H2 – Noticias Breves 26/10/2018

H2 - Noticias Breves 26/10/2018

H2 – Noticias Breves 26/10/2018

🚘 Hyundai’s new Nexo fuel cell SUV won five stars at EuroNCAP. The #hydrogen-powered electric car is the first vehicle with fuel cell technology to test… http://bit.ly/2D3MZBH

⛽ New #hydrogen filling station in Weiterstadt. Shell and Air Liquide today symbolically inaugurated the seventh hydrogen (short H2) station in Hesse. The framework for this was the Hesse 2018 fuel cell forum in… http://bit.ly/2CGSSn2

🔬 Israeli researchers have broken the chemical mechanism that occurs during the photochemical division of #hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) on iron. The discovery, they say, could have a significant impact on the efforts… http://bit.ly/2yEgfLh

♻ Closer to zero emission #hydrogen production thanks to a new pilot project: In order to break this barrier and advance its development, a European-funded project HyBalance addresses this problem… http://bit.ly/2RlywUF

🚘 What are the additional advantages of the ‘Zero Emissions’ label? They are all battery electric cars (BEV), (REEV), hybrids and # hydrogen fuel cell vehicles… http://bit.ly/2OcMCFZ



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