Panasonic’s gas Station “H2 Kusatsu Farm” Is currently operative

Panasonic's gas Station "H2 Kusatsu Farm" Is currently operative

The gas facility is meant to verify the utility of hydrogen energy victimisation 2 strategies, water electrolysis and gas reforming.

Panasonic Corporation has engineered the gas station “H2 Kusatsu Farm” on the Kusatsu web site of the Appliances Company placed in Kusatsu town, Shiga Prefecture so as to verify the utility of victimisation gas, that is attracting high interest as a next-generation energy supply. the corporate started operation of cell forklifts at intervals the positioning with gas provided from the station.

The “H2 Kusatsu Farm” will stably offer gas no matter the weather by victimisation 2 strategies. the primary one is to utilize water electrolysis unit that produces gas by electrolyzing water victimisation the ability from star panels. the opposite is to utilize compact gas production instrumentality together with a gas reforming method with long and accumulated technology from “Ene-Farm”, residential natural-gas sort cell. this method is capable of manufacturing gas to control roughly 2 cell forklifts(*1) per day and that they may be absolutely charged with approximately three minutes(*1). As a result, these forklifts may be with efficiency operated with restricted time compared to powered forklifts that need longer charging times. cell forklifts can carry finished product at the “Ene-Farm” manufactory. Panasonic can accelerate the event of technology for gas production instrumentality whereas confirmatory the stable operability and economic viability of hydrogen energy.

Hydrogen is clean. It may be stably provided and might even be simply transported and hold on for an extended time. thanks to these characteristics, in addition as effective use together with different renewable energy sources, like star, hydro, and wind generation generation, gas is attracting world interest as a possible next-generation energy supply for a decarbonized society. In 2009, Panasonic launched the world’s initial residential cell referred to as “Ene-Farm” in Japan that generates electricity and warmth victimisation gas extracted from town fossil fuel. Since then, the corporate has created an attempt on the event of for much longer lifespan, higher potency and smaller size. Panasonic is currently increasing its cell business abroad to seven countries in Europe, (*2) together with Federal Republic of Germany and also the uk.

Based on these expertise and result, Panasonic is developing pure gas cell that generates power with efficiency victimisation hydrogen as a fuel supply. the corporate has administered demonstration experiments incessantly in “Yume star Hall Yamanashi” in Yamanashi Prefecture and also the “Shizuoka Model gas Town” project from 2012 and plans to commercialize pure hydrogen cell around Apr 2021 in Japan. what is more, Panasonic’s pure gas cell and “Ene-Farm” are put in into the “HARUMI FLAG”, a class one urban improvement project within the west district of 5-chome, Harumi, Tokyo, the positioning of the contestant Village throughout the Tokio 2020 Olympic Games.

Panasonic can keep performing on the event of technology to utilize gas energy by taking advantage of its information and technology as a number one company of residential fuel cells so as to assist accomplish a future decarbonized society.

  • (*1)When the hydrogen tank is fully filled after empty
  • (*2)Germany, Austria, France, the United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Belgium, and the Netherlands (as of November 18, 2019)
  • (*3)Method to produce, compress, accumulate, and fill hydrogen in a hydrogen station

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