Hyundai Develó: new hydrogen fuel cell vehicle

Hyundai Develó: new hydrogen fuel cell vehicle

A more efficient fuel cell car:

Once again Hundai does not want to be left behind at the Geneva Motor Show and has introduced the FE Concept, a prototype powered by a hydrogen battery that generates zero emission electricity. This prototype can become an independent model early next year.

In addition to an ambitious project Hyundai plans to present up to 14 environmentally friendly models by 2020.

What we are under the hood:

This superb prototype has a built-in fuel cell that is 10 percent more efficient, 20 percent lighter and has a 30 percent power density more compared to the ix35 FCEV model, which is sold as the fuel cell vehicle Of Tucson in some markets.

In this way we can confirm that Hyundai maintains its commitment to the hydrogen battery with the FE – Eco Concept Eco, which improves the performance of the current Tucson Fuel Cell – before ix35 – with an autonomy of up to 800 kilometers by refueling.

For the newest in these issues we clarify that hydrogen is stored in a tank or tank, and thanks to the fuel cell you get electric power to run the electric motor that will move the wheels.

The prototype design:

As you can see in the photo the access to the interior is made through four doors, the rear of suicidal type and without central pillar, which offers four individual seats. The dashboard predominates the simple lines and the horizontality, with the usual bluish tones that identify the electric vehicles flooding the environment.

As for the exterior design of this concept brings us to this idea with clean and sinuous shapes that remind us of nature and water; Headlights and LED tail lights, follow the same pattern and have resorted to cameras instead of mirrors. In the luggage compartment a space has been arranged to transport and load an electric scooter.

The nearest future of the hydrogen car:

The style of this prototype will influence the new hydrogen SUV that will arrive next year and incorporate Hyundai Smart Sense driver assistance technology. According to Hyundai Vice President Woog Chul Yang, “FE brings us closer to our vision of a Hydrogen Society, where transportation is clean, efficient and enhances the lives of our customers”

The incredible price of being sustainable:

We all agree and the Korean brand affirms, asserting that technology is extremely expensive, because they are not obtained on a large scale and because the models produced are relatively low before a completely new technology, which takes time to reach the masses.

The points in favor of these vehicles are the non-use of large and heavy batteries, refueling in a few minutes, as well as present a real alternative to battery electric vehicles.

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