the World Tour

As an enthusiast of technological advancement, I am pleased to share the exciting project of Solar Airship One, a solar airship that is set to circumnavigate the globe non-stop and without the need for refuelling. This innovative zeppelin, which will operate near the equator, will embark on a journey of more than 40,000 km in just 20 days, marking a milestone in sustainable aviation.

🌞 To achieve this feat, Solar Airship One will be equipped with an impressive 4,800 square metres of photovoltaic panels, which will capture sunlight during the day and power its electric engines. In addition, any excess energy will be stored in a hydrogen fuel cell system for use during the night, ensuring a continuous, environmentally friendly journey.

🌎 With a length of 151 metres and a helium expansion volume of 53,000 cubic metres, this aircraft will mark an exciting breakthrough in green aviation and could pave the way for future sustainable aerial explorations.

🔗 For more details on this exciting project, you can read the full article here: https://bit.ly/48nAXOL 🛩️🌿 #SustainableAviation #SolarEnergy #Hydrogen #EnvironmentalInnovation

🌿 Boosting #GreenEnergy: #Hydrogen Project in Espera, #Arcos and #Bornos.

As an advocate for the transition to cleaner energy, I am pleased to share Espera’s ambitious project for the creation of a green hydrogen generation plant. This plant, whose project extends to the towns of Arcos and Bornos, represents a significant step towards a more sustainable future.

💰 The estimated investment in this facility amounts to 512 million euros and is pending Integrated Environmental Authorisation. Once operational, it is expected to generate an impressive 20,958 tonnes of green hydrogen per year through an electrolysis process, using water and electricity as key resources.

🏭 This project will not only promote the adoption of renewable energy, but will also have a positive impact on the local economy and job creation. Waiting, Arcos and Bornos are emerging as pioneers in the production of green hydrogen, contributing to the move towards a more sustainable and prosperous future.

🌐 For more information on this exciting project, I invite you to stay tuned for updates: https://bit.ly/3PNgCeE #EnergíaRenovable #HidrógenoVerde #Sostenibilidad #DesarrolloLocal 🌍🌱

🌟 Desmitificando la certificación de hidrógeno bajo en carbono

🌅 ¡Buenos días! Agradecemos su presencia en esta temprana sesión. Hoy, vamos a desentrañar la esencia de la certificación de hidrógeno bajo en carbono, menos la jerga técnica.

🏢 Somos una empresa de certificación 100% imparcial e independiente con más de 150 años de experiencia. Hace más de una década, nos adentramos en el mundo de la certificación ecológica del hidrógeno.

🌎 La Tierra es nuestro único hogar; debemos pasar de los combustibles fósiles a un futuro más ecológico. La energía limpia es el futuro, pero ¿cómo lo demostramos?

🔍 A partir de nuestros proyectos mundiales de hidrógeno, hemos identificado tres retos: la colaboración es vital; la financiabilidad depende de las cadenas de suministro y del personal cualificado; las garantías de origen son esenciales para los inversores.

💼 Los sistemas de certificación son diversos, pero el reto es demostrar el cumplimiento de las normas, garantizando un mejor valor de mercado.

💡 ¿Por qué es crucial la certificación? Genera confianza entre las partes interesadas y evita conductas financieras indebidas.

🔗 Más información: https://bit.ly/3tdWJEr #HydrogenCertification #Sustainability 🌱🌍💡

🌟 The Steady Climb of Renewable Hydrogen in the Decarbonization Marathon

🏗️ Over half of the expected 2 GW of electrolyzers by late 2023 will be in China.

🚀 The momentum for low-emission hydrogen continues to grow despite financial incentives lagging and persistent cost pressures that threaten project delays. The latest edition of the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) annual report, the Global Hydrogen Review 2023, reveals that production levels could substantially increase by 2030 if all announced projects proceed and efforts to encourage adoption intensify.

📈 The number of announced low-emission hydrogen projects is rapidly increasing, with over 40 countries worldwide having established national hydrogen strategies to date. However, installed capacity and volumes remain low as developers await public support before investing. According to the report, low-emission hydrogen still accounts for less than 1% of total hydrogen production and usage.

🔍 Dive deeper: https://bit.ly/3t8B0hp #RenewableHydrogen #Decarbonization 🌱🌍🔆

🌱 Risks for Low Emission Hydrogen Investment.

🚀 According to the International Energy Agency, momentum towards low-emission hydrogen is growing despite a lack of financial incentives and cost pressures. Still, production could increase if the announced projects are realised.

More than 40 countries have national hydrogen (H2) strategies, but installed capacity remains low as developers wait for government support before investing. Low-emission H2 accounts for less than 1% of total hydrogen production and use, according to the IEA’s latest Global Hydrogen Review 2023.

🔗 More details: https://bit.ly/48v0Xrr #Hydrogen #Investment 📊💡

🌍 The Future of Low Emission Hydrogen: An Overview of Projected Production.

📈 According to the latest report from the International Energy Agency (IEA), annual low-emission hydrogen production could reach 38 Mt by 2030, provided all announced projects are realised.

Of this estimate, approximately 17 Mt would come from projects still in their early stages of development. Moreover, these projects announced to date are 50% larger than those presented in the IEA’s Global Hydrogen Review 2022.

🌐 Of the total projected production, around 27 Mt will be based on electrolysis and low-emission electricity, while the remaining 10 Mt will be obtained through fossil fuel processes with carbon capture, utilisation and storage.

🚀 A highlight of the report is that China leads in 2023, with 1.2 GW of electrolysers, representing 50% of global capacity. Furthermore, China is expected to increase its capacity to more than 5 GW by 2025 with projects under construction.

💡 Despite economic challenges that may hinder implementation, these figures reflect promising growth in low-emission hydrogen production.

📊 For more details, see the IEA’s Global Hydrogen Report 2023 at: https://bit.ly/3rxkaZ1. https://bit.ly/3rxkaZ1

🚀 Rolls-Royce Marks a Milestone in Converting Hydrogen to Aviation Fuel

🛫 Rolls-Royce has announced a landmark achievement, described as a “world first in the industry”, in its hydrogen research project. In collaboration with Loughborough University in the UK and the German Aerospace Centre Deutsches Zentrum für Luft-und Raumfahrt (DLR), Rolls-Royce has demonstrated a critical engine technology that represents a significant step towards the viability of hydrogen as an aviation fuel.

🚀 The tests were conducted in a full annular combustor of the Pearl 700 engine at DLR in Cologne, using 100 per cent hydrogen as fuel, and demonstrated that it could burn under conditions that simulate maximum take-off thrust.

Both Rolls-Royce and its partner easyJet are committed to leading the development of hydrogen combustion engine technology that can power a variety of aircraft, including narrow-body aircraft, from the mid-2030s.

🔍 More details at: https://bit.ly/3RCfwUq #Hydrogen #Aviation ✈️🚁

🚜 The Debut of the World’s First Hydrogen Mining Vehicle in Inner Mongolia

🌍 On 21 September, at the southern open-pit coal mine of the Inner Mongolia State Energy Investment Corporation, a big blue mining vehicle was being tested. This “Big Mac” identified as “NTH150” is the pioneering hybrid mining vehicle running on hydrogen fuel and lithium battery that is about to be delivered.

👨‍🔬 Guo Yuanyuan, head of the hydrogen-powered mining vehicle project of Inner Mongolia Northern Heavy-Duty Truck Co., Ltd., and chief designer of the “NTH150”, said: “This is the first unit in the world to meet the quality and safety requirements of hydrogen-fuelled mining vehicles, in addition to meeting industry standards related to environment and services.

🔍 More details available at: https://bit.ly/3M2N0Yv #Hydrogen #MiningVehicle 🚛🛢️

🧪 Breakthrough in Green Hydrogen Education: First Laboratory in a Peruvian University

🏫 The National University of Engineering has granted H2 Core System – Germany the honour to provide the first laboratory with AEM Electrolyser and EMS Monitoring system for the teaching of engineers, students and technicians.

🇩🇪 Thanks to the integrator partner H2 Core Systems GmbH, represented in Peru by BatechEnergy, this laboratory has the first Enapter Electrolyser with AEM (Anion Exchange Membrane) technology in the country.

📚 This H2 system, together with its EMS Energy Management System, will allow the production of Green Hydrogen in UNI laboratories, benefiting engineers, technicians and students in Peru.

💬 Edmundo Farge, CEO of Batech Energy, a company that supplies Hydrogen System Technologies in Peru, highlights: “This is a milestone in the energy system for the training of professionals and students of all specialties”.

Farge adds: “The National University of Engineering is the most renowned university of technology in Peru, and it is a source of pride that the university is adopting Electrolyser technology.

🧪 This achievement means that Peru now has Electrolysers of three types of technology and different production ratios.

Alkaline technology, industrialised since 1921, used by the company ENAEX for the production of fertilisers and emulsions.

🔗 For more details, visit: https://bit.ly/45c63pE #HydrogenGreen #Education 📖🌿

🚢 Oman welcomes “Suiso Frontier”, the World’s First Ship Carrying Liquid Hydrogen

Oman has enthusiastically welcomed the “Suiso Frontier”, the world’s first ship carrying liquid hydrogen. Manufactured by Kawasaki Heavy Industries and operated by Shell Japan, the ship is currently on a regional tour of the Middle East and has docked at the port of Sultan Qaboos in Oman.

🛳️ During the visit, Omani leaders and representatives from the hydrogen, transport and logistics sectors had the opportunity to explore the virtual reality technology of the hydrogen transfer control room. Scenarios related to large-scale hydrogen transport and its economic feasibility were presented.

Oman aims to be one of the first countries to export green hydrogen globally and use it as a substitute for gas in its local industry. The country has signed several projects to produce 750,000 tonnes of green hydrogen with an investment of $30 billion and has plans to produce more than 1 million tonnes by 2030 and 8 million tonnes by 2050.

🤝 This visit strengthens bilateral relations, especially in the energy and hydrogen sectors, and marks a milestone in the search for more sustainable energy solutions.

🔗 Find out more at: https://bit.ly/3PUrTtn #Hydrogen #SustainableEnergy 🌊🌏

🌏 Major Spanish Ibex 35 Companies Aim at Australia to Benefit from Hydrogen

Companies such as Iberdrola, ACS and Naturgy, among others, are focusing their energy attention on Australia, a country where renewable energies are driving the development of technologies such as hydrogen.

🚀 Green hydrogen is the focus of this approach, taking advantage of its renewable potential to activate business opportunities in a short period of time.

🤝 Técnicas Reunidas is at the heart of this current situation. The engineering company has started collaborations with Allied Green Ammonia, an Australian company, to develop the first phases of a hydrogen and green ammonia production project in the Northern Territory of Australia.

🌐 This move highlights how Australia has become an important development hub for green hydrogen and how Spanish Ibex 35 companies are looking for investment and expansion opportunities in this market.

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🌍 #Morocco Heads Towards a Leading Role in #GreenHydrogen.

Morocco, building on its leadership in renewable energy, is seeking to become a central player in the green hydrogen market in North Africa, with plans for export to Europe and use in fertiliser production.

🗣️ King Mohammed VI expressed his ambition in a recent speech, urging the government to rapidly implement the “Morocco offer” of green hydrogen and to respond to global investment projects in this promising sector.

🌿 Green hydrogen is produced by electrolysis of water, using electricity generated from renewable sources such as wind, solar or hydroelectric power.

🌍 Morocco is taking advantage of its position and natural resources to contribute to sustainable development and become a key player in the production and export of green hydrogen.

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🏭🚆 A hydrogen plant is to be built on Sakhalin and a hydrogen train is to be launched.
The island region aims to be the centre for the development of hydrogen energy in Russia.

🏭 State Corporation Rosatom has prepared a feasibility study for the construction of a hydrogen plant in the Sakhalin region. This was announced by the head of the island region, Valeri Limarenko, during the forum “Sakhalin oil and gas”. Details – in the material of the Vostok.Today news agency.

🔍 Rusatom Overseas (an integrator of the State Corporation for the Development of Commercial Hydrogen Projects), according to an industry publication, is currently developing a feasibility study for investments.

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🌱🚚 Green hydrogen is launched in Murcia with Almolina H2.

🤝 Alpiq, Campillo Palmera and Ecoinversol announce their strategic collaboration in the development of a pioneering green hydrogen initiative in Molina de Segura.

🏭 Almolina H2 SL has started to work. The project, the result of the union between the Swiss energy company Alpiq, Campillo Palmera and Ecoinversol, has been presented in the second call of the Perte, seeking to catalyse a sustainable project with green hydrogen and becomes a pioneering proposal in the freight transport sector in the region of Murcia. The project has plans to expand into industrial applications, thus strengthening the local economy in Molina de Segura.

🌞 The project will incorporate a 10 MW electrolyser powered by dedicated solar photovoltaic energy. Alpiq Energía España will supply the additional energy required through a PPA from 100% renewable sources, ensuring compliance with the European green hydrogen taxonomy. With an estimated production of approximately 1,200 tonnes of green hydrogen per year, the project is designed to significantly reduce the carbon footprint, offsetting around 14,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually.

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🚗 HYVIA, a pioneering ecosystem for hydrogen mobility in Europe.

🗓️ From 2 to 12 October 2023, HYVIA will bring together a hundred or so actors committed to hydrogen mobility to take stock of its H2 ecosystem developed over the last two years: a bold path for pioneers in a hydrogen sector still in the development phase, according to its promoters.

🔌 A pioneer in hydrogen mobility since its creation in 2021, HYVIA is supported by its two founding groups: Groupe Renault, at the forefront of automotive mobility that is reinventing itself, and Plug, an expert in hydrogen solutions for more than 20 years.

🌐 With these two areas of expertise, HYVIA has been able to deploy a complete H2 ecosystem of hydrogen-powered light commercial vehicles, refuelling, maintenance and financing solutions for professionals, as well as the production of fuel cells or low-carbon hydrogen by electrolysis.

Integrated in the Major Project of Common European Interest (IPCEI) “Hy2Tech”, HYVIA has a team of 130 agents who have initiated a commercial, after-sales, engineering and industrial dynamic, with strong partners and a network with all H2 players, including Hydrogen Europe and France Hydrogen.

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🌱 Driving Green Hydrogen: The Example of Donau-Ries

There is still a long way to go before green hydrogen is ready for practical use. The exemplary example of Donau-Ries impresses even Hubert Aiwanger, Bavarian Minister of Economics.

🏗️ In Donauwörth (Donau-Ries district), the Minister of State learned about plans to build an H2 infrastructure in the northern district of Swabia.

Aiwanger praised the approach taken in Donau-Ries: “The project in Donauwörth to produce green hydrogen locally with an electrolyser and supply the region with an H2 filling station is the right approach and a good example of the structure of a hydrogen infrastructure. The concept provides inspiration on how a sustainable and economically viable solution can be designed in the region”.

⚙️ In this way, hydrogen can advance as a technology.

💡 The Minister of Economics also mentioned the Bavarian funding programmes for the construction of a hydrogen infrastructure. “Bavaria is a pioneer in financing. We generously support the construction of H2 refuelling stations and electrolysers. We have already financed 19 hydrogen filling stations in the Free State. More will follow. And our electrolyser programme is in high demand. As Minister of Economics, I focused on hydrogen from the very beginning and we developed a strategy very quickly. That is why Bavaria is the model country for hydrogen in Germany,” Aiwanger explained.

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🚦 Bureaucratic Obstacles: Hydrogen Project in Emden

Bureaucratic red tape is slowing down the big hydrogen project in Emden. An electrolyser for hydrogen production is planned to be built by 2026. However, the EU Commission has not yet released the federal funds.

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