H2 – Noticias Breves 22/11/2018

H2 - Noticias Breves 22/11/2018

🌐 Cummins Alliance Opening Ceremony – Hyundai Worldwide After the successful partnership of the teams on the mini-excavators project, will they be tempted to work together again on the development of #hydrogen engines? http://bit.ly/2OYfOAW

🚌 The first # hydrogen bus on the streets of Seoul. A single recharge of 24.7 kg of hydrogen in 15 minutes allows the vehicle to travel up to 317 km… http://bit.ly/2OUsNDv

🚘 What do you think of this criticism of electromobility with #hydrogen? It is expensive and consumes 3 times more electricity. Hydrogen is a dangerous gas, which is easily ignited and exploited when present in the air… http://bit.ly/2FDgdcr

🔬 HOW DO ISRAELI INNOVATORS PAVE THE WAY FOR #HYDROGEN CARS? Arik Yochelis and Iris Visoly-Fisher of Ben Gurion University of the Negev and Prof. Avner… http://bit.ly/2Fx7Y1A

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