Projects with hydrogen in Genera 2017

Projects with hydrogen in Genera 2017

The Genera show will show projects of “vanguard” of the renewable energies:

The Innovation Gallery of Genera 2017, International Energy and Environment Fair, organized by IFEMA from February 28 to March 3 in Madrid, has highlighted 14 projects for its contribution to the development of renewable energy and energy efficiency in Spain.

This initiative is aimed at supporting the scientific and technological research carried out by public and private organizations and the innovative activity of companies in the sector. The projects have been selected by a panel of experts, professionals and representatives of the main industry associations, taking into account their degree of innovation, their energy efficiency, their applicability and their ability to positively influence the progress of renewable energies and Energy efficiency, reports the organization.

In this new edition, the GENERA 2017 Innovation Gallery will host solutions that focus on the generation of electric energy from hybrid renewable energies, the design of new structures to improve the environment, the development of new services added for smart grids , The integration of distributed renewable energies, the generation of more sustainable networks or the installation of industrial four-generation.

Highlights of GENERA 2017:

Also, technological innovations will be shown as a management software for companies of heating, air conditioning and industrial cold; A high-performance wind turbine; Systems for the recovery of thermal energy or a novel generator for incorporation into commercial wind turbines.

The E-LIG-E project of CIEMAT, which seeks the development, construction, evaluation and application of a portable fuel cell battery operated with stored hydrogen, is noteworthy.

Thus, a prototype stack will be manufactured in flat, able to provide power of up to 100 W, and will carry out its practical demonstration on a portable application. Thanks to a new concept, integrated and compact, the fuel cell will present a significant reduction in its weight and volume, which can overcome the limitations of the current portable energy sources referred to autonomy and power density.

Energy saving in buildings:

Likewise, the Gallery is completed with projects aimed at energy saving in buildings, which will result in almost zero energy consumption, through the installation of photovoltaic energy generation; Or the domotization of space through efficient and intelligent systems.

This is the case of the null consumer home “TITANIA”, in process of Passivhaus Plus certification (Madrid), a project proposed by the DMDVA Arquitectos study. Both the project and the construction phase have been followed by the calculation criteria of the Spanish Technical Code, as well as, on a voluntary basis, the Passivhaus certification, in order to obtain a building with savings of up to 90% In energy consumption, with adequate degrees of interior comfort.

Due to its passive characteristics, it is compatible with the objective of producing more energy than the one consumed per year through a photovoltaic power generation facility.

In addition, the Gallery of Innovation of GENERA 2017 will also discuss the design, construction and installation of a scientific research base in the Arctic, which will use as renewable energy sources.


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